This is just crazy!! As concept bikes go, it is a very good looking bike. Many concept bikes are so over the top I would never even consider buying one,even if they were ever produced. But this bike, in my opinion, is stunning. I know Aprila must be looking at the developmental costs of the new 1400 cc engine. But why not just put in a 4 valve engine such as in the Griso 1200?? I really love the styling of the current Cal Vintage, and would hate to see it discontinued. In fact I think it is the best looking retro bike in the market. I think this concept should be produced along side of the current Cal Vintage as a different model. Maybe as the California IV.
Aprila must do something to boost MG's sales. I have no idea how many bikes they currently import into the US market. But it has to be miniscule. Due to the economic problems that MG has experienced in the last 10 to 15 yrs and the lack of bikes they had available for the US market, it has lost many of the dealers they had set up in the US. In fact, there is not currently a single stocking dealer in the state of Florida, and only one in Georgia. I have been desperately searching for a stocking dealer in Florida so I could trade in my Harley for a Cal Vintage. That is how I found out that there are no dealers left in Florida. I believe a search would find very few healthy, stocking dealers left anywhere in the US. I would be surprised to find any more than 20 or 30, and most of those on the west coast. I sincerely wish Aprila does something to increase MG's presence in the US market. I would hate to see MG's name added to the long list of failed motorcycle manufacturers.