Nine Mile Falls, WA

#1 Mar 2, 2011
I'm already sick of the farting and coughing from my new Patrol. Has anyone ever put Bing's on one of these? I thought it might help if the carbs were adjustable rather than fixed.

Naples, FL

#3 Mar 9, 2011
Forget the Bings.....just re-jet the Keihins...I've got a 2005 Patrol and did this as soon as I could...the bike has run perfect ever since...keep the RPMs set at about 800 - 900 at idle. I also run Lucas Fuel Treatment (1 oz./gal) about every 1000 km. And double check your plugs. If you want Crawford Sales in South Lyon, MI.(on the web) and talk to Terry. He sent me the jets and then, just to be sure, he was talking to me on the cell phone while I was laying next to the bike with the bottoms of the carbs off and step by step changing the jets. Good guy!! I never use my chokes unless it gets below 50 degrees. Just pull in the clutch & hit the start button. Let it idle for a minute or two..and hit the road. I also use Premium (93 oct.) fuel...and don't forget to clean the air filter.
Marty Chin

Alameda, CA

#4 Mar 23, 2011
We did 42 pilot jets and 128 mains and never looked back,on all 7 of our urals, 2003 - 2008, bavarian, patrols and gear-up. works great. We also bore a 1" hole in the center of the muffler baffel. We loose a little low end torque with the muffler baffel plate bored out, but we pick up bette high speed. We do alot of freeway riding to get to the country, we crank it up to 65 mph cruise and get round 35-38 mpg.

Round Rock, TX

#5 May 2, 2011
I purchased a 2011 Gearup, It was running rich from the start.(fouled plugs) A autorized dealer removed 2 extras washers on airscrews on each carb. It did run 80% better.
My comment is I am disapponted on how the engine & transmission is performing, For exzample when I carry passangers it struggles just riding around the block. When I aproach a stop sign the engine starts to lug so I down shift only to find the engine reving up too high.
Seems underpowered for such a heavy vehicle , Please understand I o not want to drive fast just want smooth transition.
ed barton

Houston, TX

#6 May 21, 2011
Dont give up. Rejet.

Hollywood, FL

#7 Aug 4, 2011
not an expert on carburators. My 2007 Tourist runs good, no complaints, but would rejeting improve my MPG's ?
how about speed? would it give me a few extra mph?

Dunnsville, VA

#8 May 26, 2012
Hello Edward,I live in Virginia,do you think your ural was worth the money,also how is your dealer helping you?If you were to do it over would you buy it again?

Thanks Ed.

Colona, IL

#9 Sep 9, 2012
My 2112 Patrol which I have put over 200 miles on since getting it 6 days ago. No coughing but it does seem to run a little rich.

I am going to look into changing the jets as some have done.

I never expected too much from a bike and riders that totals over 1,000 lbs with 40 hp. I do manage a 55 mph highway speed and there is a little reserve for hills.

I got it for adventure riding in Canada and that will more than do it.

Compared to my 8 other bikes this one is inexpensive and has a huge fun factor.

Racine, WI

#10 Sep 10, 2012
The Keihins are fine - don't be tempted to do something stupid like getting Bings as mentioned above. The coughing and farting is worse in cold weather, so wait until then to decide whether to change the jets or not.

To change the jets, you do not have to remove the carbs from the engine. Shut off the gas-cock. place a catch bowl under the first carb ( you pick which you want to do first). Use a small phillips screwdriver to remove the float-bowl. Collect all the small pieces (float and pin, needle valve etc) and set them aside in a safe place. Count the number of turns it takes to screw the pilot jet all the way in - write that number down. Remove the pilot jet. Repeat the procedure with the main jet.

Screw the new pilot jet all the way in, and then unscrew it the proper number of turns. Repeat with the new main jet. Re-install the float and so-on, and the float-bowl. Now do the samething with other carb.

You're done. Since you did not remove the carbs, and you did not remove the throttle cables etc. you do not have to re-balance. You can if you want, though.

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