I read Glaspers's let's beautify Adelanto article again and I am stunned he would suggest one of his goals is to make everything more uniform. I think Charley has been chasing certain voters and politicians a bit too much and has lost vision of his duty as a public official. Adelanto is diverse (and it is not a military base). Yes, Adelanto has some low income areas (but the rest of the County is just now catching up to the realization they are a couple of paychecks away from having just as little). People need to live at the means they have (government could learn from that). I really hope Charley does not try and make everything uniform so that it oppresses the lower income and poor in HIS community. The proposed or hoped-for deal making with Lewis Homes bothers me--its almost as if Charley is selling out his constituency so he can get some concessions out of Lewis that the City can't afford for things the City has been able to do without. I think I know why Charley endorsed Mitzelfelt when he ran for supervisor--he's no less be-owning to the developer dollar.