Curry Trial Verdict: Daniel Curry fou...

Curry Trial Verdict: Daniel Curry found guilty of Michael Ward'...

There are 42 comments on the Fox6 story from Feb 22, 2010, titled Curry Trial Verdict: Daniel Curry found guilty of Michael Ward'.... In it, Fox6 reports that:

A Milwaukee jury returns a verdict in a case of a fatal punch thrown outside of a bar.

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a reader

United States

#21 Mar 12, 2010
Someone that knows Curry wrote:
<quoted text>
First off how can you say that because Danny made a mistake, that everyone that knows him is bad, you didn't know him and you don't know me. Yes I know Curry, but I have never done jail/prison time and I am in college when I'm done with this class next year I will have two degrees. I can almost but you don't, But that don't matter to me I just wish that you all would know all of what your talking about before you say the things you say. Just Like a lot of you all say he should just rote in prison, because Curry took those little girls dad away but you guys all what to take Dannys little girl and little boys dad away as well. So what did them baby's do to any of you. Yes I would understand if they gave him some time in, because a man lost his life. Mr Curry does not deserve to rote or do 22 years.
First of all everyone has their own opinion and second no one "killed" Dannny. People are very upset with this situation and they wanted to see justice. You state that you will be graduating from college, okay thats all good and everything, but what diference does that make? Did Danny have a college degree? Are you stating the people making these statements do not have a college degree, because if you are you need to think twice. Like it was stated earlier Danny may not have "wanted" to kill but he did even if it was one blow, that one blow is the reason why he is in prison. For his little ones and wife/girlfriend they need to be happy he is still "alive." It will be up to those children if they decide to or not to have anything to do with their father, not society and their opinions. Yes I will agree some people are taking this very personal but I truly cannot blame them I would too.
Currys Aunts friend

Milwaukee, WI

#22 Mar 13, 2010
May Curry, the murderer, rot in prison.

Kimberly, WI

#23 Mar 14, 2010
yall judgin curry i know him.i know that it is a fact that he did not mean to kill that man it was one punch come on he didnt know he even had that much powerr come on now
I know Danny

Milwaukee, WI

#25 Mar 28, 2010
Whether you like you people who are saying Danny didn't mean to do that's a load of garbage. Danny has been prison bound for many, many years through his own choice. He deserves the full sentence with no chance for parole. I have no symapathy for him. What let him out on the streets so he can continie to harass and terrorize people? He got by with for too many yhears as it was. If Danny was such a loving husband and father what was he doing out on the streets at that time of the morning? Danny cared about Danny and that's it. He is and always was a low life and so was his pal JJ. The neighborhood, I'm sure is celebrating that fact that will no longer be able to terrorize it again. Rot in Danny. You earned it, pathetic disgrace for a human being.
I despise Danny

Milwaukee, WI

#26 Mar 28, 2010
Rot in jail Danny. You need a life sentence just as you have given the innocent victims for so many years and when he were found guilty, in that video, he had the audacity to have a grin on his face. Trust me folks, that judge is going to remember that. He showed no remorse at all. Five young girls without a father and a family with no husband, son, bother, uncle or aunt. Danny not being able to see his children was through his actions and choice. They will live their knowing their father is a murderer. I do honestly hope that although in his trial they could not bring up his past criminal record but at the sentencing hearing they will be able to do that. Enjoy your stay in prison. He's a sorry poor excuse of a human being and always was. Who knows, maybe he can hook up with his friend JJ because if he's not in prison, he will be. Let the big boys in the big house show him a few things. Knock Danny right off his pedestal. Enjoy Danny, I know I am. Rot in jail!
out of state just heard

Milwaukee, WI

#27 Mar 28, 2010
Danny has been a sore thumb in that neighborhood for many years. He could never act alone, always had his cohorts with him. Danny deserves whatever he gets. For all of these he's basically been slapped on the hand for his criminal behavior, well not anymore. He disgusts me and I hope he gets the maximum sentence that can be given. No parole. For whoever said Danny was going to church, what a joke that is. You think people that know Danny will believe that? Danny should have been home with his family instead of walking the streets looking for trouble, like he did everyday of basically his whole life.
bets in the neighborhood

Milwaukee, WI

#28 Mar 28, 2010
We always said Danny would kill someone one day. Well now he has. He needs to be given a life sentence for this act he chose to commit. He needs to rot for the rest of his sick, pathetic life. He was always a punk and a trouble maker from the very first time I laid eyes on him. Can you imagine this lowlife being a father? Those kids are much better off without him and I feel the mother of these kids has to have some issues of her own. I'm sure she knew what Danny was all about. How could she not? He sure gave his kids something to be proud of didn't he? I don't think Danny went one day for so many years without causing a problem. Danny is the most disgusting, vile person, I have ever met and I'm happy he's jail bound for many years. Rot Danny rot for the rest of the sick, twisted, so called life you've led.
bets in the neighborhood

Milwaukee, WI

#29 Mar 28, 2010
Someone that knows Curry wrote:
I know what it feels like to lose a loved one to one shot and he is dead and they meant to do it. But that still does not make me feel that Mr. Curry should do know 22 years in prison he did not mean to kill that man and know one can say he did it was one punch they didn't jump him are anything like that. That is the big thing that I don't understand you all act is though he wanted this man to die and I know that is not what he wanted. So no I don't know his five girls or wife and yes my heart goes out to them but him sitting 22 years is not going to bring him back and now I have a question to you all do you think that when you make a mistake that you should have to do time in prison if something that you didn't mean to happen did happen.
Just to let you know there whoever you are, Danny deserves every single day he gets. Danny didn't mean it? Oh woe is me. Did Danny not mean any of the terrorizing he did in that neighborhood for so many years and basically got a slap on the hand? It's about time this punk gets his due. He always thought things were so funny, is he laughing now? His legacy for his own kids will be, my dad is a murderer. How nice. You talk about bringing "that man" back, well listen up pal "that man" would be here today if it wasn't for Danny. Danny is and always will be the lowest of the low. You need to deal with the fact that Danny is getting his just dues. If you truly know Danny, you certainly know what kind of person he has been for the biggest majority of his worthless life and you expect people to feel pity for him?? Rot in jail Daniel Curry, you've now gotten what you have deserved for many years.

New Berlin, WI

#30 Apr 30, 2010
I have been waiting a long time to comment on this trial. All it took was some intoxicated "thugs" that were just looking for trouble. Daniel Curry murdered Mike Ward and that is a fact .. no exception. I look at Curry past CRIMINAL record and it justifies all 21 years .. if not more. If is hard to me to accept any phrase when someone says "he was a good boy".
As for Curry's thug friends and their CRIMINAL records, I hope justice is severed.

Milwaukee, WI

#31 Apr 30, 2010
Lynn wrote:
<quoted text> I can't believe that you know Danny. An up bringing means a lot. How are you raised. Comes from parents not young punks like Danny, Robby. Church ya right. What church? You mean the bar or the drug house on the corner don't you. Danny belongs in jail for the rest of his life. This is not the first time he has been in trouble and when and if he gets out he will be the same mean old bad Danny. Robby can join him in jail also for the rest of his life. The area is much better with Danny and Robby gone. To bad they did't move out of state instead of moving out ot town.
I know danny n i no the ward kids. Danny hasnt alwayz been the bad kid as every1 makes him out to be. he use to be a nice kids that got along with everyone but fell into the wrong crowd. Everyone makes mistakes n has to live with it n this was one of danny's. Danny kids have to deal with what he did there will be no father in their lives now.
N for the ward family my heart gos out to them when i see the youngest daughter she just makes me smile she is doin so well for losin her best friend.

Milwaukee, WI

#32 Apr 30, 2010
Dont get me wrong am glad that danny is actually gettin the time but wat about robbie he should be up there rite along with danny. now every1 in the neighborhood can finally relax JJ Danny n Robbie will be gone for a while, about time huh.

Milwaukee, WI

#33 Apr 30, 2010
reading all these thing about our neighborhood goin to be better now that they r gone is funny becasue they moved out of our neighborhood i while ago.

Sheboygan, WI

#34 May 3, 2010
you all can sit here and talk about danny and how bad he is cause he was out. What aboutn Ward he has not one or two daughters but he has five and that is the main thing you keep saying, okay why was he not at home with his kids instead of in the bar. Do you not think there is a problem here basically it is ok for some people (people you know) to be in a bar at two in the morning.

Brookfield, WI

#36 May 21, 2010
I hope that SOB dies in a prison beating. SCUM !
Send him and the other F*ckbags who murdered Michael Ward to a southern chain gang where they can be worked to death !
The more brutal and savage, the better.
Just being me

Green Bay, WI

#37 Jul 7, 2010
ummmm wrote:
<quoted text>
So you must be a friend of Curry's. As you know he is a bad person and has been since day look. Look at his brother. The up bringing from his parents. Where were they while Daniel and his brother were growing up. Out at the bars.
Dear Ummm....
Just out of curiosity, how do you know that Daniel was a bad person from day one? what about his brother anyways? And do you really know his parents were at the bars while these two were raised? NO, you dont! so I suggest if your going to make statements about this unfortunate situation, u get all the facts correct first. Thank you.

Milwaukee, WI

#38 Feb 20, 2011
Well maybe ward an his buddies shouldn't of done what they did an chased them in that ally an tried to jump Danny an his friends he was defending himself ward didn't deserve to die that sucks that it happened but he made the choice to be in that ally that night so late when he has 5 daughters an a family an ward an his buddies should just got there a** beat an that would-be the end of it i now exactly what happen that night ward an his buddies went after curry an the people he was with they ward an party now what really happened men punching woman in the face an everything else the whole situation is disgusting from both parties
his wife

United States

#39 Feb 3, 2013
Well to all of u talkin crazy none of u lived his life n went thru wut he went thru I've known danny for ten years and tho wut he did was wrong he is sorry and is learning from his mistake. But 22 years sorry to bust your bubble more like 10 years left but parole in 3 to5. So rottt I don't think so.
Old friend

United States

#40 Feb 4, 2013
his wife wrote:
Well to all of u talkin crazy none of u lived his life n went thru wut he went thru I've known danny for ten years and tho wut he did was wrong he is sorry and is learning from his mistake. But 22 years sorry to bust your bubble more like 10 years left but parole in 3 to5. So rottt I don't think so.
You tell them but people just like to talk crap and do not even know the whole story. People need to think about how many times have they punched someone in their life they never thought that they would die. Anyone that knows Danny knows that he did not intend to kill that man with ONE punch. I Do hope Danny does get out a lot sooner then he is suppose to cause he shouldn't even be in there as long as he is.
criminals are stupid

Madison, WI

#41 Nov 29, 2014
Q-man wrote:
Curry wuz a frend uv mine. He had just founds a jobs aftr scool and waz on hiz way to church whens dhe devil tooks contol. This is nots justise.
Wow you are a brilliant linguist. I'm not surprised you are friends

Milwaukee, WI

#42 Feb 9, 2015
I personally know both Danny and the mother of his little girl. He never cared about anyone but himself. When he wasn't in jail he never spent time with his child. He was out on parole when this terrible crime occurred. He deserves the time he got and should've got longer. As for those talking poorly about the mother of his daughter, she was trying to get away from him for years prior to him being put in prison. He wouldn't let her though because he would threaten her life and I know she was terrified on account she would hide out at my house on numerous occasions from him. She has never let her daughter visit this murderer or even receive a phone call from him. Danny has tried to take her to court to fight for visitation to be court ordered but has lost which is best for the little girl. And she isn't without a father. Someone stepped up and treats her better than Danny ever did or ever would have. There was no hope for him and he was either going to end up where he is or dead. To all of those who are "sticking up for him" you were the ones running right along with him. Maybe not that night but defending him just shows what kind of people you are! And if you knew him so well you would know that he would beat the mother of his child, steal from family, and manipulate anyone who wasn't on his team. Disgusts me to know that there are people out there that don't think he deserves to be where he is. EVERYONE is better off. Especially his children!!!!

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