English attitude towards Burma is in sharp contrast to France's attitude towards Mali. France colonised Mali towards the end of the 19th century about the same time as England colonised Burma.
However, England continued to practise divide-and-rule in Burma politically and in terms of religion. Christian colonialism continues still today, especially amongst the least developed of ethnic groups, in a predominantly Buddhist Burma.
Upon becoming independent, Burma was beset by
communists, insurgency and the legacies of colonialism;Mali like Burma, like most
former colonies survived only by means of military government.
France assisted the Malian govetnment in quelling the Malian rebels and Jahadists, which is the right thing to do.
England's approach to Burma is completely oppsite. Instead of helping Burma consolidate its statehood, England continues with the age old policy of divide-and-rule, whilst having created a puppet leadet Aung San Suu Kyi, who had married an Englishman called Michael Aris. England had also supported the military usurper General Ne Win of late and his repressive military regime that bankrupted Burma.
England is genetically malevolent towards Burma as it is towards Scotland, the last major English colony.
Now, England is threatening Burma with the prospect of reimposing EU sanctions on Burma.
Very wrong policy. It is supporting the Kachin rebels; the stance that is diagonally opposite to that of France towards Mali.
If England is not prepared to help Burma consolidate its sovereignty, then it should not obstruct Burma's own efforts to quell the rebels.
It proves that Burma cannot afford to drop its guards against continuing or neo-colonialism of England. Burma needs to stay close to China and Russia.
England, instead of staying trapped in colonist mindset insofar as Burma is concerned, should engage with Burma by encouraging English investment and transfer of knowhow to its former cololony in order to benefit for a long time.
Despite England's colonial meddling, Burma has been most cordial to England, assisting the project to recover the spitfires.
England should think outside the box of colonial mentality, learning from France.