Charlton Heston brought history to th...

Charlton Heston brought history to the screen

There are 20 comments on the Daily Breeze story from Apr 5, 2008, titled Charlton Heston brought history to the screen. In it, Daily Breeze reports that:

Charlton Heston, who won the 1959 best actor Oscar as the chariot-racing "Ben-Hur" and portrayed Moses, Michelangelo, El Cid and other heroic figures in movie epics of the '50s and '60s, has died.

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Gene H Dreher

Manhattan Beach, CA

#1 Apr 6, 2008
The few times I met him, back stage and in the halls at meetings, he was always gracious, friendly and agreeable, even to us unimportant people. This with his wit, charm and intelligence, has caused me to be sure that he was one of the truly great men of the 20th Century.

Lakewood, CA

#4 Apr 6, 2008
The "Gun Bigots" will be along soon. Poking at his remains with their sticks of sarcasm. Rest well and peaceful, Mr. Heston. Godspeed.

Carson, CA

#6 Apr 6, 2008
<quoted text>I meant asbestos suit.
ao by the sea

Los Angeles, CA

#8 Apr 6, 2008
The film " TOUCH OF EVIL " was shot in VENICE at the ST. MARKS hotel,over the "PUP" cafe on Windward , Market st, canal bridges on Pacific and Speedway also Playa Del Rey. I got Mr. Heston, Ms. Leigh and Akim Tamiroff auto-grafts as a very young kid. I enjoyed Mr. Wells role and very true the way police officers behaved then. I will always have good memories of him.

Carson, CA

#9 Apr 6, 2008
I believe he likes to call them documentries. But you are right they are movies because of all of the fiction in them. I refuse to waste money on movies made by the FAT MAN MOORE.
<quoted text>You never seen one of his movies, have you?

Harbor City, CA

#11 Apr 7, 2008
You have no idea what I watch or listen to. I did see Big AL's movie and also read what other scientist said, which contradicted what the movie had to say. By your remarks I do know that you are a liberal that does everthing that tells you to do. By the remarks you made about Heston also tells me that you think that anyone that does not agree with you is wrong. Another symptom of a closed minded liberal, which also fits the mold for closed minded conservatives. For your information I voted for Bill Clinton. He was more in line with my views. Just because someone believes in the right to bear arms does not make them a right winger. For your iformation Moore edited what Heston said to make it sound the other way. Myself, I don't take anybody serious that makes a movie with an agenda in mind. Just like I would never take anything Rush has to say seriously since he also has an agenda. Finaly, I do consider Moore a bull shirt artist.
<quoted text>Its funny how the the repug's trash his "documenttries" yet never seen one. This is proof that repug's are brainwashed sheep, you get your directions from "Fox propaganda foux news" and hate radio FAT DRUG ATTACK Rush and the like. You should expand you horizions and watch Bowling for columbine and the 9/11 movie for starters, and get back to me and point out where the fiction is, because a lot of the footage is strait out of the horses mouth. Bush, Heston ect. Unless you are calling them bull shirt artists, which is the whole point of his movies.

Harbor City, CA

#14 Apr 7, 2008
Your the idiot if you really beleive that Moore does not have an agenda. I have the same view about Fox news, CNN and all the networks. They all have agendas. You have to watch them all just to hear all sides of an issue. Heston himself said he was screwed by Moore. Moore attacks anyone who does go with his view. Syptom of a leftist. This is the same guy who does want people to own guns, but has his body guards packing the heat. I find it hard to believe that you actully think that Moore is a creditable person.
<quoted text>I never seen "big Al's" movie, and I dont know anything about except that the repug's are always hissing and moaning about it. Where did you hear that Moore edited his movie crap to suit his agenda? Your like every other blind sheep repug. Do you have the same opinion about as you do about Fox news, and it is owned by a foreigner, Ruppert Murdock, and he has done more damage to this country being cheerleaders for the neo-cons and the lies that led to this mis-guided war and bancrupting our country? And it continues!!!! And about "Big Al's movie, for every 10,000 scientists that say global warming is the result of burning of fossil fuels there is "one" that dis-agrees with it and those are the ones your putting your faith into? Your an idiot and your opinions are wrong and stupid.
Clear Thinker

Norwalk, CT

#15 Apr 7, 2008
CNN has done an excellent job of demolishing the credibility of Michael Moore's movie "Sicko". Al Gore's movie on global warming contains dozens of errors and even lost a court case in the UK.

Thus, its hardly "stupid" for a thinking person to discount either man.

BTW, the contraction of "you" and "are" is spelled
"you're", not "your". So one would write "you're an idiot".
Tom Zart

Kansas City, MO

#18 Apr 8, 2008

He chose his opportunities
To become strong, not weak
By pulling up his boot straps
He acquired the dreams we seek.

His personal goals of well being
Never stood in the way
Of doing his public duty
No matter what others would say.

His devotion proved contagious
It's the brilliance of his kind
What we found inside of him
Was great character of mind.

With faith and courage, he did live
For his life to be complete
With good morals and family life
He triumphed, even in defeat.

He was raised to participate
Within his community
With his fellow men and women
He enriched life and liberty.

By Tom Zart
Soldier For The Lord
Clear Thinker

United States

#19 Apr 8, 2008
Hey Mean Eugene: someone who mispells words or makes obvious grammatical errors comes across as an uneducated rube.

So when you write "I never seen Sicko" makes the rest of us think you never got past 4th grade. Its possible you have a Phd from Harvard and therefore know something -- but so far you just ain't comin' across that way.

If you want anyone to take you seriously, spend a minute or so to proofread your notes. Also, add a little content to notes other than insults.

Harbor City, CA

#20 Apr 8, 2008
I don't think global warming is a hoax, but is a natural climate pattern. This is proved by many scientist. Al Gore is just tring to scare people into thingink that it is man caused to serve his own personel agenda. That one degree the world temperture has risen over the last centry is now gone. In the past year the world temp has drop .75 degrees. How do you explain that? Oh I know. Lets start calling it climate change, which is the new term that nut jobs like Big Al is now starting to use.
<quoted text>Your, you're, who gives a fork, I never seen "Sicko" and the only disagreement I heard about the movie is from the rightwing crowd bashing it ever before it came out. And all the critisism afterwards are from the same repug's that hate his movies yet never seen it. So in your opinion the health care system is fine and global warming is a hoax. "You're" an idiot!!!
Gene H Dreher

Manhattan Beach, CA

#23 Apr 8, 2008
<quoted text> Your like every other blind sheep repug.
I've spoken to both Heston and Michael Moore. Heston was a gentleman, a man of wit and intelligence, gracious and really nice to chat with. Moore is an egotestical bore who is sure that he is more intelligent than all of the low caste people who were around us at the time.(Hmm, the same sort of offensive, arrogant and demeaning attitude that seems to exude from the quote above.)

Heston made everyone in the room feel like they were important. Moore looks down on everyone. I've seen the difference up close with my own eyes.

Like the Reverand Wright, who you like and assocate with tells volumes about you.

Harbor City, CA

#25 Apr 9, 2008
Poor Gene. Another symptom of Liberalism-name calling. Maybe you should read what other scentists have to say besides Big Al's hacks. Read the link below and educate yourself. Anyone can throw out ratios 10,000 to 1 and have nothing to back it up. I did not say there was not global warming. I am just questioning what causes it, man made, natural or both combined. Unlike you, I will question anything that is back by Al Gore, who has been caught miss leading and lying to the public. I live in Southern California and the past year has been cooler than normal. I also see your post below calling the man from Redondo Beach a liar. Prove him wrong before you call him a liar. Redondo Beach has its share of people who work in Hollywood and there is a good chance he is telling the truth. Please clear the pot smoke out of the shack your living in, and open your mind. Finally, my parants would very proud of me if they were alive today. They have raised me to be a productive member of society.
<quoted text>I'm sorry your so stupid Dan. You parents must be so disappointed. Say for every 10,0000 scientists that say global warming is happening, and 1 scientist says its not, your going to go for the long shot ! It's not a valid arguement to support you misguided claims that if you look out the window and say it does'nt feel any warmer than yesterday , therefor, climate change is a hoax, justs puts you in the same catagory as the evolution vs. intelligent designers debate, on the the wrong side. Go back to school.

Harbor City, CA

#27 Apr 9, 2008
One again you are calling someone a liar without proof and when I back up my facts you do not want to hear it. Open your eyes and read everything. Prove your 100,000 to 1 ratio or is that a typo to and you are going to claim it be 1,000,000 to 1. Anybody said can make up numbers. Al Gore does. That is why the UK courts said his movie can no longer be shown in schools-see link.http://www.nationalpost.c om/news/story.html?id=2f4cc62e -5b0d-4b59-8705-fc28f14da388 You are a typical liberal that does not like to be challenged on anything. Here are some more links including scientist who once backed man made global warming but since have changed their views. I know you are going to find a reason not read this or even give it some thought. Another symptom of a Liberal.http://www.nationalpos 62e-5b0d-4b59-8705-fc28f14da38 8
Sorry Dan, I would be afraid my computer would catch a virus if I clinked on that link. I seems the repug's are softening thier stance on the global warming issue. From outright denial then to "maybe it is happening" but only from natural and maybe a little of it is from carbon emissions.That liar from Redondo beach is living in fantasy land, Im sure Moore is sick of dealing with rightwing nuts like you and that other liar from Redondo beach. I made a typo in that post to you, I meant 100,000 to 1 scientists. Al Gore has nothing to gain to lie about global warming, It's called genuine concern and if he doesnt do something about it, you can be darn sure the republicans wont. Its funny how the repug's pick apart every word and sentence of Democrats, ie. Hillary, Michael Moore and Al Gore and pick out one little inconsistincy and blow it way out of prorportion , if only they used the same twisted logic towards Bush and company, whose lies are bancrupting our country in treasure and goodwill around the world. Sorry about your folks, but, if I am good at anything, it's hurling insults.

Harbor City, CA

#29 Apr 10, 2008
You did not even read any of the links did you? Name calling is all you have. You are the one full of sh!t. You just admited you were making up numbers. How can anyone beleive a word you say. I have read both sides. Have you? Past records have shown global warming has occurred before. I am just questioning how much of it is man made or is a natural occurrance. Do some research and you will find scientist that once backed Big Al are now changing thier minds. The scientis that are now rethinking this I have seen them on CNN and have read articles in the NY times. For your info I do not listen to Rush or anyone else. I take all the info I can get from all sources and you use it to form my own opinion. You on the other hand only want to listen to the left and no one else. Just so you understand I will repeat myself one more time. I do believe there is global warming, but what is the true cause. Is it man made only, or is it a natural occurance, or is it a combination of both.
<quoted text>Im 100% sure you full of $h!t. Bring up any link , Im sure there are 1000 links to prove otherwise your ill informed logic. Im sure the rightwingnuts in the UK had a large part in that decision. I admit, I pulled those numbers out of a hat, maybe there has been a poll of scientists and there view towards global warming, but I think the 1000 to one is more realistic than 100,000 to one. You have it all wrong about liberals, its the repug's that dont have an opinion until the get thier directions from Fox or Rush. They find some scientist that agrees with thier agenda, put him on O'Rielly and Hannity & Combs, and devote entire shows to this propaganda. I read somewhere that worldwide, oil comsumption is something like 10,000,000 gallons a day, thats a lot of carbon, and then your talking coal, wood, natural gas, etc. adding to hydrocarbons in the atmisphere! The poles are melting at an unpresidented rate, never in the history of the world has this happened in such a short time! So go search out your scientists that disagree with global warming and pretend its not happening. Your only interested in scientists that share you denial of the truth.
Clear Thinker

United States

#30 Apr 10, 2008
Dan, et al, Mean Eugene has no credibility left. Forget the illiteracy (although its funny to read stuff like "unpresidented rate").

When our "great thinker" claims we burn 10 million gallons of oil a day -- its pretty obvious he has the math skills of an 8 year old. He doesn't know the difference between a gallon and a barrel.

Nor does it help when he makes claims about "hydrocarbons" in the air. he probably means CO2. Does he know that every beer he opens is filled with CO2? I doubt it since he doesn't realize the world has cooled in the last 10 years. Of course, he doesn't know that because he really can't read all that "science".

Its best to ignore this troll since you're dealing with ignorance.

Harbor City, CA

#33 Apr 10, 2008
Thats your job to prove what you say with facts. That is creditable facts.
<quoted text>Dan the man, I believe globol warming is 15% of it is caused from natural occurinces like krill and cow farts, and 85% is man made. Look it up.

Harbor City, CA

#34 Apr 10, 2008
It appears that your dad wasted his sperm on you.
<quoted text>Im to lazy to look up statictics or page through a dictionary for proper spelling, MEAN EUGENE is good at hurling insults. Aint you all hoiti toiti with your college education and you anal excessive compulsive desire to point out spelling errors. Whatever the amount of oil, 1,000,000 gallons or a million barrels every day, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after yaer, It all adds up to a shipload of CO2, hydrocarbons , whatever, if your that stupid to believe that it has no impact on the enviroment, or only minimal, you parents waisted an awful lot of money on you. Ill bet you voted for Arnold, he cant even play a smart guy in the movies. And by the way, all that cooling that you say is going on is melting the polor ice cap and glaciers.
Farmer Bob

Benton Harbor, MI

#35 Apr 10, 2008
MEAN EUGENE wrote: "Your, you're, who gives a fork,..."

Surely not one who eats with his fingers.
New Madrid Fault

Toronto, Canada

#36 Apr 4, 2011

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