Fashion industry gives us the slip as...

Fashion industry gives us the slip as sexy look makes a comeback

There are 92 comments on the Birmingham News Online story from Jan 29, 2006, titled Fashion industry gives us the slip as sexy look makes a comeback. In it, Birmingham News Online reports that:

Naomi Watts can work a slip like nobody's business, a gift she flaunts in the Peter Jackson remake of "King Kong." As Ann Darrow, the movie's spirited heroine, Watts whirls and shimmies like an overheated ...

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Camp Hill, Australia

#61 Jun 23, 2008
I wish my wife would wear sexy nylon slips like you do. I get sooo hot when I ever catch a glimpse of one. your husband is so lucky.


#62 Jul 21, 2008
Most definitely a woman wearing a slip is the most modest person on the planet and that modesty is the essence of her sexiness. She has a particular confidence about her knowing that she is looked upon with pride. She is a role model for what it means to be a woman. This is how I feel when my wife wears a slip every time she wears a dress or skirt (be they see-through or not). There is nothing more disgusting to me than hearing a woman make a modesty "claim" that nothing is showing when she doesn't wear one. WHAT A FALSE CONTENTION!!! Let me tell you something, women out there. If I can make out the outline of your panty, will you slap my face when I bring it to your attention? After all, you contend nothing immodest is showing. When something like that is visible, IT IS BEING IMMODEST! I have yet to see a slip fail in her duty to prevent something like that. So you women out there think about that. What about you who claim that a slip possibly showing is another reason to wear pants? I have seen the things you call pants. Painted-on-you is what they are. You show every ouline of your bodies, leaving nothing to be imagined. There is a word for that: prostitute. Isn't skintight something one of them would wear? And don't think you are dismissed from letting the world see the outline of your underwear, either. I would hope that looking like a whore would be something you would never think about. But, hey, who am I to say how low you should think of yourselves. But what really disgusts me is how mothers allow their daughters to go out in public wearing this same junk and inflicting an immodest value on this generation. Mothers of today, teach your daughters about slips and have them wear them. Return your daughters to thinking of how to be respectable young ladies. STOP DRESSING THEM IN WHORE CLOTHING!!! By doing this you are saying it is okay for her to think of herself as some thing less than she is.

Bottom line is this: women need to be more thoughtful of how they look in the public eye. If you dress like a slut, then maybe you should be one. I see the pride in my wife's eyes when I go out in a suit, even on hot Summer days. This pleases her and that allows her to say "I have someone who knows how to dress the way a man should".

This country needs to find its way back to the aspects that made it respected. Men need to become men again and women need to become ladies again.
Slip Fan

Los Angeles, CA

#63 Jul 28, 2008
There is nothing more sexy that a woman wearing a silky slip! One of my favorite places to see this: . Not spam, just a heads up for others who also enjoy the sight of a woman's slip.
Slippy UK

Leeds, UK

#64 Aug 11, 2008
Working Mum wrote:
From the lady's viewpoint, anything to get the juices flowing has to get my vote! My husband has long (25 years) enjoyed views of my slips showing from just a glimpse to a whole avalanche of lace. Sometimes this is unintentional but not always. My favourite is a knee length la Redoute floral pleated flirty skirt worn with a snow white Charnos deeply lacy slip which is four inches longer. Juices flowing?
Wow- he's a lucky guy! A charnos slip- heaven!!!
Slippy UK

Leeds, UK

#65 Aug 11, 2008
Does anyon else love Charnos/ wanrners / gossard slips? Do any ladies care to share them with me!!?

Dallas, TX

#66 Aug 26, 2008
Kristen love your story of you and your friend and all your slip trying on. Have you ever vistied the slip heaven chat room? Come see us...
Kristen wrote:
I too have a strong passion for slips and layering them. I am 23 years old and always have worn slips. My girlfriend and I love going to the malls and trying on new ones. We were in Sears in the dressing room trying on different skirts and dresses and matching half slips. Several times I would come out of the individual stall open her door wearing a blouse and no skirt just my half slips. I would help her zip up her dress before she checked out the fit in the mirror. She then changed in front of me only wearing her 2 half slips that were and cami asking me which dress or skirt to try next. I told her just wear the slips and so we laughed. I gave her a hug and as I did, my hands felt the silkiness of her in her slips. I could not stop and neither could she. She rans her palms along my backside up and down my legs and bum. I did the same feeling the slips in my fingers. I could feel her slips slide against my slips which felt to wonderful. Her knee pressed between my legs sending a shiver up and down my spine. We kept hugging for several minutes. I felt juices flowing and decided to head back to my dressing room. Shortly later, feeling bold, I walked out on the store floor wearing my half slips and blouse as I worked my way through the racks of skirts and dresses. No one commented, just alot of looks. Later that night, when I was on a date with my boyfriend at the movies, I guided his hand to my slips under my skirt. He worked the slips for an hour during the movie and then pushed the slips in between my legs. Oh it felt so good.
Jessica W

Sevenoaks, UK

#67 Sep 18, 2008

I'm Jessica and I'm 27. I have always worn slips since I was in my mid teens and would NEVER wear a skirt without a half slip underneath. Too many skirts these days are lined, and if I have to buy lined skirt I will always try to cut the lining out so that I can wear a half slip with it, but it is not easy to find good slips.
I wonder if anyone can help me. Last year I bought a full circle black skirt, which is 33" long, and I need a white, very flared style half slip about 30/31" long to wear with it. Plenty of white slips available which are long enough, but they are all straight style, not flared. As the skirt is full circle I need a swirly slip with it, as I want to wear it for my flamenco classes as well as normal wear. Does anyone know where I can obtain one??? The only ones available "online" are from The States. Don't women in the UK wear flared half slips anymore!

Any ideas


Contoocook, NH

#68 Sep 24, 2008
Most people commenting here admire nylon slips. When layered, the feeling is indeed enticing. Even better in my estimation is rayon satin cut on the bias. If you are familiar with satin slips from 1930 through 1950 or so, you'll understand. Yes, it looks and feels even better than nylon (my humble opinion) especially when cooled by a breeze, a fan or a direct blast from an air conditioner.(Try it, you'll like it!) Full slips worn by elegant women dressed in the fashion of the silver screen interest me most. Like other slip lovers I could go on and on.

I've always seen to it that my wife has plenty of the finest vintage satins to be found and she caters to my fetish. I also photograph lots of professional models in satin slips and gowns. Care to see? Well I've posted over 600 free photos on so nothing's stopping you. Just do a people search for "Pennant". The folks at display plenty more of my shots. It's a paid site, but oh what marvelous eye candy!

Contact me if you wish to model elegant satin lingerie in a paid photo shoot in New England or the NYC area. Sorry guys, my wardrobe collection is sized mainly for slender women like the models in the images I've posted.

Swords Creek, VA

#69 Oct 1, 2008
I have tried to wear my slip,(half-or-full nylon tricot slip ever since high school). I always had to wear a panty-girdle, and it has prevented embrassing show-thru my thin dresses which I have enjoyed wearing for several years. Thanks, girls!!- Janice. My younger brother used to sneak and watch me undress, so I let him watch up to-a-certain point,(if you know what I mean).!!

United States

#70 Dec 29, 2008

Winterthur, Switzerland

#71 Jan 3, 2009
I am 28 very nice looking and I am married with a guy of 64. He loves when I wear satin full slips not only my dresses no also in bed when we have sex. it's a big turn on for him and sometime he cums in to my slips and we both love it. Also i love to turn guy's on with my slips and my husband goes wild when guys turning there heads to see my slip. I would never leave the house without wearing a full slip. I like to show my slips to everyone but only my husband will enjoy me in bed together with my silky and satin full slips and nylons.

Swords Creek, VA

#72 Jan 10, 2009
I'm in early 50's, my sisters and I grew up wearing full and half-slips. We still wear them. they help with the layering of my thin dresses and short skirts. We enjoy them, our men enjoy them. they are comfortable, inexpensive, and last practically forever if washed, there maybe a few stains in them, but that is usually up high around the middriff part, on the front, and unnoticeable unless one is undressing. Thanks.
john ireland

Dublin, Ireland

#73 Jan 17, 2009
you still see slips today on women mainly 35 plus wearing them my wife wears them for me which makes me lucky he he i wish they would come back into fashion not so easy to buy these days so hi to all you wonderful women wearing slips keep it up

Swords Creek, VA

#74 Jan 20, 2009
I have to be careful when sitting in church in the choir loft, not to show too little skirt hem, or too much stocking tops, bare flesh, or slip lacy hem. although I enjoy my dresses and short skirts @ my age,(50's).. thanks..My husband enjoys the shows very much!! He gives me some nods of approval, and some pleasure after Sunday School, and Church!!

Etters, PA

#75 Feb 28, 2009
my wife is a bigger gal but she wears slips and doesnt mind if they show in public

Swords Creek, VA

#76 Mar 12, 2009
Slippy UK wrote:
Does anyon else love Charnos/ wanrners / gossard slips? Do any ladies care to share them with me!!?
I am unmarried, mid 50's, attractive. I wear dresses,(short-thin, usually silk or nylon clinging type; panty girdles,(from my era), stockings, a underwire bra, and always a Nylon slip. I usually am in a dress or sundress for gardening when I forego the stockings and panty girdle..My brother, watches me garden, and peers up my sundress, until I satisfy him manually, or orally in the Name of God..(same age); usually supervises what I wear and, he is insistant on observing me when I do get dressed and undressed.
We go to Christian Church on Sunday. We both dress-up,(but modestly--until we get-home for Supper).. He helps me dress and undress, and then we spend "private," time together since we both have desires,(but never Married). We have read the Bible for permission to act as a "man and a woman." We enjoy each others' bodies "all-the-ways," that non-christian sinners do.. Regards, Janice

Swords Creek, VA

#77 Mar 12, 2009
I am also of the 1960's period. I wear Slips, sheer panties, and bras around the house/ I did in the 60's I let my brother leer @ me. I am older now, (almost 60). I still have the girlish figure, (still wear sheer bikini panties, see-thru bras, and short, full-nylon slips, but now i wear panty hose. i enjoy letting men and neighbors peer-up-my dress, or watch me undress thru my open-curtains and bedroom windows. I also have enjoyed the close-company, intimate company of some very-close family members since I have not married and have desire that continue to drive-me-wild..Thanks
Jessica W

Sevenoaks, UK

#78 Mar 16, 2009
This forum is getting really weird! I thought it was about fashion and wearing a slip. Do we really want to know about incest between siblings!

Evansville, IN

#79 Mar 17, 2009
Let me tell you a true experience with slips. My wife and I went to a very famous upscale restaurant in Knoxville. It was a business trip to which she accompanied me. Anyway since she brought two dresses only and only one that was dressy enough, she chose a double breasted very fitted wool blend wrap dress of which the lower button was just above her waist, and which the dress hem touched about her ankles. When she was dressing she said the dress was a little to tight, as her lacy Olga inverted v chantilly lace slip showed slightly as she walked. However since it was just from the car to the restaurant, and it was the only dressy outfit she had taken, she would wear it anyway.
When we took our seats in the booth she crossed her legs. I always look at her knee covered pantyhose when she does this and I realized she had warn heer dark pantyhose that are a cross between dark brown and light black. I was happy. However in gazing up,I noticed that that long skirt had split open (No buttons below the waist) to reveal a good v shaped lacy candelight slip and it was showing gradually from wide at the hem to a v shape at the top of her waist. My loins sturred but the waiter arrived. i told him we wanted to drink three or more before ordering. She ordered Long Island teas and I ordered draft beer. By the third long island tea, her dress was covering her like an hour glass. it was sinched at the waist but her dress was open like a wide upside down v from her waist to her hem and from her waist to her sholders. It was like she had an open bathrobe, albeit a heavy robe over her slip.
When the waiter left for one last drink, I knew she was very intoxicated. I told her, you ought to give that college student a thrill. I would bet that he has never seen an attractive woman in a slip before as a hint to straighten up her dress. In response,to my surprise she said well lets just let him see one.
I was afraid, embarrassed and excited a bit at the same time. tried to stop her from continuing but the restaurant was crowded and didn't want to make a scene. Luckily it was very dimly lit by candelight at the tables and we did not stand out, at least too much.
Then to my shock, she unbuttoned the remaining buttons. Her heavy navy tuxedo like wrap dress was opened and hanging at ther sides. The entire front of that exquisitly lacy, slinky, hugging slip was exposed for the waiter to see. As I fussed, he arrived and I had to stop urdging her to uncover.
The waiter was very kind and did not stare. I saw him stareing as he crossed the room at her nylons and slip but would not look directly at her when he broght the last drink.
My wife acted frustrated and yelled at him to look at her when he addresses us. With that he did. I noticed he had become excited and my wife scooted toward him. The dress was now hanging off the back of her sholders. She shrugged her sholders and her dress fell to the booth seat.
He looked, reached for her dress, pulled his hand back and said, excuse me mam' I must go to the kitchen. I luckily had a cashed a check that morning and through $100 bill on the table, took her by the hand, grabbed up her dress over my right arm and pulled her out of the restaurant. I had to pass by 5 or 6 tables as the men just oogled her. One guy reached out and grabbed the lace oh her slip and started working his hand up the side of her leg. I pushed his hand away and go through the door.
I got her to the car clad only in her slip stockings shoes and jewelry and whatever other lacy lingerie she wore underneath.

Needless to say I was somehow embarrassed for her but excite.. The next morning she remembered nothing but drinking too much. I started to recreate it for her, but kept my peace. For as long as that blond headed college kid works at R --- s, WE we will not go there again. I can't believe at least 30 men saw my wife in her slip and me pulling her and hold her long but useless wrap dress in my other hand.

Swords Creek, VA

#80 Apr 15, 2009
I feel justly and very honest when I wear conservative clothing to Church, and worship Jesus Chris, My Savior. when I get home, I enjoy sharing "pleasures of the flesh," with whomever is my companion for the Sunday Afternoon. I am usually over-dressed with skirt, blouse and under-clothing and stockings, with garters and panty girdle- due to my age---sometimes it is another single man. I have this compulsion to undress for my male suitors, whether they be blood-related or from the Church sodality of Christ. I usually attend with my non-married brother,(as Am I).. I belong to.
I always enjoy the innermost-satisfaction of receiving the seed of my companion in the Lord's Name.. thank You, and God Bless, all Christians like myself..

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