V Star Speedometer not working
blue moon

Portland, OR

#21 May 22, 2011
Ok, so I fixed mine, it was the cable and here is how to test if this is yours as well and fix it. The speedometer cable runs from the front wheel to the speedometer indicator above the tank. There are only 2 cables going to the front wheel, one goes to the brake, so the other one. Unscrew the cable at this end, and you should see an inner thin cable sticking out, which is what is being turned by the wheel at the appropriate speed when riding. Now on the other end, remove the three bolts holding your gauges to the tank, and slowly lift it up. There are 3 connections there, 2 electrical, and the other the cable in question which is screwed in like at the front wheel. unscrew it and you should see the same inner thing cable sticking out. now the test, which falied in my case. if you grab the tip of the inner cable at one end and twist it, it should twist at the other end as well. In my case it didn't, which meant the inner cable was broken somewhere in the sleeve, which seems to be pretty common from what I read. So this means the rotations are not making it to the speedometer/odometer, and you need to get a new cable. Go to the store and get the part, had to pay $18 for mine. To replace it, it would help if you have a friend to help, since I didn't find an easy way to route the new cable in without lifting the tank - don't be scared, it's easier than you think, I haven't done it before either. At the bottom of the tank there are two screws left and right, one is holding the choke. Unscrew these. now carefully lift the tank from the seat end and pull it gently towards you, since in front it just sits on two supports. The only connection the tank has to the bike now is the gas line, which is a short cable on the right side, so just be careful not to yank that out, since I didn't want to mess with disconnecting that. This is where you need the friend, since one of you will just be seating there holding the tank up, while the other does the work. The cables are pretty tight in there and I found the easiest way was to remove the left side if the casing that hides the cables right below the front of the tank. This plastic casing has a bolt in the bottom in front and a connection to the other half of the casing under the tank, so once you remove it you should have access to the cable area, and now it should be easy to remove the old cable and route the new one. Follow the steps backward to put everything in place, and there you are. The check for the cable is easy, do it so you know if that is an issue or not, if you're scared of the second part, ask a mechanic to do it, but you will pay a bit more than $20. Hope this helps some, happy I did the first fix on my bike. Happy riding

United States

#22 Feb 19, 2012
I am the prude owner of a 05 v star classic having speedo problem also,all other lights work on speedo netural blinker and hi/low beam ,no fuses in speedo tried changing 10 amp blinker fuse still no luck , I don't have enough cash to bring to shop at 85 bucks a hour, any other ideas?, thanks for any help

United States

#23 Feb 19, 2012
I have the same problem as Doug changed all the the fuses still having the same problem.

Toronto, Canada

#24 Mar 8, 2012
I have a 2000 V-Star and while riding, my speedometer started dropping and not holding the right speed. After stopping at my destination and then continuing, the speedometer then stopped altogether. Today I gave her a good look over and found that the cable connection at the front hub was loose. Gave it a quick tightening and that fix that problem.
If your connections are all tight and still don't work, the cable is very easy to replace. Most to the time you only need to replace the inner cable. If not it is and you need to order the hole cable, well they are not all that costly and much cheaper than buying a new speedometer and finding it still don't work.
Don't know why everyone thinks that they need to check fuses on a mechanical speedometer.
Happy Riding!

North Kingstown, RI

#25 Mar 9, 2012
found my problem mice had built a nest under my tank & bit threw the wires , I pulled off the tank spliced the damaged wires back together ,Life is good now!

Ottawa, Canada

#26 Mar 9, 2012
Unbelievable! What a world we live in! Only the strong survive. What do I know? Mice! That's funny. Thanks
Paul wrote:
found my problem mice had built a nest under my tank & bit threw the wires , I pulled off the tank spliced the damaged wires back together ,Life is good now!

United States

#27 Apr 3, 2012
I have a 2000 1100 v star custom. I had a loose battery connection and lost all electrical. Speedo kept going in and out but then turned all the way 360 back to zero. How does it get turned back. Any ideas

“Blue Collar Philosopher”

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Texas, USA

#28 May 3, 2012
My '02 VStar's speedo kept going out ... problem ultimately the Regulator/Rectifier module. Easy to change $95 part. I was told they "go out all the time". Secondary symptoms would include dead battery and having to use some kind of external charger.

Tallahassee, FL

#29 Oct 25, 2012
Definitely check the connections first. Don is correct fuses have nothing to do with speedometer. Mine started jumping this morning. Checked connection at front wheel and was loose. Tightened and problem solved.
Vstar guy

Dallas, GA

#30 Nov 24, 2012
I had the same thing happen on my 2001 VSTAR 1100. Put a new battery in and all is working fine now.

United States

#31 May 20, 2013
Tombone wrote:
Definitely check the connections first. Don is correct fuses have nothing to do with speedometer. Mine started jumping this morning. Checked connection at front wheel and was loose. Tightened and problem solved.
had the same problem, connection had come off. Thank goodness I didn't take it to the shop!!

Rockford, IL

#32 Sep 7, 2013
Spark65 wrote:
Ya its a fuse on the left side. Under your butt, where the tool kit us and where most of us keep our paperwork. I Had half my bike apart before I found it, to easy, lol. 30 second fix.30 min to put the bike back together.
Where r the fuses located n how do i change them plz.

Rockford, IL

#33 Sep 7, 2013
2006 yamaha vstar custom 650,,where r the fuses located nhow do i chage them plz

Osprey, FL

#34 Feb 2, 2014
blue moon wrote:
<quoted text>
I'm having the same issue. Which fuse did you switch? Looking at my 650 manual, it doesn't look like there is a spedometer specific fuse, the 10 amps ones are just signaling and ignition, then there are two 15 amps ones, healight and carburateur and the main fuse, 30 amps. Which one is related to speedometer/odometer?
OK V STAR 1100. had my speedometer go crazy as I was doing 75mph it went from 0 to 120 and past that mark,all lights were out,my battery was dead,when I replaced it all was good no problems. However happened again few years later same thing,only this time I could not get my speedometer to work needle stuck on other side on pin which is at 0mpr,tried everything with wires and fuses. I took a small drill and went into side of it slid a wire pushed the needle over the pin and everything is fine.Good luck

Osprey, FL

#35 Feb 2, 2014
Tammy wrote:
2006 yamaha vstar custom 650,,where r the fuses located nhow do i chage them plz
Look where your tool kit is the small black box next to tools has the fuses. three extra on side of box 5 10 15 I have an 1100 v star think its the same on yours

Osprey, FL

#36 Feb 2, 2014
first from bottom10amp fuse is for speedometer there are two10s

Victoria, Canada

#37 Feb 2, 2014
Turns out that I almost had a fire in the wiring. Wires inside the case with the stator in it were shorting on the case. The speedo was the tip of the ice burg. I just got a new stator and everything is working again.

United States

#38 Apr 12, 2014
The clicking is the fuel injectors pumping fuel that's why it all of a sudden quits!
Yan wrote:
Same thing happen here, I was cruising my 05 V Star 650 classic, about 68/70 mph and speedometer, odometer, trip meter stop working. I tried replacing 10 amps fuse as suggested, but not fixing the issue. My next check will be speedometer cable which I have to take it to the shop to check and replace. Something interesting about ticking on early post, I noticed ticking sound come out when I turn the key on then go away as soon as engine run. Does anyone know ticking sound is related to speedometer stop working issue?

Anniston, AL

#39 Jun 15, 2014
JayDog wrote:
I have a 2007 V-Star 1300 and my speedometer works fine although I'm pretty sure the odometer needle moves 10 miles faster than the actual speed of the bike. Anybody else having this problem? I've even pulled next to my friends car driving at 65 miles per hour. My speedometer read 75 the entire time. Can someone lend me a quick fix tip for this problem. Thank you kindly!-JayDog
I have an 07 1300 also. My speedometer varies. If I'm driving 70, it may say 90 or 130+. Sitting still it won't go below 40. The bike shop said I would have to replace my speedometer. Trouble is, I can't seem to find one anywhere online. They said they saw one on eBay but I haven't seen it. Has anyone else had their speedometer vary like that?

Allegan, MI

#40 Jun 22, 2014

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