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#272 Aug 28, 2008
Keith_BigUglyDuck wrote:
Greetings from Coastal Mississippi, I have assembled some comprehensive trouble-shootin' tips and guidelines for the Roketa mc54-b touring motor scooter, complete with detailed pix. I am a hands-on China-Sports mechanic; and I own three Roketas and one Sun-L-250. Anyone owning a Roketa knows about the poor quality control at the factory level, the absence of a service manual, the lack of warranty support, etc. If you have an interest, email me and I'll send you the file and photos just as soon as I can. [email protected]
That would help me out if you could email me [email protected]


Black River Falls, WI

#273 Aug 28, 2008
Second owner of 2007 50 Rocketa scooter with 460 miles, lacked power at first, later difficult start and then not running at all! Local Honda/Yamaha not successful, then serviced by dealer of same moped not successful. Blames engine. Salvaging for scrap parts now. Owned for 3 summer months,$450 loss. Really no help expected from manufacturer. 8/29/08
Keith_BigUglyDuc k

Pinola, MS

#274 Aug 29, 2008
Russ wrote:
Anyone know how to change the tail light on the Roketa MC 02-50B scooter. I can't seem to find how the cover comes off. Thanks!
Are you changing a light bulb? If yes, it is a simple job. In the rear of the underseat package area you will see a thing that looks like a glove box pull. On the bottom edge of this door there are to #10 cap screws. Remove those 2 screws and then pull down on the latch looking thing just above where you took out the bolts, this lid then comes right out. Slide your arm and hand into the rear section and you will feel 4 bulb plug ins. Grab the plug that has the bad bulb and twist it a quarter turn counter clockwise and the plug will come out of the housing. Replace bulb and reverse the proceedure to reassemble.

Oh Boy!!! Removal of the entire assembly..This is a really fun job. Remove luggage rack. 3 bolts to remove and the whole thing lifts off, remove seat, remove one side body panel. Either side panel can be removed to gain access to the screws for the tail light housing. Remove inner liner of package under seat compartment. There are several screws under the rear section way up near the back side of the light housing. Be sure and remove all the screws so that you don't break off any mounting tabs. The wiring harness simply unplugs from the main harness. Slide the housing out the rear of the machine and place the housing on a bench area with a bath towel under it to protect from scrathing the lens when you remove it from the housing. Carefully use a small screw driver to worry the lens snap-in keepers enough to allow the lense to come free of the housing. Start on the center most keepers and work your way to the outside ones. My guess is that one of the colored lenses has come loose,,,,, Am I correct. This job takes a couple of hours and is a pain in the butt.... Take your time, don't swear too much and all should come out alright. No special tools needed for this job. Can you stand on your head for a long period of time?:-)
Keith_BigUglyDuc k

Pinola, MS

#275 Aug 29, 2008
Gott250 wrote:
<quoted text>
That would help me out if you could email me [email protected]
Please send me an email with request at [email protected] and I will get it out to you. I can't seem to figure it out to send it on this format. Thanks, Keith
Keith_BigUglyDuc k

Pinola, MS

#276 Aug 29, 2008
Jordan wrote:
Second owner of 2007 50 Rocketa scooter with 460 miles, lacked power at first, later difficult start and then not running at all! Local Honda/Yamaha not successful, then serviced by dealer of same moped not successful. Blames engine. Salvaging for scrap parts now. Owned for 3 summer months,$450 loss. Really no help expected from manufacturer. 8/29/08
The answer is suspect is that the original owner failed to change the oil and then overheated the engine. Sometimes you can run an aircooled motor overheated and they lose power and you can shut them down, let them cool, put in got oil and they will be OK. But usually overheating is the end for them. They may run for awhile but usually they seized up and then it is the end for the motor. This sounds like what has happened here, sorry. I agree that the machine is out of warranty, but putting any used parts in this kid is probably a waste of time. I am sure that a full engine rebuild kit is available, but who knows where?
Keith_BigUglyDuc k

Pinola, MS

#277 Aug 29, 2008
dukefan wrote:
mike b i have a bali 250 and had the intermittent noise in the rear but not the front. it was coused by the break caliper rattling in the bracket. it would stop when you applied the break , this took up the slack in the pads. you might look at that.<quoted text>
Rebleed the break system and see if it goes away.
Keith_BigUglyDuc k

Pinola, MS

#278 Aug 29, 2008
HELP MC 54B 250CC wrote:
I started my scooter one morning, it idled for about 30 sec, it shut down. I started it again same thing, but this time it was completly dead no
lights or sounds. I replaced battery no change.
I bought july 2008. Can anyone help!!!
I do not think it is the batt. I think it might be the fuse attached to the soleniod. The fuse is a 15 amp and there is a spare in a spare holder on the solenoid itself. No tools needed to change this fuse lower the solenoid from its hanger, replace or check the fuse. See if that is the fix. I increase the rating of the fuse by 5amps and it seems to hold better. Rule of thumb for these scooters; start at least evry 2 days to avoid battery drain.
Keith_BigUglyDuc k

Pinola, MS

#279 Aug 29, 2008
bali250 wrote:
We just bought a 2008 250 bali scooter from these people and we have also sent emails to them and get no help what so ever. We needed a new windshield and they sent me a web site that only sells to dealers and their only valid email is in China. The warrenty is worthless and I have no idea how to get parts or get the broken odometer fixed that should be under warrenty.
Is not the Bali scooter made by Sunl?
Keith_BigUglyDuc k

Pinola, MS

#280 Aug 29, 2008
Wayne in Oregon wrote:
<quoted text>
I just received a Stealth 150 (same as Bali) and Oregon won't register it without a letter from Scooternitro or goldenvale stating that the bike (with vin # starting with L) meets federal regulations and emission standards Neither company is willing to issue me that letter. I'm stuck with a bike I can't use.
The Roketa and Goldenvale EPA and DOT certificates are online somewhere and I will see if I can find them. If I do I will post them.
Keith_BigUglyDuc k

Pinola, MS

#281 Aug 29, 2008
My scooter is not charging
Make sure the fuse in scooter is good.
Check the wires behind the fuse holder and the charging jack. Sometimes they come loose.
My scooter will not start
Make sure you have fuel getting to the carburetor.
Check the spark plug for sign of wear and tear.
Or there might be vaccum leak in the piston area. If your piston is badly scratched up due to the lack of oil, then you need to replace piston and rings to compression back.
My scooter is hard to start
Is the spark plug dirty? Clean or replace it if its dirty
Make sure the carburetor and the intake manifold are tightly secured to the engine.
Check the gasket between the carburetor and intake manifold. Sometimes the gasket is bad and caused leak. Scooter bogs down when I turn the throttle
Adjust the screw with the spring on the side of the carburetor. Clockwise to reduce gas flow and counterclockwise to allow more gas flow. Bogging down is usually caused by too much gas going thru the carburetor.
Give time for it to warm up.
If that does not solve the problem, you need a new carburetor.
Carburetor Adjustment
The small gold screw on the side of the carburetor is the idle speed screw. This screw controls the idle speed, the tip should extend about an 1/8 of an inch (4 mm). Adjust it so the engine will idle at just fast enough speed to stay running.
The brass color screw located lower on the side of the carburetor next to the choke lever is for the high speed mixture. Start by turning this screw in (clockwise) until it stops. Don't turn it in tight, just until it stops. Next, turn the screw out two full turns (counter-clockwise). This is the factory setting. You should be able to start and operate the scooter with this setting. Once you have it running, you can fine tune. Never turn the screw more than 1/8 of a turn at a time. Try turning it IN about 1/8, this will help the top speed operation. Once you get the mixture set you can adjust the idle, it should be low enough that the engine doesn't vibrate. There is also a main jet adjustment screw dead center on the top of the carburetor. This is most always set at 1 full turn out. If this is not adjusted correctly, your scooter may not run, or run very poorly. Once again, turn screw all the way in (clockwise) and then out (counter-clockwise) 360 degrees (1 full turn).
My electric start wont work
Make sure to squeeze the left handle brake while pressing the electric button.
When the electric start makes a clicking noise, it means your battery is weak.
Check the fuse.
Is your key switch good?
Is the electric start giving out a burnt smell? You might have a burnt out electric start. My engine froze
The cause is lack of oil getting to the piston and needle bearing areas. Certain oil can't cling on when the engine gets too hot. As a result, the needle bearing falls apart inside and causes the engine to cease. You can buy a new engine or try to rebuild it. Be sure to always maintain proper engine oil levels to help prevent this from happening.
My scooter is not holding its charge
Using the headlight, electric start and alarm (if applicable) too much will drain the battery.
Gas scooter does have the ability to charge itself but slowly. Most new scooters would have a full charge and it would be displayed on the battery gauge. But in time, the batteries would loose their ability to hold a full charge. That's normal!
Sometimes charging the batteries too much even when they are not low. Most of these batteries charging cycle are around 250-300 times.
Sometimes store your scooter away for a long period would cause that as well. If the battery power drops beyond a certain point, the charger would not recognize it.
Make sure tires are fully and well inflated.
Info I copied from Scooter Dynasty contact them: ?
Keith_BigUglyDuc k

Pinola, MS

#282 Aug 29, 2008
This site has alot of helpful information for Roketa owners and some of it is downloadable for ya'.
Keith_BigUglyDuc k

Pinola, MS

#283 Aug 29, 2008
Alice wrote:
I have a Bali 150cc. Roketa from All New Sports. At 60 mi I needed a new stator or alternator and the lights will not stay on over 2 min. A voltage reg. is on the way (after they sent the wrong one). Does anyone have a clue as to what is wrong with the lights. I have paid over $500 in labor and no one can fix it.
If it simply quit and did not seize up then you might try checking for a burned or blown fuse. Check to see if there is a fuse holder in the holder next to the battery. If the holder is there check the fuse. If the holder is not there then it was not properly assembled at the factory and it is lying in the engine compartment and has probably shorted out from the engine heat. The fix is to route the wires into the area next to the battery and put in a new fuse holder and fuse and see if it wants to run again. There is another fuse that controls the primary and secondary circuits for the CDI and solenoid. That fuse is located attached to the starter solenoid and is also easy to replace. I have seen both of these blow on several different machines. I stopped it from happening by increasing the amp rating of the fuse to 20amp fuses. Unless something is shorted out elswhere this should keep it running.
Keith_BigUglyDuc k

Pinola, MS

#284 Aug 29, 2008
MIKE B wrote:
I have a Roketa, Ronoco 250cc. It has developed a noise in the front end that is only noticeable at very low speeds. It is intermittent and it only occurs when the bike is moving. It is a scraping or rubbing sound. It does not make the sound when you spin the front wheel while on the stand. It only happens when it is being ridden. Any ideas or has anyone else had this problem.
Also, has anyone ever had the bike start by itself without the key in the ignition. I had that happen once and didn't notice it for 2 hours. Had to disconnect the battery then reconnect it to reset the ignition system.
That problem comes from the stupid geegauh remote start and alarm system.... absolute worthless junk.... Disconnect the damn thing to avoid dead batteries, unexpected flame outs etc. Half of the unusual problems that develope are directly related to this system. Cell phones. CB radio's and policeradios will send this system into never-never land. Who needs it anyway. Even if you set the alarm someone will still steal it and as the alarm is going off and the sound slowly fades as they roll it away into the sunset:-) Really, who the heck would steal one of these? But, boy do I love riding them!!
Keith_BigUglyDuc k

Pinola, MS

#285 Aug 29, 2008
Walter SMITH wrote:
Hi guys i bought my roketa 250 Mc54 from Grand Power Sports. THEY WONT RETURN EMAILS OR CALLS OR PROVIDE YOU YOUR PAPER WORK FOR YOUR TAG The scooter is wonderfull delivery was on time as promised the only problems Is it blows the 20 amp fuse. My other HUGE PROBLEM IS Grand power sport wio't send me MSO or toher paper work. I compalined to pay pal which i used to pay and they said they had no intrusted in helping me.GRANDPOWERSPORTS cannot be trusted. Walter
Did you buy it on Ebay? If so contact their vpp section and tell them that the deal is not consimated until the seller delivers the title. Then dispute the charge against your credit card and make the bastards wait until you get the signed MSO. Keep them under dispute until you are satisfied. Thats what I do on ever purchase, on any scooter deal. So far"I win!" Read the terms on any scooter website and make sure the terms of delivery and time it takes to get MSO's. If they do not clearly state the exact time frames for this stuff don't buy from them. I have had to wait from several dealers over 40 days for paperwork. Lets face it, the sale price of scooters usually deviate a couple of hundred bucks from one to another, the low end, or cheaper online dealers don't have any stock, they are drop shippers and middlemen who are at the mercy of glodenvale, Peace, or some other large jobber wharehouse. I call them Bo'Jackers! They lie like the devil himself and have a thousand excuses why/what. Fact is most times they are selling that which is still in China or on a boat on the Pacific.
Thats why I can sell scooters with no upset customers. I order them, assemble them and shake them down before the end user customer takes delivery.... My customers think they are great machines. And this is the only way the China scooters will ever become popular in the US. Everyone who buys a scooter in a box, from a flea market hack, or some website Bo'Jacker gets a bad taste in their mouth. I'm just sayin'. I ain't sellin!
Keith_BigUglyDuc k

Pinola, MS

#286 Aug 29, 2008
Ryan wrote:
well two things i dont know were the oil drain plug is and since i bought it seems to have started to loose power anyone know why its a rokeeta Mc-08-50b
Its loosing power because it is, or has been run too hot. I'm guessing that you have not change the original oil yet. Golly read the posts about this subject. NEVER run your machine on the oil that came in it. It is almost always some sort of machine shop sludge that plugs up the oil pick-up.

To drain the oil pull the plug on the bottom of the engine housing. Should be a round plug with a hex head in the center..#19 metric on most.

Bloomfield Hills, MI

#287 Aug 30, 2008
I also bought a Rocketa 250 from AllNewSports. No problem with the bike's operations, but the remote start/alarm stopped working after one week and my bike has the same grounding sound you described. BTW, how were you able to obtain a refund for the worthless extended warranty.
Red Hott Hog wrote:
I bought a mc-54-250 from Allnewsports.It arrived quickly and was on the road within hours. i had no problem insuring it once i found a company that recognized the Vin #. It ran smothly and quietly and had good power. about a month later i noticed when walking it backwards a grinding noise. luckily i found a mechanic that put together chinese bikes for a seller. he said the rotar had a high spot. i tried to order the part from , but had little luck. we ended up get the rotar ground at a machine shop and now works great. my mechanic thought it was a sound bike and better than the ones he had been putting together. i have almost 2000 miles on it and am happy with the performance. i will keep it serviced and hopefully will not have the problems i have read about. yes Allnewsports sucks, i bought the extended warranty then realized it was of little use. luckily i was able to get a complete refund for the extended warranty. i am still waiting for my oversized trunk and matching mirrors, but this is not the end of the world.

Otis, OR

#288 Aug 31, 2008

I can understand the mental wall created when you're either mad or disappointed. Try ordering from roketa directly. Also, theres a book by hanes I think, that explains all you'll need to know to fix your scooter. Access Roketa online. As for the book, try your local scooter dealer or check out online. Hope this helps!

Chesterfield, UK

#289 Sep 2, 2008
i have just purchased a SK50QT scooter and when it got home i found out the fuel gauge wasnt working . its reading empty all the time any help appreciated thanx
bad vin etc

Phoenix, AZ

#290 Sep 5, 2008
Richard Weeks wrote:
I'm having a difficult time registering my new Roketa Bali 260. The VIN indicates it was manufactured in the US and the AZ DMV won't let me title it. Anybody else having this problem?
other boards suggest calling/email roketa company website/location in ?lancaster, ca. they have in the past sent new paper work to unhappy customers.
bon chance, uncle slappy.

Boston, MA

#291 Sep 7, 2008
I'll never understand why people will spend hours online looking for the cheapest priced scooter yet they wont spend ten min's looking up the problems reported about the same cheap scoot.
Stay away from Sun-l and Roketta!
Thats what I've read.

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