Travolta talks about film, real life

Travolta talks about film, real life

There are 9 comments on the Hattiesburg American story from Feb 11, 2010, titled Travolta talks about film, real life. In it, Hattiesburg American reports that:

After a year of insurmountable grief, John Travolta has returned to work. He took most of last year off to mourn the death of his 16-year-old son Jett, who died Jan.

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North Las Vegas, NV

#1 Feb 13, 2010
News`Flash, People......

This man,'John Travolta'....
And Kelly Preston...

Are not as nice, as they would like for you to believe...!!!!!!

He had/has a daughter that will be fourty this year......!!!!

And is also, a grandfather of a fifteen year old boy.......

And he has never given one thing to them....

((( Not 'One' thing !!!)))

So, i personally.... Can ((( "Care~Less" ))).... That hes losing his hair, and growing old and "Balding".......!!!

Serves him right, for ignoring her....

And her whole lifes, existance.......... Practically....

Actually, completly !
Well, after the age of eight !!!!

Knowing she was/would need medical help. And couldn't of cared, less..
And still is....... Even to this day..!!!!!

Not even a .49 cent
'Birthday Card' People !!!!!
A phone call, anything........

Then, after...
He labeled her, to be 'Autistic' Etc !!!!!! And threw her away, like a piece of 'Trash'!!!

And played malishous, hurtful acts/games on her.... As a young'n/little`girl !!!!

(((What a 'Joker'!!!!))) Or shall i say, a (((Jeckle & Hide!!!)))

This man......
Couldn't of cared less about helping his own child/children.....

His own 'Flesh & Blood'!!
And still doesn't.....

His efforts towards the people of 'Haiti'!!! What ever they maybe ????

I will say,
Was a very noble act......!!!!

But truthfully,
If he can't find it in his heart to help/be a part of his own childrens lives....

Then tell me ?

What business does he have helping......


He once had a red headed man come up to me. And try to hand me a book on his beliefs......

I should of taken, it !!!!
It would of at least of kept me warm, while i burned it !!!

I'm sorry,
It's just so amazing what 'Celeb's' will do.....

For (((Great/Good))) Publicity'!!!! Kudos...

I'm glad my father went out there to help....
I'm glad that the 'King' himself... Had a chance to see/visit/feel the tragety first hand !!!

And get a small 'Glimse' of, how it feels to be poverity`stricken'd......

So he could get a good look, of how he treated his 'Own' daughter !!!!

His first born 'Child'!!!!!

Bolton, Canada

#2 Apr 7, 2010
Nobody is listening you NUT CASE

North Las Vegas, NV

#4 Apr 7, 2010
Your the NUT CASE, Woman !!!!

What a controdiction on your part.

Nobodies listening, Huh ?????

Ummm, Hmmmmmmm........??
That must be why You just responded......

Your comments, hold absolutly 'NO' weight !!!!

You, are 'Not' John Travolta's, 1st. Born Child....

And whats more......
You have no right to call me names, all over the place.
I've done nothing to you.....

Don't even know me......

And you obviously, don't want, too !!!!

Plenty of 'We the People'.....

Have viewed my posts, and are listening.
Stop living in my fathers 'Land' of lies !!!

``````````AVA TRAVOLTA..........Lives !!!!

I am very much alive......

And i'm terribly sorry, that you don't like it !!!

Bolton, Canada

#5 Apr 7, 2010
You live but you are not John Travolta's daughter.

You are all talk

crazy talk at that

people reading your posts think you are crazy too

don't you read the response you get lol
some show a little interest but as soon as they ask question you just go on another crazy rant and refuse to answer

You have no answer
You are a fraud
I can and will say it as many times as I please
You are fra


North Las Vegas, NV

#6 Apr 8, 2010
You ask me to answer your questions. Then degrade me.... Call me names !!! Twist 'Every`thing, i have said.. Around !!!!!
WTF, is the matter with your'
``````````Skull`Cap' Lady !!!!

Your de`facing, my words..... And trying to elaborate, on a subject. That you never knew or heard of.......

With your,
You live... But you are not ((( John Travolta's )))daughter.....
You do not 'Know' that !!!!!

You are speculating, that i am lieing....
Thats all you want 'Any`One to here....
What a shame..... And,
What 'Total'.....BS !!!!

You only 'Wish'!!!!!

Heres your answer, Dear !!!!!

I'm not going to argue the facts with you, Any`More !!!!!
Why should i care about what you think/feel towards... My own 'Delema' with my Dad !!!!

I don't have to answer, to your 'Beck n Call'
((( Get real )))!!!!!!!
You have absolutly no right to say, that nobodies hearing me, either.... Pure 'Speculations' on your part....
Believe what you want too.......

I know who i am.
And so does he......

Enough of the game playing.....

Bolton, Canada

#7 Apr 8, 2010
I wish you would stop the games.

You finally gave your first answer on another thread about where and how your Mother and JT met. Only problem with it is again your time line makes it impossible.

The movie premiere you claim they met at in Los Angeles starred Jack Lemmon and Shirley MaClain.

You were born May 1970 so you were conceived in August 1969. Apparently in California.

The only movie those two did together was "The Apartment" which premiered September 16, 1960. JT was six years old, attending first grade in New Jersey.

That is not twisting your words. That is merely pointing out the impossibility of your story.

The fact that no one else but Rebekah and I are responding (in defense of The Travolta's) proves nobody is interested in your crazy rants.
AvaHeather Travolta

North Las Vegas, NV

#8 Apr 8, 2010
Listen, all's i know, is what i've been told. Here and there.....
As a child...
And the couple of tid`bits, i've been able to get, out of my mother, of recent years........ Which hasn't been much.....!!!

You may think, you and you pal, are the only ones listening.......

Your not !!!!!!!!!! Believe you, me..)))

John Travolta, may be your idol.....
And thats more then, fine !!!!!

To me,
He's just my 'Father/Dad.....

A 'Father' that needs to stand up and seriously, explain him`self.
And be held responcible.
For his own actions......
Towards me..........

Weather it be 'Personally', or 'Publically !!!!!

Your 'Scrapping` Around' for more and more info, out of me.........
And my life, memories Etc !!!!

Telling me to prove, prove, prove.........

No !!!!!!!!

HE, and only he......
Needs to step up to the 'Plate'!!!!
And explain him`self.....

And, the sooner the better.....

As far as i'm concerned !!!!!!!!

Enough of your 'Twisted' Skull`Cap......BS !!!

Let him stand up for him`self, and be a 'REAL' man !!!!!!!!

Cause thats what, a real man would do.........

And, just cause my father is, and will always be my biological father//Actor John Travolta......

Doesn't mean, hes above all other, Man/Men !!!!!!
Not to mention the 'Law'......
Or for that matter, me.....

Let him fight his own 'Battles' in life. Hes a grown man, Lady !!!!!

You are no'body, but a fan....... You say ?????
Ya`Right !!!!!!

You've Huffed and Puffed, Sugar !!!!!!

But still, haven't blown 'ME'!!!!! DOWN........

Bolton, Canada

#9 Apr 11, 2010
Get a Life

Take Your Meds

Get Help

North Las Vegas, NV

#10 Apr 11, 2010
To 'Poster': Jenny....

I've already said,
What i've wanted to say, for now !!!!

It's an opened thread, your right...i think ???

Or, i'm sure my blogs would of been deleted by now..........

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