Get it right!
We never think of our indigenous brethrens as discernably different from one another. All the problems are colonial legacies. We are struggling to shake off the shackles of colonialism.
SuuKyi Aris is crap.
She is totally irrelrvant. She had been the biggest obstacle to unity, democracy and progress for all Burma.
The other craps are the holier-than-thou Bamar craps and a tiny number of extremist ethnics advocating balkanisation of Burma, alongside DVB and IRRAWSDDY.
Welcome back our sisterZippora Sein to the fold. Many Kayins are more loyal to Burma than the Bamar stupid Panglongists are. Why on earth do they want to obey the dictate of dead Evil Clement Attlee?
It really beggars belief.
All Burma, unite now!