Roandoak of God near Morro Bay: Group...

Roandoak of God near Morro Bay: Group home under fire

There are 41 comments on the story from Jun 7, 2009, titled Roandoak of God near Morro Bay: Group home under fire. In it, reports that:

As the county attempts to bring Dan De Vaul and his errant ranch in line, a second front has sprung up in the code enforcement wars, this one also involving an old structure housing down-on-their-luck people.

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Poplar Bluff, MO

#22 Dec 13, 2012
Kathy wrote:
I got there the day before Galebs wife's funeral. I was drug addicted, homeless, fatherless. He took me, spent alot of time with me, prayed with me, clothed and fed me. I was a complete train wreck.
What he did saved my life from certain death. Though I have made poor choices the true christians that lived there at the time were genuine. Fishing supplied the food and electrical needs, we all worked hard. It was a commune that needed help, lots of it, but it saved my soul. For that the ground is truely sacred.
its me Danny im 50 now remember me as a kid? ask me any question you want to be sure

Poplar Bluff, MO

#23 Dec 13, 2012
Racheal was a beautiful woman she turned me on to god. I stop and still think of her and Ruth. I dont remember her earthly name. i ate acid and climbed Black Mountain. Ruth saved me. When i crashed on my bike near the showers and broke my ribs Isreal helped me we prayed and i was healed. Those were the days i remember.this was no cult this was this was being a christian.

Ceres, CA

#24 Jan 2, 2013
I moved there in 1983 while attending CalPoly SLO.
I liked the genuiness of the matured born-again ex-hippy leaders. I respected them for their lack of religiousity & obvious love for Jesus Christ & the Bible.They came from a generation I trusted & was sort of awed by.
While I found the appearance of the commune to be somewhat strange, it was refreshing & allowed me to focus on learning the Bible & feeling like I was part of something important. Looking back, I can see that I arrived on the cusp of the Jesus Movement of the 80's. I have memories of going to see Mario Murillo, Amy Grant & Phil Keaggy with a group from the commune. These people shared not only the current Christian culture with me, but taught me a lot about feeding the homeless & living by faith in God.
I have happy memories of learning to depend on prayer for food, clothing & everything else. I learned more at Roandoak than I would have at a more formal Christian school or university.
I am quite grateful for God's goodness in allowing me to be in such a unique place. I raised my now grown kids on stories of the commune. My son is a missionary with YWAM & my daughter manages a Christian bookstore.
God is smart! I feel that my 3 year stay at Roandoak of God was a gift tailor made for me!

Benton City, WA

#25 Jan 2, 2013
thank you for all the positive comments about Galeb he was awesome.

if you were at roandoak there are alot of pictures around

find me on facebook and search for roandoak...

have a prosperous new year, God Bless
liz herbner

United States

#26 Mar 7, 2013
I was there 1990 me and my ex husband John Khan my kids holly Eldon I got pregnant for amber there I had good times and bad there John was an alcoholic they tried to help him I
remember Galen

United States

#27 Jul 22, 2013
Wow, this place was there in 1987 when I lived in that area. It was in bad shape at that time. I would hope that in that length of time it would have been cleaned up some. People living in broken down campers, buses, buildings in bad shape....sad. It was a place for anyone that needed a temporary place to say, but I do have to say that at the time, there were many people that made my skin crawl and did not feel safe being around with my small children. Nice that people had somewhere to go, but back then some of the "elders" were a bit over zealous on having people hand over their entire welfare, social security, or other type checks to help the "cause". I see a reason for some funds, but all? Especially for the conditions. A nice thing to have a roof of some sort over your head if you needed one though.

Auburn, WA

#28 Nov 1, 2013
I was a permanent member at Roandoak while Galeb was head Pastor. I use to love it there, until the day i went with a members husband to shower in town and he tried to rape me. I went to tell Galeb about it and he brought me into the new church in the big house. as i began to tell him what happened, he started touching my breast. world shattered. I know since he did this to me he did it to others. shame on u Galeb and I hope u repented. I was young :(

Albuquerque, NM

#29 Mar 17, 2014
it was a cult and Galeb was a cult leader. I lived there from 84-88. I had a lot of good times. Made some good friends. I worked on a fishing boat, the Fresno, with a guy named Able.
It was a cult because Galebs word was God's word. He told of visions and dreams and so on. He once told me he sat on a log and had a conversation with the Apostle Paul. He told him that he devil put, The gifts and callings of God are without repentance in the bible. He was kind, generous and funny but he was also a liar and not a true Christian. He was nuts!

Bellingham, WA

#30 Jun 21, 2014
My best friend and I stayed at Roandoak for a month in the summer of 1973. It was the height of the "Jesus People" movement and mostly what they were doing was helping runaways and drifter hitchhiker types. At the time there was a small 1 bedroom, ranch style house with a big dining room running along the back of the house. Galeb Ashurst & his wife lived in the house and about 50 people lived, hippy style, in tents or sheds on the property. My friend & I slept in the VW camper van we were driving. Some people worked at regular jobs off the property and every one else was expected to do some kind of work on the commune, like gardening, tending to animals or cooking the 3 daily meals. There was only one toilet and shower for all 50 people, but I don't remember there ever being a problem with having to wait in line to use the bathroom. I wouldn't have wanted to spend the rest of my life at Roandoak, but it was a good experience for the tail end of the hippy era. There was a Bible study & church service every day, which was right down our alley, so we enjoyed it there.

San Francisco, CA

#31 Jul 7, 2014
I was a runaway living on the streets in southern California being raped by every gay man that offered me a safe place to sleep for a night. yeah right, safe my ass, as soon as I was asleep, I end up being raped.
if it wasn't for Roanoke, I probably would have been killed.

thanks to roanoak I learned many job skills, painting, landscaping, framing, farming. cooking.
i became a commercial fisherman.
establishing a career for myself.

I have seen more good come out of this place then any other organizations.

roanoak was not a occult, these were good people living within Gods Laws.

of course they had their ups and downs,
this is how Lucifer throws temptations,
some people were weak, others were strong.

this summer im turning 45, no tattoos, clean driving record,
I owe Roanoak my life! they saved my life. thank you.

I miss standing around the fire drum singing songs with my fellow Christians.

San Francisco, CA

#32 Jul 7, 2014
@ mark, I was living at Roanoke between 84 90,
the only mark I knew was a drunk. caught a boat on fire on dry dock at the ranch.

Able, ran the Saint Rita, and the Corridor, a very good captain.
he did not run the Fresno. talk about a liar.

Ben. is who ran the Fresno
he had the most biggest strongest hands I ever saw.
a good man,. the Fresno didn't fish very much, it was hard to find decent men who would work for 20dollars a week.
I was assigned to the boat 'Jenny', with Timothy Keith.
I was happy with my 20 dollars. knowing the rest went to help others
in need to have a free place to eat sleep and clean their butts.

this commune has help more people with
unlimited housing food and clothing,

really shame on all those who mock this place,
what can you expect from a nation filled with back stabbers. , my website and blog,
true story's I will be writing of the filth generated by LGBT community!
DaveCrewSaintRit aIn87

Winston, OR

#34 Dec 18, 2014
More comments in favor than against so this place was successful. Clearly the money collected wasn't spent to build a mega church.
Wes Oliphant ran the f/v Saint Rita in '86 to '90 with Ed as one of the deckhands. Ed still lives in MB.
Dave Burch skippered f/v Correggidor at that time period. This would have been a successful time for the commune.
All churches want money and preach about it all the time. In retrospect this place gave people a place. What was their (the people) alternative?..the street. Abuses sadly happen in organizations, I'm seeing there is more positive in this thread.
Is this place still going? I'd rather tithe a working comune with a god fearing theme than a church that uses the money to have a sleek building built on the backs of people that could use the right kind of help through training/education/fellowship.
If there still was this place and it received financial support via tithing from folks that have benefited from roandoke who would demand a progress report for their tithe, maybe the positives would grow.

Great Falls, MT

#35 Jul 2, 2015
My husband, myself and our 4 children stayed at Roandoak during the early 90's. My children went to school at the public schools in Morro Bay and loved it. We were never asked to hand over our income (meager though it may have been) and we came and went as we pleased as a family. There were several times that we donated food to the kitchen and it was not at anyone's insistence or even suggestion. We wanted to contribute. We stayed in our own family room. The children loved playing with all the other kids staying there. The one thing I will say is that we did not appreciate the goose that was on the property because it wanted to go after people. We were asked if we wanted to become elders and we declined because we were not certain that we were going to stay for long. After about 6 months, we left and a year later we came back because we had felt welcomed and at home there. What a change that had occurred. We were being temporarily housed in the chapel while waiting for a family room. I had decided to do some Bible Study classes for the children and one day a male resident came in and exposed himself to the children. I immediately called the police and because I was attempting to protect the children from this possible pedophile by calling the police, we were told we had to leave and if we didn't my husband was facing being beaten or killed by the elders.
At one time Roandoak was a wonderful place. The changes that occurred made in just one year's time made it a VERY non-Christian environment that I would never go back to again. It went from a wonderful Christian commune to a den of iniquity in a very short period of time.
I don't remember who was in charge either time and really don't care. I do remember a few people that were wonderful that were there when we were the first time. Especially Phillip. He was a very nice man and a wonderful brother in the Lord.
So I have mixed feelings about Roandoak. The Roandoak I lived at the first time was a wonderful Christian community that helped people and loved the Lord. The other Roandoak, was not.

Coos Bay, OR

#37 Jul 11, 2016
Linda wrote:
How times have changed since I was a resident at Roandoak.. I was 15 years old (40 years ago)when they took me in.. My Grandparents gave them guardianship.. I guess Roandoak was a good place back then.. They did give guidance, love, discipline, a semblance of structure, and security.. Then, I turned 16 they sent me to work.. I chopped weeds in thousands of acres of grape vineyard.. Then I was sent to help tear down a part of Vandenberg AFB.. None of which was an easy task for a 5ft. 95lb girl.. I never saw a dime, except you received 5$ a week if you worked away from the commune.. At one time I assisted in caring for the many animals raised to provide sustenance for their minon's.. Rabbit, poultry, goats, 2 horses for pleasure.. There was also a huge garden, and many fruit trees, and strawberries.. Back then newcomers (were) required to sign over all asset's if they decided to stay.. There was a women's dorm, and a men's dorm.. The married couples were allowed to (construct) their own shelters: ie. Campers, plywood and tin, and whatever was available.. Back then we were ok with the living conditions.. The women's dorm was warm, and comfortable.. The people loved one another, and were there for each other.. I wasn't there long, but the memories I do have (other than the manual labor)are all good ones.. Someone named Cornelius baptized me in Morro Bay.. I remember a girl named Gina.. We were friends, and lost track of the other after I left.. It saddens my heart knowing greed and money destroyed what was a down to Earth, loving place I called "Home" at one time in my life.. Love, Light, and Blessings to each of you..
What were the dates that you lived there? The years?

Honolulu, HI

#38 Aug 22, 2016
Telling the truth wrote:
More like a cult. Some time back I my son and my husband had gone there to seek temporary shelter, because we were between jobs and the leader of Roandoak said that the requirments in being able to stay there would be: They wanted control of bank accounts, car and we would have to sign anything of value over to them.
And said that the three of us would have to sleep in separate quarters, my son would have to school there and we would attend the church meetings and could not go off the premises withhout permission and we would have a chance to go to town in a group vehicle and we were not to say anything to anyone ever. Thinking quickly I then told them we would have to think it over. I will tell you this much I was looking in the rear view mirror and hoping and praying and could not get out of there fast enough This had same thought to us as the Jim Jones cult and it scared us.
Not long after that some jobs came through for us.
I was a resident sometime back and the owner was having sex with one of our elders wife for quite awhile calling it therapy and we told him he was to step down from being a pastor it was a mess for us young Christians
Mark Dickinson

Blue Springs, MO

#40 Jan 12, 2017
I was a member there from 84-88. It was an interesting time, and a good one. I believe now that it was a cult with a few true Christians. I fell in love with Miriam Weaver, real name Theresa but she was an elder and 3 years older than I so nothing became of it. I was also a commercial fisherman. I started out on the Fresno and worked on the Corrigadore also with David Burch as skipper.
The commune broke up after finding out that Galeb was having an affair.
Like I said, it was a cult, but it was also a carefree time for me and I have a lot of good memories

Louisville, CO

#41 Apr 2, 2017
I was there back in 2002-2003. It was great. Everybody there was awesome and friendly. Now Bill Wolfe the governor at that time was so spun out that he did allot of stupid things and sometimes ended up hurting people but all around he was harmless. I wanted to kick his teeth in a time or two. I did have much of a family and the people of that place took me in. I did allot of healing there... And allot of fighting the powers that be. The new guy Joseph is a lying fake scumbag just like everyone is saying. He had a bodyguard when he first arrived and kicked all the good people out. He is not a Christan at all. Hey Bill.. Phuk you old man lol. I forgive you though after these years that pasted. Allot of pos moved in towards the end or they was brought in. I wish it was still going because it's potential to help people is there.

Yukon, OK

#42 Apr 9, 2017
Joseph Goodwin wrote:
Joseph Goodwin is not what he claims to be. He and his son Levi, Steve Sharp and a few others intimidate and harass anyone who stands up to tell the truth about his intentions. He has fraudulently appointed himself as governor of the property that was designed to be a rescue mission. The people that the property was truly designed to help were replaced by those who can afford to stay and are easy prey for their agenda. Personally I was assaulted and harassed. They broke into my place, killed my livestock and boldly stole my possessions. They went on a vicious slander campaign against me attacking all they could. Joseph Goodwin is a con artist claiming to be a Christian. He and Steve Sharp hide behind "the Lord" they don't walk with him. If you stand for the truth then stand against Joseph Goodwin.
Yep your right. Joseph did the same thing to me.

Louisville, CO

#43 Apr 9, 2017
Heather wrote:
I lived there between 2000-2002. It was my mom, my sister, and I. My mother was never forced and never did provide any personal account information or control of anything she owned. We lived there when Bill Wolfe was there and when the new guy came and took over. and through both of the men in charge neither of them wanted to know or even care about needed control of accounts. I was in high school. ALL of the kids there went to public school there in morro bay. the county bus picked us up at the end of the road and took us to school. We were never schooled on the premises. There were a few parents that chose home school but that was thier personal choice. As for the dormitory issues. Due to it being a religious commune then no if you are not legally married woman and children stayed seperate from the men. And that was to protect the safety of everyone. I had a wonderful time and met a lot of people there. We grew together spirutually and matured into young adults there. We were more than welcome to come and go as we pleased. And the children were always top prority. They took us on outings to theme parks, movies, the beach, just to go hang out in town, and we even explored other churches in los osos. So has to the whole Jim Jones cult thing maybe you should read your facts about what happened. Roandoak nor the new name of that place is any way or shape NOT A CULT. It is everyday average people helping each other out to grow personally and spirutally. And they are more than happy to see you leave get your own place and prosper in life. People really should not judge what they do not know.
And<quoted text>
I remember you Heather. You and your sister and your mom. I was there back in 2002-2003

Mt Meadows Area, CA

#44 Oct 14, 2017
Hello brothers and sisters from Bella Vista California; it`s Ben, Beangerman, Binjabin El Pesqueson ; but Benjamin is my name. I see all this attention given to Galeb Ashurst while I always looked to my sisters at Roandoak for leadership. I received true spiritual guidance from Juanita Rachel Ashurst from the scriptures. What on Earth would have happened without my wife,`Lizbeth, Miriam and all the rest of the Christian women under Rachel`s ministering? Yasss! Our community got brothers and sisters clean and sober and back to living productive lives, and getting it accomplished far better than SLO County programs And we spent far less money doing the Lord`s labor of Love. The commune office did a survey and discovered that Roandoak averaged over 1500 people per year visiting us for help. Holy cow; huh?

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