1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee-Stalling pro...
Mark M

Buda, TX

#228 Oct 28, 2012
please post the Link to the forum, just bought this jeep and now this problem of stalling, I know it is a short or bad wire or board because it runs good when on, but it is like a light switch that goes on and off! thank you
Leo wrote:
I will post links to the jeep forum on how to fix this tonight when I get home.
I have the solution for f

Sunbury, OH

#229 Oct 28, 2012
solution to your problems
My jeep stalled and backfired and died for three months. It drove me crazy. I did everything everyone else did replacing alternator fuel pump water pump crank shaft sensor other sensors i mean just the monetary nightmare. Thene one morning i run into a post on the internet. DyingJeep.com The guy wanted 20 bucks for the solution. I figured what the hell, whats 20 bucks. low and behold the shit worked. Im still at a loss of wordss... So I'm going to give it to you free today because if your like me I know what you have gone through. This fix is a combination of all the other solutions I have read over 3 months with my problems of backfiring stalling sputtering and the like. takes 30 minutes or less

First unhook the battery cables second remove the overflow tank next on your computer on the firewall remove the three plugs that connect into the computer then you will see the two little screws that people talk about backing out (the screws short the system out) remove the screws one at a time ande add 3 8 mm washers to each screw then replace them. Next take a good electrical cleaner spray and spray the plugs and the connectors where they pug in. Spray them well to insure there clean. Let dry about 10 minutes. then take some dialectric electrical silicone and put on plugs in each hole and then in the connector spots they plug in.(this creates a better seal and connection) Plug the plugs back in. The plugs only fit where they are suppose to go so you cant go wrong. Now that the plugs are in take 24 inch zip cordes and wrap around the computer and the plugs you just plugged in. 2 cords per plug and pull each cord snug to put pressure on the plugs. 2 cords per plug cut off the remaining cord hanging off the cord. When its done. your computer will have 6 zip ties wrapped around it forcing the 3 computer plugs into the system. Thats it..... Simple and works..... I'm still amazed. i paid 20 bucks for this fix. If you cant understand what I just shared with you for free you can go to dyingjeep.com and pay 20 bucks and see the guys step by step video. I hope this helps somebody out there. Like I said Im only sharing it because my jeep just about drove me crazy and broke me.... The shit worked and i'm still amazed....20 bucks good lucl....

Just a guy that wants to help
Leo from Round Rock

Austin, TX

#232 Nov 1, 2012
OH, BTW, the guy that posted before I did, his fix only works sometimes and it is temporary at best.

Your solder joints inside the computer WILL fail eventually. It is a design flaw.

Schertz, TX

#233 Nov 1, 2012
I keep posting the link to the forum with the fix for this and my email in case someone needs further help but someone keeps deleting it.
A Cane

Saint Louis, MO

#234 Nov 14, 2012
my jeep grand cherokee laredo 03 has problems with stalling when put into reverse after the brake is released, I don't know what the probem could be new vac cords have been put on just 2 wks ago after failing marta 3 times. I am so lost and frustrated with the car, it was purchased only 2 months ago but has been more trouble than i bargained for..... please help if you can.
Owens New York

Brooklyn, NY

#235 Nov 26, 2012
Hi, Been having the EXACT same problem. Car bucks/hestitates/stalls constantly? Please tell what did you do to fix it?
Markus wrote:
1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0L 4x4
Performed Full tune up 12/2010:
spark plugs/wires, distributor cap/rotor, air filter
Plus replaced:
O2 sensors, crank position sensor, MAP sensor, ignition coil, and fuel pump assembly
I have removed and cleaned IAC valve however may still be sticking.
Pending issues:
Stalling while idling/stalling while driving, sometimes random with no warning, other times bucking/shuddering/backfiring then stall. RPM’s drop to 0 Seems to be soon after start up, and again after reaching operating temp. Trying to re-start, sometimes fires right back up, other times will take several cranks, smell gas fumes, and sometimes seems to blow excess back out of the intake!? Seems by popping it in neutral sometimes will save it from stalling. This happens once - several times a day. Located vacuum leak at Speed control servo (note: cruise no longer works)
1.Sometimes hear clicking in or near glove box (relays?) 2.Lights alternate flashing/horn. Once or twice while driving, several times late at night just sitting in driveway. 3.Radio will not lock on a channel, but cycles continuously. 4.Fog lights short out (when wiggle the headlight switch assembly, dash dimmer, or in auto position) 5.Transmission would not engage and/or sluggish (2 or 3 random times in last winter, 2010 but not since)
Concerns:Aftermarket alarm system or headlight switch may be faulty, if it is found to be cause of cutting off engine I would like it completely removed from vehicle and put back to stock OEM alarm.
I believe of all the parts replaced, and yet stalling remains, points to: faulty alarm system, possibly ground points, ignition switch, IAC, relays… I don’t know.
Keeps tripping code: PO108, MAP BARO circuit high and PO351, A Primary/Secondary Ignition Coil Malfunction.
What causes these codes to trip at time of bucking/shuddering/backfiring/ stalling?? Otherwise, a great running Jeep, strong motor, and smooth ride… I need the stalling fixed as it is VERY dangerous to drive.

Cabot, AR

#236 Dec 1, 2012
Stelios, I am in agreement with you a to the proper fix for the nightmare I am having with my 98 GC with 274000 miles. I do have a question though. Have you seen this Dyingjeep.com where they want you to pay 19.95 to find out about a 40.00 fix? Do you know anybody that has spent the 19.95 and what these guys are talking about?

Cabot, AR

#237 Dec 1, 2012
never mind stelios i found the post of the screws and zip ties.

Wampum, PA

#238 Dec 2, 2012
My 98 grand Cherokee has had the same stalling issue. It took me about 6it months to finally track it down. It seems as though the lock-over tabs on the plug for the ecm (located on the firewall directly behind the coolant reservoir) are broken, causing the electrical short in the ignition system. Check the connectors for integrity and consider replacement if broken or damaged at all

Winter Garden, FL

#239 Dec 14, 2012
I have been having the same problems with my 98 jeep G/C. I was considering selling mine until I stumbled across this website.After reading how some of us have replaced nearly every sensor under the hood and the same problem still occurs. So im going to try replacing my pcm and see where it gets me.

Winchester, KY

#240 Dec 23, 2012
Looks like they should be offering replacement for those fuel pumps they came up with a better one after reported repeat problems which they recommend for mechanics to use. http://www.underhoodservice.com/issue/article...

Dallas, TX

#241 Dec 24, 2012

United States

#242 Dec 27, 2012
I have a 98 jeep grand cherokee with a 5.9 it keeps shuting off an when it dose I loss power to evey thang any ides on how to fix or is that what every one elses jeep was doing an its the pcm

Hagerstown, MD

#243 Dec 29, 2012
had stalling problem found wires at crank sensor broke from rubbing on shifter cable

Hagerstown, MD

#244 Dec 29, 2012
no w no power
Local tech

Puyallup, WA

#245 Dec 30, 2012
I bought my jeep a month ago. Had idling and stalling issues. I replaced the fuel pump and the IAC. One day I was playing under the hood looking at my ground wire. And I noticed it was fallin off and I replaced it and haven't had a problem since. Hope it helps

United States

#246 Jan 9, 2013
Steve wrote:
I have the exact same symptoms with my 98 GC. It will start and then after, just as you said, 10 to 30 seconds it will start to stumble and hesitate and even backfire if you try to stomp on it. This lasts anywhere from a minute to 5 minutes on mine, then goes away. Last week it simply wouldn't start at all and I replaced the Crankshaft Position Sensor and that cured that, but I think that was unrelated to the running issue. Who knows! And ideas out there would be appreciated. I'm just afraid that one of these days it will turn worse and leave us stranded.
Did you find a solution? This describes my issue to a T.
Leo from Round Rock

Austin, TX

#247 Jan 9, 2013
You need to remove the ECM, take the board out and peel off the electrolitic gel and resolder the pins that are connecter to the board from the connectors. GO non the jeepforum dot com and search for ecm fix. There is a good write up with pictures. I did this to 2 jeeps, one of which no longer ran and I bought for cheap. TOok me about an hour to do the whole fix.

United States

#248 Jan 10, 2013
Leo from Round Rock wrote:
You need to remove the ECM, take the board out and peel off the electrolitic gel and resolder the pins that are connecter to the board from the connectors. GO non the jeepforum dot com and search for ecm fix. There is a good write up with pictures. I did this to 2 jeeps, one of which no longer ran and I bought for cheap. TOok me about an hour to do the whole fix.
An O2 sensor fixed my issue.

United States

#249 Jan 13, 2013
Matt wrote:
i have a 98 jeep grand Cherokee and i just replaced the crank position sensor and just as im getting ready to pull out of the mechanic shop it stalls. driving it and speeding and slowing down doesn't stall now. i stopped at the store real quick let it run and when i jump into it and put it in reverse it stalls. it seems like its working much better but it stalls still!!!!!!!!!! someone have any idea what i could do to fix this? i have read about the ecm screws but i have no idea what the ecm is, can anyone tell me where to find it and what it looks like on a 4.0?
the (ECM) is the electronic control modual but idk where it is hope this helps

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