How STUPID was Honda to move Motorcyc...

How STUPID was Honda to move Motorcycle Production from th U.S. to Japan?

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Honda Fan

Philadelphia, PA

#1 Oct 19, 2009
Honda needs to get a new crystal ball because the one they are using for their motorcycle division is CRACKED.
Honda Fan

Philadelphia, PA

#2 Oct 19, 2009
With the Devaluation of the Dollar to Yen, the head of American Honda looks like they are not very SMART. They have increased the price of the Gold Wing that was made in the U.S.$4000. How much are they going to raise it when they begin production in JAPAN? Surely sombody at AHM can see past their nose!!
TEA Parties

Lima, OH

#3 Jan 5, 2010
Honda Fan
#1. I work for Honda of America which we used to build the Goldwing. I also ride the Goldwing(2005 Goldwing GL1800)
the reason i was told the Goldwing was transferred to Japan was 2 reasons.
#1. As you know the Goldwing a high dollar bike(i got close to 30 grand in mine) they don't produce a ton of them. so suppliers in the USA lets say for example wiring harnesses(the GL1800 has a hellious big wiring harness) lets say the supplier name XYZ . XYZ is a global producer of wiring harnesses. so if you are only need finished 100 wiring harnesses a week do you think XYZ gonna cut you a deal on wiring harnesses. so I was told by Marysville Motorcycle Manager (dept manager) a lot of suppliers were requiring Honda to order a min.(lets say 500 wiring harnesses for example) they'd sit in the warehouse over by Marysville for a month or 2. so money would be tied up in parts for awhile.
Japan different . They have smaller factories. So if you only got 1-2 employees they gotta keep working all the time.
#2. reason why they closed the Marysville Motorcycle Plant. I work at the automobile plant. but the motorcycle was the orginal plant when Honda came to america they built. but Honda a very "green" company. anyway to recycle, reuse,watch on oil and fuel consumption. Honda would never pull a General Motors or Ford and let a building set empty just cause they don't use it. they use it now for suspenion part assembly. its still being used for Honda purposes.
Now being concerned about Japanese building the Goldwing. this is my 2nd Goldwing(the 2005 is) Rumor is(take this for what it's worth) 2011(model year) will be new model. it will have a clutchless shift. finger shift. 2000 cc.that's about all i've heard. yeah i was upset about it going to Japan but its not as bad as dropping the Goldwing all together. I plan on trading my 2005 on a 2012 or 2013. I love my 2005 but just the new model sounds mighty tasty already from rumors.:P

Evans, GA

#4 Oct 18, 2010
Japan has the right idea. I think that the baby boomers buying high end harleys and 30k goldwings is over. They can't hold a touring bike up anymore or afford it. So, as the boomers retire and the middle class continues to disintegrate from effects of Nafta, only high income people are going to buy them. The same people who buy bmw's and porches and etc.. will by the goldwing at exclusive goldwing dealers and the will want state of the art riding experences and money will be no object. They will need to produce about 1500-2000 bikes per year at about 35-45000. They wlll be a technological and visual master piece and only the high end consumers will be the target market. It's the end of the Goldwing being a consumer based product that the guy on the street will buy. The guy on the street will buy used ons. Honda hasn't forgot the man on the street They make an excellet750 touring bike. If they bump that up to 1200 or so, it will attract older buys if they make it lower to te ground. Honda doing all the things they need to do to survive. There's no middle class market in american any more for touring bikes.
Sergeant VTX Riders Swe


#5 Oct 19, 2010
I think it was a mistake to stop the production of VTX motorcycles, there are many middle-aged people and others too who do ride touring bikes. Now there is only Goldwing left, not a real motorcycle by my meaning. Other alternatives are from Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha and HD and Victory. I beieve that Honda should make an effort to make fuel-efficiant torung bikes, why not a new VTX?
Classic Rider

Halethorpe, MD

#6 Dec 12, 2010
Honda Fan wrote:
Honda needs to get a new crystal ball because the one they are using for their motorcycle division is CRACKED.
In 1946 Honda's plant had been destroyed in the war. Honda got restarted buying used generator motors and adding them to bicycles to fill a need for people to be able to travel to town to buy food and other items. In the early 1950s Honda mortgaged everything he had and went into a HUGE amount of debt buying USA and European FACTORY equipment.

In 1969 when the Honda CB750 was introduced at a price of $1595, the competitive (not really) motorcycles were retailing at $2400 and more. The UK makers complained that they couldn't even MAKE a 750cc four cylinder (not counting the fact that what they did make was underpowered, leaky, and unreliable, like US made machines) for what Honda was selling the 750 for.

Sending Gold Wing production to Japan is cheaper and more cost effective than trying to survive in the USA, which has become costly. So the Marysville plant was put to a use that was cost effective. Honda sells over 12 million motorcycles a year. I don't see that the handful they sell in the USA is very important to them.

For another thing.. Honda makes NOTHING that I would consider buying. Their lack of high tech products of a style that I care about has made me a BMW customer. So I'm not going to miss them a bit.

I'm still a high performance rider. My 1980 Honda CB750F blows the doors off Honda's cruisers. I don't ride sport machines, so the closest thing to what I like now is a BMW K1300.

I've also stopped selling Honda automobiles and buying them. Now I buy German cars. If Honda made a CB750, I'd buy it. But they don't.

Their 30 year old machines can outperform their newest two cylinder cheapos, and cost a fraction of the price used.

Bangor, ME

#7 Jan 5, 2011
I would like to see a 2000 cc self-adjusting valve engine. Electric center stand with floor boards rather than pegs. Wireless communication system.

Honda, keep on pushing them out!!!

JCee p

United States

#8 Jan 12, 2011
Hey Sergeant VTX, what do you think the Honda NV700T is?

Grand Rapids, MI

#9 Mar 1, 2011
Just got the first look at the 2012 goldwing, and disapointed. Thought that the Honda engineers would have incorporated upgrades to an already great product but no. same old bike with a few body style changes.
i own a 2001 and patiently waiting for a new improved goldwing but may be forced to look at other bikes.
Maybe honda just needs more time to get Japan Factory up to speed .
( Hey Honda)Listen to your loyal goldwing owners and profits will come as a buyproduct of customer satisfaction.
That is how Honda Marketed products in the USA with much success.
you dont need me to tell you??????????

Bat Cave, NC

#10 Mar 26, 2011
I bought a 2008 Goldwing. I would not have bought the bike had it not been made in the USA. I was proud that a good company like Honda produced the bike in America. Enough said!

Pennant Hills, Australia

#11 Mar 27, 2011
What's the situation on the Japan move? I heard they canned it. And have Honda continued to mAnufacture Wings since they announced the move.

Youngstown, OH

#12 Aug 8, 2011
I own a 96 gold wing trike and a 2006 VTX 1300R and I hope honda comes out with something new soon,My gold wing at 67,000 still has some more miles and so does my VTX.So lets see what happens,I'm 53 and still have a lot more
riding miles.I started on the honda 50 and 70 back in the early 70's and I hope to retire riding on Hondas

Cebu, Philippines

#13 Sep 28, 2011
Thank you for the opportunity to blog this in this website I bookmark this site and tell my friend about this article...

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#14 Oct 24, 2011
My wife has a 05 1300R with 45k and I have a 02 with 72k.
Both of us R looking. Heard a rumor that a "Valkry"
type bike is in the works. Would love that GW engine on a simple frame. If not probable go to BMW

Sarasota, FL

#15 Dec 24, 2011
I'm so sick and tired on listening to the biggest crybabies in the motorcycle world... Goldwingers... If you hate what Honda is doing so much, go buy something else or go start your own company. I would love to see all the whiners out there try and out do Honda. If you think you're better PROVE IT. Otherwise SHUT UP!

Youngstown, OH

#16 Dec 24, 2011
Since my last post on Aug 8th,2011 I have actually gotten rid of both my
96 goldwing and my 06 VTX1300R. I can proudly say I'm now the owner
of a 2012 goldwing and I must say it is one awesome machine.I did get the
siriusxm radio with the navigation system and the weather channel.The only
options added to date is the spoiler on the rear trunk,arm rest w/cup holders.
I Also had the drivers floor boards added with the heel/toe shifter.I actually
owned the bike since october21st and i just done my first oil.filter change at 4000 miles.When the weather warms up my wife and I have one first trip planned of about 3000 miles.Cant wait for spring time and sunshine.
Please ride safe and enjoy

Omaha, NE

#17 Jan 24, 2012
Went from a VTX to a Hardley Ableson, now on a wing. What I can say is the Honda is it's far superior. All the power a guy could want. Service departments are like night and day. Own a HD you have to take them the recall and then beat them into submission to fix it. Honda, I heard about something...oh yeah let us tell you about it and when can you get yours in for us to look at. However, Honda is way behind the curve on tech. What have they done substantially to the wing in 10 years? Really nothing. 2012 despite some new plastic its the same bike. I like integrated GPS, but lets get with the program. How about the same touchscreen we can buy at any electronic store at 1/8th of the cost with free updates. Self adjusting valves would be nice. How about an air cleaner access door so you don't have to tear half the guts out to get to? Six speed tranny is what I really want. This bike has a ton of torque and its all wasted on the interstate. One more gear, 500-700 less rpm and lets cruise at 70-75. Those twin 51mm TB's get thirsty and really no reason for it. I may be riding my 2010 for a long time unless there is a major design change on the horizon.
johnny whop

Mountain Pine, AR

#18 Mar 19, 2012
let me make it simple, because i am a simple man who has owned and ridden about every bike for almost 50 years. it's time to do a little cross-breeding. take a new 2012 bmw tourer and cross it with a 2012 goldwing. do this breeding in some remote european country where you might just stand a chance at adding a little personality to the mix !!! if honda would do this, they just might have a chance of getting me to trade my 2008 goldwing, or maybe my 2009 roadliner, or even my 2009 heritage. if they don't, i think their days are numbered for an over the road touring bike for 2 upright. but there again, you all know how opinions are, don't you?

Sarasota, FL

#19 Apr 30, 2012
One thing is for sure. Most goldwing owners wine and complain the most compared to other motorcycle owners. Take an HD owner for example, he spends more money to buy a bike that has no where near the reliability of a Honda. The HD owner will defend his HD to the death even thou he rebuilt the engine at 50,000 miles. It's a good thing the baby boomers are getting older cause when they die may be all this BABY wining and crying will stop.
Ronald Montagne

Alajuela, Costa Rica

#20 May 3, 2012
I got a new 1800 on 2003, now it is about 9 years old (perfect shape) and I want to move to an updated/new one, but, drive train/engine is same, so this not encourage me to by a newer one. Think this in not only my "perspective", I would like comments on this thoughts.


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