I do not live in Weston, nor do I live in Missouri, but as I saw the story of these wonderful men and women on CNN's homepage I knew I wanted to say something to them. So if anyone out there is from Weston, thank you. As the wife of a soldier currently deployed, I find it amazingly refreshing that there are still people who believe in our soldiers enough to shelter their families in a time of need. My husband does what this fallen soldier did: give us the right to our own opinion and the ability to voice that opinion, protecting this great nation from those who would take away that right. Thank you again for showing the rest of the nation that there are still people who believe in our country, who support our armed forces and aren't afraid to show it. I feel for the loss of the family and the community and hope that should I ever face that loss, my community rises up as yours did.

Thank you,

A wife of a soldier