Chiranjeevi's fans attack actor Rajas...

Chiranjeevi's fans attack actor Rajasekhar

There are 94 comments on the Sify story from Jan 28, 2008, titled Chiranjeevi's fans attack actor Rajasekhar. In it, Sify reports that:

“Mr. Chiranjeevi. Is this what you wanted? This is not leadership. If you want to become a leader come in the public. You can't become a leader through violence”

Fans of Telugu superstar Chiranjeevi on Monday allegedly attacked actor Rajasekhar and his family members here to protest some remarks by the latter. via Sify

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Oyster Bay, NY

#1 Jan 29, 2008
Chiru is a worest fellow in the film industry due to him the whole industry has been corrupted. He and his fans and his family has no ethics.

The people who else inviting him into polictics hve to rethink again let them actors be as actors.they are not stars they are actors.

to controls his fans nusense don't vote chiru sir. Please protect our state from rowdies. its my humble request. please unit and lets fight against this rowdies. Tagore is not anti corruption, he himslef correpted.

Oyster Bay, NY

#2 Jan 29, 2008
Yes Yogesh,

I agree with he is worst than anything in the universe. He is a vilan in the real life. This fellow has two faces.

He cheated his daughters and he spoiled the life of innocent Uday Kiran. His younger brother cheated his wife. Now Nagbabu making rowdies to rule but that never happen.

Its a leeson for all of us attack on Rajashekar. Lets uint and fight against chiru rowdies. Don't vote chiru rowdies.

Don't vote chiru save our sacred land.

Jai Andhra Pradesh.
swapnesh florida

Polk City, FL

#3 Jan 29, 2008
hey!! guys... y do v need to worry about an actor's personal life... There is nothing wrong on part of Rajashekhar to comment on chiru's political entry, infact every one can have an opinion... but at the same time y do v need to drag chiranjeevi's personal life into everything... there r rumors of chiranjeevi being responsible for ruining uday kiran's movie career but at the same time there r rumors that uday kiran actually had girl friend when chiranjeevi approached uday kiran to marry her daughter(bcoz chiranjeevi's daughter was crazy about uday kiran). uday kiran did'nt want to say no to chiranjeevi and dumped his GF but later that girl approached chiranjeevi and what happened rest is known to all..

so which version is true.... who knows!!

so let us not worry about an actor's personal life, what v should be concerned as common people is getting entertained by movies.. and if some body proposes good things for the society encourage them... if some body decides to come into politics lets not c his personal life but his party's ideology, the things he proposes to do for common man if he comes to power..
Truth Seeker

Ajax, Canada

#4 Jan 29, 2008
Kiran: How bout you mobilize and fight for the farmers of India suffering from the devastation of GM seeds?

Los Angeles, CA

#5 Jan 29, 2008
Swapnesh,.. part of what you said might be correct, but I want to remind something here. A public mans personal life is also somewhat public. They are going to be public figures because they are considered to be idols and inspiration for others. Example, Gandhi, NTR, Sonia Gandhi, Sachin, etc etc... the list goes on. How many times did we talked about their moralities and their ethics and why? If that is not the case, I don't think that Chiru would have got a padmasree award. They did not give it for this professional life, but rather for this personal attitude as well.

No matter what, he has the dark side as well. Now, did that came from his near and dear or it is the real him.. let us leave it to the minds of public.

Belgaum, India

#6 Jan 29, 2008
hello yogesh n kiran
k chiru was a cheater
then what about ntr balayya harikrishna
ntr ki 60 yrs apudu laxmi parvathi kavalisi vachhindi
balayya atani producer blmknd suresh ni kalchadu
harikrishna ki entamandi bharyalo entamandi pillalo
nuvvu chiru gurinchi matladutunnav
nee matalu batti nuv definitega kamma vadive
meeru enni kadhalu cheppina ultimatega jarigedi okkte

Hyderabad, India

#9 Jan 30, 2008
yogesh your way of thinking is not correct.
it is his personal life,u should not comment about chiru.Let's give him one chance then wait and see how he rules

Hyderabad, India

#10 Jan 30, 2008
ya anu your thinking is good

Warren, NJ

#11 Jan 30, 2008
Yogesh and Kiran dont be so stupid and make chiru a victim here. He is an Andhra guy.Rajasekhar is a Tamil guy and he does not belong to Andhra at all.Why is he making statements?.
And being you belonging to Kamma family every one in andhra knows abt how your kamma families will have family life (no comments) we know what your families does.
Every one knows how NTR suppressed other caste people.
Please stop showing fingers at chiranjeevi. Not only at chiranjeevi any other person. First look at your families.
GURUVINDA ki yemi telusu guddalo nalupu
Try to support an Andhrate.
Jai Andhra.


#12 Jan 31, 2008
arey avvadiki pani ledha edo oka matter gurinchi kottukokapote chiranjeevi ni oka tidatadu vadukammavade ani inkokadu tidatadu endukuraa meeku cast feelingulu inkeppudu raa meeru maredi
meeku cast feeling ponanta kalam ee dasam bagupadaduraa first meemalini kottali raa naa kodakallara asalu nijni koste avadu denito dengichu kuntune meeru puttaro teleyadu leka pote ila behave cheyaruraa koncham neete gaa alochinchandi raa......
shiv vadlamudi

New York, NY

#13 Feb 1, 2008
Hello guys,
Let us not get so upset about all these, nobody here sounded right except one or two, Nobody has right to pick on someone's personel life. Everybody was alike until now, no person was honest CM. starting from Rama rao until now.
Let us give a chance to new person who proved in the film industry and is hard working. Yeah his daughter did wrong for him, and his brother too, but it is not his fault, Everybody knows about it. Even Mahatma Gandhi also could not take care of his family, but he did a lot for the country.

Hyderabad, India

#14 Feb 2, 2008
hello hello my innocent frndz...wat u r discussing...u people know the real matter.. chiru is not involve in rajashekar cas... u know who is behind ...its all game of TRS party any rajashekar..last week rajashekar meet TRS leaders and he also want to come to politics .rajashekar is not a telugu man . hi is a tamilian he dont hav rights to speak about chiranjeevi or any telugu person ..why they come to hyd ..chiru is great coz . he said sorry to rajasheka & his bledy wife jeevitha. but. no need of sorry but he is a good human being..and rajashekar is a ROWDY B'coz.( any one seen the tv.?
chiru fans just want to stop the rajasekar and the warn against chiru .. dat time his car was no damaged.after hi gone to some place he himself damaged his own car... and complaint against chiru fans.. rajashekar want to join TRS party.. they both will combined and playing a game against chiru...AA MY DEAR TELUGU FRNDZ>> give a vote to chiru ..we will feel better after elcetion.. and show our unity to dat bledy tamilian rajashekar and his wife..... hey guys ...mohan babu garu kuda vachindu ..vaadu oka deewana gadu vaniki lite tesukondi.....bye

buy guys dont blame chiru ..chiru party pettaka munde papam politics start ayyayi.......
wish him all the best for future.....
from :) pavan kumar hYdErAbAd........

Sunnyvale, CA

#15 Feb 2, 2008
Hello Guys,

till few days ago, i was planning to vote to Chiru party if at all he starts one. But after the Rajasekhar incident, i felt there is no safety for anyone who questions about chiru. When someone says saomething to CBN, YSR, Sonia, Manmohan, or even Mahatma Gandhi, no one goes on the road and tries to kill him. It is everyone's right to comment . When someone wants to become a public figure, then there is every right for the public to comment. When someone says that " you have no right or status to comment on Chiru " ....i do not understand that. What right a person need to have to comment on a public figure ?. anyone can comment their views. So when they want votes tomorrow for their party, do you mean the people should just vote to them without asking any questions ??

Los Angeles, CA

#16 Feb 4, 2008
Hello Hii,

I have a correction for you. Don't bring caste into this stupid discussion. U said Kamma's are the ones who bought caste feeling into the industry. Let me tell you some facts (only if you have head over your shoulders, you would listen). Prabhakar Reddy is almost in all NTR's movies. Kaikala Satyanarayana (who is not kamma) has been brought up in the industry by NTR. Gummadi Venkateswara rao (who is not kamma) has been brought up in the industry by NTR. Krishna (who is a kamma) has rivalry with NTR. Dasari Narayana Rao (who is a non kamma) has been brought up by NTR. Allu Ramalingeswara Rao (father in law of Chiru) is also brought up in the industry by NTR. And if you really know the history of film industry. Director KV Reddy is the one who gave life to NTR and he remembers that very well.

All these are the own statements of the actors that they have given on their own even after he is not there.(try to use google and you will get the answers)

Coming to the point of Rajasekhar, not being a andhra guy, and he is from tamilnadu... no.. he served the people after November 1977 cyclone in andhra pradesh. He is the one next to Krishna and Krishnam Raju (NTR never donated any money of his own to any disasters.. lol)for donating his money to the andhra people when ever disaster strikes. With all this, he has every right to express his views. If he felt that Chiru doesn't have experience, then may be his criteria for coming into politics or a leader for him would be the one with experience and we can not deny that.

If he doesn't belong to Andhra and for that reason he can't say anything about andhra ppl, one straight question to you all.. do we belong to cine field that we are talking about them? For that matter of fact we are only allowed to talk about our own fields right? And look at who all are talking about andhra incidents.. most of them are form US? Not living in AP but still talking about andhra?... LOL interesting.

Cheer up guys.. everybody has goods and bads... and that is life. No body is perfect and we should get intelle actual looking at all these stupid things.. not to get the mud on to us.

Inkoka mahanu bhavudu evaro bootula puranam ettadu.. baagundi babu.. aa maatram maaku vachu le kaani koncham samskrutam aapi telugu lo maatladandi saaaru.

Hyderabad, India

#17 Mar 2, 2008
Hermitage, TN

How can any website tolerate this guys comments, have you seen his comments, this is talking like low class. Looks like he is from a rikshaw fellow family

New Delhi, India

#18 Mar 6, 2008
anna yogesh anna nuvvu cheppedi ela vundante NTR cm gaa chesetappudu maa vuri MRO lancham teesukunnadu.anduku NTR gaadu pedda vedhava ani nee vuddedsama kaaduga,mari indulo chiru fans di tappu undi kani chirudi kaadu?

Dudley, UK

#19 Mar 6, 2008
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narsimha naidu

Hyderabad, India

#20 Apr 14, 2008
noyzboyz wrote:
Swapnesh,.. part of what you said might be correct, but I want to remind something here. A public mans personal life is also somewhat public. They are going to be public figures because they are considered to be idols and inspiration for others. Example, Gandhi, NTR, Sonia Gandhi, Sachin, etc etc... the list goes on. How many times did we talked about their moralities and their ethics and why? If that is not the case, I don't think that Chiru would have got a padmasree award. They did not give it for this professional life, but rather for this personal attitude as well.
No matter what, he has the dark side as well. Now, did that came from his near and dear or it is the real him.. let us leave it to the minds of public.
boss i dont know who u r. tell me how that ntr is an idol or god to u or the society.for ur kind information just remind his marriage with lakshmiparvathi and his mean death.every thing comes true in the way he dies. his death is like ..........even enemies dont have that kind of death. at that age he wants a women to lure and that bitch left her family and children and went with ntr. if he himself is correct he never wants a women for sex or for wife post at that age and thast too a maried women. because of him the reputation of the family came down.that fellow along with this bitch went to tirupathi and started arguing with thiose respected brahmins there to remove the lords idol just to sit and enjoy with that bitch on the lords cradle and even slapped the well educated veda brahmins there.
that much mean charecter that fellow has. and u people compare him with rama, krishna matti mannu.
k. take his political entry all the principles he adopted at that time were not his own creation. 2rs kilo rice, abolition of liquor and all those things are not his own formulea but the copy of mgr from tamilnadu. how and what way he is great.himself and even his sons does not have a good reputation with ladies.see that field is like that all the heroiens are bitches but still according to u that fellow is a rama then where all his principles and values gone. balakrishna , no need to tell about him regarding this issue. most roudy fellow harikrishna he has keeps in different parts of andhra. babai just tell their family to take care of their ladies first .every person knows why struggle aroused between balakrishna and bellomkonda suresh.the whole family has no shame. we are kamma wwe r great they feel like that if u have that much respect towrads ur father ntr and the party he started why do u accept chandrababu as the president of telugudesam party that too the person cheated ur father and came to power.why u people today again supporting chandrababu. means u people just want power and roudiesm thats all no morals and ethics if a person of the same caste scolds u or do any harm or even bad with ladies u r ready to accept him as ur friend just because he is of your own caste. right.inspite of all these qualities that fellow has we respect him as an actor u idiots dont even have that culture. u hate chirangeevi just because he is naidu a backward caste. what else do u want just ask me i'll put all the life of the so called great people ntr at any time

Bangalore, India

#21 May 7, 2008
Evvaru emanna o goppadavadi gurinchi inkokadu cheppindi vinakunda thana manasuni adigithe thelusthundhi.Chiranjeevi gurinchi matladalante arhatha kavali. Actor Rajakeeyaloki rakudadhu antaru Rajakeeyaloki kavalisina arhartha Actora Kadha ani kadu. bharathyuda kada anedhi kavali.Anthaku minchi Chiru Ye adhikaram lekundane thana swantha krushi,Image nu prajala sewaki upayogincharu, okka andhra rajakiya nayakudu baitinunchi sevachesina udhaharana ledhu.Alantidhi oka prajasevakudu rajakieeyalloki vasthe addenti.Oka vidheshiyuraliki athyunnatha padhavi ayina Prime minister post ni ivvadaniki siddhamayyamu Entha dhuradrhustam

Nirmal, India

#22 Jun 14, 2008
chiru is GOD,

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