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New Brunswick, NJ

#41 Nov 20, 2007
Hey. I'm 16 and soon life really about to start and I've been thinkin of some military branch for a while now. But I have food allergies, and the other branches don't want me because of them. So I was wondering if anyone knew about joining the Coast Guard with having food allergies. If anyone knew it'd be very helpful in trying to figure out if I should keep the idea in mind or shift course to something else. Thanks.

Lutz, FL

#42 May 6, 2008
most services don't mind misdemeanors, joining i thought my hit and run would affect the navy but i didn't at all, and thats a serious charge! the coast guard is a smaller branch so there is a chance that they will look at it, but most likely it will just take a little longer in the process not for sure withdraw your chances!
chris wrote:
im 23 and have thought of joining the military since i new what it was as a kid. i have a DUI and it has messed up enough of my life as it is. i was wondering if anyone can give me a little more insight on this and affects in joining the coast guard. i have been on and off in college and am tired of the rollercoaster ride doing well in classes like math and science and bombing the required pointless classes i am forced to take. i like result and i know i can get that from the military instead of waiting for them in school i am just ready to make the jump and sign. my drive is insane and i am willing to do just about anything, people have said it doesnt matter some say they wont even think about me i just would like some final say in it......

Lutz, FL

#43 May 6, 2008
the coast guard being a smaller branch looks more into detail, than the other armed forces, so it's more of a poosibility that they will reject you if the other branches did also, you might get far enough to go through a process called MEPS (military examimination process services) and they basically do everything in their power to find ways to reject people. thats their job...i wouldn't count on it.
Scott wrote:
Hey. I'm 16 and soon life really about to start and I've been thinkin of some military branch for a while now. But I have food allergies, and the other branches don't want me because of them. So I was wondering if anyone knew about joining the Coast Guard with having food allergies. If anyone knew it'd be very helpful in trying to figure out if I should keep the idea in mind or shift course to something else. Thanks.
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#44 Aug 22, 2008
I am joining the Coast Guard, but I am trying to change my surname to a Korean version of my English adopted surname. Will this hurt my chances in any way of joining the caost guard if I change my surname? Just wondering, thanks.

Asia/Pacific Region

#45 Dec 23, 2008
uscg rec wrote: are right about having a hard time getting in if you have a criminal history however, there is no waiting list for people with just degrees. people with hs diplomas are shipping out, i just processed 3 out this past week. get ur facts straight
My son had a dui 4 years ago as a juvy and recently recied another at 21, is there any hope for him. He scored 77 on the asvab. He is trying to get the last one reduced or the juvy one expunged. Please answer with any suggestions.

Celina, TX

#46 Jan 15, 2009
mwhite981 wrote:
<quoted text>
My son had a dui 4 years ago as a juvy and recently recied another at 21, is there any hope for him. He scored 77 on the asvab. He is trying to get the last one reduced or the juvy one expunged. Please answer with any suggestions.
Mwhite, the CG is very serious about drinking they will kick a newby out of the military if caught drinking within the first 6 months and after that they only get 1 chance as the second time they are kicking them out. This would be a more specific question for a recruiter and I would suggest asking the question at or . Both sites have some recruiters and normally you get very quick responses. I hope this finds you since it is a little old.

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#47 Jan 28, 2009
I herd that if you join the coast guard they will pay for collage and that theres only a slim chance of u going to that true?
I want to be in the coast guard but do not want to go to war, i am 18, i am a girl and graduating in may 2009, i'm a B-C average student and speak fluent spanish if that helps.I dont have the money for collage and even if i did i dont know what career i would want.I want to make something of myself and not just graduate not knowing what to do....the coast guard seems like a good choise and once im done with that i would probably figure out what i want to do in the future.Do u think this is a good choice for me to take??? and if so is it hard to get in??what are some things i can do to help me get accepted?

Celina, TX

#48 Jan 28, 2009
Stacy, yes the Coast Guard will pay for your college with the new GI bill $45000+ in addition to housing and some new additions. Plus you can get up to $4500 every year for tuition if you would like to take classes while still active. Many coasties are getting their degrees and even masters while on active duty.

The Coast Guard has been involved in every major war to date but your chances of going are very slim.

My son also does not really know what he wants to do and I am strongly encouraging him in the direction of the Coast Guard as I can not see many downsides in Joining...Many positives for a young person to join. I personally feel it would be on of the best decision you could make for yourself to join the Coast Guard.

You can find lots of young adults going through the process, thinking about joining, who have joined and the parents of these young adults at that you can ask questions and get lots of information from.

Be safe and I wish you the best.

Mansfield, OH

#49 Jan 29, 2009
I am a 20 year old, my main interests for a career would be firefighting. I would really like to become a firefighter sometime. I have considered joining a military branch, and believe me I have done my research on each and every branch. The coast guard seems nice because they dont play the train and wait for war game. You use your skills everyday. I saw on the Coast Guard Academy website, that you can not have any current debts. Is that the case with the actual Coast Guard? I also have always been very active... playing for traveling soccer teams and running track throughout high school.

How long do you normally have to wait before getting shipped to basic? I would like to get it done and start my career!

I will be contacting a recruiter very soon. Hopefully I can get a jump on my career!

Mansfield, OH

#50 Jan 29, 2009

Celina, TX

#51 Jan 30, 2009
Tom, time to ship date can and does vary from person to person. I have heard anywhere from 3 months to 8 months be pretty normal and it all depends on your history ability to gather up all of your medical records and get your paperwork completed the work load of your local recruiting office and space available at Cape May. If interested and wish to leave sooner then later you need to contact your recruiter today and stat the process

Debt is relevant and becomes a concern if you are overly in debt compared to your income ratio. If you only have some normal depts here should be no problems.

I believe the Coast Guard would be a great career for you and I cannot wait for my sonís high school graduation so that he can head off to Cape May.

I wish you the very best.

If you are interested in becoming a firefighter for the great state of texas go to and send me a PM (private message) and I would be happy to send you a spread sheet with all the paying fire departments web links on it. Garland is not currently hiring, but Dallas is in a major hiring spree up in the hundreds. My screen name there is also captkyguy.

Kyle Morris
Training Captain
Garland Fire Department

Celina, TX

#52 Jan 30, 2009
jeff wrote:
???? what is your question?

Bonita Springs, FL

#53 Feb 20, 2009
IM 19 years old and going into the guard as soon as possible...i however just reciently got pulled over while driving under the influence..i lost my license for six monthes but did not recieve a DUI. the officer said it wasnt concidered criminal it was traffic...does anyone know if this will affect me getting into the coast guard.

Celina, TX

#54 Feb 21, 2009
It will not help any.

Please contact your local recruiter

Please drive responsibly!

Titusville, FL

#55 Feb 24, 2009
I'm 21 years old and I really want to join the coast guard. I have a clean record and am a hard worker. The only draw back I have is that I'm 6 ft 225 pounds, so I'm over the weight requirements. Is it possible to do all the prerequisites and be put on a waiting list while I try to get into better shape? Thanks.

Celina, TX

#56 Feb 24, 2009
Tim, I would suggest contacting you local recruiter to know exactly what prerequisites you can do while loosing the required weight.

For sure you can start gathering any and all medical records you have for any and all things, i.e. broken bones, counseling, ADD, surgeries, asthma, eye problems, etc. just to mention a few possibilities.

I am not sure if they will let you do the medical pre-screen as you would be DQ for being over weight so you will need to contact the recruiter to know what you can do for sure.

You will need to plan on being a minimum of 5 to 10 pounds under weight for the recruiter from what I have been told and discovered in my research for my son.

If you have any serious debt you can start getting that cleared up as well as that is also a DQ if it is over a certain ratio. Cannot remember exactly the number thinking like 30% but guessing, did not pay to close attention to those threads as it did not pertain to my son.

Sorry I could not be of more help but you may find a little more helpful and much quicker responses.

I sincerely wish you the best.

Brick, NJ

#57 Jul 5, 2009
I am 20 and got busted with a DUI when i was 19 i went to court and was put into a program called A.R.D. which is accelerated resdistribution program which i completed and has the DUI expunged from my record, although this dui is expunged will it hurt my chances of joining and being allowed in, also i have a tattoo on my right wrist and should, i have heard they frown on tattoos, if any one could give me some answers that wud be awsome.

Blue Ridge, TX

#58 Jul 5, 2009
The DUI even though expunged is still on your permanent record to which the Coast Guard or any other military branch will know about. You would have to talk directly to a recruiter to know if it was going to be a problem.

The tattoo on your wrist is going to be a deal breaker I am afraid. All tattoos on the wrist or hand are an automatic disqualification for the Coast Guard. Below is the tattoo policy for your review.

I wish you the very best in all your future endeavors.

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#60 Aug 19, 2009
Hello, I'm 18 years old currently a high school grad. I always wanted to join a military branch. I been referred to the UNITED STATES COST GUARD. Before anything I need some help answering a few question I have. How many years do i have to enlist to be in the USCG. What do i have to do to become a fire fighter. What school will i attend to? Job opportunities? And where will i be stationed at.
IF anyone can help answer these questions feel free to email me at [email protected]

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#62 Aug 21, 2009

For some reason this did not post earlier...very confused.


Enlistment for all branches is the same...8 years.

That is 4 years active and 4 years inactive reserve ready IRR. In IRR you are only on standby if something really bad happens and they need already trained personnel otherwise you live a normal civilian life.

Firefighters for the Coat Guard are very limited and I believe it is a volunteer and seniority type of basis to get firefighter (very hard but not impossible) to get on your first 4 years.

Boot Camp training is held at TRACEN Cape May NJ and is 8 weeks long. After that you will have a few months to pick what job you would like and then attend that school to learn that trade and then back out to the fleet to perform those duties.

I encourage you to visit lots of great people over there to help answer all of your questions...

Please check out these links

I hope that helps some.


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