scooter or moped? Chinese or Japanese?

scooter or moped? Chinese or Japanese?

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El Macero, CA

#1 Feb 2, 2008
I want to buy a 50cc scooter or moped and I'm so CONFUSED! It sounds like I should forget Chinese scooters because it's hard to get parts for them. Are the Japanese models a lot better? What brands are reliable? Or, what about a moped?(I hear Tomas are good.) I want something simple and reliable that won't need a lot of repairs. Also, what about ordering online vs. buying locally? I live in N.CA if that makes a difference.

United States

#2 Feb 3, 2008
50cc scooters are a little faster than Mopeds but gas mileage is less. Scooters are much more popular than Mopeds. It's a matter of personal choice. Chinese scooters are cheaper than name brands, for a reason. Quality is not as good. Some on-line distributors are selling out and out junk, period. On line distributors will help you get parts which can be a nightmare, but they do not repair or service what they sell. If you want a Chinese scooter, buy from a local Dealer or have someone that will repair it for you. Motofino has some dealers in the U.S. but no idea where they are located. The Motofino is one of the better quality Chinese scooters on the market. Otherwise buy a name brand which usually have local Dealers who will service and repair them. They are more expensive but the quality and warranty is mucho grande. Kymco, Honda, and Yamaha, all make high quality scooters.


#3 Apr 15, 2008
[IMG]http://i290.photobucket.c om/albums/ll264/CubanaSexyMama /0115082306.jpg[/IMG]

Taoyüan, Taiwan

#4 Aug 14, 2008
Maybe you wanna try some Taiwanese, not Chinese, brands like SYM or Kymco.
They are not so popular in US as in Europe, but are progressing more and more. Their spare parts are easily accessible (this will be important because you dont wanna wait and wait to see your scooter stranded because of no supply of spare parts!), quality is good (should be competitive with Japanse brands), and price is reasonable.


Teamworld( ) is offering OEM parts as well as other well-known branded names and accessories. For example, BANDO, DID, NGK, YUASA and GS. And, and OEM parts for well-known motorcycle/scooter manufacturers such as Aprilia, Cagiva, Malaguti, Minarelli, Moto Guzzi, Peugeot and Kawasaki.

Croydon, UK

#5 Nov 8, 2008
I have a chinese scooter and so far its been fine. Its a Znen, i think you can get them in the US.


#6 Nov 9, 2008
Hey... I agree with Chimera. Try "Kymco" as their quality exceeds even that of Japanese scooters and their dealer network in the U.S. and Canada is well developed!

After-sales service is the bane of Chinese scooters and it's what will give you the most headaches - especially since Chinese scooters require so much after-sales service.

-Shawn @

Waldorf, MD

#7 Nov 14, 2008 in Maryland have both online sales plus full time shop and showroom and specilize in Chinese scooters and parts with many upgrades to add value to your scooter so yiu may commute in traffic on a 49cc scooter.


Hilo, HI

#8 Feb 19, 2009
Chinese mopeds aren't all bad. True there are some bad chinese mopeds out there, but it really depends on the company making them and the U.S. company selling them. We spent alot of time and trial and error dialing in the best chinese moped. For price and quality you cant beat what we have now got. Also when you buy a chinese moped always ask about parts, and any reputable dealer should have a mechanic who can work on what they sell.

Madison, WI

#9 Feb 19, 2009
What about American motor scooters like Schwinn?
Capt Don


#10 Feb 19, 2009
There are good chinese scoots out there! On line- you gotta prep etc & have a mech (if needed). I got a 1 yr warranty on parts & it has been faithfully honored by an excellent dist in Cal. They have a shop, showroom etc there but its a long way to go for work? I do my own & it hasnt been much so far. O&F thats it. Oh yeah a new battery. These chinese batt's dont hold up well. Wally world new one=$42. I ride mine every day rain or shine, grocery shop the whole 9 yards! Ride 2 up a lot @ 50+mph & I saved $8-900 delivered to my ft door. There are a lot of pro ripoff artists out there selling real bargain closeouts- yeah rite? Some are returns, 2nds, or crappy brands. Buy it & never hear from them again! I can call my seller ANYTIME for info, problems or just to shoot the shit. Really nice people! Guess thats why they got such good reviews? Most scoots are made wholey or partially in China anyway. Vespa- maybe not but Ill bet there are chinese parts in them!

Rock Island, IL

#11 Feb 19, 2009
Fastpanda wrote:
What about American motor scooters like Schwinn?
Schwinn?- American? LMAO! SCHWINN SCOOTERS ARE MADE IN CHINA! However the Schwinn quality standards maybe a little better than the generic Chinese scooters. And I stress "maybe". At least you should be able to buy from a local dealer, that in itself is a big plus.
Capt Don


#12 Feb 20, 2009
The scoots all come from various in China assembly plants. Lets say some are betrter tahn others. There is some real crap out there. The "Generic" as called- some come from assem lines w/ other good ones w/ diff Decals applied as to what co name needs some scoots. Mine is was made by @ least 2 co.s - 1 soso, & 1 good right.
Mine here & a 1+yr old one. Diff co.s/ same scoot (different builder). Ya can stil get a goodon line w/ the right co/ dist!
Designer Motor Bikes

Delhi, India

#13 Mar 27, 2009
Tranz Group Limited SH is one of the world's leading Chinese manufacturers Foreign Distributors division & world wide suppliers of China motor sports products, parts & accessories. We have over 20 manufacturing factories in China for our product lines which include: Kids atvs, Extreme atvs, Scooters factory, Wholesale golf carts, China factory, Chinese manufacturing, Mobility scooters dealers and more. We make sure to expand our product lines in order to help our customers buy all that they need from one source and top quality controlled items which is important in today’s market.

Tranz Group Limited SH provides a comprehensive product range covering multiple product categories to a wide spectrum of end-users including professionals, corporations and amateurs, as well as for public and commercial applications.

Manufacturing in China allows us to supply you top quality products at below wholesale prices to be able to compete and maximize your company profits.

Our growing circle of wholesale dealers includes customers from Europe, U.S.A, Africa, Canada and South America. Our main goal is to manufacture top quality products with emphasis on safety and packing security out of concern to the front end customers who buy from our dealers. Our staffs are in the factories 24 hours a day constantly checking and improving the quality. Loyalty is highly important to us especially when it concerns to safety.(Our dealers customers will return to you and your business will make great profit.)

Tranz Group Limited SH is a parent company of Tranz Global Corp

Tranz Group Limited SH was founded in New York in 2000. Today, it has business presence in 10 countries and territories around the world. With these points of presence and an international network of distributors and dealers, Tranz Group Limited SH products are sold in more than 70 countries all over the world.
Capt Don


#14 Mar 28, 2009
China has no design patent laws per say.I can build a duplicate of say a Vespa w/ any motor I want, & put any name on it (besides Vespa) & sell it .Can be VERY confusing to the unknowing buyer into looks- not quality! On online buying, you have to be very careful!! Since you cant look @ it before paying- you could wind up w any old POS that looks good to you. When I bought my NST 150, I did a lot of research 1st!. The 2nd & probably most important is- The Distributor you buy it from!! There are new online dist popping up every day! Usually in business selling modles that "reputable sellers" do really cheap! A lot are 2nds or returns sold as new, or renamed familiar looking models. They sell a lot, make a lot of $$ w/ thweir "free" 3 yr warranty, & are gone in no time leaving you holding the bag!
I researched my seller thoroughly before buying. They had a stellar rating! I got "exactly" what I was expecting in good cond, & the seller has always been there to answer ANY questions I have asked. They also carry any parts needed, & honor the fact 1 yr warranty on parts! I saved $1300+ & it wasdelivered to my door. If your not mech inclined- buy from a dealer!! I almost screwed up & bought from a 7-8 page web site promising ya everything! Then in fineprint "Currently only accepting cert cks, or money orders.Of course they arent around anymore! The co I DID buy from was $50 more. Money well spent!! Oh the co is a dealer in Ca & does online sales as well. Wont help ya w/ service, BUT they will be here tommorrow & beyond!! 1 last warning!! Block the exit of the delivery truck & check out the scoot visually before letting him leave & make sure he gives you papers & bolt on stuff! Some of these things get beat to hell in transit & when he's gone- your SOL!! Ride safe & enjoy!! These thing sare a blast to ride & cheap!
Robert T

Rock Island, IL

#15 Mar 28, 2009
Designer Motor Bikes is just another interenet distributor selling Chinese scooters. Same crap as the 200+ other Chinese scooter distributors.
Capt Don


#16 Mar 28, 2009
I must say that not ALL Chinese scooter (on line dist) sell "Crap"! Myself & I am sure many others have done their home work & gotten a good scoot/ deal & support from a good reliable honest distributor! I found one & I am sure that many others have as well! Unfortunately- there are far too many ripoff scammers out there that give the whole business a bad name! In this day & age- I dont have a problem with saving $1300+ & having a good reliable ride! Its kinda like saying that everyone that sells chinese discounted anything is ripping you off? Take a look @ your clothing label or any other label on ANYTHING you own & see where it was made? Its - Do your homework & buyer beware!! As bad as things are- not everyone is a scammer/ thief selling scooters! If you get ripped off- just look in trhe mirror for who to blame!!
Robert T

Rock Island, IL

#17 Mar 28, 2009
Yep. I had to look in the mirror twice. I guess I am slower than the average homosapien. But I learned my lesson never to repeat it.
Capt Don


#18 Mar 29, 2009
I hear ya Fool me once- shame on you! 2x- the mirror syndrome! Seriously tho- there are good scoots & dist out there! I think the only real way to be sure who is who & what is what, is word of mouth from someone you know & trust.Besides checking em out- I think I may have gotten a little lucky as well! IF I ever have to replace this one - I WILL go back to the same place tho!
Its always a good feeling to do business w/ an honest, courteous, knowledgable place of business.
Too bad there is no sure fire way to KNOW when it comes to buying a scoot on line! Maybe some day there will be some kinda reference?
Robert T

Rock Island, IL

#19 Mar 29, 2009
Cap'n Don. The 2nd Chinese scooter I bought was a 150cc from an authorized Dealer in July of 07. He has a shop in a small town about 45 min from where I live. Still in business as far as I know. He was real good and worked with me. The warranty was for parts only of course, but he gives a free 6 month labor warranty to his customers. Not a real good warranty but better than what you get off an internet distributor. I had it for 3 months and only put 350 miles on it. The rest of the time it was at the Dealers being repaired or waiting on parts. I got tired of wasting gas hauling it back and forth in my Truck. In late Sept 07 I sold it to a guy who has a Mom & Pop small engine repair service here in town. He knew all about the problems, but said he could get it running and use it for transportation to and from his shop. I then went straight away to my Yammy dealer and bought the Classic. I paid about $2000 with license tax and tile for the Classic. The two Chinese scooters cost me a total $2800 plus license etc. But they cost me a whole lot more in lost riding time, etc. I have had the Classic ever since and haven't looked back.
Capt Don


#20 Mar 29, 2009
Just curious- What Brand chinese scoots did you get?? I got a few thousand mi on mine w/o ANY problems barring the shitty battery that comes w/ these things. I am NOT easy @ all on this thing either! It sAYS 50 MPH? i USUALLY WHEN i CAN AM @ 65+. tHE BIGGY ON THESE THINGS IS T Warm them up well before kickin it in the haunches!! Glad all is good w/ you now. Bummer on the past problems tho!

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