All new Honda Goldwing will get Human...

All new Honda Goldwing will get Human Friendly Transmission

There are 49 comments on the Motorcycle News story from Apr 30, 2009, titled All new Honda Goldwing will get Human Friendly Transmission. In it, Motorcycle News reports that:

A Honda insider has hinted that the new Honda Goldwing will have a long list of rider aids including airbags, ABS, a version of the Human-Friendly Transmission or a motorcycle-specific twin-clutch gearbox, a new near-2000cc flat six engine, variable cylinder management and built in sat nav.

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Mark Bayer

Kansas City, MO

#23 Jun 16, 2010
In the past six months I have discussed the interest in having an "automatic" transmission in a motorcycle with at least 150 motorcyclists in three states. This is a small pool of riders compared to the millions that ride, however, some consensus could be found. I found no one interested, not even one. Several said they would like to see how it works in the real world, but no big interest. I don't mean to assume that this small study means there is actually no interest in automatic's in motorcycles, just that there isn't any significant interest yet. When a new innovation is offered, and it works well, interest might grow. I don't refer to my study as a way to challenge anyone, if you want an automatic, good for you! I think most American riders don't mind shifting gears and to pay an additional $1,500-$2,000 for an automatic will interest only a few. My guess is that Honda will offer an automatic in the Wing's (like the new VFR1200) and we will know the true interest in about 6 to 10 years. Until then, continue practicing your shifting! Check out:
John Smith

Alice, TX

#24 Jul 3, 2010
Jerry Dallas wrote:
I am 61 and still like a 4 speed or more in a car. However in heavy traffic which I am in often the auto is best. On a motorcycle I like the manual. In heavy traffic which I do not ride in much I am sure an auto would be great for a motorcycle. Also it is great for some people who can't ride because they can no longer shift. On the open road shifting is part of the experience to help enjoy twisties. I go with not only one but why not do like Corvette? Offer a choice!!
Make it where the consumer can decided. This is america, give us a choice. Automatic and Manual motorclcle.
John Smith

Alice, TX

#25 Jul 3, 2010
Make it where the consumer can decided. This is america, give us a choice. Automatic and Manual motorclcle.

Fairy Meadow, Australia

#26 Jul 12, 2010
I have only ever ridden scooters as an adult but as a teenager always had trouble with clutch and gears so the automatic scooters were perfect. I currently ride A suzuki Burgman 650cc but would love to ride a Gold Wing in trike form as the weight of even the scooter at 250kg is quite heavy compared to some motorcycles of this size.

The bonus of the automatic is no having to change up and down gears (although the Burgman does have auto or manual modes to choose from). If I have to brake suddenly (this has happened on occasion) its just a case of throttle off and brakes on instead of having to use the clutch etc. I think its a personal choice on which type of transmission you use. Why should people who want automatics be discriminated against? I reckon bring on the auto GW but more than just an auto transmission do what Suzuki did and have the dual choice transmission where if you want a manual bike you choose manual mode and just go up and down gear at the click on a button, or for Auto you just click it into drive and its twist and go. This way you please both styles of riders and as a resell point this would allow anyone to buy it not just someone who rides a manual bike.

As far as the DN-01 the Auto transmission does give plenty of power when needed as told to me by a rider of one. He has ridden many styles and sizes of bike throughout 50 years of riding and last year bought the DN-01 and says he will not go back to riding the other manual bikes as this is a lot less work and a lot more comfortable but he said he may be persuaded if the GW was brought out in an auto trike.

I understand there are hardcore manual fanatics out there but now is the time for the companies to even give the option of the auto or manual. I myself unfortunately cannot afford the GW even if it was an auto. I know the GW is a luxury but with a price tag of nearly $40k its a joke. I do a lot of KLMS on my burgman and would still do it on a GW trike if the original price was more reasonable.....C'mon Honda lower the prices and get more people in the saddle.
mark bayer

Kansas City, MO

#27 Aug 24, 2010
Check out what might be the 2011 Goldwing. Go to page four of:

Dayton, OH

#28 Sep 1, 2010
what about the people that has bad arms and hands,i for one do and would love to have an auto
Mark Bayer

Kansas City, MO

#30 Mar 23, 2011
The 2011 Goldwing will be passed over and the revised 2012 Goldwing will be available in 2011. Honda did the right thing in warming over the current Wing. No automatic as of yet, still a good decision! When they do offer an automatic in the Wing, please continue offering the manual transmission! I doubt that an automatic will be in demand for at least another decade. Check out the pictures of the 2012 Goldwing: "page four" on
also check out:

Winnemucca, NV

#31 Aug 31, 2011
I am gravely disappointed in my 2010 Wing. This bike has absolutely everything it should have except a 6 speed trans. 5th gear overdrive at 55mph. Nothing left but a ton of rpms and wasted fuel. Make a bike made to run on todays interstates. I love the power and look forward to less maintenance. I loved all of my HD Road Glides, but in the end they simply are not made to be ridden. The HD mentality is to buy it, ride it, and trade it in after two years. At 73,000 miles mine should have been junked. Two complete engine overhauls, and complete suspension overhauls in 5 years. You can say all you want about the American made Harley. It's nothing but japanese junk assembled in the US. Don't believe it? Take a look at the "made in" sticker on that next part you have to buy. It tells a story. Just pull that fancy chrome off the fork tubes and you will read SHOWA. Which is Japan. And owned by.....Honda. After owning HD in the flavors of Evo, and Twin Cam 88 both costing a ton to modify to get them up to par. I'm having a tool sale at my place an selling my lift. Got no need for it now. Just wish there was someone that made an aftermarket 6 speed.
A real enthusist

Whitewood, SD

#32 Sep 1, 2011
Don't compare the Gold Wing to a Silver Wing or a Harley. All you dorks who pose as enthusists can go by your Scooters, and Harleys and FJRs with auto transmissions, and DN-01s and call yourself bikers. That is exactly why they make Harleys is for you posers. Go buy them. If you want an automatic, an airbag, air conditioner etc. Go buy a convertable. Stop ruining the real riders expeirience by forcing manufactures to build stupid poser bikes. If Honda comes out with a wing they had better offer it with two transmissions. One for the few Wing nuts that still know how to ride and really are enthusists and one with the auto for the poser fags who are going trike it out and make it gay as aids anyway. Those people don't need a 2000cc and have no business on one but will by them because their wallets are far fatter than their brains. The only two wheelers that should have autos are scooters with CVT transmissions. Becuase they are purpose built for all of the "soft enthusists". Go buy the right bike for your style and stop ruining bikes by spending your money on a bike you don't belong on in the first place.
A real enthusist

Whitewood, SD

#33 Sep 1, 2011

Harleys are american or japanesse. They are Chineses junk sold by an company that is american owned and traded. They are junk. Go buy a "motorcycle" at Checker auto parts and it will be better quality than a Harley. I just thought you should know where the bike you spend $20,000 + on actually is.

Since: Mar 12


#34 Apr 2, 2012
A Honda insider has hinted that the new Honda Goldwing will have a long list of rider aids including airbags, ABS, a version of the Human-Friendly Transmission (HFT) or a motorcycle-specific twin-clutch gearbox, a new near-2000cc flat six engine, variable cylinder management and built in sat nav.
Mark Bayer

Leavenworth, KS

#37 May 5, 2012
Honda, like the other major motorcycle manufacturers are beginning to focus on non US markets. Even Harley Davidson is looking for business elsewhere. Honda is still the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world and continues to maintain a leadership role. Honda's new 700 twins available in dual-sport, scooter, and utility models, are creative and usable. Harley Davidson has recently had another upswing in sales in the US, however, there is no innovation or real creativity. They still depend on high markups on their motorcycles to make big profits. Triumph,on the other hand, has developed new technology, evolved in design, and shown great creativity in their motorcycles. They are one of the few companies which has consistently shown increases in sales and company loyalty. This is a Goldwing blog so here is my Goldwing comment: The new Goldwing, even with it's minimal changes, continues to be one of the best long distance touring motorcycles ever made. The bike is still very modern, completly reliable, and a joy to ride the distance.

Paramount, CA

#38 Dec 10, 2012
Del wrote:
what about the people that has bad arms and hands,i for one do and would love to have an auto
This is me!! I have been riding most of my 58 years...I now have a suzuki Bergman 650 and Yamaha Morphous (250)and I love them both. I have always wanted a Gold Wing I went to the 2012 motorcycle show this weekend in Long Beach Calif. and I saw the new GW F6B and fell in love...I want this bike BAD...but heres my problem I only have one hand and use my "Hook" to ride. Like I said I can ride anything but....It would be a ton easier for me to ride safely. I would love for Honda to come out with and semi auto but Im not going to wait. The new GW F6B is coming out in or around March or April of 2013 and I'm buying one.
[IMG]http://i106.photobucket.c om/albums/m250/hooksup2/050112 1818a.jpg[/IMG]
[IMG]http://i106.photobucket.c om/albums/m250/hooksup2/_DSC59 82.jpg[/IMG]

Aurora, CO

#39 Feb 24, 2013
A real enthusist wrote:
Harleys are american or japanesse. They are Chineses junk sold by an company that is american owned and traded. They are junk. Go buy a "motorcycle" at Checker auto parts and it will be better quality than a Harley. I just thought you should know where the bike you spend $20,000 + on actually is.
You sir are a insecure idiot

Russellville, AR

#40 May 2, 2013
I think you are way off base. As a 50 year motorcycle rider, I am tired of the stupid shifting. We have had automatics in autos since the 1930's. Why has it taken the industry so long to put them in big bikes? Folks who are against an automatic probably did not like the move to shaft drive from chains and sprockets! With the CVT technology of today it should not be difficult to pull out the antiquated transmission gears and clutch and install a CVT. Go for it Honda.
mark bayer

Leavenworth, KS

#41 May 2, 2013
I am sure that Honda will offer an automatic Goldwing wihin the next five years. I have no problem with "automatics," the fact is that people just don't buy them. The new VFR1200 automatic was a complete sales flop, however it was given good reviews. The CB750 automatics never sold well, the 400/450 automatics never sold well, the 2011 683cc Honda (I forgot the model designation)V-twin automatic was a wash, and the Aprilia 850 automatic doesn't sell well. Also Moto-Guzzi made an automatic in the 80's which didn't sell well at all. The new Honda NT700 automatic is available now but I haven't found any dealers who have stocked it. Several dealers told me that they were not going to stock it because they don't sell. The problem with a Goldwing automatic is that few will spend the $23,000+ for a new one, let alone another $1500/1800 more for an automatic. There is a big difference between people who say they will buy something and those who do! After several years of questioning riders about the desire for an "automatic," the mix is still 98% "no," and 2% yes. Am I saying an automatic is a bad thing, absolutly no. My point is simply that there have been "no" motorcycle automatics which have been a sales success in the US. With scooters, yes, motorcycles no! Along with my GL1800, I own a 1978 Honda CB400 Automatic. It's fun to ride, but it's just a novelty. I am actually a part of an unorganized "automatic" motorcycle group and the general consensus is that automatics are fun and unique, but will never be that popular. I'm not against them, I own a vintage one. The fact is, they have failed in the market place, the masses don't want them, and there doesn't seem to be any real cry for them. Will more automatics be offered in the future, possibly, but I doubt it. Honda has made a great effort and I applaud them for spending the money to develop really hi-tech automatic transmissions. I personally wouldn't pay more for a Goldwing automatic. With my GL1800, there is little need for shifting beyond 50mph. In all honesty, who would pay $1500/2000 more for a Goldwing automatic, loose 2-3mpg (automatics historically get less mpg in cars and motorcycles), drop from 117hp to around 95hp, and loose top speed as well? With "all" of Honda's automatics, they dropped the horsepower about 20%. I'm not against it, I just don't yet see it.
mark bayer

Leavenworth, KS

#42 May 3, 2013
As far as I can remember, the Honda CB750A was available in 1975, the CB400A was available in 1978, the CM400A in 1981, the CM450A in 1982, the DN-1 in 2009 and the VFR1200 in 2010. Now there is an NX700X automatic available. All the above were Honda's. Suzuki had an automatic in 1982, the 450A and Moto-guzzi had an automaic in 1976, theV1000. A small American company made semi-automatics (centrifugal clutch bikes) from 1995 to 2010, the Ridley. I know that Aprillia has an automatic available now, it's an 850cc model. I'm sure there are at least two other automatic motorcycles which have been available in the US. There have been more automatics available in Europe. Great idea but all sales failures in the US. Perhaps in the future, who knows. Just wanted to set the record streight!

Dahlonega, GA

#43 Jul 6, 2013
I wish Honda would make a auto-transmission Goldwing,,, maybe just have this a special order type of bike,,for us handicapped riders,,,now there are scooters,,, but I miss the power of a larger bike,

Hollywood, FL

#44 Feb 16, 2014
Mark Bayer wrote:
I'm a Honda enthusiast, but please, please don't put the "automatic" in the Gold Wing (the HFT)! If they do, riders won't buy many of them. Honda executive, if you are planning to do so, make sure and offer a 6 speed as well so those of us who like the Wing could still buy one! The automatic failed in the 750, the 400, the DN-1, and it will fail big time in the Wing. As a friend must confront a friend when they see them making a big mistake, "just don't do it, turn around and walk away slowly so no one get's hurt"!!!
I disagree I think the Goldwing should come in Automatic as well as the manual transmission.
It will appeal to more new riders as a automatic.
The future is here the automatics are coming in the bigger bikes.
Its all about money.
If the public wants a automatic, I am sure Honda will build it.
Honda enthusiast Mark

Kansas City, MO

#45 Feb 16, 2014
Dave, I have no issue with automatics in motorcycles. If people were buying them, more power to them. The fact is, an automatic in a Goldwing would add at least 30lbs, cost about 7-10 horse power, and would lower the gas millage at least 2-3mpg. Take a bike that does not need to be down shifted above 50mph, and there is little shifting done anyway! Furthermore, add another $2,000 to an already $20,000 plus motorcycle, and there is little motivation to pay for the benefit of an automatic. The new VFR automatic has been selling very poorly and the CTX automatics are a rarity as well. The difference between cars and bikes is this, cars have high torque engines, the added weight of an automatic in a car is not an issue, and most cars are more utilitarian than motorcycles (also as many women drive cars as men and nearly all women want automatics). Most cars are automatics with manual transmissions accounting for only about 7% of vehicles so the cost of auto's are factored into the cost of cars. Motorcycles being more enthusiast driven tends to draw more "sporting" riders. Actually, I am surprised that Honda has not offered an auto in the Wing because Honda is really pursuing automatics, but I really doubt that if or when they do, many will be sold. I was told by a dealer in the know that Honda was pursuing the idea so I would imagine one is on the way. If and when one is offered, my guess is that they will not sell! If I am found to be wrong, I will acknowledge it, however, my hunch is that they would be a huge flop. Dave, I have no problem with your analogy, I just don't see it yet! The public has just not been calling very loud.

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