2007 Yamaha C3 scooter

2007 Yamaha C3 scooter

There are 712 comments on the New Launches story from Aug 10, 2006, titled 2007 Yamaha C3 scooter. In it, New Launches reports that:

The Yamaha C3 scooter seems to be an ideal choice it is powered by a 49cc liquid-cooled, SOHC 4-stroke single; 3-valve engine which runs for a long time on 1.2 gallons of gas.

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scooter boy

Raleigh, NC

#21 Mar 30, 2007
it only has 40 on the ometer so you bury the niddle.
Ian McAllister wrote:
You bet

Delavan, WI

#22 Mar 30, 2007
I'm 6'6", 310lbs. I saw one at a dealer near by, and I fit pretty comfortably on it. I would like to get differant bars, something a little higher and that come back more. I wasn't able to take it out for a spin, but I'm going back in a couple days to do that, so I can check out it's power. I want to make sure it can move my tonage.
scooter boy

Raleigh, NC

#23 Apr 2, 2007
Ian Mcallister

not to be in your business but
did you pay cash or fin. your scoot. The reason I ask is that when you pay cash is when you get a cheaper price. besides the $400 wantrany
you pay $1900 for the scoot.

scooter boy

Rushford, MN

#24 Apr 2, 2007
I have had a C3 for a few weeks now. I weigh
196 and am 6'4 1/2. I find it pretty comfortable to ride. I have never been able to top 40 mph on level roadway.

Kannapolis, NC

#25 Apr 3, 2007


#26 Apr 5, 2007


#27 Apr 5, 2007


#28 Apr 5, 2007
R C rider

United States

#29 Apr 7, 2007
If you want the Elite 80 to move with more authority and have higher to speed, change your spark plug to the recommended heat range you will find listed in your owner's manual. You will see a great difference in just that one change. Additionally, you can take your exhaust away from the head joint and drill the O-ring away and lessen the restriciton with only a slight increase in exhaust note.
R C rider

United States

#30 Apr 7, 2007
So sorry, did not note that this was for the c-3 only. Beg your pardons
Scooter Guy

Winnipeg, Canada

#31 Apr 10, 2007
DO you guys mean kilometers? As opposed to miles?
Ian McAllister wrote:
You bet
Ian McAllister

Las Vegas, NV

#32 Apr 10, 2007
...yes i bury the needle

...i financed, and am absolutely awful at talking people down, so im sure if you are seasoned in the art of shopping in these high pressure commission places you can wheel one out the door for cheaper

...no i don't mean kilometers

i also just got theft insurance from progressive, it was 140 for a year with a 500 dollar deductable. i live in a pretty thefty neighborhood (my car was just stolen hence the scooter) so i would reccomend it.
Sam W - RTP NC

Raleigh, NC

#33 Apr 11, 2007
I've had my C3 for about 3 weeks now and I love it. I don't really know what my top speed is of yet (it goes past the 40 on the needle) but I can feel it pull back a little (governor?). I don't have much of a point of reference as I'm a first time scooter rider/owner, although my spouse purchased the Honda Ruckus (it looks great) but after he rode my C3, boy, was he wanting to trade his in! I don't think it's supposed to ride 2 people, though. Up hill it take a 5-10 mile slow down. Compared to the Ruckus(carburetor), it's quicker to respond all around (fuel-injected) and even a smoother ride. I don't know if the Ruckus' top speed will be faster, especially once it gets warmer. I can definitely attest to it's awesome gas mileage. Gas has just shot up and I had to laugh when my spouse and I both filled up our tanks for under $5, rode it nearly all week and still took a 2-hour ride around town on a Sunday afternoon. I'm so glad that I "sacrificed" on looks (I was looking at the Vespa-inspired Vino Classic) for performance, but the smooth ride, 9 gallon storage and thick, knobby tires have won me over.
Sam W

Raleigh, NC

#34 Apr 11, 2007
Indiana Moped Laws - I had a heck of a time going straight to IN.gov for the DMV - it's not straightforward. If you do a Google search for indiana moped or scooter laws, there'll be ample links. In short from moped2.org :

Indiana - submitted by Larry and Ian
The rules are as follows:
you must be 15 years or older
You have to have head gear
You have to have proof of an enrollment in a motorcycle class
Proof of vision test
50cc or smaller
you don't need a license
stay off the freeway (Duh)
keep to the far right of the road
I have officers names and badge numbers and phone numbers I keep them in my walet if you need them - it pays to do your homework and i love my Zuma.


Indiana - update by Chris Peters
Some police officers around the Lafayette/Indianapolis area are pulling kids over for no eye gear.(Ex. Goggles, Face mask, exc.) There is an $80 fine for no eyewear. Even if you have a visor for example, but you are riding with it up. They give no mercy. 80 bucks! Just some warning.

Also - a tip I got from the dealership here in NC. You're not supposed to go over 25-30 mph (they obviosuly do), so if a policeman clocks you going over 30 on your scoot, at least here in NC, they will actually pull you over and ticket you. I hear this is especially so in Chapel Hill.

United States

#35 Apr 16, 2007
Eve wrote:
<quoted text>
Yamaha hasn't mention anything about a bigger seat. The C3 is gonna come out on November. Maybe later will release some accessories.
A 49cc powered scooter (and 4-stroke) won't have the strength to move 2 persons with more than 35-40 km/h though...(a 2-stroke will)
It will, guy.I'm 6'1" 220 lbs and my C3 reach the speed limiter(+/- 40 mph)much of the times half the gas.

Las Vegas, NV

#36 Apr 19, 2007
i live in las vegas as well and am excited about getting a reliable, and inexpensive scooter such as the c3...so when i saw that you were from vegas too, i had a couple questions.:)
so it's street legal in vegas if it goes is it 45mph?...and we don't have to register it if it's not over 50cc's, is that right? thanks for your help! have a beautiful day!

Ian McAllister wrote:
i bought a C3 a few days ago and I love it. It has a little slower pickup than the two-stroke I used to ride, but the top speed is definitely higher, and the gas mileage is a lot better. I can get it going over 50 now, but its not fully broken in yet.
It will take 2 people at about 30-35 mph, about 25 uphill.
The gas mileage is unbelievable, my first tank went 124 miles.
Out the door mine was 2,300. I bought the 4 year warranty from the shop that I got it at for 400 bucks, that covers EVERYTHING. I have heard the Yamaha extended warranty is terrible, because if you mod it at all, or break it in wrong, they wont cover you.
I have a friend who is 6'2" 185 and he rocked it just fine.
I would reccomend this scooter to anyone who is happy with the speed of a 50cc.

Vernalis, CA

#37 Apr 21, 2007
I've been thinking of getting a 50cc scoot for running around the city. My Vespa P200 is getting a little scetchy to ride as a daily driver. I reall y like the box type style and I really like the 124 MPG. 40 MPH is more than enough getting through traffic and city streets. What do people think culd be modded on this bike without voiding the warrenty, new pipe, etc?
Bob from DC

Washington, DC

#38 Apr 28, 2007
I bought one today at Falls Church Powersports who seemed to have a very good rapport with their customers. Here are some random observations.

I bought the thing and was out the door by 3pm, so I only put about 35 miles on it. But it was a very fun 35 miles.

On the way home, mostly uphill, I had no trouble keeping up with traffic and passed a distraught Porsche Boxter.

0-20 uphill is much faster than I thought it could push a 6'0" 185 pound driver. 20-30 goes fairly quickly. 30-40 is more deliberate. 40+ seems steady (why doesn't the speedo go past 40mph?).

My 6 year old daughter begs for a ride and we buzz around the neighborhood, while we both giggle. I am a hero to her and her friends.

Down Rock creek, nobody passes me. The flats are much like uphill, but 0-30 is fast, 30-40 moderate, 40+ steady acceleration. I have no idea how fast I can go due to speedo and traffic limitations.

Someone rolls down the window and asks if it is electric. It is that quiet. No vibration means clear rear view mirrors and no problems with various body parts going numb.

I go to RFK for the Nats game, walk through the crowds where an usher points me to a non-existant bicycle rack. I tip the parking guard and park in the players parking lot, under constant guard, 100 feet from the gate. No more $15 parking. The bike rack is another 50 feet away.

I leave in the 8th inning and go up Rock Creek, buzzing through traffic up hill to Cleveland Park and park under cover at a bike rack. At midnight I buzz home to my NW house and park in my backyard under the porch.

I sold my BMW 1100 GS due to maintenance/ parking/ insurance costs were killing me. I never could find parking this easy. I think I am in love.

This machine is the opposite of what I thought it would be. Trunk space is tiny compared to what you think it would be. Dreams of grocery shopping evaporate when you open up the seat. It is more than most tiny scooters but much, much smaller than what the picture portray.

I would love to raise the seat 2-3" giving more leg and trunk room, add a rear luggage rack, and maybe add front/rear trunks. But the performance surprise more than makes up for the luggage room (or lack thereof). I have never ridden a 50, but how does it perform this well?

Erie, PA

#39 Apr 29, 2007
I live in Pennsylvania. I only have a class c license (standard). According to PA law I can ride a "motor driven cycle" with this license as long as it is under 50cc, has a designed operating speed of over 25 mph, has an automatic transmission, and has no more than 5 brake horsepower. I easily find scoots that fit all the first requirements, but I can not hp ratings for any of the one I am interested in like the C3. Does any one know where I can find that info.

Midland, MI

#40 Apr 29, 2007
I wa sjust on that yesterday, i am 6' 4'' and let me tell you, it was amazing, ti was comfortable, felt liek a motorcycle, and i also weigh 240 so it was fine, didnt Drive it, but sat on it, shifted weight, the works, felt great, now schwins, thats a diferent story....

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