Movie Review: An American Carol - 1 s...

Movie Review: An American Carol - 1 star out of 5

There are 76 comments on the Orlando Sentinel story from Oct 3, 2008, titled Movie Review: An American Carol - 1 star out of 5. In it, Orlando Sentinel reports that:

An American Carol This twist on Charles Dickens features three spirits that give an anti-American filmmaker a lesson in U.S. values.

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Allen, TX

#66 Oct 5, 2008
So anyone who doesn't like this movie must be a liberal? Isn't that kind of like saying anyone who doesn't vote for Obama is a racist? Maybe it just sucks. Even the right-wing bloggers are panning this flop. Better luck next time.

Allen, TX

#67 Oct 5, 2008
Crackerman wrote:
Old Sarge,
On the political/economic spectrum, socialism is much closer to communism than fascism. The NAZIs were staunch anti-communists (you know kind of like Reagan).
Socialism is the government controlling industry. Fascism is industry controlling government. We are much closer to the latter, and hopefully are moving closer to the center.

United States

#68 Oct 5, 2008
If you want to criticize the movie, criticize it for its shortcomings. I'd be really hard pressed to believe you didn't either write this review before seeing the movie, or have your mind made up before you saw it. You're seething resentment for people that don't agree with you is palpable. At least try for some objectivity here ok. Then again, why am I suprised, you have no problem name calling those that disagree with you Wingnuts or what have you. A real professional can check his personal biases at the door. But you're not and you're a great example why the media is increasingly regarded as a joke.

So Hitler was a Conservative huh? I missed that in college. Wouldn't he be a NACI (National Conservatism) then, as opposed to (National Socialism). Those darned Conservative socialists! Wasn't the full name of his party 'National Socialist German Workers’ Party'. Oh yes, when I think Socialist whatever Workers Party, I'm thinking conservative. Care to argue that Hitler and the Nazi's weren't absolutely committed to a strong, all powerful Central Government were they? Want to claim Hitler wasn't completely opposed to Free Markets and Capitalism? He was only opposed to the Socialists b/c they were the competing side of the same group - he darn sure wasn't against their policies, he was just against them b/c anyone other than him having power wouldn't work for him.

Other than making a point you heard someone else tell you over and over, could you show anything Hitler stood for that's consistent with Conservatism (and please, be intellectually honest and don't pull the Racist, Anti-Semite stuff as though that's truly part of Conservatism and not some rare frings segments of it)
Good Grief

Orlando, FL

#69 Oct 6, 2008
Dear Mr. Moore;

Please leave your far left leaning out of your review. You compare anyone who has conservative leanings to Hitler in your review. This is totally unacceptable. In closing please leave your politics at the door when reviewing films.
Russ from sunray

Sanford, FL

#70 Oct 6, 2008
You tell him Wes you mean s.o.b. But I agree fully on him not doing his job as a critic correctly the paper should let him go who knows what award winning movie people will miss out on because they listen to this d-bag.
Sean Mulligan

Alpharetta, GA

#71 Oct 6, 2008
Movie Review aren't supposed to be objective. They express the authors opinion. National Socialism is a misnomer and not an accurate representation of the party's ideology. Its the same as naming Greenland even though its covered with ice. Also, the conservatives who made this movie were the ones who compared Michael Moore to the Nazis. This is a comedy but it isn't funny.
Mike in Houston

Nashville, GA

#72 Oct 6, 2008
Ataraxia wrote:
<quoted text>
Socialism is the government controlling industry. Fascism is industry controlling government. We are much closer to the latter, and hopefully are moving closer to the center.
FAIL! You get to take history and political science over again. Communism is government owning industry and Fascism is government merely controlling it. Both are socialistic. Simply being to the right of Bolshevism does not make it conservative. Mussolini, who created Fascism, hated capitalism. May I suggest you read "Mussolini" by Jasper Ridley, "Hitler's Motor Racing Battles" by Eberhard Reuss, "Liberal Fascism" by Jonah Goldberg, or "Mein Kampf" by Adolf Hitler if you still cannot grasp the concept.

And if you'd like to know more about other Nazi teachings and how today's left embraces them, I suggest you read "Himmler's Crusade" Christopher Hale.
Mike in Houston

Nashville, GA

#73 Oct 6, 2008
You know, there is something else in the review that no one has mentioned. First Mr. Moore states "that Canadian fossil Leslie Nielsen", which is offensive to the elderly and possibly Canadians. He finishes his screed by offending gays with "And take that pansy Grammer with you."

I do believe that Mr. Moore needs to take a sensitivity training refresher course. I'm sure it is mandatory for all Sentinel employees to take courses such as this, and to follow the guidelines they are taught there.
Jeff LaCroix

Houston, TX

#74 Oct 7, 2008
I had the misfortune of reading your review of “An American Carol” in the Houston Chronicle.

To one of your less salient points, David Zucker nor the script of the movie refer to Adolf Hitler as a “liberal,” as you daftly wrote. Hitler was a “socialist.” He was in favor of governmental control of all aspects of citizens’ lives. Socialists are the enemies of freedom and liberty – be they rightist or leftist.

It’s too bad that this satire of left-wing politics in general and Michael Moore (any relation?) in particular defeated your obvious delicate sensibilities, and that you felt the need to trash it in your review because of it.
Jeff Burns

San Ramon, CA

#75 Oct 7, 2008
It is refreshing to see someone as unashamed to exhibit their ignorance as is Mr. Roger Moore.

Adolph Hitler whas the head of the National Socialist Party of Germany. He believed in the same socialism that Bill and Hillary and his holiness, the Dali Obama believe in. The difference is that he gained ultimate power in Germany whereas the liberals in America only dream and scheme for power.

Let the liberals in the U.S. get that kind of power and we will see how they treat their enemies.

The liberals here are no different than Hitler, Stalin, or Mao.

And this movie was really rather enjoyable. Maybe not Oscar worthy but a refreshing change from the typical subconscious probagande served by Hollywood.

Livingston, TX

#76 Oct 7, 2008
i saw this movie. im wondering what you feel was wrong. if you know and read real history this movie was pretty correct. i guess you are refering to the rewriting of history and not actual fact. i wonder why you and all your racist liberal friends hate this country. how sick and pathetic must you liberal democrats be that 1st you tried to lose a war, now youve destroyed our economy just so you can steal an election by a racist marxist america-hating empty suit ( Osama Obama Yomama ) . this is bigger cover up than watergate because the press and media are deeply involved with covering this up. Rebublicans warned about fannie and freddie years ago and every democrat including obama osama stood in the way. Report the facts and keep your damn opinion to yourself.
Mike Wiggins

Statesboro, GA

#78 Oct 9, 2008
The essential problem here is that Mr. Moore's review itself a "polemic, a screed, a...(unintentional) comic rant".

Cheshire, CT

#79 Oct 10, 2008
Humor Roger. It is Humor. I believe that humor usually "lacks a knowledge of facts". For example see Sicko or An Inconvenient Truth. These movies all appeal to like minded folks who enjoy who enjoy a little dig at "the others".

Fresno, CA

#81 Dec 30, 2008
This turkey of a movie get 13% at Rotten tommateos.

I was also a box office FLOP.

The reviewer was spot on!

Fresno, CA

#82 Dec 30, 2008

Proving again that Reich-wing humor is always a major FAIL... mean spirited and unfunny.

Spot on review Roger Moore.

You can now buy this turkey at the 99 Cents store for 50 cents.

Maitland, FL

#83 Dec 31, 2008
David wrote:
Proving again that Reich-wing humor is always a major FAIL... mean spirited and unfunny.
Spot on review Roger Moore.
You can now buy this turkey at the 99 Cents store for 50 cents.
We'll see if we can convince Roger Moore to move to California and then all of you nut cases can sing "Combaya" together.

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