Serbia marks anniversary of first All...

Serbia marks anniversary of first Allied victory of WW1

There are 381 comments on the B92 story from Aug 19, 2013, titled Serbia marks anniversary of first Allied victory of WW1. In it, B92 reports that:

Monday marks the 99th anniversary of the Battle of Cer, in which the Serbian Kingdom soldiers defended the country against the invading Austro-Hungarian forces.

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Surrey, Canada

#244 Sep 14, 2013
The Post’s View
Work on Syria’s chemical weapons should not preclude removing Assad
By Editorial Board,
From the above report, that characterizes it is tedious, because it will be troublesome again to let them get into Syria and check out places and chemical weapons.
Chemical weapons issue is being a side-track and diversion from Obama, as history proves this pursuit of chemical weapons is repeated again and again with nothing new, which ended in disasters while chemical weapons have not been used truly to kill people by substituting US bombs by slaughtering of few hundreds of thousands, as that is so wrong and horrible, demonstrated in the same region ME by US--and that must not repeat again.
As Russia has been supplying weapons to Syria, Syria should give data of its chemical weapons first to Russia while Russia should also keep in touch with Syria by getting all the required data, as it is easier by knowing the data with more information to deal with the matters.
IN this case, Syria is the interest of Russia that Putin does not know even what it is, because the terrorists from Chechen go to Syria to strengthen themselves. And if they are successful, they will have a base to do against Russia, outside Russia as another Chechen, if there is no more Assad.
Russia's call of chemical weapons about Syria is a poor situation for US trying to exploit more.
Now from the internal fighting is all turned into the chemical weapons issue , as how it all happened is the 8/21 incident--whether it is true, as US tries to make it up, for it is already known that Syria might have sarin gas before 8/21 case. The point is that US by doing scheme of scam on 8/21, does matter as unacceptable.
The point is that chemical weapons possession issue merely is not the policy nor position to strike Syria if Syria has them. The point is the 8/21 incident (it is doubtful of US providing any proof while rebels might have them too) is not big but deficient enough to strike Syria with defective basis of not enough valid ground.
However, it is negative to check about Syria regime's chemical weapons possession while not checking into Rebels possessing, which is also impossible as these are troubles as rebels have more hiding ground, and they just don't know which ones are of which, by doing the ruins instead, in this ordeal.
It is US start-off to get astray (as every time has been like that, from Iran and so on), to destroy chemical weapons, by being afraid of US strike which could be a buff, or solely a small hit. If it is to strike Syria, it is Syria fighting back, but not Russia anyhow?
This is just like Snowden case--what makes one think that US by pushing threat or by droning, of pursuing Snowden by creating International disorder and breaking LAW, can get its prey, THAT only fools would give Snowden to US--as this is the truth of value and facts that if Assad has chemical weapons but not used them, what makes one think that the chemical weapons are dangerous and not US weapons?
Whether US saying Of 8/21 incident to point to Assad is REAL TRUE--if it is not, those are real big problems and troubles of US to do fundamentally wrongfulness to commit genocides, that US is not a true lawful country, but one which uses extortion or corruption all the time, as if US has no face?
Then what is Russia's position to justify, based on what to call to Syria to check on its chemical weapons, when Syria has not used them , but would say to conclusion as if Syria would use on rebels, as that must be provided broad cases and evidences to prove them first--as If Russia is also doing favor for rebels which will damage the Russians in Putin's so handling?
Now, the any strike to Syria is like the threat of pushing to pursuit or using droning of getting Snowden by Obama as outlaw, by imposing like doing blackmailing and extortion.
LET THE COMMUNIST PARTY AND OPPOSITION DO THE SAY AND POLICIES IN RUSSIA NOW, to meet the justice value of truth of the world.

Surrey, Canada

#246 Sep 14, 2013
LET THE COMMUNIST PARTY AND OPPOSITION take over to DO THE SAY AND POLICIES IN RUSSIA NOW, to meet the justice value of direction of the world.

The best solution is to call for US to stay out of Syria to get chemical weapons. As Syria already signs the treaty that means Assad won't use sarin gas and MAKE AND build chemical WEAPONS.
The talks are to be held with no chemical weapons issue, to get them from Syria's. If rebels are not to come for talks, then rebels are to be disqualified to support Assad ruling,to label rebels as criminals terrorists that they have to do the job to fight it out, that Russia and world wold not support US arming rebels to fight Syria.

Until comes around to show there is a pattern of sarin gas usage by whom, Russia calls for no need to get chemical weapons of Syria. If US wants to strike, US has to remind the consequences under International disapproval. If US wants to use ground troops, Assad might have no more but destroyed all sarin gas which is useless of US doing the massacre. Then US would have to bear the vast and significant damages, that US would not do so to repeat Iraq situation.

IN most western countries, most people begin not liking Obama in his doing, especially on Syria now, including in US. BY doing the Obama things (while Obama arms the rebels, is not good and against Russia's position any way, as Putin does not even give full parts of S-300 to Syria to not have US kill many innocents, but whether US will strike is the question) to get him out of hole, does not mean Russia is involved to the truth of value. BY so doing, Putin makes a vital error, is really doing favor for, and supporting the rebels for US position, so that US will farming rebels to get them stronger. Russia involvement in ME has to be sound that makes sense for a critical value of modern times on planet that goes forward of the true direction.
Just Putin is interested to get involved, that does not meet the stand against US doing bad things and aggression. Russia does make a difference and is much involved in showing by not doing the Obama wants, in ME and elsewhere, including Iran and North Korea. But Other Putin associates even call for US interests on North Korea on watching its nuke reactors, even more than some US side--these are the war criminal Bush programs, as Obama is doing them all. It is too bad even some Russians become Bush Molds so far away, without knowing the forward direction of changing time and stands.
BY showing the stand as wanting for what is right, is the right thing to do for Russia that has to reject Obama wants as Bush clone robot policies.
Obama is rated as a total failure of the policies by doing so, while US is further draining down.
US population is no longer like before with Bush programs and policies.
While some or many will change on calling ON North Korea and Iran increasingly that reject Obama as time progresses, Russia is taking to do the back-behind past with the Bush things.
Putin lacks the leadership as Russia is really embarrassed, because One day, the North Korea and Iran matters will be different.
If were to start the difference today,it would have been better,instead of still burying the minds in the back-past Bush views.
Some and increasingly population in US will think this way as US is the country with most immigrants on the planet. Soon Russians will learn more about the real world, as they are also people of the planet--Russia is the second largest immigration society after US on earth.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

#247 Sep 14, 2013
Vardar Offensive - 150.000 Serbs

Ljubljana, Slovenia

#248 Sep 14, 2013
99 years since victory in the Macedonian front

Surrey, Canada

#250 Sep 14, 2013

Lessons from Iraq, Libya loom large as diplomats ponder Syrian weapons probe

Video: U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov reached an agreement Saturday on a framework for Syria to destroy all of its chemical weapons.

By Joby Warrick, Saturday, September 14, 6:32 PM E-mail the writer


US pursuit of chemical weapons has suffered large damages.

Yet chemical weapons in Middle East had not been proven in the usage of killing a lot of people, but the US bombs and missiles had killed at least few hundreds of thousands people instead in the ME region, in the pursuance of chemical weapons issue, while ending up finding none of WMD in Iraq.

The Iraq damages of US, being the costs of lives, to resources draining, to getting the bad name, are what US gets today in the checking and pursuit of attempting to destroy the WMD in Iraq, as it is doing the same thing to Syria now, like a repeated cycle.
As it is like before as Iraq case, there will be high doubts that US would end up any good about doing the same thing to Syria.

Obama's policies are as Bush clone molded polices, as nothing is new.
Libya also had chemical weapons but hardly used them, yet it said it had destroyed them--the point is that chemical weapons had not been used much and killed much in recent times, but the missiles and bombs had killed lots instead, especially in the matters of chasing chemical weapons.

US suffered damage in Libya in the Obama policy as US embassy was hit while there was another hit to Libya foreign ministry building on another 9/11, just a few days ago. Libya is still impregnated with lots of volatility of terror rebels like those in Syria,that could uprise to explode any time against US as well as the current Libya government.

US policies in the pursuit of chemical weapons ended up nothing good as all bad, while this same thing again to Syria is trying to do it again by Obama, as if US has never learned by repeatedly doing the same thing, to want to have to take MORE DAMAGES--AND THAT is the way of Obama's doing in getting more damages.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

#252 Sep 19, 2013
Next month Serbia will marks 69th anniversary of liberation of Belgrade by Serb/Yugoslav Partisans during World War 2

United States

#253 Sep 19, 2013
bugabuga02 wrote:
Next month Serbia will marks 69th anniversary of liberation of Belgrade by Serb/Yugoslav Partisans during World War 2
you liberated nothing

Ljubljana, Slovenia

#254 Sep 19, 2013
Serbonazis wrote:
<quoted text>you liberated nothing
liberation of Serbia and Yugoslavia during World War 2 - another glorious Serbian victory

United States

#255 Sep 19, 2013
bugabuga02 wrote:
<quoted text>
liberation of Serbia and Yugoslavia during World War 2 - another glorious Serbian victory
you are a bugaslave

Surrey, Canada

#256 Sep 20, 2013

And yes, those were Assad's chemical weapons

John Kerry is not very pleased with Russian foot-dragging • AP
John Kerry is getting impatient with Russian foot-dragging on disarming Syria. Russian leaders have been continuing to suggest that Syrian rebels may have been involved in the chemical attack, in the face of the very conclusive UN report blaming Assad.

Kerry made a strong statement today saying that yes, those absolutely were Assad's chemical weapons that horrifically killed thousands of Syrians in late August. He's asking Putin to stop suggesting the rebels were involved, and step up to help the UN Security Council disarm Syria.

"Every single bit of [evidence] confirms what we already knew and what we told America and the world," he said, Politico reports.

Therefore, says Kerry, Russia should jump to it and help the Security Council enact the solution Kerry negotiated last week. "Time is short," he said. "Let's not stand debating what we already know. Instead, we have to recognize that the world is watching to see whether we can avert military action and achieve through peaceful means even more than those military strikes promised."

Via Politico.



From the above reports, Putin simply shows incompetence, does not know what all stands and positions about are--one will never know if he does US says a lot, or which way he will end up with.

As Putin thinks what US wants to do--to arm rebels, to take away Syria chemical weapons but not rebels', Putin does not even oppose.
As that is bad, that will let US come in Syria to check places out and may use for future strike by letting US see more, and Putin always yields to US asking so.

Putin thinks what US wants--to have no more Assad, but why would Putin do for US then since he knows and is not against it?

The problem is Putin has no first-start viewpoints what Russia or world wants to do first, by always falling into the trap of US asking and doing US wants.

Russia should have first-start viewpoints to know what it wants first--these are: no Muslim rebels fighting any more, Assad staying, No US coming into Syria to see and inspect places, NO US TALKS BY US ASKING by passing the buck BY USING CHEMICAL WEAPONS ISSUE TO STRIKE SYRIA--AND then go from there to do the standpoints by pushing US to do so instead.

If Russia can change leader right now, that can be good, before many things could be ruined by incompetent Putin.

Opposition party in Russia Must take over to get in charge now for stronger stand against US, before Putin sticks with his usual tedious clumsy views further--that serve nothing.

United States

#257 Sep 20, 2013
Putin is a former soviet aparatchil

Surrey, Canada

#258 Sep 20, 2013

Via Politico.


From the above report, Putin by doing to dismantle Syria chemical weapons is making clumsy way,such that Syria needs to turn in data for examination, to possibly open up for inspection like Iraq again, which will make US and others say much more if US saying unsatisfactory to be hassling Syria more. That can lead to further scrutinizing Syria. As this is like former Iraq case weapons inspection, Putin is doing the similar ugly matter of US-the Iraq blueprint case of another story of Syria just like Iraq story, as even US did not start that--but just calling chemical WEAPONS ISSUE only. Putin in doing so,is repeating the Iraq inspection and dismantling programs process before US bombed Iraq at that time--what a waste of time is doing the same old failure thing of dismantling chemical weapons?
WHEN US goes to International region and strike others and can't even handle it by itself, it asks you to strike them too and take away their things--- don't do that, unless you are the stupid idiots.
IN SHORT, BY CONCLUSION, THERE SHOULD NEVER BE AGAIN ANY of this irritated failure thing of dismantling chemical weapons anywhere because Iraq awful drama syndrome proves all.
(1) Should not take literally what US says from US passing the buck to keep on this chemical weapons drama. By SAYING TO US--THERE SHOULD NEVER BE AGAIN ANY of this irritated failure thing to dismantle chemical weapons IN SYRIA because Iraq drama proves all.
(2) REJECT US calling redline as redline is arbitrary--that is, when will be the thresh-hold degree to such case that is the redline defined, that there is such ground of comprehensive International law to enforce such. Furthermore, 8/21 incident is not the case nor basis, as it is entirely out of line to conclude such pattern in noting, in addition to Assad's saying he did not do it while rebels have sarin gas.
(3) The matter of knowing Syria has sarin gas is besides the point if it has not used it, that there is not the need to dismantle Syria chemical weapons, to outcome again the Iraq destructive case, of dismantling Syria like Iraq WMD again, which is being turned down by the whole world.
(4) There is no such redline that chemical weapons usage in Syria is an issue, except the turmoil situation is the only bearing of the importance to focus on. This is to call to US not to make diversion and to pull away from the only concern focus in the Syria unrest. Therefore, chemical weapons issue is not applicable, for there is no such redline in the first place.
(5) THERE IS NO REDLINE WHATSOEVER AT ALL. US has to remind of its acts of depriving other nations, such as Syria, that US needs to tone down the tension as these are basic rules that US needs to conform to, by making a change, as US has been seen to engage in much aggression, particularly in the ME region.
(6) As not to do and repeat the similar failure case of Iraq, this proves that US calling chemical weapons and redline is purely arbitrary and is not appropriate to deal with chemical weapons as issue, FOR all that is PURELY hysteria with no basis.
(7) Russia should throw away what US says and would call on UN to reject that as an issue, based on all the reports of unproven or not, which will make no difference whatsoever from whatever reports.
(8) It is only the option for Syria to choose to do with its chemical weapons whatever it wants, to turn in or not, as long as it does not use it--for no trend has indicated the usage at all.
(9) Chemical weapons ARE NOT as THE issue.
RUSSIA SHOULD CALL THIS STAND, FOR THIS DOES ALL RELATED TO THE SOLUTION -- US has no basis of ill hysteria and cannot force Syria to need what to do with its chemical weapons, for there cannot be another Iraq matter of chemical weapons pursuit again.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

#260 Oct 16, 2013
Battle of Cer

250.000 Austro Hungarians vs 180.000 Serbs

Austro Hungarian losses:

10.000 killed
30.000 wounded
5.000 captured

Serbs captured many cannons, 30 machine guns and 140 ammunition wagons
haha 2


#261 Oct 16, 2013
UUUU booj krenite junaci sviiiii


#262 Oct 16, 2013
let them have their fantasies, they have nothing else.
hooray serbistan,
pity u were the bad guys in the last 1 though, isn't it?


#263 Oct 16, 2013
bugabuga02 wrote:
Next month Serbia will marks 69th anniversary of liberation of Belgrade by Serb/Yugoslav Partisans during World War 2
great, hoho
don't forget about the 6 million killed in jasenovac, hahahaha

United States

#264 Oct 17, 2013
reality wrote:
<quoted text>
great, hoho
don't forget about the 6 million killed in jasenovac, hahahaha
don't forget 60 million servoslaves killed during WWII. is that real????
Battle for Cer 1914

Ljubljana, Slovenia

#265 Oct 17, 2013
Battle of Cer

250.000 Austro Hungarians vs 180.000 Serbs

Result: Decisive Serbian Victory

Losses on both sides were 65.000 killed, wounded and captured

Ljubljana, Slovenia

#266 Oct 17, 2013
Joooosh04 wrote:
Austrougarski vice-marsal Gherter, posle Prvog svetskog rata, o Hrvatima piše:
" Ja nisam video u svome zivotu, ni cuo za zveri u ljudskom obliciju poput hrvatskih vojnika.Mada su ratovali sa nama i prvenstveno sluzili za zastrasivanje i represiju nad narodom, ja kao covek se stidim sto su stajali u nasim redovima.U samoj borbi bi napustali polozaje , dok bi veoma vesto izbegavali protivnicku vojsku i uvek se kretali ka zbegovima koje su sacinjavali goloruki ljudi,zene i deca.Kada bi ih ponekad i stizali cinili su strahote od kojih se i nama dizala kosa na glavi.
Oni su pogan svetu i evropskoj kulturi."
Good job Joooosh04

Ljubljana, Slovenia

#267 Oct 20, 2013
Liberated Belgrade In World War 2 by Serb/Yugoslav Partisans and Red Army

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