Survey: Bad leadership drives soldier...

Survey: Bad leadership drives soldiers to leave

There are 38 comments on the Army Times story from May 21, 2011, titled Survey: Bad leadership drives soldiers to leave. In it, Army Times reports that:

Poor leadership is driving soldiers to leave the Army, reinforcing the service's push to make leader development a top priority.

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Mrs Alm

Paso Robles, CA

#22 Jun 2, 2011
Thursday night late - so much to do today - I am starting to volunteer to help on a campaign to link up my County to a program to assist soldiers, families and veterans. Something anyone can do. While I await justice. Yesterday, ADM Mullen was interviewed and lamented that, "....If only the American people would embrace the soldiers - and understand the soldiers what they are going through...- there's too much separation between the American people and the soldiers". Words to that effect. Waa! Waa! Waa! ADM Mullen - you and the President and is it Congress? You are the ones who prevent pictures, video, and other camera equipment, at Andrews AFB when the Air Force transport planes arrive with the caskets everyday. That would be a real eye opener to start with, to see them unloaded and walked over to their awaiting hearses. Then he continued,"....If this breach cannot be closed, something bad is going to happen...". Again, words to that effect. Be specific, ADM Mullen, what "bad things" do you envision are going to happen? Two wars that last 10 years? Check. One out of two soldiers comes home with PTSD? Check. Twenty two suicides at Fort Hood in CY 2010? Check. An Army mental health doctor goes on a rampage, locks and loads and kills and wounds and disables our own Warriors on American soil at Fort Hood? Check. Quit being a "Dog Robber", ADM Mullen, and step up before you retire and describe exactly what it is you recommend that America do to better comfort and support our soldiers - where are the opportunities? I just read today that the widow of WWII hero Audie Murphy, worked at VA Hospital, Sepulveda, in Los Angeles, until age 87! She just died last year at age 90! Awesome! What can we do to help? Lead the way! Tell us now! I don't want to read about your woulda, coulda, shouldas in your memoirs.
Mrs Alm

Paso Robles, CA

#23 Jun 5, 2011
Last week was more somber news - this time from the civilian side - out in Alameda, CA, a poor suicidal guy walked out from shore into the Pacific Ocean and drowned himself. You saw the headlines - the firemen and para-medics were right there on shore and watched it all happen. Did they lift a finger to perform an intervention and rescue him? No. And, the Coast Guard said it was too shallow. I say bull! The firefighters said it was "against policy" to go out into the ocean. No one had a tinge of conscience? A human chain could not have been strung together maybe, huh? What if it had been one of the firefighter's kids or their spouse? Do you think they would have found a way to rescue the individual then? Oh, yeah. There should be no Army suicides, period. Why do they have to be "the cost of war"? Why? Twenty two of them at Hood last year? Disgusting. I thought we held ourselves to a higher standard in the Army? My issues continue with U.S. Army Recruiting Command (USAREC), Lt Gen Donald M Campbell's old haunt and the new haunt of MG David L Mann, the former Deputy and now CG at USAREC. Maybe I am haunting them, but for good cause! I have to look that up - was there an Army unit - "The Haunters"?
Mrs Alm

Paso Robles, CA

#24 Jun 5, 2011
I found something on line - not a U.S. Army unit - but a unit "Night Haunters". I have to research it more.
Mrs Alm

Paso Robles, CA

#25 Jun 8, 2011
"Bad Leadership Forces Soldiers to Leave the Army".
Again, that is the subject of the Army Times article above. Not too far away from Fort Hood, in Austin, TX, according to the local news station at , on April 7, 2011, just two months ago, an Army Recruiter from USAREC, was in custody for sexual assault of a new female recruit. According to an affadavit on file, the USAREC chain of command was notified by the alleged victim but USAREC did not alert Austin Police. And this alleged assault, occurred when the Army Recruiter went to her house alone under the pretense to "discuss an Army test". I hope this alleged victim gets justice. And, if these charges are false, I hope the Army Recruiter gets justice. And, I hope I receive justice in my claims against USAREC. And again, in USAREC's own report, which I will reference again, "Assessing Cultural Change in the United States Army Recruiting Command", 30 Mar 2009, which you can google and find online, it recommends, among other things, that USAREC be civilianized. The stress from previous multiple back to back deployments on some active duty detailed Army Recruiters, some suffering from PTSD, may cloud their judgement. The bottom line is that 60 days ago this news article stated that this Army Recruiter was in civilian law enforcement custody and that his own USAREC chain of command did not alert authorities, and there was an alleged cover up. That's what I am talking about, MG David L Mann, CG of USAREC in Fort Knox, KY!
Mrs Alm

United States

#26 Jun 8, 2011
U.S. Army Recruiting Command (USAREC) is a very stressful place to work (Google army recruiter suicides). On April 8, 2011, according to the Denver Post, a combat vet/Army Recruiter was on a plane at Denver International Airport (DIA) and allegedly "refused to turn off his cell phone and allegedly refused to accept responsibility while sitting in an exit row". So, allegedly he gets in a beef with two security guards and all three of them have injuries. Have you flown lately? He was probably tired from standing in a long slow line, going through the regular TSA groping, and the emptying of his pockets drama. So, he gets charged with a felony and taken to jail and then has to get bailed out. Again, USAREC has one study and report which recommends turning all these recruitment jobs over to civilians; how about "unemployed civilians". Then the 7,500 active Army recruiters can go back to their tactical Army jobs! But instead, on a regular basis, we have our Warrior Recruiters getting charged with various legal infractions when they need to de-compress from their deployments and recover from PTSD, if they have it, and not be placed in these stressful jobs. And what about USAREC Army civilians? Why are disabled employees treated like "second class federal civil servants", once we step into USAREC? Only the CG of USAREC knows that answer, CG, MG David L Mann.

National Whistleblower


Since: Sep 10


#27 Jun 11, 2011
I AM YHVH DEITY god translation government of deceivers. Worship your oppressor? Prophets for profit (group of deceivers) You pray and they prey. Free Will and Commonsense I AM YHVH DEITY
Mrs Alm

United States

#28 Jun 18, 2011
Please make sure you catch the current "Stars and Stripes"; check out the on line front page, running articles on "Military Suicides" and the effects of "bullying" by the chain of command, specifically Army suicides. Twenty four at Fort Hood in 2010, plus reportedly DOD suicides in May 2011 are way ahead of where they were a year ago. Rather than the enlisted and NCO's and Army civil servants paying the price, some by suicide ideation, or attempts and/or completions, and then others struggling as survivors of severe USAREC retaliation for speaking up, and complaining and filing complaints, why not let the Brass feel our pain? That is why I urge you to contact your U.S. Congressman or U.S. Senator and ask them to vote no on the confirmation of the nominee for Chairman of Joint Chiefs, GEN Martin Dempsey. Where was he as CG of TRADOC and over the subordinate commands USAAC/USAREC while the USAREC Recruiters were committing suicide and the USAREC Army civil servants are and were being retaliated against by the chain of command, who are/were all USAREC Army officers? How about MIA? USAREC has made examples out of NCO's - military members and Army civil servants - let's have the SECDEF and the Secretary of Army make an example out of the Army Brass. No confirmation for GEN Martin Dempsey.
Mrs Alm

United States

#29 Jun 18, 2011
The current CG at USAREC - let me remind you is MG David L Mann, who was also the former Deputy CG at USAREC. And Fort Hood, you now have the honor of Lt Gen Donald M Campbell, Jr., as your CG. He was formerly right before he came to you, the CG and the Deputy CG of USAREC. I am telling you - there is something about it that looks like "Army Recruiting" obtains favored status with Congress. Thar's gold in them thar quota numbers apparently for the Army Brass. Read the Stars and Stripes articles - finally a voice for emotionally struggling Army single soldiers and married soldiers alike, has emerged for you. Thank you Stars and Stipes. Thank you!

Livonia, LA

#30 Jun 21, 2011
its a shame that you seem to be the only one that cares!why i dont know but since colonel hackworth died no one talks for the soldiers?the brass is nothing today but a bunch of yes men scared shitless to speak out to superiors for fear of losing promotions!soldiers can die from this trend but its the only way these younger officers can get promotions?yes kiss ass is the way to make rank in todays military and the patins and mcauthers are a thing of the past!!
Mrs Alm

United States

#31 Jun 21, 2011
You make two, june. Go to Stars and Stripes - tonight. Look at their cover stories on Suicide and everything else. I don't know what motivated Stars and Stripes but God love 'em, or whatever your Higher Power may or may not be. The Army/USAREC has treated me and other employees and soldiers I know who speak up like dirt. Soldiers can attempt and commit suicide - Army/USAREC civil servants will get burned with extreme retaliation; that is a guarantee. It is too bad the soldiers don't have COL Hackworth anymore - I guess I'll be it for now in my small way. Thank you for your validation, june. The Army Officers I have observed are exactly as you depict them, june. It doesn't take a genius or a Rhodes Scholar to be an Officer - many of them come out of college with a 2.0 grade point average but you wouldn't know it from their peers - the ones I am familiar with back slap and support and cover for each other like they are gods. It's a totally delusional system. You can help june -contact your U S Senator or U S Congressman and ask them not to vote to confirm GEN Martin Dempsey for Chair of Joint Chiefs. He's supposed to be confirmed in October 2011 when his predecessor Mullen retires. Just cite his record over his subordinate Command, USAREC. All those suicides of the Recruiters and where is there any accountability? Is there any? Let Dempsey stay right where he is - Army Chief of Staff. The current CG at USAREC now is back for a second tour. He was there before as the Deputy CG! And he got promoted! CG MG David L Mann. Thank you, june.
Mrs Alm

Paso Robles, CA

#32 Jul 6, 2011
Dear POTUS: Thank you for agreeing that soldier/combat vets who commit suicide, as the result of their Army/military service, deserve your personal condolences as Commander-in-Chief. I know you have a backlog to sign - put away that automatic writing pen and start working personally on the stack of letters that need to go out to the families of USAREC Army Recruiters who have committed suicide since 2001, at least. Please send a coutesy copy to CG MG David L Mann, at USAREC, Fort Knox, KY; and, CG at Fort Hood, TX, Lt Gen Donald M Campbell, former CG of USAREC; Lt Gen Benjamin Freakley, CG of U S Army Accessions Command; and GEN Martin Dempsey, Army Chief of Staff, and formerly CG of TRADOC, over USAREC for the past three years, since 2008. Now nominated for Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. Connect the dots - Army recruiting + numbers = Big Brass promotions.

Chickasha, OK

#33 Oct 26, 2012
What is the RSID of the issue at hand?

Batchelor, LA

#34 Oct 31, 2012
mrs alm-fact is the big shots in the whitehouse talk but dont really care for our vets and present people in uniform!with the draw down coming they are looking for any excuse to rid the military of what they consider surplus soldiers!this is enlisted people and not higher officers?if they can get rid of carrer soldiers before they make 20 years they wont have to give them any retirement?look at how soldiers are treated,such as calling fort hood killings WORK PLACE VIOLENCE!unfortunately our prers.makes sure islamist prisoners are given better treatment than some of our own?they are too gutless to shave islamist hasan!~why?

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#35 Mar 21, 2013
MG Mann selected for LTG, and appointed as next Commander, United States Army Space and Missile Defense Command
Ridicule reprimand repeat

United States

#36 Apr 17, 2013
I love the Army, I love the US. I do not like the mismanagement, abuse of abuse of authority without knowledge of the positions. Recruiters have unbelievable expectation put on them, inadequate training (as the training that is provided is irrelevant for the position). This is fraud waste and abuse. People in high places think if they yell loud enough or force more mandatory training down this will correct the problem. It doesn't work. It is usually a band aid apprach to a large wound. The world is moving at the pace of 2013 yet the Army is stuck in 1975. Some of the documents and tools are from 1975 (i. It is sad. We cannot grow and change with the times and we fault people for wanting to join an organization that should never bend its principles but change its business practices to meet the changing times. I pray we can one day grow to learn that we have to grow inorder to learn!
Forging Americas Strength...with what I ask?

Warwick, RI

#37 Aug 14, 2014
Someone please help me! I'm stuck in a place where leadership is toxic
ArmyBrass Suck

Yucaipa, CA

#38 May 7, 2015
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Army GEN 4 Star, Marty Dempsey, will be retiring soon, but not soon enough. This do-little yes man and dog robber who whines while Army brass dine - sees himself as the "songster to the stars", as he shrieks out "Danny Boy", while his fellow Army brass, multiple war losers, cry into their soup and bawl into their beers. These old fossils need to retire en masse to make way for brighter minds and get these old bureaucrats and politicians out of the way. Marty needs to heel and toe it out of here pronto and take your dumb as dirt student with you - another phony and lousy officer - LTG David L Mann with you, the dud in command of Army Missile Command. You two kiss ups just beat it!
Army Sucks

Yucaipa, CA

#39 Jun 3, 2015
LTG David L. Mann might be in charge of Army Missile Command but I can assure you intellectually - he ain't no "rocket scientist". He's another Army brass idiot who was in charge at U S Army Recruiting Command, which any chimpanzee could very easily do - but in fact, I'm insulting chimpanzees now. He was in charge while Army recruiters/combat Vets committed suicide during these wars and he was involved in firing their whistleblower - because he and his army cronies - all as stupid as he is - did not have the brains to come up with a solution, nor the will.

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