Honda Blackbird Resurrection????
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#21 Jun 4, 2008
King of speed

Prahran, Australia

#22 Jul 4, 2008
I have a 2004 blackbird. Had a twin turbo kit fitted here in Australia by one of our local mod companies. Dyno says I've got 197 bhp at the rear end. Pity about the helmuts. I'd love to see the face of some of the bussa riders when I bust there butts.
We have a race strip call Calder Raceway. Taken on a heap of busty riders over the years. It's a pisser as they dont see it coming....
The twin turbos are fitted into the fairing, with a vert stight mod.
Bloody thing gets red hot and you don't want to apply power on the corners. It will just spit you off.
Haven't dropped it yet, but have been close.
I'm like the rest of you. Honda should release a new Blackbird. Not a Redbird or bloody Bluebird, a Blackbird. Tickle the motor a bit. Play with the shape a fraction. Zing up the colours a bit (WITH BLACK) and you would have the PERFECT bike.
I personally hate bussa riders and take the max amount of pleasure in kicking their butts. It cost me a bucket load of cash, but being the king of speed is worth it.
bombo Scotland UK

Sheffield, UK

#23 Aug 25, 2008
Had K8 Busa for 4 months,nice bike but miss my old faithfull blackbird,roll on 2009


#24 Aug 30, 2008
Hi one n all! I just bought myself a brand new K8 Hayabusa and love her immensely and then some! I am not biased at all... just wanna say is that I have ridden Birds and am now riding my Busa and might I add enjoying every second. The Busa definitely nails the Bird when it comes to immediate acceleration and undoubtedly top notch speed as well...also it corners a hell of a lot better than the Bird. However the brakes on the Bird along with its smooth as butter power delivery is a thing I always relished. The Busa is more of brutal raw power whereas the Bird is all about finesse and subtle power.Just my 2 cents. Cheers to all and let's have peace in this world. God bless us all!

Sydney, Australia

#25 Sep 6, 2008
hope honda bring the new bird soon have 03 model awesome machine rode east coast of oz on it in 6 days no busa or zx12 come close for comfort and neither got away thru any mountain little quicker in straight line but who wants to go straight. bring on a 200hp bird and nothing will touch it

Hockley, UK

#26 Sep 15, 2008
Ah the greatest mystery of the 21st century. Will Honda replace the Bird or VFR? Following all the recent rumours regarding the VFR1000 V5 !! I rang my dealer asking if the rumours had any merit. His reply was no, Honda are not dropping the 800 VFR motor but a new Bird is expected early next year with a 1200 or 1300 mill - maybe a V5 - LOL. Until then I will keep adding to the 12,300 miles my 2007 Bird has accrued in its first year and it gets better the more miles you put on it. For sure it takes 8,000 miles for this motor to fully bed in so you sunny sunday only jockies are missing out on a fantastice ride.

Nesttun, Norway

#27 Sep 16, 2008
You said it, Retep:

"It's almost like honda build the best damn sportstourer ever concieved in a market segment they practically invented themselves and are now abandoning it."

Too bad really. My heart belongs to Honda, and I just love my 1100XX. However, the world has changed since it's release in 1996. It is soon time to replace this beauty with a modern beast such as the ZX14. If Honda ever come up with a hypersport tourer with 200bhp+ I'll be the first in line to buy one though..:-)

Brisbane, Australia

#28 Dec 1, 2008
Bring on the next generation Bird Honda :)

South Africa

#29 Dec 23, 2008
In response to Jay, I must disagree. The Busa can't corner for Sh1t, the Bird will take a Busa in a twisty on any given day, something that has been proven again and again.

Paul - yeah, bring in the next generation, I would not want to replace my Bird with anything but a newer Bird.
Frank Phart

Saint Petersburg, FL

#30 Dec 25, 2008
Let's stop the bull-shit here.
The Honda will never be able to compete with the Hybrid motorcycle.

Crawfordville, FL

#31 Dec 28, 2008
Bill wrote:
Daniel ... I, too, miss the 'Bird, but have fallen for the ST1300. Have you ridden this engineering marvel? I realize that Hawaii has limited road distances, but the ST shines still. Give one a ride; I think you'll be impressed ....
I really like my ST1300 too. I wonder though about persistent rumors that we may have seen the last year of production. No Blackbird as well as no ST would leave Honda without a large displacement sport touring bike.
Big Baldy Aberdeen

Doncaster, UK

#32 Feb 23, 2009
hope to see new version of blackbird i have an o3 black one (best colour) and have upgraded brakes,fitted power commander,beefed up suspension and had a custom map made on it and would take to the sdtreet with any Busa new or old, would like to see new bird but will be growing old with this one!!!

South Yarra, Australia

#33 Mar 13, 2009
Me too! I'm amazed that Honda never upgraded the Blackbird - not that it wasn't a great thing the way it was. More surprising still, is the fact that they dropped it from their line-up ... big, big pity. Hopefully, Honda have got a replacement waiting in the wings, but I'm not holding my breath. Among other things, I've owned a couple of Busas and a Blckbird; currently ride a 2008 Busa. Despite its age, the Blackbird can (and will for some time to come, no doubt) hold its head high in any company. Blackbirds, Busas, ZZR1400s etc: doesn't matter what you ride, they're all fast and very good things. Half a second faster or alower to speed factor X - doesn't really matter, I don't think.

Widnes, UK

#34 Apr 14, 2009
I;m tiered of waiting for the new bird. I'm of to buy a BMW 1300s
Rick and Carrie-Anne

London, UK

#35 Apr 16, 2009
Have to agree with George in Sydney. Our 1999 "Black" Blackbird is still fantastic with 45,000 miles, even 2 up it holds its own with the newer compition... Having said all that we want to treat ourselves to a new one (WHAT THE .... ARE HONDA DOING) they are seriously missing a trick, the ZZR1400s is looking good! Somebody please, is there a new Bird on the Horizon???
Busa killa

El Dorado, KS

#36 Apr 22, 2009
I think that the Blackbird is one of the best if not the best and most fun bike to ever ride, i hate the Hayabusa!!!!!!!!all go and no show...
Satya Mumbai India

Mumbai, India

#37 Jul 2, 2009
Words straight from my heart. I ride a 2002 Blackbird MPFI and I assure you that the handling of the bike at all speeds is amazing. It is rock steady when you have to brake harshly and all super bikers know that it is a lot easier to speed a bike but a lot difficult to stop the bike in time.
It is quite intriguing as to why production stopped of such a marvel?
Trak Turtle wrote:
Hi mates,
A little off the topic I crave to mention facts about the BIRD whenever given a chance.
Still cant figure out why the Blackbird went off the shelf in USA and a crap bag like the Hayabusa sells worldwide like pancakes... comparing the two is like comparing maggots to oranges
Well I have a few fundamentals that form the basis of my judgement -
a) A motorcycle to me is not its top speed but how it behaves in getting there and back. That's the difference between the Blackbird and the bike it lost its throne to ... sigh. All that the Busa is good at is blowing the top speed trumpet, while the Blackbird is a true home of innovation where the manner of getting to its top speed and getting back is concerned - power band delivery, engine's hum and roar- reflects its bullet proof nature, the weight distribution, braking all those horses knowing you will stop and stop well in time.
c) I wanna carry myself on the bike - not cook food on its chassis or have roasted hair on my thighs and arms if I ever make the mistake of taking an easy ride on it.( Hats off to the BUSA's paint job that doesn't blister, considering the temperatures it maintains.)Yes the Busa has one advantage - where I live, a lot of beggars around. rest assured, on a BUSA they wouldn't approach you on a red light in the fear of getting burnt around
b)HAPPINESS IS NOT AROUND THE CORNER, HAPPINESS IS THE CORNER - this is where the true difference in innovation and crap shows.
c) Finally - I believe reaction times are allotted to a rider & are a part of his destiny - however don't use your destiny as brakes - use the motorycle's - dual or not the BIRD stops far far before the BUSA even starts to.
Its a pity a bike like the BIRD is out of contention over a few more degrees on the speedo - speeds we see on rare occasions - on all other days - the character of the bike rides with us.
I've been racing an Isle of Man of my own here and have understood bike behaviors closely mate - the BIRD will be dearly missed - thankfully I have one that I choose to grow old with :)
Cheers, Trak Turtle

Fredericksburg, VA

#38 Aug 16, 2009
Hi All!

Yes, back in 2006 I started holding out for a new bike, waiting for the rumored Blackbird that "might" hit showrooms (according to all the hype). So I held out as long as I goshdarn could. But alas....late 2008 rolled around and no sign yet of a new Blackbird.

I simply had to have a warp-drive semi-upright bruiser; one that would be both capable and comfortable on long highway rides. I like to road-trip on my vacations, visiting friends that out of state. And at I'm 6'2", 210 lbs, I find bikes like the CBR1000RR and ZX-10 to be too painful to ride with my large frame. So I checked-out the two models that even remotely resembled the "feel" of what I wanted: the Kwacker ZX-14, and the Hayamucus.

After sitting on each model for a good half hour in their respective stores, I found that the Kawi fit me well, while the 'Mucus felt like absolute hell on my wrists, neck and back (we call it "Busa-back" at our local bike-nights). Needless to say, I went with the Kawi.

After lots of mods, The Kwack now has, finally, respectable power - more than I can really ever explore (unless I want to risk not only a felony-speeding arrest, but a trip to the local pokey, too).

Freeway onramps are now a mind-boggling, eyeball-shaking, wheelie-riding exercise in the art of controlling 182 rear-wheel horses (dyno'd SBMS ("Santa Barbara Motorsports") Jan,'09 - I have documents from the dyno session, where a representative from Two Brothers Racing was present (the rep helped set the bike up with their full-system, Two Brothers 4:1 exhaust, fitted to their carbon-fiber end-can)).

AFTER ALL OF THIS, I still find the bike to be MERELY a stand-in until Honda finally decides to grace us with another black engineering marvel - maybe a 2011 Blackbird? I can only pray, as there is only so much I can do to the Kwacker. When Honda delivers the miracle, I will deliver my moded Kwacker back to the dealer as trade.

Take Care, Ride Safe.
Too Much

Broken Arrow, OK

#40 Jun 5, 2011
So it's middle of 2011 and still no word from Honda.... Guess they are gonna let the bird stay runner up to the big bird known as the Hayabusa and even to the Kawi! I love it, you all still pretend like the BlackBird was the greatest bike ever yet got destroyed by Busa and busa keeps doing something Honda never truely accomplished with the lil bird, Zook took it and made it faster, made it stop better, made it handle better and even made it more efficient. Come on Honda guys, just give it up

Albion, Australia

#41 Jun 24, 2011
Just found this post and based in Melbourne. I have owned a streetfighter 1996 blackbird for 7 years now and has 150,000km on the clock now, and have not treated it nice in any way, recently changed the original iridium plugs at 140,000k and only change oil every 20,000-30,000km with no top ups needed between changes. I Never ever put water in it and never touched anything apart from tyres, chains and sprockets, I also paid $4k for it from a desperate dude.
This bike is nothing but amazing in all aspects and due to it being turned into a sreetfighter it weighs much less and with myself only weighing 68kg, I can still kick anything on the road. Will never sell.
Woz the guy I brought it from Mentioned his two mates have busas and he could keep with them all the way, he weighed 100kg
Go the mighty Blackbird,


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