Is Wisconsin a place that encourages/...
Nazi Hunter

Hinckley, IL

#92 Feb 25, 2013

Dalbir Singh Murdered: Another Sikh Killed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (the most segregated and racist city in America.)

Another Sikh has been murdered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Fifty-six-year-old Dalbir Singh regularly attended the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin, the same gurdwara where white supremacist Wade Michael Page opened fire and killed six members of the congregation.

This latest murder comes in the wake of the largest tragedy in Sikh American history, and community members are openly wondering whether the murder of Dalbir Singh is connected to the massacre that took place in the same town just ten days prior. While the Sikhs of Milwaukee publicly expressed their gratitude for the outpouring of support from around the world, the community does not seem entirely surprised. In fact, some individuals had privately reported that they had received additional threats.

For example, less than a week after the temple shootings, a member of the Oak Creek Sikh community stopped his car at an intersection next to a pickup truck. The driver of the truck looked at the Sikh American, manipulated his thumb and pointer-finger to make the shape of a gun, and pulled the trigger while mouthing the words "This isn't over yet."

Nazi Hunter

Hinckley, IL

#93 Feb 25, 2013

One of our key failures is our inability to identify the source of these problems. By framing the Oak Creek massacre as an isolated incident, we delude ourselves into thinking of it as a randomized event carried out by a troubled individual. However, if we place the gurdwara shooting within its broader context, we can clearly see that it fits a troubling pattern of hate and bigotry within the Wisconsin area.
FIB Hater

Racine, WI

#94 Feb 28, 2013
Worry about the cesspool you reside in moron. I say we go to war with Shitago and give the state back to the actual caring residents of Illinois. Shitago is the reason Ill is one of the 11 states that has more people on welfare than working..

Tragedy happens, crazy people live in every state, they come from every nationality and ever color. The only hate groups we have here are those who move up from our southern border, i dont mean all the flatlanders, just the FIB's. Even those in your own state want to rid it of your ilk.

The people of Wisconsin still morn the loss of their Sikh brethren, we always will.
FIB Hater

Racine, WI

#95 Feb 28, 2013
Have any proof Milwaukee is the most segregated city in the country? No? Then STFU and go back to masturbating to interracial midget pr0n in your moms basement.

I happen to know some of the family of those involved in the temple shooting. For you to use them in this manner is absolutely disgusting, if you were human you would feel shame..

Im even ashamed to be part of the same species as you. If you are going to troll at least learn how to use a proxy you absolute waste of life.

Reston, VA

#96 Feb 28, 2013
How sad that someone would use such a tragedy to push racial hate. You sir, Nazi Hunter, are of the lowest level of humanity.
Nazi Hunter

Oswego, IL

#97 Mar 6, 2013
Milwaukee is the most segregated city in the US according to the 2010 census.

You sir, don't know who your Wisconsin neighbors are.(And I would bet you are a white male.)
Nazi Hunter

Oswego, IL

#98 Mar 6, 2013
BTW, proxy boy, those words were written by Simran Jeet Singh in the Huffington Post on August 17, 2012.

Read the whole article - SH.
Nazi Hunter

Oswego, IL

#99 Mar 6, 2013
Learn to use google... proxy boy... and STFU.


Checking Jesse Jackson's claim that Milwaukee is nation's most segregated city

Pro-Sprawl, Anti-Transit Policies Help Make Milwaukee the Most Segregated

Findings suggest that Milwaukee is the most segregated city in the U.S.

Milwaukee area tops Brookings segregation study of census data
Nazi Hunter

Oswego, IL

#100 Mar 6, 2013
LetLuvRule, Sir. Would you do me a kindness and explain what FIB means?

(I know what it means. I also know that every Wisconsin child learns it at about 14 or younger. It is a term used to indoctrinate people into a world of hatred and bigotry. Although every good Wisconsinite would say it is harmless fun.)

So... Please, sir, Mr. LetLuvRule, Sir.

Explain what FIB means?
Nazi Hunter

Oswego, IL

#101 Mar 6, 2013
Simran Jeet Singh,
Posted August 17, 2012

Given the Islamophobic sentiment raging throughout modern America, we cannot afford to view the pattern of bigotry in this country as disparate, random acts. While the assailant's intent in murdering Dalbir Singh remains to be determined, the very fact that we are considering hate as a possible motive speaks volumes about the condition of our nation. We're in trouble. The nationwide desecration of mosques and the terrorizing of Sikhs in Milwaukee are symptoms of a larger problem. Determining the source of these symptoms has become an urgent and pressing need.

We can no longer just hope for improvement.

The questions hovering over Dalbir Singh's death point to a deep societal problem, and while we celebrate his life and begin to move forward, let us ask ourselves a difficult but necessary question: what are we doing to identify the source of these symptoms so that we can address the underlying problem?

Hartland, WI

#102 Mar 9, 2013
Nazi Hunter wrote:
Milwaukee is the most segregated city in the US according to the 2010 census.
You sir, don't know who your Wisconsin neighbors are.(And I would bet you are a white male.)
I do in fact know my neighbors as ive lived here my entire life and no i am not white you racist POS. One man says something and they somehow speak for the entire population of Sikh people? You are a complete idiot. I know many in the Sikh community, worked side by side with them for decades and none of them feel as you describe. You are a sad little half human.

Proxy Boy? I need no proxy, it isnt my fault if this site uses a broken geo-location system. Dont hide behind some lame as anon name, bring your stupid ass up here and start spewing your bile in public you pathetic waste of life. I just hope im there to watch someone knock that chip off your shoulder. Pu$$y
Nazi Hunter

Oswego, IL

#103 Mar 10, 2013
Have you signed this petition? Proxy boy.

The Sikh Coalition notes with disappointment that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) refuses to track and document hate crimes against Sikhs. We therefore call upon the entire Sikh community to sign a petition to the Justice Department demanding that crimes against Sikhs be accurately documented.

Hartland, WI

#104 Mar 10, 2013
Nazi Hunter wrote:
Have you signed this petition? Proxy boy.
The Sikh Coalition notes with disappointment that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) refuses to track and document hate crimes against Sikhs. We therefore call upon the entire Sikh community to sign a petition to the Justice Department demanding that crimes against Sikhs be accurately documented.
I bet it is difficult to breath with all that hate in your heart. Why? Why so much hate? Does it make you feel better to insult people, assume ridiculous things and hate? As i said i have known many in the Sikh community and i assure you they would not want you to speak for them in anyway what so ever. Last year we laid to rest an old friend named Joginder Singh Jutley, he was Sikh, a boxing coach, a mentor, a loving father and an all around great man. I know for certain what his words would be to you, "Why do you hate"? He asked me this question several times throughout my life as i once hated, perhaps not like you but i hated. He didnt just ask me this question but he taught me why this kind of hate is bad, it consumes everything in ones life, the hate drives us in the wrong direction.

Tell me sir, what is the difference between your hate and the hate that drove this insane individual to commit this horrible act? There is none, no difference at all. You show the same racism you pretend to battle, the same hate you pretend to fight. You cannot fight this kind of hate with more hate you must fight it with love and knowledge, this is what Joginder taught me and he was one of the wisest men ive ever known.

I apologize for acting out so harshly towards you, i just wanted to get your attention but as i continued to read your posts i felt that hate well up inside me again because your words reminded me of whom i used to be, i dont hate who i used to be but i do not like him.

Did i sign a petition for a corrupt government to do nothing? No, i did not. I was there for my friends when this tragedy happened, my family and i went to the local Sikh temple and we mourned with them and gave them our support. This is how we chose to deal with the awful events. How did you honor them? With hate? There is no honor in hate at all.
Nazi Hunter

Hinckley, IL

#105 Mar 12, 2013
Why do I hate? Because there are bullies. Because there is injustice. Because their are people who harm the weak just because they are weak. Because six immigrants lay dead on their grounds of worship on August 5, 2012 in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.

"Besides the crime which consists in violating the laws, and varying from the right rule of reason ... a particular right to seek reparation from him that hath done it.

And any other person who finds it just may also join with him that is injured,

and assist him in recovering from the offender so much as may make satisfaction for the harm he hath suffered."

- John Locke

This is my thesis:

Wisconsin is qazi-racist state. Because of it large German population and culture it was the home to many WWII Nazis and is currently the home of many White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis. Wisconsin's culture tolerates and even promotes discrimination.

I present ten facts to support this thesis. Each fact contains a link to the source of the information to provide some credibility. If you believe any of these facts are in error, please point it out. If you believe my thesis is flawed, please point it out.

If you want to make your point by racist name calling, or simply dismissing that facts and calling them ridiculous, well... I would enjoy responding to that also.
Nazi Hunter

Hinckley, IL

#106 Mar 12, 2013
1) Before WWII, a Nazi youth camp was built and opperated in Grafton, Wisconsin 18 miles north of Milwaukee off of U. S. Highway 141.

The camp educated children in the German language, German history and Nazi philosophy. The organization brashly promoted the same anti-Semitism of the Third Reich. The Bund even spawned several incidents of violence against Jewish-Americans and Jewish-owned businesses.
Nazi Hunter

Hinckley, IL

#107 Mar 12, 2013
2) After WWII many nazi's imigrated to the United States.

"One of OSI's ealry Directors hypothesized in 1984 that approximately 10,000 Nazi persecuters had emigrated to the United States." - The Office of Special Investigations: Striving for Accountability in the Aftermath of the Holocaust
Nazi Hunter

Hinckley, IL

#108 Mar 12, 2013
3) Josias Kumpf, a former Nazi concentration-camp guard, was deported from Wisconsin in late 2009.

Kumpf served at the Sachsenhausen concentration camp in Germany and the Trawniki labor camp in Poland. While at Trawniki in 1943, Kumpf participated in the mass shooting of 8,000 Jewish men, women, and children as his job was to watch for victims that had not died immediately and prevent them from escaping. By his own admission, Kumpf was given orders to stand guard and shoot surviving prisoners of the massacre.

Kumpf is the third person in the Eastern District of Wisconsin to be ordered deported because of lies about his service as a concentration camp guard.

An article written by Grameme Zielinski of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal on Nov 27, 2003 protrayed Kumpf as a victim. The title of the article was "Man says he was in fear during Nazi service."
Nazi Hunter

Hinckley, IL

#109 Mar 12, 2013
4) There are still some WWII era Nazis in Wisconsin.

A story about a Wisconsin Nazi - Jeffrey (George) Winter

Walter Auer, 77-year old Wisconsin resident, is a former member of the Germany Army. He recalled what’s brought him to the cozy and protected hamlet of Elcho, Wisconsin.

His memories began with recollections of an innocent childhood that had grown more difficult as the Jewish economic “war” on Germany took hold in the 1930s.

“You know,” he said,“At that time, it was not that Hitler had out and out decided to exterminate Jews but that the Jews had basically boycotted German business and industry.”
“In fact,” he noted,“There was an effort to not necessarily rid the nation of Jews but instead to allow them passage to whatever country would have them so as to deflect the financial wounds the boycott was having.”
“But no one would take them,” he added,“Because they didn’t want to open themselves up to the same type of economic infliction.”

Eighty-seven-year-old Theodor Junker says he doesn't want any trouble. The retired farmer and ex-Waffen SS soldier just wants to tend quietly to his Hitler memorial, which lies off a single-lane gravel path deep in the woods of southern Wisconsin.

But trouble is what he got in August, when five carloads of neo-Nazis pulled onto his property to pay respects to Junker and his shrine. Junker, who emigrated to the United States from Germany in 1955, does not yet have a zoning permit to host "large events" as defined by the county and was summarily fined $2,000 for allowing about 25 members of the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement (NSM) to gather at his memorial. According to the court judgment, the money will be returned if Junker does not violate zoning regulations within the next year.,859...
Nazi Hunter

Hinckley, IL

#110 Mar 12, 2013
5) Wisconsin has high concentrations of German population.

"It is interesting, but certainly not surprising, to observe that the first areas of German settlement still have a high percentage of the state's German ancestry population. Seventy-three percent of Calument County's population claims German ancestry, the population of Washington and Dog Counties are 68 and 67 percent German, respectively. Other counties that were more than 60 percent German in 1860 and today remain more that 60 percent German are Fond du Lac, Sheboygan, Jefferson, Tayler, and Manitowaoc. Although every county has residents who claim German ancestry, this population's distribution today is strongly associated with the Germans' early history of migration." - Atlas of Ethnic Diversity in Wisconsin.
Nazi Hunter

Hinckley, IL

#111 Mar 12, 2013
6) The American Nazi party (renamed the new order) is headquartered in New Berlin, Wisconsin.

The New Order is a successor organization to the original American Nazi Party. In the mid-1980s they relocated the group's headquarters to a secluded 88-acre rural property called "Nordland" in New Berlin, Wisconsin. It maintains a web page and a Milwaukee, Wisconsin post office box. (Neo-Nazi_group)

Just before noon on Friday, Aug. 25, 1967, George Lincoln Rockwell, the founder of the American Nazi Party was shoot and killed.

Rockwell's successor, Matthias Koehl Jr., known as Matt Koehl, was born January 22, 1935 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin of Hungarian immigrants of German descent. Koehl joined the American Nazi Party in 1960.

In 1982, it was announced that the organization was changing its name to the New Order and moving to the Midwest (later settling in New Berlin, Wis.). Forty percent of New Berlin, WI is German heritage.

Currently, Koehl lives on the aforementioned 80-acre estate describe by Milwaukee Sentinel staff writer Tim Cuprisin as "quite nice". There are two structures on this property, a smaller house that can be seen from the road then Koehl's private domain which is reached by following a gravel road past the smaller house.

Matthias Koehl Jr.(January 22, 1935-), known as Matt Koehl, is the leader of a self-defined religious organization now called the New Order but formerly known as the American Nazi Party.

Born January 22, 1935 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin of Hungarian immigrants of German descent, he studied journalism at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee[1] and served in the U.S. Marine Corps. He joined James Madole's National Renaissance Party, the United White Party, and the National States' Rights Party before joining the American Nazi Party in 1960.

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