David Goldman Reunited with Son, Sean...

David Goldman Reunited with Son, Sean Goldman, After Brazilian Custody Nightmare

There are 120 comments on the CBS News story from Dec 24, 2009, titled David Goldman Reunited with Son, Sean Goldman, After Brazilian Custody Nightmare. In it, CBS News reports that:

A Brazilian family delivered 9-year-old Sean Goldman to his American father David Goldman in Brazil on Thursday, ending a five-year custody battle.

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Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

#102 Jan 13, 2010
putput wrote:
Watch Date Line on Friday. A 2 hour televised story of Goldman with filming inside the home.
A one side story.
This is just not right.
Like i said before Goldman is in it for the money, a book is already in the making.
I am sure Sean has been prepped and paid off to back his father.
The physiology damage Goldman is doing to this child is unforgivable.In the end he will pay!!!!!
I wonder if they are going to expost Goldmans male friend who was photoed at the air port.
If the wife was happy and NOT abused she would of left thim.
This guy is all about himself, money and winning a fight. In time he will pay for ripping this child during the holidays from the only family he has known for 5 year. He could of agreed for a slow transition instead of traumatizing the boy by up rooting him in the middle of a school year and his friend.
In time the true Goldman will be exposed for what he is., and Sean will hate him in the end
Please read the posting "Another Version". You are right.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

#103 Jan 13, 2010
Correct Version wrote:
<quoted text>
It turns out that everything that the Brazilian family said was a lie.
It turns out that the mother was born of a rich family, and cannot stand the slow, suburban New Jersey life, so she left and took her son away from David. When she got into Brazil, less than a few months later, she had an affair (while married) with a rich, powerful lawyer, that could satisfy her need for wealth.
Also in court records, it turns out that David fought for visitation for several years, and the mother and her lawyer boyfriend appealed every single visit. And monitored all calls with the boy.
And lastly, the lawyer Tostes said that he never received an invitation to park inside the American embassy, but it turns out he lied as he gave an interview posted on an American website saying that he received an invitation to park in the garage, but will not, because he wanted to protest Goldman not allowing fixed visitation rights. Is this lawyer truly stupid enough to not realize that quite a few Brazilians understand English?
You are just emotional about it, you learned one side to the story and you assume is all true.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

#104 Jan 13, 2010
Mi_nina wrote:
<quoted text>
YOU are obviously someone in the Lins Silva kidnapping family.... NO David is not GAY, actually it was his ex-wife Bruna that was a bi-sexual. Also, the only fights they had was about her bi-sexuality and the fact that she thought she was marrying money, when she found out that she was not, she was not happy. David ADORED Sean, and it is plainly visible in ALL the photos and family videos.... now the boy is with his rightful father...and that is that... Do not be such a sore loser!!!! ASSHOLE!
OH and BTW...DAVID has a Fiance!...(3 hrs ago
I read your other postings, they are all aggressive and offensive. You always call other people names, when they don't agree with you. Why don't you try to be more constructive?

By the way, what you wrote above is not true. Bruna is dead, and you are making up false information to prove your point.

It is ok, that other people can have the view that David is milking the situation for money. It is ok that other people have a different point of view than you do. Or is not?

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

#105 Jan 13, 2010
Karen Lee wrote:
I wish to respond, first of all my first and middle names are Karen Lee and my last name doesn't sound Jewish. However, I am Jewish and both my parents were Jewish. Whoever posted this made it sound somewhat anti-Semitic. In my opinion, Sean should be with his biological father. Learning about Judaism will be a wonderful experience. I have read that his Brazilian "family" is anti-Semitic. Also his "father" in Brazil is his stepfather, no blood relation. The grandmother and grandfather and other relatives of his late mother, that is different, but they will be able to see him. What abuse is there to non-Jews in the U.S.A.? I have been taunted both at school and work for being Jewish. I've been followed home by a gang of girls screaming "lox and bagels" at me. A cousin lost her family in the Holocaust. Co-workers made anti-Semitic cracks. So don't tell me non-Jews receive abuse, unless you are African-American, Asia, or Muslim. Maybe Hispanic. But, you don't know what you are talking about. Although we are not the only ethnic group to suffer, we have suffered far more than any other, except for African Americans. By the way, Judaism is a religion, not a race. You can be a Black Jew, Chinese Jew, Spanish Jew, French Jew, and so on. So I think you are ignorant. Sean belongs in the United States, forgetting his religion, he is an American citizen, he was born here. He will have a wonderful life here. Children are resilient and he is surrounded by a loving family who will love and take care of this precious child. He will excel and grow up to live a good life, going to college, working, getting married, having children, perhaps traveling. He might be artistic, he could be a doctor or a lawyer. He will have opportunities he'd never have in Brazil. I know the Brazilian people are warm, family-oriented people, but give me a break about the Judaism cracks. Sean is Jewish! Havah Nagilah, Shalom, Karen in NJ
The Brazilian family is not anti-Semitic. He would be able to be a doctor or a lawyer in Brazil too.
Sao Paulo

São Paulo, Brazil

#106 Jan 14, 2010
Nina will be missing today. Her charitable works on behalf of the people of Haiti will keep her too busy to waste time on the forum.

Edison, NJ

#107 Jan 14, 2010
Any words or info on Sean's mental state now? The Media has stopped reporting on this. I guess its old news now.It it still being talked about in Brazil?
Sao Paulo

São Paulo, Brazil

#108 Jan 14, 2010
NJGUY wrote:
Any words or info on Sean's mental state now? The Media has stopped reporting on this. I guess its old news now.It it still being talked about in Brazil?
I haven´t seen anything.

United States

#109 Jan 21, 2010
There is no need to offend Brazilian women. It appears that the last thing Bruna cared or wanted or even needed was a green-card. I read somewhere that she did meet David in Milan-Italy where she was a "Design" student. The only reason she came to the US and probably even married David -- after an affair -- was because she got pregnant. And, on her defense, she came to live on a foreign country and immediately got a job teaching Italian so she could support her family. It does not justify some of her selfish actions. However, I think that an American husband was not her initial goal. I may be wrong, but, I think that she tried hard for four years in the best manner that she knew how. There are always two sides to every issue!!

Las Vegas, NV

#110 Feb 1, 2010
With power racist like this you can see why it was done this way.

Senator Harry Reid Addresses AIPAC Policy ...
1 min 11 sec - Jun 9, 2008

São Paulo, Brazil

#111 Mar 21, 2010
Hey, people from NJ!
How is the boy managing to live in Tinton Falls?

São Paulo, Brazil

#112 Mar 25, 2010
I´ve just read that the boy´s communication with his Brazilian family hasn´t been easy at all.
Contrary to what the father had said three months ago, he hasn´t allowed the boy to keep in touch with his legitimate Brazilian family.
In order to grow happy and healthy, the boy needs his 2 (two) families!
Besides, he boy has a sister in Rio he loves very much. Not allowing their communication is something outrageous and should be mentioned in the international courts as well...!
Oh, Lord, please, have mercy on this boy! He has two families who love him! Please, solve this! Thank you, Lord.

Edison, NJ

#113 Mar 26, 2010
truthseeker wrote:
I´ve just read that the boy´s communication with his Brazilian family hasn´t been easy at all.
Contrary to what the father had said three months ago, he hasn´t allowed the boy to keep in touch with his legitimate Brazilian family.
In order to grow happy and healthy, the boy needs his 2 (two) families!
Besides, he boy has a sister in Rio he loves very much. Not allowing their communication is something outrageous and should be mentioned in the international courts as well...!
Oh, Lord, please, have mercy on this boy! He has two families who love him! Please, solve this! Thank you, Lord.
While Karma can be a B**ch, I hope what your posting isnt true and Shawn is allowed to communicate with his grandparnets and sister.

São Paulo, Brazil

#114 Apr 3, 2010
Sorry, NJGUY, but my posting is true! The grandma has been in the USA for 3 weeks and she was not allowed to see him! To make things worse than we think, New Jersey authorities have just denied (last Thursday) the Brazilian family to see Sean! This basically means, dear friends, that the adults keep on playing with Sean, instead of understanding he needs his 2 (two) families.
A headline of the main Brazilian newspaper - after months without saying anything - states that Seans is in a sort of "private prison", absolutely unable to even communicate with his beloved ones.
I´m writing here because I´d just read this and maybe you, people from New Jersey, are close to him and you can do something for Sean. How come that the Brazilian authorities didn´t guarantee that the boy would be able to see his Brazilian family once in a while? My God, all this sounds so wrong to me!
It sounds like a merciless revenge, with the boy (again) as the worst victim. It´s time for all these adults grow up (emotionally) and agree that the boy´s happiness is the most important thing to be achieved.
Butt Scratch

Las Vegas, NV

#115 Apr 3, 2010

Americans are thrown from our homes and we support another Country before Americans.

http://www.paltelegraph.com/middle-east/77-mi... ...
USA, July 30, 2009 (Pal Telegraph)- Christopher H. Smith, R-New Jersey, has introduced the Israel Foreign Assistance Appropriations Act of 2010 (H.R. 3160), legislation "Making appropriations for foreign assistance to Israel for fiscal year 2010.

A copy of the full-text of the legislation follows:

Israel Foreign Assistance Appropriations Act of 2010 H. R. 3160 A BILL Making appropriations for foreign assistance to Israel for fiscal year 2010. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following sums are appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury appropriated, for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2010, namely:


Department of State nonproliferation, anti-terrorism, demining and related programs Funds appropriated for fiscal year 2010 for a voluntary contribution to the International Atomic Energy Agency under section 301 of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 may be made available to that Agency only if the Secretary of State determines (and so reports to the Congress) that Israel is not being denied its right to participate in the activities of that Agency.

Migration and refugee assistance For necessary expenses to enable the Secretary of State to provide, as authorized by law, not less than $25,000,000 for refugees resettling in Israel, to remain available until expended.


Appropriated to the President foreign military financing program For necessary expenses for grants only for Israel to enable the President to carry out the provisions of section 23 of the Arms Export Control Act,$2,220,000,000:

Provided further, That the funds appropriated by this paragraph for Israel shall be disbursed within 30 days of the enactment of this Act:

Provided further, That to the extent that the Government of Israel requests that funds be used for such purposes, grants made available for Israel by this paragraph shall, as agreed by the United States and Israel, of which not less than $583,860,000 shall be available for the procurement in Israel, research and development:

Provided further, That funds appropriated or otherwise made available by this paragraph shall be non-repayable notwithstanding any requirement:

São Paulo, Brazil

#116 Apr 4, 2010
As far as I know, the subject here is Sean Goldman´s binational case.
Any other relevant subject should be dealt elsewhere.

Edison, NJ

#117 Apr 5, 2010
For those interested this article appeared on www.wcbs880.com on Monday April 5th,2010 under the heading

"New Dispute Over Boy Brought to New Jersey from Brazil"

HADDONFIELD, N.J.(AP)-- The grandmother of a boy brought from Brazil to his father's New Jersey home to resolve an international abduction case is complaining that she's not allowed to see the child.

Silvana Bianchi told Brazil's Globo TV on Sunday night that her grandson's human rights are being violated.

The Brazilian woman and her husband arrived in New Jersey last month with hopes of visiting 9-year-old Sean Goldman.

His father, David Goldman, brought him home on Dec. 24 after a five-year international custody battle. The U.S. Congress and Brazil's Supreme Court weighed in on the case, and the presidents of the two countries discussed it when they met last year.

The boy's mother, Bruna Bianchi, took the child to her native Brazil in 2004. There, she divorced Goldman and eventually married a Rio de Janeiro lawyer. After she died giving birth to a daughter in 2008, the abduction case started getting attention around the world.

Goldman traveled repeatedly to Brazil to visit his son. But he did not get to see the boy until U.S. Rep. Chris Smith, a Republican from New Jersey, began accompanying him last year.

At the time, Goldman consistently said that the boy's family in Brazil would be able to see him when the child returned to New Jersey.

When the handoff finally happened last December, Goldman denied Silvana Bianchi's request to board the private jet that flew the child and his father back to the U.S.

Goldman's lawyer, Patricia Apy, says the father is willing to give the boy's maternal grandparents access to the child in time, but he wants a mental health professional involved.

"We requested from Silvana and her husband in January that there be a process to deal with the ongoing family relationship, which is complex because David is getting to know Sean,'' Apy said.

"That was not a process that they were willing to be involved in.''

The couple, who previously owned a home in New Jersey, arrived last month and met with David Goldman and a mental health professional.

Apy said that after that meeting didn't result in immediate visitation, the couple filed an emergency application to see the boy.

A judge denied that emergency request last week on grounds that it didn't qualify as an emergency, and planned a hearing on the visitation matter for May.

Bianchi told Globo that she has not been allowed to speak on the phone with her grandson, who lived with her for much of his five years in Brazil, for more than a month.

"I told (Sean) we are doing everything we can to go visit him,'' she said. "I said 'I miss you very much.' He asked me,
'When will you come?'''

"I came here to try to hug my grandson, but I'm leaving with an empty hug, I was not able to see Sean,'' she said.

Their lawyer, Jonathan Wolfe, said the couple resorted to a court filing only because their other efforts to see the boy have been rebuffed. He said the grandparents are the boy's link to his late mother, his little sister and the culture in which he lived for half of his life.

"It's a sad situation; I think it's a terrible thing for this boy,'' Wolfe said. "You can't erase that side of his family.''

Apy said Sean is adjusting well to life with his father, and is doing well in school.

Apy said David Goldman would not grant interviews on the visitation issue. She said he also was seeking to keep the Bianchis from talking about it in the media.


São Paulo, Brazil

#118 Apr 5, 2010
As you see, it´s true the boy has been denied access to the Brazilian family he also loves! How can anyone conceive the idea of forcing the boy to cope with a sort of extemporary "adaptation"?
Adaptation to what? A healthy boy deserves to be happy with the 2 (two)families he has! It would be completely reasonable to allow him to live a normal life in NJ, meeting the Brazilian relatives and friends once in a while. He speaks both languages and should not forget the Brazilian Portuguese at all.
By the way, the same Hague Convention (used to give the boy back to his father) deals with the best for the children. It seems the Hague Convention must be used (again) in order to guarantee Sean´s rights (this time, due to his private imprisonnment in NJ).
Maybe Sean has been forced to think that his Brazilian family and friends don´t want to see him anymore. Maybe he has been induced to forget the Brazilian part of his life!
Impossible, folks. How could this precious boy ever forget the sunny Rio, the language of his mother, his little sister? No psychologists, no psychiatrists, no brainwashings will ever accomplish this, Mr. Goldman! Let your boy be happy!

São Paulo, Brazil

#119 Apr 23, 2010
Sean, does your father allow you to play in the Internet? Then I hope you find us here! Leave us a note, Sean. Tell us you´re OK. Why not?
God bless you, kid! Brazil will always love you!

São Paulo, Brazil

#120 May 24, 2010
Olá, Sean, os jornais brasileiros disseram que amanhã, dia 25 será o seu aniversário. Happy birthday, Sean! Não conheço vc, mas conheço a sua história. Parece que as pessoas desistiram de escrever aqui, pensando que está tudo bem com vc...Não pode estar tudo bem, quando vc está impedido de ver a sua família brasileira! Espero que o governo brasileiro intervenha para defendê-lo o mais rápido possível, e que os Estados Unidos permitam o seu acesso às pessoas que vc ama. Receba o meu carinho, Sean.

Hillsborough, NJ

#122 May 1, 2011
BTW, Dateline is doing a follow up on this story on May 8, 2011 at 7pm EST. David wrote a book - you can buy it at amazon. It's called "A Father's Love" - it's on the bookshelves on May 9 - the initials reviews are very good so far!!!

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