I don't think the military can learn anything from civilian courts except how the justice system fails a lot of people. The civilian courts are overcrowded as it is and back logged to an unreasonable point of control. Custody rights for parents and more are now on the back logged issues. There are so many things wrong with the civilian court system, it is beyond repair.
Yes, there are real military issues here. This issue with PTSD and trauma have increased beyond anyone's knowledge of what to do to help. War is hell but that's what war is all about. Some survive, some don't but wearing a uniform to defend your country is more than just an image. Soldiers are expendable, congress will tell you that but won't admit to it. PTSD and related trauma have been called many names but little treatment and turning this over to a civilian court only makes for more politics. Do you really trust your civilian court after what you read in the news now a days?
The military needs to look at what war does to men and get them prepared to face it. Society has created such an emotional state that being a real soldier is all about wearing a uniform. We praise the uniform and give a flag for the family of the dead but the truth is that was is a reality and these are the consequences of war. The military should start looking at what we need to do state side to take care of our soldiers her in the USA and defending OUR nation, not countries where we are not appreciated or wanted. We need to bring back a purpose defending your nation and fully understanding the consequences of what we defend. National Guard defend our cities and they suffer casualties because of the horrors they face. All soldiers face this horror of death and the battle scars that go with wearing a uniform. A military court has rules in place to face the reality of what a soldier faces and understanding the contract the soldier signs. Soldiers need to toughen up and face what they wear the uniform for. The reality of military life and adjustment afterwards is hard for the military soldier. It's not all about just wearing a uniform and waving a flag!