I'd like to take a few moments to express how deeply dissapointed I was with this film. First of all, golden circle or whatever company that tried to rake in profits by Falsely Advertising this movie, for being based on true events, should be sued or stripped of their license. I Payed 11$ and wasted 2 hours watching a split screens of nonsense. For legal reasons, This film should have been called "Encounters of the imaginary kind".I do hope that actions will be taken to prevent any such tacticts in the future. I even dare you folks to go and do the research for yourself. Basically, From what I've read, it's sufficient to say that this story is not based on real events and that even no psychologist by the name of Abigail Tyler even exists. This movie was portrayed as a legitimate documentary of sorts and it being my very first attempt at this genra in a long while I coudn't be more outraged.
yours truly