Jesse James Hollywood Sues Universal ...

Jesse James Hollywood Sues Universal Over Movie

There are 1077 comments on the KCBS-TV Los Angeles story from Oct 27, 2006, titled Jesse James Hollywood Sues Universal Over Movie . In it, KCBS-TV Los Angeles reports that:

A former fugitive who is awaiting trial for a teenager's murder sued Universal Studios Friday, claiming he's unfairly portrayed in a movie based on the crime.

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Dublin, Ireland

#1205 Sep 13, 2010
Jessie James is a pimp. I'm not sure how I feel about him though.

Dayton, OH

#1206 Sep 13, 2010
Jill wrote:
Jessie James is a pimp. I'm not sure how I feel about him though. =4OYn2Bq4OJYXX
Pimp? He was a big wannabe
Dirty south

United States

#1208 Dec 31, 2010
If u look at all of the pics of these kids, the only one that looks like a bad ass is Ben markowitz. In the south these kids would have been the nerds at school. I don't understand Cali I guess. If u really want justice for Nick, gather all of those "thugs" up and send them to us. Down here guys of there type are the tracks, not the train.

Fort Bragg, NC

#1210 Jan 9, 2011
Crystal you have got to the dumbest person ever.
He is going to rot in prison and that exactly what people who orchastate the murder of a child deserve.

Manchester, UK

#1211 Jan 30, 2011
Ya all stupid, n need to get off ya fat arses
Gerry B

Carlisle, UK

#1212 Apr 18, 2011
ben markowitz wrote:
i just now found this sight for this and im already alittle teary right now god why cant you make jesse james get tortured in the place we call hell
If Jesse James HOLLYWOOD was over here in a jail in Scotland he would definitely be dead by now....American jails are tough but our guys over here just will not and do not stand for any crimes against women or children, the rule is, the first chance he walks by almost ANY cell he will get a mix of sugar and a little boiling water to caramalize it,thrown over his face, so the more it burns the more it sticks....they dont last much longer after that. In fact, send him to a housing estate in Glasgow to stay, see how he gets on there.

Collinsville, OK

#1214 Jun 9, 2011
EVERY ONE of you are wrong!! Jesse wasn't around when the murder took place NOR did he "order" it done!! He has a LWOP sentence hanging over his head and DOES NOT DESERVE it! He is a good man!! NONE of you know him and have NO right to make comments about him!

United States

#1215 Jun 9, 2011
I actually do know him and know what a scumbag he is I don't know why you would be stupid to fall for someone who is manipulative and could be the reason behind nick death. You say he didnt order anything? Well why did he run. What did he have to hide. You poor girl. You have no idea what you are talking about and you have no idea what kind of pain this guy has caused in many peoples lives. You have been manipulated by this guy just like rugge and hoyt and all the others were. You shouldn't be posting here because you sound like a moron. Taking someone's side who was selfish enough to order death upon anothers life. You need to do some soul searching kiddo.

United States

#1217 Jun 10, 2011
The book and the movie BOTH prove he didn't order it! Not just Jesse's word. He left because he was young a (20 yrs old) and had just found out he was looking @ a life sentence because he was involved in the kidnapping. MOST people would be scared of that.
But when the jury deliberated, they were falsely told that since Jesse WAS involved in Nick's kidnapping, then EVEN if he had died in a car crash as he was being driven home that Jesse would STILL be quilty of murder!! That's screwed up!! And I could somewhat understand you thinking I had been pulled in by his "mastermind personality" except for the fact that I HAVE copies of LEGAL paperwork from a juror stating the wrong doings that went on behind the closed doors. I'm not saying he wasn't involved in the kidnapping, just that he didn't "order" Nick's death and wasn't even around when it happened! The movie falsely portrays that Jesse gave Ryan the gun that night, when witnesses clearly testified seeing the gun in Ryan's possession long before that horriable August date. And BOTH the movie AND book indicate Jesse Rugge (who was actually there) thought that up until the moment Ryan murdered Nick that he was only going to "scare" him!! My opinion is not ONLY just my opinion, but it is based off of FACT! There are other details included in the juror's confession of wrong doing that prove some of them had their minds made up as to their beliefs about Jesse's guilt or innocents even before being chosen as a juror. Some based soully on this movie! I'm not only stating this info off of Jesse's account of what happened to me, but off of the solid physical proof as stated by a juror who wad involved in the wrongful conviction, and who God has convicted to come forward. Thank you for taking the time to read my account of the facts! <3

United States

#1219 Jun 10, 2011
Unfortunatly I don't think these are facts and I'm flabbergasted by the fact that you think they are. You need help. You've been manipulated by a manipulator end of story nothing u say will ever mind. Where r u from? Cause obviously ur whole love thing with this.disgusting man started after his conviction. He is just desperate I hope u realize that. Nick is never comming back... Let jesse rot. And move on with your life..

United States

#1220 Jun 11, 2011
You don't think they are facts meaning that the juror lied? Or that I'm lying about HAVING them? I have NO reason to lie about it! And would hope that the juror who came forward and made the legally documented statements wouldn't lie either considering that would carry a jail sentence in it's self!!
Everyone is entitled to THEIR opinion......but why slander someone for having a different opinion then you? Why not just accept the fact that not everyone feels the same way. You don't know me and have no right or reason to make statements about my mental stability! NEVER have I posted ANYTHING negative about you as a person. Nor would I. I'm just simply posting FACTS as I know them. FACTS that I have in my possession.....LEGAL FACTS!! MOST people only know what the media wants them to know about the case, and base their opinion on that and that alone! This is true for MOST cases, very few people hear all the facts. And it should be remembered that there are 2 sides to everything and usually the truth is somewhere in the middle. You did make a true statement, Nick isn't coming back. And that is EXTREMELY sad and a horriable tragedy, I can't even imagine his mother's pain. People should greive for him. But like YOU said "move on". The man who ACTUALLY killed Nick is on Death Row and all the others involved have been brought to justice as well. So what good does it do to continue to slander Jesse's name and keep emotions stirred up? "move on"..........let God help w/the healing and the judgement of those involved which is how it should be handled.
NOW, as far as the relationship between Jesse & myself.......that is NONE of YOUR business and I would appreciate it if you would keep your opinions to yourself and not continue to insult me! Thank you!
william blanks

United States

#1221 Jun 14, 2011
ben markowitz wrote:
i loved my brother even tho he was half a bro inside he was full i dont care wut ppl say but i need to get jesse james hollywood i loved my bro and now hes gone i swore i would find him and i plan on it if he gets free
I am sooo sorry for your loss...i have a question though...was the movie version of you based on you for real?just wonderin cause in the movie you were a pretty wild dude...anyways sorry for your loss...

Berkeley, CA

#1222 Jun 14, 2011
Like you said I'm entitled to an opinion and if it wasn't for Jesse nu k would be alive. And I believe your mental stability is far beyond stability at all. And I know facts because unlike you I have had to mourne over the fact that my friend was murdered because of your stupid Whateve you want to call him. And no you will never ever know his mothers pain or his friends or the pain his family has had to deal with because you are so manipulated by someone who is sitting in a prison cell rotting. Someone who if let out on the streets would never make it... He is only using you because he needs someone if you think he lons you then really my god you are a very stupid girl..

United States

#1224 Sep 9, 2011
jesse james is a idiot but a lawsuit is not out of line

Victoria, Canada

#1225 Oct 10, 2011
pay your debts!!!!!

Victoria, Canada

#1226 Oct 10, 2011
That means you Ben!!!!!

El Monte, CA

#1228 Dec 2, 2011
The people who committed these crimes made a choice. They made the choice to murder an innocent human being that had a whole life in front of him. It wasn’t the victims choice to be murdered. I am a peaceful man but the people who were involved in this should endure the pain, the anguish and the consequence of their actions. Only God can judge us right? Well I feel sorry for these heartless people when their time comes. They sit in a jail cell and get to relive, remember and stew over what they did. They need to suffer like they made that poor innocent kid suffer. I’m sure they are living in hell everyday, but one day when the time comes either by natural death or the death penalty they can really see what hell feels like. May God have mercy on their souls. Because mercy is the one thing they didn’t show Nicholas Markowitz.

Itzehoe, Germany

#1230 Feb 16, 2012
First of all sorry for my english it's not my native language.
This murder/kidnapping could have been prevented by many ways...just little things even before the kidnapping.
I think the only "sick" mind is Ryan Hoyt´s though even if Jesse james Hollywood ordered the murder Hoyt shouldn't have done it, right?
Even if Hollywood did the order I personally think that his sentence is too high, fact IS that he wasn´t present at the murder, I feel the same also about Jesse Rugge´s and Ryan Hoyt´s sentence (I oppose the death penalty so).
The big thing I can´t understand is that I know about someone in america who got out of prison and then after a short time he had a guy literally dismembered. His sentence:Life in prison BUT he could get out after 20 years by probation and Hollywood (who I think was never in prison) got life WITHOUT the possibility of parole and like I said he wasn´t even present at the murder...
Everybody made lost: the victim´s family, the offenders and the offender´s family...
All we can hope is that other people learn from this tragic story.
Like i said sorry for my english ;)

Flensburg, Germany

#1231 Feb 18, 2012
I did read all these comments in which you say that JJH ordered the killing...YOU don´t know that...
As long as he is not saying : "I did order the killing",
we don´t know for sure if he is really guilty. The only persons who know the truth are Ryan Hoyt and Jesse Hollywood.
I´m not saying that he is innocent but you shouldn´t claiming something you don´t know!

Again sorry for my english :)
Jesses Girl 2

Riverside, CA

#1232 Jun 12, 2012
Wait Jesse is innocent but I am also Jesse's girl so whotf are you? He doesn't need anyone speaking on his behalf except me so please don't go around on public forums acting like you know anything because I am the only one who truly knows the FACTS.

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