The I Hate 21st Century Thread
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sun light

Manchester, UK

#24 Sep 6, 2012
Coldplay are god awful. I can't understand why they are popular? People have been brainwashed. I rather listen to 80's music. I also hate this thump thump dance music trash from idiots driving souped cars on the streets since 1999. Music is dead in the 21st century.

Fort Worth, TX

#25 Nov 23, 2012
i can remember when I was in my mid 30's(the 80's),my friends ranged from my age to people in their 20's.people in their 20's didn't mind hanging with someone that much older then cause there was no 'ageist' attitude existing in that generation.i was in to the same music as people in their 20's(MTV,mostly).people were much friendlier then.younger people didn't have an attitude really.the music was happy and rock didn't have to have a message of some kind to be good.gays weren't brandishing how unacceptable they are and weren't displaying themselves in the news fact..groups weren't constantly bantering about trying to obtain their freedoms or trying to change the laws like they're doing today,yet everybody was happy.i believe that even if you'd ask any of the gays that grew up in the 80's they'd admit that even though they were more secretive about their lifestyle,they were happy and life was better.i'm not being unjustly bias,trust me..people were just much happier in the 80's and music and movies were so much better than what's come about in the 21st century.i've recently been downloading a lot of 80's stuff via a music store and even the music on these cd's that didn't become hits are so much better than anything the 21st century has dealt out./I don't understand why so many young people make fun or mock the big hair of the 80's.actually everything was common and acceptable-short hair,long hair,big hair,flat hair,teased hair and even no was okay to be seen wearing blue hair,gold hair,pink hair,blue and pink eyeliner,glitter,etc.the 80's was a time of colors.bright colors were a big part of the 80's.billboards,signs at the mall,record covers,etc..also geometrical shapes.a lot of artwork had colorful triangles,squares,wiggly lines..the fashions were so cool.all kinds of different clothes patterns and colors were common back then.the 90's came along and the 80's hung around but died a fast death when rap and hip hop came along and strangled it.i'm not being racist or dicsrminatory when I say that when rap and hip hop came along and became the dominant force in the music business,everything went to hale.the 21st century began,in a way,in 1994,when rap and hip hop as well as that 'attitude' became the national trend.the fashions also became the big thing.horrible imo.suddenly the only music one was hearing was rap or hip hop and any real music was being replaced with noise and fast talking.from then on,people's attitudes began to get sucky as well as the way people's way of thinking.this was the beginning of the entitlement've seen where that's gotten us to.i'm not talking about disability.i'm speaking of stamps,etc..while SOME people really needed that stuff and were legitimate,many many others began to use the system.and it's just gotten millions times worse.i have to actually try to remain happy on a day to day basis.i see how much has changed.unhappy people all over the place.people with attitude..all over the place.nobody has the desire to make friends.everybody has their crowd and they don't step outside of it.the only people that have attemted to make friends with me for example(in the past 12 years) it was on the basis that I either drink alcohol or smoke pot.i don't drink and I don't get high.and people today have way to much drama in their lives.i don't know what's going to happen regarding society in the near future,but I don't see anything good coming from it.i mean not good in the way that's going to make the 21st century a happier place to be.and with an overall amnesty occurring ,the shape of the nation will be worse.eventually we'll be changing laws both big and small to accomedate a new people and a new culture.not a good thing.the 80's= two hetro guys could talk about the moon being beautiful and it was okay.people were deeper was acceptable.not today.bonding was closer between friends.not today. all macho and sarcasm.the 80's were fun.the fun is gone.period.


#26 Aug 16, 2013
I HATE 21st century but the first 5 yrs, were pretty much ok. I was born late 70's so my first memories are from the 80's. 80's music was crappy or atleast 80% of it was. Early 90's were pretty much the same (both music and tv / Films). How ever The 'spirit'of 90's was born by those early years of the 90's.(grunge music, the golden ERA of hiphop, surfer punk etc.) Globally the fall of soviet -> end of the cold war, the reunion of the Germany, Happy hardcore movement (turns to euro dance at late 90's) were paving the way for something new and fresh.

I have to say that I loved the 90's, the decade of reason and the decade of love and freedom. I'm Sad to say but the spirit has died and all what's left is greed, control and idiocratic behaviour. The fall of the 90's started when the towers fell, and the last breath of the 90's was around 2004-2005 (BUSH re-election).

..But still... I hope that somehow the 'spirit' will reborn and revive my taunted soul.

ps. Sorry 4 the bad english its not my native language.

Manchester, UK

#28 Sep 15, 2014
Music Nowadays is really bad

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