FOX6 Investigators: Supportive Commun...

FOX6 Investigators: Supportive Community Service Corporate Guardian...

There are 24 comments on the Fox6 story from Jul 21, 2010, titled FOX6 Investigators: Supportive Community Service Corporate Guardian.... In it, Fox6 reports that:

Ruth Collins was declared 'incompetent' by Judge Mel Flanagan before the county filed a guardianship case in probate court.

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#1 Jul 22, 2010
Even if one has a plan set-up for an estate, there are always reasons and opportunity for another persons quest for your assets, to be redistributed against your wishes.

It is amazing, how many schemes and legal errors, will rid you of your life-long assets accumulated for the benefit to your old age, or dedicate to someone you love.

It is a disgrace, that the goverment does not involve itself in the protection of the elderly. All the present laws, without enforcement, are not worth the paper it is written on.

Best of Luck to you and the family,

Another victim

Prior Lake, MN

#2 Jul 22, 2010
It does not matter if you have a power of attorney document drawn up - the courts and guardians find ways to work around that and secretly rush Emergency Guardianship hearings thru the court system - without contacting family. Currently there are too many loop holes available and the professional guardians and lawyers know them all. That is what happened to my mother - she had POA's drawn up and the court ignored them and appointed a total stranger as her guardian. It cost her $25k in 3 months before we could stop it. When will our politicians standup for the elderly?

Tyrone, PA

#3 Jul 22, 2010
Guardianship corruption runs rampid. No one is safe from their clutches and they can and will steal your entire estate. Florida is one of the worst... my mother a resident and domicile of PA went to Florida with my sibling to visit and has yet to be returned home. We have a court appointed guardian and numerous lawyers at 300.00 per hour. We're close to 100,000.00 in legal fees with the court appointed guardian fighting to keep mom in criminal confinement in the state of Florida!

Washington, VT

#4 Jul 22, 2010
Power of attorney documents will not protect an elder from exploitation. My father had all his documents drawn up in order, but the attorney who wrote them betrayed him and sponsored 3 other family members who forced him into a guardianship to gain control of his money. The judge went against state law to remove his documents to accomplish that. As a ward of the state, his decisions are now made by the guardians, and he no longer has basic civil rights. He has lost ownership of his property, he has been deprived of family contact, and has suffered injury and lack of food, while the guardians hold his money back for their own inheritance.
Another victim

Placerville, CA

#5 Jul 22, 2010
Same experience in California. Lawyers, guardians and associates milk the conservatee's state. They stop when when the accounts are empty. Then, they deliver the coservatee to Welfare and Medicaid.
To challenge their fees you have to hire a new lawyer, whose fees, in turn, will add additional charges.
There has to be a better way!
Another Pa victim

Scranton, PA

#6 Jul 22, 2010
Durable Power of Attorney is the equivalent of toilet paper in the Probate Court, known as the "Candy Store" to probate insiders. A common end to the so called "guardianship", actually it's "ownership" is the (deliberate_ when assets are gone), dehydration & starvation of the elder, which is called "a natural death by old age". My mother's lasted 5 yrs. til the the above described end. As an American, it was an unimaginable experience. Then again look at the profiteers: corporate nursing facility chains, pharmaceutical industry, mortgage/real estate insiders, BAR Assoc., et al. Once you do in depth research on the scheme, it's easy to see why laws are not enforced & no end is in sight.

Tyrone, PA

#7 Jul 23, 2010
All you victims be sure to join NASGA
At the National Association to Stop Guardianship Abuse (NASGA) you will find MANY victims and may even find some help... I did!
Rudy Bush

United States

#8 Jul 23, 2010
This seems to be a nationwide organized racketeering method of stealing elder property utilizing Human Services power and false reports, and judicial abuse of power. It is done with impunity and immunity. In Colorado the court ordered guardianship, conservatorship, and trustee, and their lawyers in violation of the trust document which was designed to prevent this, took under false pretense,$1 Million from my mother, Silvia Bush Tessaadri, in 7 years, from 2003 - 2010, while Judge Munsinger, Jefferson County, denied access to information that my mother is competent and being forcibly drugged without informed consent with the elder killer drug Zyprexa (this drug was reported by Fox News a causing heart attack in the elderly) to cover her competency up. After my mother's $1 Million was taken, much of it for the guardian's lawyer, Marcia O'Brien, to fight my mother's right to independent evaluation, my mother's home sold for below market, to be sold a few months later for above market. Then, with mom's resources gone, the guardian, Anne Grasee,L.C.S.W.(licensed clinical social worker), the conservator, Michael Beutz,(Jefferson County Public Administrator) and the trustee, Wells Fargo Bank quit on May 3, 2010 and were immediately given immunity by Judge Munsinger without his allowing even a hearing on granting them immunity. Rudy Bush [email protected]
Elaine Renoire

Vincennes, IN

#9 Jul 23, 2010
Thank you, Bryan Polcyn, for shining a bright light into the darkness of guardianship abuse.

Guardianship wards are stripped of all rights: the right to decide where to live and whom to associate with, how to spend (or save) ones own money, to accept or refuse medical treatment --or even ask for a second opinion, marry, vote, etc. Most important, wards are stripped of the right to complain.

With the fox guarding the henhouse and the hens muzzled, guardians and their attorneys can easily unjustly enrich themselves at the expense and to the detriment of the very person they have been court-appointed to protect.

Many wards are forcibly taken from their homes and isolated in nursing facilities against their will - and family is not permitted to visit or have information or input regarding medical “care.” Wards die prematurely - alone and afraid. The devastation victims and families suffer at the hands of the system haunts them for the rest of their lives.

And where do the victims go for help? Many go to the AG, only to be turned away because the abuse has been court-sanctioned. Convicted felons have more rights than guardianship wards.

NASGA is an organization of victims and families working to expose and end unlawful and abusive guardianships/conservatorships -- a growing national epidemic.

Visit NASGA at , or NASGA’s blog at for more information.

Elaine Renoire
Maritza Torrent

Miami, FL

#10 Jul 24, 2010
My mother and I have also been victimized by Judge Maria M. Korvick the Administrative Judge at the guardianship/probate dictrict court at Miami-Dade County, Florida. She appointed three(3) people to determine if my mother who had been in a rehab. center was incompetent or not,after I had tried to take mother out of the rehab. center ( aginst my brother's wishes) and I had compaint to the Department of Children and Families of mother abuse at this particular Center... After years of trying to become mother's legal guardian, ignored,having been insulted, belittled, humiliated, and forbidded from visiting my mother unless I was supervised by someone the court appointed guardian to the Person (my mother),had choosen- a friend- to whom I had to pay for "her services", I was finally appointed Guardian of my mother. By this time,all the characters in this macabre play had spend all of my mother's assests- the worth of her home and personal belongings. One of them, an attorney who was representing the court appointed "Guardian of the Property" my brother who has been in a psychiatric dissability for over 10 years (against Florida States and with the Judge's Knowledge),was at the time, the president of the Dade County Guardianship Program ,and to whose agency the judge had given guardianship AFTER they "spend her down to medicaid". The agency's supervisor, filed a legal document stating that mother was an indigent...and all personal information was noted with a N/A, although the agency's attorney, present in all hearings, and paid from mothers' assesets was well aware of who mother was, and what she had prior to filling the above indigency legal document...
The three (3) people appointed to determine incapacity- I found out years later - were 1.a professor at a local university, 2.a layman, and 3. a phychiatrist who was supposed to have gone along with them but had NOT done so, never talked,saw or examined mother...Please log on to the National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse, and click on victims. If you think this will never happened to you, I would advice you to get involved with NASGA and find what YOU can do to help. NO living-will, power of attorney, or any kind of legal paper, will protect you...the judge/law is on their side...
StopGuardianAbus e

Randolph, MA

#11 Jul 27, 2010
Preparing estate planning documents isn't enough to save a family member from the same fate as Ruth Colins, because there are judges out there who will IGNORE those documents and appoint nonprofits and lawyers to manage the estate instead. This story is one of only many. We must wonder: when a judge allows this type of unnecessary fee-billing "plunder," what's in it for him or her?

Remember Judge Conahan in PA? He just pleaded guilty to a criminal case worth 20 years in jail, for unnecessarily putting children in care of a facility which paid kickbacks. And part of that process was gross violation of civil rights.

The lesson to be learned about estate planning is this: when a lawyer offers to prepare advance directives, ask whether they will be there to defend those documents should guardianship be threatened.

Mount Prospect, IL

#12 Jul 28, 2010
Who are 'they' protecing? Themselves, team probate that's who.

Follow the $$ sign and the votes, the special interest groups and lobbyists who bribe the folks who write the laws.

Closed / sealed files are a sneaky way to keep inquiring minds and peering eyes away while the supposedly protected 'ward' is turned into a product to generate mega bucks for the pals of probate.

Missing and misleasing false mandatory accounting and inventories is a reality.

In our Rock County temporary guardianship case the missing documents and amount of 'embezzled' money is not contained in the temporary guardianship case file which is 100% misleading especially since the temporary guardian was sentenced to: 2 years in PRISON with mandatory restitution, but no one would know it by looking at the guardianship file.

Since: Apr 09

Houston, TX

#13 Jul 30, 2010
Another victim wrote:
Same experience in California. Lawyers, guardians and associates milk the conservatee's state. They stop when when the accounts are empty. Then, they deliver the coservatee to Welfare and Medicaid.
To challenge their fees you have to hire a new lawyer, whose fees, in turn, will add additional charges.
There has to be a better way!
Almost 1000 people have signed our petition to stop elder abuse and guardianship abuse at


Since: Apr 09

Houston, TX

#14 Jul 30, 2010


Latifa Ring

Houston, TX

#15 Aug 2, 2010
Please see our petition at
988 people have signed the petition to stop elder abuse and guardianship abuse.
Many have told similar stories of financial exploitation through guardianships.

Someone needs to send this video to Senator Kohl who chairs the Senate Special Committee on Aging. I know he is interested in addressing this issue.
this is what going

Marion, OH

#16 Aug 4, 2010
we need help to my Grandmother is in a home to she dont like it she has 2 homes to live in and kids to takecare of her help us
Betty Brown

Mentor, OH

#17 Aug 5, 2010
this is exactly what my good 94 yr old friend asked this when APS stole her, we are not done w/it yet. We put up over 11 videos of this assault on my ohchannel

we put too much faith in the attys and they turned on her, as they see a good income from keeping her in, period. Great link above, thanks, BB

PS< Now we are banding together to stop this assault and right the wrongs. See and join up at our site, using the People's Power - Nationwide

Antioch, CA

#18 Aug 9, 2010
This is disgusting! Unfortunately, Crimes like this happen all the time, and often the perpetrators are county employees! The Santa Clara County Public Guardian's office in San Jose, California is an example of a corrupt government agency! Something needs to be done!
Gloria Jean Sykes

Chicago, IL

#20 Jul 6, 2011
My Mother, Mary G. Sykes filed a verified petition for an order of protection against Carolyn Toerpe, my sister, and in retaliation Toerpe filed a petition for Guardian of Mother's estate. Mother's primary Doctor refuses to sign the competency report, reporting to Toerpe and the Court that Mother 'instructed" him not to, as she 'makes sense' out of any conversation, so Judge Maureen E. Connors instructs Toerpe to 'find a doctor who will" sign the CCP 211. Toerpe then accuses me, the youngest daughter, of being the abuser -- in fact, even Mother's sister, Yolanda Bakken, 80, who has a form of MD, is accused of abusing Toerpe and every family and friend who mother loves and trust are denied access to Mother. Mother objects to the Guardianship and is denied an attorney. Without notice, a hearing, due process, the "Fox" Carolyn Toerpe is appointed Mother's protector--Plenary Guardian-- and ****. The fox is now guarding (isolating) the hen, imagine that, and to silence Mother, she is drugged, lied to, and *** all the classic signs of Elder Abuse, and the Judge, Connor, is promoted to the Appellate Court. Court sanction guardianship abuse because it's business as usual. Elders and people with disabilities are discarded like trash on the road, but only after their money is gone. In the Sykes case, my sister wiped mother out long before she filed for Guardianship and then convinced the court that I stole the money from mother. Need I say more? I'v gone through 6 attorneys and about $200,000 to protect my assets, my home and my mother, and as a pro se litigant, I have also been denied my civil and human rights, so much so, when I had witnesses to testify, they were escorted into the hall and I was escorted into a small room behind the court, chained with handcuffs to a metal chair, my freedoms threatened (Cook county jail) and the life of my companion healing dog threatened (Cook county kill shelter) if I didn't tell where my health funds were. Those funds and all my assets have been seized, because Carolyn Toerpe said that they belong to Mother. Even a blind, challenged child could determine that Toerpe, who told the court that she is a PhD, psychologist,(she's not), is a classic elder abuser. But then, to investigate Toerpe would mean a loss of income for the lawyers and TWO Guardians Ad Litem still on the case. Go figure. FYI, everything my mother sought the Order of PRotection against Carolyn to stop, Toerpe is doing, including selling Mother's home, and looting her assets. I've asked the court to turn the case over to the Illinois States Attorney Office for an investigation. I havaen't been able to visit with my mother since March 2011, even though the court has instructed Toerpe to allow visitation: Toerpe, however, doesn't have to comply with court orders.
Not too late

Plainview, NY

#21 Feb 6, 2012
Having the same issues with my mother's facility. Thanks for the info. Hope it's not too late for us.

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