Robert Blake Bankrupt

Robert Blake Bankrupt

There are 38 comments on the story from Feb 6, 2006, titled Robert Blake Bankrupt. In it, reports that:

Robert Blake filed for bankruptcy Friday, just two and a half months after a civil jury ordered the actor to pay $30 million in damages for the wrongful death of his slain wife, Bonnie Lee Bakley.

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Prestonsburg, KY

#22 Sep 25, 2010
nutlry wrote:
[E who="Donna Drag"]You're a nutcase from Nutley.
Blake is 100% involved in Bonnie's murder your crazy you dont no noting about it and that right i anutcase for nutley so go away
i love robert blake and i will never believe he killed his wife no way in hell he aint that stupid to do something like that and he is the best actor out there and i am going to get all his movies cause thats how much i love the actor and in his days he was a very good looking man indeed i loved watching him and they aint no other man in the movies or tv that is better than robert blake never not to me no way he's the best and damn sexy in his day hope you are doing good robert and in good health and i love ya man always will and i will never forget you either ..........brenda from west virginia PS i wish they would put baretta back on love that show

Chicago, IL

#23 Dec 14, 2010
Robert Blake, you were the best. I remember you in "Treasure of Sierra Madre", the little kid selling Humphrey Bogart the winning lotter ticket. No one in the world could have played Perry Smith like you did in "Cold Blood". You were magnificent in the made for TV pictures - "Blood Feud" and "The John List Story." I even remember you in PT 109, where you played a small part, but as always you were perfect. Oh, I don't want to forget "Tell Them Willie Boy is here." If you had made a couple of more pictures, you'd have gone down as one of the greatest actors of all time. I must have seen every episode of "Baretta." I agree
with commentor Eva Posey - once you're acquitted of a crime in a criminal court, you should never be convicted of the same crime in a civil court. It's the insanity of the American system of justice, run for the benefit of the greedy lawyers and judges who have run our justice system to hell for their own selfish, greedy interests. I love you, brother. You will always be number one to me. God bless you, wherever you are.
Tom Jeffery

Winnebago, IL

#24 Jan 12, 2011
Robert Blake God does not forgive those that murder. You will rot in hell.

Cullman, AL

#25 Mar 3, 2011
N Morrison wrote:
<quoted text>If he is smart he will sue the Bakely estate for the costs of his trial.
There is no Bakley Estate you jackwagon. LOL the Mother lives in small house in Memphis, filed herself for bankruptcie, daughter and hubby own a lawncare company and the sister just got ou t of famring from foreclosure. LOL

Robert Blake has Money... it's just hidden.. You really think he's broke? After all the success?

Yeah Right

Cullman, AL

#26 Mar 3, 2011
The night she was murdered, her and blake had been separated.. she had her daughter rose in Arkansa... she was serving probation in arkansa.. Blake had turned her in there making her leave CA to go serve.. she took her daughter.. Blake asked her to bring rose and they'd make things right.. She took off from Arkansas and went to meet him.. when she did Blake had his Older Daughter watch after Rose. THAT NIGHT the same evening Bonnie was shot..

Rethink what you say.

more to it then you think.
kansan wrote:
I just read you comment. I am sure I don't know the whole story, but aren't there always two sides to each> I don't mean that rudely but seriously. I am sure Robert Blake has a temper but did Bonnie not chase after him? Surely he did not secure her and make her stay with him. I honestly feel that too often the fact thas someone is as star puts blinders on young men and women. I am sorry that Bonnie is gone... do not ever doubt that... but I also believe if she was mistreated so badly she could have left. I will always admire Robert Blakes work. I am old enough to even remember Little Beaver, so watched him grow up. He is a very talanted man. Hope this explains that I did not mean to be disrespectful to Bonnie. I didn't. For everyones sake, especially Rosie, I hope things can go on and she can be rained by people who love and care for her. In the long run that is all that can matter now. Thanks for your reply.

Brentwood, TN

#27 Mar 13, 2011
In a town where gold digging tramps are the norm and only the fetus of rich sugar daddies are allowed the right to be born alive it is no wonder the jury of bonnie's pears lol felt sorry for the same.
Jeremy Summa

Bluffton, SC

#28 Mar 17, 2011
Tanna Winters wrote:
I believe he has enough money to last him til death and still enough for his kids to live very well for the rest of their lives. However he does not intend to spend a dime on Bakleys kids other than Rosie. I think he should be made to compensate all the kids and i think he has hid his money some where.
Thats just what a career baby momma would say if he didn't make the kids why should he ever have to provide for them what about their fathers, He should do whats right and take care of his children ONLY!! and I hope since he is getting screwed he has hid as much money as he can.

Hawthorne, CA

#29 May 14, 2011
Robert Blake is finally making a come back!
He is writing about what really happened on his own website!!
Check it out..
Tim Bandit

United States

#30 May 17, 2011
This thread is half a decade old!! Since we're in the Folk Forum, perhaps someone would like to write a nice little ditty about this phenomenon?

You could start it out by going into a bit of the Robert Blake folk-hero theme, maybe do a little moralizing along the way contrasting his personal mores against his TV actor image.

Continue to the present, as the internet and it's users spontaniously create this mythical homage in some backwater message board, where the citizens continue on forever, mutating and yet staying on-thread as time passes and the real-world view evolves in it's own time and space.

This is not a joke, I'm serious. A facinating community has managed to spring up from the void, all based on a newspaper/webline "Robert Blake Bankrupt" which could be the name of the song. I don't want to mention names, but a certain NY-based Folk Singer who is handy with a baton could do great things with this...sheesh, there I go again spoiling it for her. Same thing happens whenever I suggest something to Weird Al. He then has to trash it 'cuz he's afraid I'll take credit for the idea...

Laurel, MS

#31 Aug 19, 2012
Hey Robert, just saw that Brit jerk peirs try and mess w ya, next time I'm in LA I wanna take ya to lunch, you are straight up and tough as they come, best regards

London, KY

#32 Aug 21, 2012
Trey wrote:
Hey Robert, just saw that Brit jerk peirs try and mess w ya, next time I'm in LA I wanna take ya to lunch, you are straight up and tough as they come, best regards
Careful going to eat with him... last tine that happened someone got shot. If you do go... just make sure he forgets his gun in the place onya way out. ;)

Dunn, NC

#33 Dec 12, 2012
People are still talking about this???
OK, I'll play too since I'm bored.

First, why in the world would someone who's had to contend with crazy fans trying to get to him his whole life suddenly want to 'go to lunch' with them? And why are you asking a total stranger to lunch? Because his name is Robert Blake and you think he's maybe just down on his luck enough to accept all your pity invitations? I mean seriously: is that your idea of showing him respect?

Second, the trial is long since over. A verdict was reached, like it or not. MOVE ON already! Wether you agree or disagree, he is a citizen of this country, he was judged by other citizens, they set him free and that's the end of that. Let him move on with his life.

Third, just because someone is a public figure it does NOT make them superheros nor angelic nor morally superior. They don't stop being flesh and blood with real hopes and real feelings. That said, it does NOT make them your friends, buddies, or obligated to kiss your butts.

I'm not making any more lists to point out that some of you are lacking in common sense that you should've acquired by now as adults. As for Piers Morgan, he's on American TV now for a reason. He fled the UK in the wake of the Murdoch scandal and he was buds with Murdoch. The odds he could've gotten work in broadcasting over there anymore were about nil. He's not King ( thank god ) and he's an uptight douchenozzle but he probably took the job knowing he's a fill in since CNN's ratings are tanking. Uh, up until Mr.Blake went on the show. THAT is about Blake's personality and talent and years of being bulldogged by all sorts of 'journalists'. His experience was simply greater than Morgan's. Does that settle the issue for you now?

As for the Bakley family...geez, let them move on too. It's OVER, for everyone. Now can you please stop talking about Blake's verdict, being googly-eyed fans or angsty haters of his, blabbering about Bonnie's family, and dragging OJ's name into it too?

Like Shatner screamed at the Trekkies,"GET A LIFE!!!"

United States

#34 Jan 6, 2013
Have known Blake for several decades. Don't know if he killed Bonnie but do know he is a narcissistic nut case. Way b4 Bonnie died. Put your sympathies towards folks that have lived good lives and fallen on hard times.

Indianapolis, IN

#35 Sep 3, 2013
You make no sense whatsoever 'NotafAnofr'.

For one, you use the word 'narcissist', which technically is the realm of psychoanalytic diagnosis. Are you a shrink, or maybe his former one that he fired for what could essentially be summed up as medical malpractice? If you're that guy, you're lucky he didn't sue you down to your socks. If you're not, what, excactly, qualifies you to diagnose Blake?

For two, you claim to have had known him 'for decades'. Oh, really? And why, exactly, would you hang out with a 'narcissistic nut case' for decades? Something to gain from him by doing so? What could there to be to gain from a nutcase? Oh, wait. Maybe a rich nutcase then, huh? So were you leaning on Blake's money too, like so many others did? In that case freindy, you take the Kings coin, you do the Kings bidding...or you leave.

Now I think I've raised some legitimate doubt as to your inflammatory insinuations. Care to try again?
Doctor Rockit

United States

#36 Sep 3, 2013
183,000 links agree with Dr. NotafAnfr's analysis

Indianapolis, IN

#37 Nov 27, 2013
Doctor Rockit never did answer the question:
why did he, dr.rockit/NotafAnofr hang out with a narcissistic nutcase 'for decades'?

Indianapolis, IN

#38 Nov 27, 2013
Aw, cute link kiddo.

Now, how about your name? What will find if we run it through Uncle Google? Should we attach the word 'narcissist','journalist','pri vate dick', or 'cop' to it as well?

Pick one. They're all virtually the same job anyway and any of them, especially the private DICKS, need a heaping helping of 'narcissism' to be mildly effective in their careers.

Indianapolis, IN

#39 Jan 10, 2014
Tom Jeffery wrote:
Robert Blake God does not forgive those that murder. You will rot in hell.
WRONG, God forgives ALL who repent and ask forgiveness. Also, YOU sir are violating the commands of Jesus when he says very specifically,'Do NOY judge lest YOU be judged. And the measure you against others WILL BE measured back onto you.'
So, if żoure gonna make procolamations and damnations aganst Blake, recall your own faith commands and obey them instead of spouing off at the mouth who oml sounf

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