2007 Motorcycle Specifications - Vict...

2007 Motorcycle Specifications - Victory Added

There are 124 comments on the About.com story from Sep 12, 2006, titled 2007 Motorcycle Specifications - Victory Added. In it, About.com reports that:

I've been working to create a set of new motorcycle specifications for each 2007 model for each make.

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2007 streetbob

United States

#21 Jul 20, 2007
mine ran great in cooler temps,now forget it,noise,top end elf tinkering shop,noise with top end,wow! my 3 rd new harley in 2yrs,never again

Bronx, NY

#22 Jul 21, 2007
My 07 Roadglide with a harley temp gage will get to 235 before you basically just pull over and shut it off. It happened in the middle of the Indiana HOG Rally. 4 Harley dealers locally say they run hotter. BULLS__T my 99 Roadglide would run circles around this Hot 07 Piece of S__T. Race Tunners $500 dyno time $350+ Seams to be the only option other than bitchen about it. Oh race tunners are back ordered from the factory with no ship time listed from the 4 local dealers. I think I made a big mistake by getting a new 07. I should have kept my 99.

United States

#23 Jul 21, 2007
I just bought my first harley a 07 electra glide classic very pretty bike , but the fifth gear niose is outrageuos, I talked to my saleman, the service manager, they both said, well thats just the way they are, thats bullshit, just wait till my lawyer gets though with these pricks, milwakee iron my ass, korea could make a better bike, all these fools that believe that if you dont own a harley you dont own a real bike, well harley does a great job of brainwashing, now dont they.this will be my last mistake , back to japan I will go.


#24 Jul 23, 2007
Don from PA wrote:
Just bought an 07 Ultra Classic. The thing is so hot, I cant even ride it in town. Did we really just spend over 20 grand to not be able to ride. I agree with the lawsuit. I can afford another 1-2 k to make my new bike ridable.
I just bought an 07 so hot! What lawsuit? and how can I get in on it?

Pomona, CA

#25 Jul 26, 2007
Peter2739 wrote:
Just bought a 2007 Road King Classic. The enging is so hot at idle I frequently have to shut it down. Even at driving speeds, the heat comes up through and around the seat making for an uncomfortable ride. The 5th gear "jackhammer noise" is another issue.
There is no mystery about the heat off the 2007 harley! Just about any DFO on the market will take the heat away, and stop any pinging you may get from the heat. And also produce more Horse power in the process. It needs fuel, give it more fuel you will have a cool running (powerful) bike.

I live in California's High desert,and run across the sand to Las vegas a couple times a month, it never gets above 227 on the temp and I do not even have a cooler even. I paid $249 for an Arlen Ness Big Shot. There are many other products that will do the same thing and most you don't even need to use A dyno or pc

Give it fuel

Pomona, CA

#26 Jul 26, 2007
Also the gears on 1st and 5th are cut a little different then 2,3,4,6th for the purpose of strength.
So they do make a little more noise.
I like to get on it hard on hills and and quick hard take offs, as do most people I know.
Thats why they were made this way.

Oklahoma City, OK

#27 Jul 29, 2007
I just bought a new 07 Ultra and rode it 1000 miles to get it back to Oklahoma. This is my 6th Harley, but first in a while as I have been riding BMW the past 5 years. All but my first Harley have been dressers. I still have the BMW R1200GS I had been riding, and will probably keep it for its intended backroads type purpose (lots of unpaved in Oklahoma). I just couldn't live with it as my main ride... too little weather protection, no tunes, no cruise, wife wouldn't ride on it, and I was tired of the full face helmet and mandatory ear plugs all the time. Also missed that big king tour pack.
The 07 Ultra is the best stock Harley of all I have owned, last being 2000 SE Road Glide. More low end grunt and more highway reserve power into headwinds, and reasonable sounding stock pipes. Having a 6th gear is awesome. The radio is MUCH better, the seat is better, the adjustable lower fairings are a treat. My initial impressions after 5 years is that Harley has been hard at work making improvements without losing the heritage.
As for the complaints I read about, these are my initial comments:
5th gear makes more noise than the rest, but it is not at all objectionable thus far. In fact I like the sound it makes, and don't want every gear to sound the same. It adds character. I like to know I am on a piece of machinery and like to hear it working. Isn't that part of the Harley experience? I had a Gold Wind once, and quickly got tired of the sterile, everything silent and perfect experience, and all of that plastic surrounding me.
As for the heat, so far it has not as been as bad as the posts had made me think it would be. It seems a little hotter than my memory of the older dressers, but has not burned me or anything at all like that. They all were uncomfortable in hot weather at lights. To be fair, it has not been over low 90s in my riding yet. And it seems like fixes are available if needed, so I am not overly concerned. I know I am sitting right on top of a big air cooled engine, so some heat is part of the deal. It comes in handy when it is cold out.
I have owned more than 30 new bikes over the past 35 years, from sport to touring to dirt. The 07 Ultra has impressed my more than any I remember as being one well sorted machine right out of the box. I have always changed mufflers, and will likely change these, but for the first time, it may not be mandatory.
The all new 2006 BWM I bought had its share of issues, most of which I was told I will just have to live with. Having had both, I can say they have no corner on initial quality.

Louisville, KY

#28 Jul 30, 2007
Previous post made by Geojunkie a real BIKER, I think a lot on here are not.

Pomona, CA

#29 Jul 30, 2007
The new 07 Twin cam 96 Ultra is one of the most exciting bikes I have owned, and after 35 years of riding, to say that is a feather in Harley's hat.

But as far as heat goes blame the strict sanctions put on Harley for noise and air. The fix for the heat is so easy its not an issue at all!

As for the gear noise, they made the bike stronger so you could romp on it hard in those two gears. A Harley has always been a (noisy beast of a machine )......thats what most of us like about it.
I also rode off shore bikes that were more silent and refined but thats not what market Harley is after and really not what I what to ride.

Pittsburgh, PA

#30 Jul 30, 2007
Well my 07 ultra is just like the other guy stated , It's like sitting on a wood stove. and the pinging is driving me nuts I have tried different fuels different grades all the same effect. the dealer tells me I need to look into a new exhaust and air filter assy and dyno time all for about 2400 bucks . well I don't think so I want it to run right with the factory parts then I will upgrade , don't get me wrong I love the bike itself great handling and power , but the heat it just a little too much , I'm hoping they can get it fixed soon

Greenville, NC

#31 Jul 31, 2007
Guys...I used the term carb to be generic....I know they are EFI..The epa leans them so you have to richen them......Richen it or roast it......Don't put things in the oven you want to keep.....Wait till Al Gore tunes your motorcycle if you tink it is bad now.....Supreme Court just gave EPA control over CO2........It's to bad that Harley has to be destroyed by government.....Well they have screwed everything else why not Harley too....Just consider the extra 1200 bucks as another tax......

No brainer........John

United States

#32 Jul 31, 2007
What happened to the company that designed and
almost built the Nova? See


Greenville, NC

#33 Jul 31, 2007
Read it....Looks like an either or story...Funds...Know that problem well...Sometimes you don't pay the pauper till the end........Future for Harley may just be from the mechanically inclined customers and after market stuff till the epa puts a stop to that too.."Ie" improper equipment ticket 500 dollars...Water cooled is the best way I know of to get away with lean mixtures....VW did it....And survived.....


Pomona, CA

#34 Jul 31, 2007
I have heard some numbers here $2400 dollars. If you are trying to get your bike fixed by Harley all they can do is what is legal.......sorry folks thats not going to fix it.

The only thing that will fix the heat is more fuel and (Harley) is not allowed to do that anymore.

But you can take it to many other bike shops that will be more than happy to take care of it for a lot less that Harley.

You really can fix the heat your self for about $250. a lot of the new DFO's are plug and play. You also don't have to spend cash for the pips and High flow air kits if you don't want.
It will run cool and fine with stock air cleaner and pips. But you will get more power and zip with the pipes and air cleaner.

Greenville, NC

#35 Aug 1, 2007
With the larger cooling fins on the new bikes things might just be better than before after mixtures are corrected......

York, NE

#36 Aug 7, 2007
Just returned back from Sturgis last night. My 07 Duece got so hot going down main street that it started to detonate at an idel. I pulled over and shut it off. after letting it sit for 15 min. it still would not start.
Rode it 600 miles back home and it used right at 2 quarts of oil. Took it to my dealer and they told me warrenty would not cover it if it shows signs of extreme heat when they get it tore down. The guy right beside me had a s&s 113 and his didn't get half as hot. I agree that the 07 does leave a little to be desired.

Tampa, FL

#37 Aug 9, 2007
Im just about to plunk down 25K on a RK which I've added 8k in extras.
I rented RK's during the winter in NY. Just a bit of heat. I've relocated to Sarasota and these posts between the heat and excellence or not of the 07 RK's is scaring the shit out of me.
I added cycleshack staggered pipes and had to purchase the EFI race tuner kit. Will this eliminate the heat problem?
Thanks to anyone who responds to this
Any opinions on what to do

United States

#38 Aug 10, 2007
I lived in Orlando for 15 years.....Sarasota is even hotter if that is possible......A water cooled bike would sure make life easier...Lets face it...An air cooled engine is not going to like itself if there is no air blowing over it..Especially a lean one...Hotter weather just makes the situation worse....My bike is not a harley and is real rich and still suffers in weather over 90 degrees ambient........In the summer I run rich mixtures and hotter plugs to keep them from fouling....I am wondering what the dealer will say about changing the mixtures...will that also be an excuse for waranty issues......Epa has them by the nads for sure..........

Race tuner

Pomona, CA

#39 Aug 10, 2007
The race tuner should work fine anything that can inject a little more fuel will cool the engine down. I live in the Mojave desert my 07 ultra runs about 214 - 227 with out a cooler.

Madison, WI

#40 Aug 11, 2007
Just got the 08 ultra, never heard about this heat problem before. Have 20 miles on it and its like riding in a oven. Wife won't ride on it any more cause of the heat. We waited many many years to finally afford this, Its parked in the garage till I can get rid of it.

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