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There are 8 comments on the The Wichita Eagle story from Apr 27, 2007, titled faith & media. In it, The Wichita Eagle reports that:

Director Kevin Smith's more notable movies have been 'Clerks,' 'Chasing Amy' and 'Dogma.' Now he's got a new one in the works.

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Jacob Phelps

Wichita, KS

#1 Apr 29, 2007
Oh my goodness! Do you realize what confessions you've made in this editorial?

First you've admitted that every single "Christian" in this nation disagrees with our message. That means you have presumed to speak for every "Christian" in confessing that you are ashamed of Christ. It is Christ who spoke the strongest in the Scriptures about hell and the Great and Terrible Day of Judgment. It is Christ who said, As it was in the days of Noah and as it was in the days of Lot, so shall it be in the day when the Son of Man returns.(Paul says when He returns, He's coming in flaming glory, to avenge Himself on them who knew not God and obeyed not the gospel. That's in 2 Thessalonians 1. What is that talking about if God loves everybody?) Have you studied what it was like in the days of Noah and Lot? Are you utterly incapable of discerning the signs of the times? By the way, it was Christ who said, You hypocrites, you can read the skies and predict the weather, but you can't discern what's going on around you spiritually. And it was Christ who said in the last days it is going to be so bad on this earth, that it will seem as though NO ONE believes the truth. You have confessed before God and man that you KNOW these are the last days, and you REFUSE to obey God's standard.

The "churches" of this country are filled with divorced-and-remarried adulterers. That means you have no moral authority to tell homosexuals about their sin. That is the mechanism by which the "preachers" of this nation have turned this country over to that filthy manner of life -- all the while chattering about their so-called "Christianity." Exactly what Christ predicted -- and you're blind to what's going on around you.

Your other confession is your fury at the fact that you can't snuff us out. This is supposed to be a land where any idea is free to flourish. But this newspaper has been in the top ten in the nation in trying to destroy us because of our words. You will put ANY idea in the paper, and analyze it, praise it, give it credence, etc.! But the MINUTE someone mentions the righteous judgments of a righteous God, and the duty of every human to be thankful for all He does -- whether your flesh is pleased by His judgments or not -- you go nuts! You want us fired, beaten, prosecuted, put in jail, and vilified soundly. You can't find harsh enough words to condemn us, and you use every ounce of your God-ordained power and influence to try to do us harm. You hypocrites!

Every single word of every single Old and New Testament prophet (including the apostles and Christ) is playing out right under your nose. You KNOW there are hundreds of passages about God's punishment, wrath and judgments. What do you think those verses mean, if they don't apply to a nation that has taken sin to a formal and official level -- exalted it above all -- and wallows in its pride? Have you read Jeremiah 50? If the prophets and apostles and Christ were not talking about Doomed america (think Babylon), and its condition today, and the dark apostate condition of this world TODAY, they have no meaning.

Stay tuned. The siege is coming. The destruction draweth nigh.


Jacob Phelps

Phoenix, AZ

#2 Apr 29, 2007
I love it!!! Shirley Phelps-Roper comments "...on our manner of life." Let's take a look at it.

The Topeka Capitol-Journal published a devastating expose of the Rev. Fred Phelps, and it is still on their website.(Google: LOVING GOD'S HATE)

Some of the many facts revealed: several of Phelps' estranged children open assert the were severely and frequently subjected to physical and mental abuse while living with Phelps; the details of Phelps' disbarment by both the Kansas Supreme Court and the Federal Courts for repeated unethical conduct; the details of a lawsuit brought against Phelps by a candy vendor who was owed over $5,000 by Phelps. The report also states the Phelps children were forced to sell candy door-to-door until late into the evening and in bad weather.

Though several of Phelps' children are attorneys, and the report has been on the Capitol-Journal website for years, Phelps has never sued for libel.

Holland, MI

#3 Apr 30, 2007
A world that wipes out people like Phelps would be a scary world. As offensive as he my be to some people, he still has the right to exist. It is a testament to the Bill of Rights that he has not been stopped. It strikes mw as strange that a country that allows all forms of depravity to exist and be broadcast on TV and all over the web would strive to wipe out the WBC. When did an unpopular opinion become more repulsive then a dismembered body on the TV? When did a point of view become something that should be hunted down and killed. Thinkong like that will certainly bring Big Brother into the mix. I'm surprised that Kevin Smith would even say something like that. ooooooooooo spooky!

Holland, MI

#4 Apr 30, 2007
I can't believe Kevin Smith would say something like that. I think that the fact that people like Fred Phelps are allowed to exist show that the Bill of Rights is alive and well. If this society went around squashing unpopular points of view then there would be no Civil Rights, no Womens Sufferage, no child labor laws. There would be no discussion of gay marrage because all gays would have been wiped out already. That kind of thinking would bring "Big Brother" into reality. That kind of thinking is spooky.

Newburyport, MA

#5 Apr 30, 2007
I think the post by Jacob Phelps might indicate where Kevin Smith is getting his inspiration. They claim to know for a fact that they have divine favor with God and that the rest of the world is irreversibly damned, which is completely contradictory to the Five Points of Calvinism they claim to live by.

It's not about God so much as it's about money and attention. They picket funerals so readily because people in mourning are the most prone to irrational behavior. Then should a mourner attack a protester, all of Fred's inbred lawyer spawn can sue for damages all at once. It's been estimated that the money the WBC has won from lawsuits matches that which is given by their congregation.

That's the real evil for which it is sickening to see permitted. The WBC hides behind freedom of speech for support, but beneath the preaching and the picketing is one of the most sickeningly evil lawsuit scams ever imagined. That the government allows the WBC to fund itself in such a way, that is what is truly sickening.

Phoenix, AZ

#6 May 1, 2007
Phelps does have the right of free speech, but from the beginning of our country, it was recognized that there are limits to free speech. Phelps has chosen to picket funerals, because the rest of us wouldn't stoop that low.

Just how close is close enough for Phelps' free speech? Should Phelps be allowed to picket at the door of the chapel? Should they be allowed allowed to lay down in front of the pall bearers? Should they be allowed to stand at the chapel doors and use a bullhorn to disrupt the services? How close is too close?

Limiting the distance and time for picketing does not interfere with free speech. What it does do is take the fun out of hurting those who are mourning, and in my opinion, that, and money, is the real purpose for which the Phelps'live.

Newburyport, MA

#7 May 1, 2007
Consider it the difference between freedom of speech and freedom of privacy. Fred Phelps has the right to speak, but it should be within our legal rights to decide whether or not we listen. In this case, mourners should have the right to bury their loved ones without facing baseless ridicule.

What the WBC does is a blatant abuse of their right to free speech aimed solely at generating conflict. As I said, the ultimate goal of picketing funerals is to drive the mourners to violence. Free speech is not illegal, but attempting to incite a riot is.
Jacob Phelps

Hutchinson, KS

#8 Jul 17, 2007
Terastas -- What arrogance you have presuming to speak to our purpose. Our Web pages are full of statements of our purpose. They are the OPPOSITE of "driving the mourners to violence." What could we do worse to those "mourners" (read "rebels") than what God has already done to them? He killed their son you fool! And sent him home, in most instances, in small pieces, in a body bag.

The whole WORLD -- not just the whole nation -- is talking about these dying soldiers. They are ALL using the death events as their platform. What kind of a hypocrite would act shocked because we use the same platform.

I'll tell you where you burn is (other than in hell for eternity): You don't want us MENTIONING that God is killing these soldiers. You don't want us MENTIONING that they are dying for the sins of Doomed america. This nation was not content to be blessed by and obey God. The dark apostasy that fills up the land is to blame for these soldiers dying. While everyone is beating their chests, waving their flag goddesses in the air, and cursing God -- NO ONE is telling the truth. They call that soldier, who lived for himself and fought for a nation that has made an enemy of God, a hero. WRONG! He's an enemy of God, and that means he's in hell!

There's still hope for the living. They can still repent. They can still obey. If you gave a rat's ass about anyone but yourself -- ALL 300 MILLION OF YOU DOOMED AMERICANS -- you would warn the living to obey and stop the wrath of God. But you won't, because you're full of selfishness and you hate your fellow man.

The only thing making you think about violence Terastas -- while we stand hundreds and even thousands of feet away from the funeral site, and always leave before the funeral starts -- is your own brutish conscience screaming at you for your sins. That's why people get mad enough to want to harm and kill us. They HATE GOD. They want no one to speak of His sovereignty or wrath. Because you all know in your dark hearts what we're saying is true.

Jacob Phelps

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