The food here was ok for about the first three months. but they serve the same thing every week. I can tell you what's on the menu for the rest of the deployment. Now everything is starting to taste the same so we have to mix and match things to make it different. Right now I like to get the burger patty, grilled cheese sammage, pastrami from the sammage bar, and crispy lettus. but Rarely do they have the grilled cheese and the pastrami, so its hit or miss. Imagine eating at Wendy's three times a day, 7 days a week and that's about what it is like here. Sometimes they have Lasagna, and that's usually pretty decent. They can't cook chinese food for squat here. But i do eat a lot of salad here, as they can't seem to screw that up.

What I wouldn't give for a nice juicy porterhouse steak! There's a little hole in the wall place by fort Campbell that has the BEST steaks. That's the first place I'm going when I get back, right after I shower and make sure my house is all right.