Does any1 have phimosis/glans pain?

Does any1 have phimosis/glans pain?

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Irvine, CA

#1 Feb 7, 2007
Hello all, i hope some of you may be able to answer this question,
I recently discovered (by myself) that i might have a case of phimosis (the foreskin not not folding/peeling back past the glans). Which is weird, because i masturbate with the foreskin completely covering the glans and i ejaculate and orgasm normally. I have tried what websites have told me to do, which is to peel the foreskin slowly and gently past the glans and to stretch it a little bit. I have tried doing so, but another problem arises. When i touch my glans, it doesn't hurt, but the weirdest thing, when i take my finger off it it hurts in excrutiating pain. Can anybody please tell me what to do before i go see my doctor?

London, UK

#2 Jul 17, 2007
Hey there,
I have *exactly* the same thing right down to the pain when pulling off your finger, so you aren't alone. Anyway, as far a cure is concerned I am working on it myself. As I understand the head of the penis simply hasn't been 'roughed-up' as it's been under the foreskin all the time. I have heard some sites recommend washing it with a shower head regularly or putting a condom on and moving it about. I guess if this really worries you best to see a doc' but i'm sure given enough time it'll work out. Well I hope this helps and if I have any luck myself i'll give you a shout.

United States

#3 Sep 30, 2007
Cool, good to see that someone else has this problem. I've figured out the phimosis problem by gradually retracting the foreskin to under the glans slowly every day during my shower. The hot water relieves the pain and makes the skin glide around more easily. Then i vigorously run the glans under the shower and soap/wash. after that, when its all clean, i dont retract it back, and walk around in basketball shorts with the glans exposed.(i think the air exposure and the light rubbing against my boxers/bball shorts helps desensitize it). Basically keep doing that and pain/phimosis will reduce...but as of now the problem isnt COMPLETELY gone yet... still hurts to touch sometimes. I have found out though, that when the glans is dry it doesnt hurt at all to release the finger from the skin. Good luck!

Sevenoaks, UK

#4 Jan 20, 2008
Just to check, is Phimosis when you cant peel your foreskin over your "Bell-end" ? If so, i have this problem and really don't wanna get circumsized....... seriously, any suggestions on how to "help" me ?
Ive been researching this quite abit now and it supposedly makes sex either really uncomfortable or painful at times if you don't fix this. Could there be any exercises to prevent this apart from circumcision ?

United States

#5 Jan 22, 2008
Chaz wrote:
Just to check, is Phimosis when you cant peel your foreskin over your "Bell-end" ? If so, i have this problem and really don't wanna get circumsized....... seriously, any suggestions on how to "help" me ?
Ive been researching this quite abit now and it supposedly makes sex either really uncomfortable or painful at times if you don't fix this. Could there be any exercises to prevent this apart from circumcision ?
YES! I had this exact same problem. I was freaking out because i thought i had needed a circumcision and did NOT want to go through that process. Basically just do as i said above: every day in the shower peel it back *slowly* and repeat every shower. after a couple dozen times it should be looser. You should also try walking around in underwear with the foreskin pulled all the way back just to desensitize it a bit. Hope it helps. Shoot another post if you got any questions.

Ashfield, UK

#6 Jan 27, 2008
Sounds good ;). Ill try that then. Just looked in to it a bit more and supposedly being circumcision is in general, a better thing to do compared to leaving your foreskin. Is this the way to go ? would this affect my future sex life ? and in general, do you think this is a good thing ?

Supposedly, 2% of the population have Phimosis and i'm wondering what they've done about this. Ive looked up possible ways of treating this and there are tools for literally stretching your foreskin but that must hurt like hell. Masturbation or Circumcision ? Any other suggestions and did this get rid of your problem ?

P.S , How old are you if you dont mind me asking ?


#7 Feb 20, 2008
In reply to the above few posts about phimosis. I've had phimosis all my life (age 30), and it has considerably affected my sex life. Sex was ok with a condom mostly, but without it was impossible - couldn't let my gf jack me off for fear of her accidentally touching the glans, which caused me to shrink up instantly (it was that painful).

Although I've read about the stretchign exercises you can do, I wasn't really keen as I've had my foreskin stuck back once before after particularly energetic sex, and it scared the crikey out of me (was scared it wouldn't go back over).

Anyway, I've just had a circumcision, well yesterday, and feel a lot better for it mentally, knowing that I won't have the problems I've had previously. My major concern was that my glans would be mega sensitive having been kept snug and warm inside my foreskin all this time, but that doesn't seem to be a problem. I'm wearing tight pants to keep it swinging about and rubbing which helps, and any sensitivity should go down in the next few weeks.

Obviously you've got to make your own mind up, but I am more than happy I've gone for a circ. hth, happy to answer any questions to

Rochester, MN

#8 Feb 26, 2008
Chaz (and everyone), circumcision is only medically necessary for gangrene, cancer, and frostbite. If you don't have any of those and your doc is telling you the only cure is circumcision, find a new doctor. There are steroid creams available that will stretch the foreskin and break up the adhesions.

Bolton, Canada

#9 Mar 20, 2008
Hey, I have phimosis, but already have a steroid cream and I'm in the process of stretching it to full capacity (it's going well by the way.) My main problem is the extreme oversensitivity. until recently (I'm 16), I had never exposed the head of my penis farther than a couple centimeters, because I found that I could still masturbate without pulling it back. I tried running water on it in the shower just now, and even that caused much pain. I am going to bring this up with my doctor next time I see him, but it's stressful to think about it. I don't think the walking around in boxers method will work for me either, because fabric against the head hurts equally or more than fingers. is there any faster method to desensitize the head of the penis than just exposing it to air? I read that wearing a condom and rubbing the head may help also, but currently have no condoms at my disposal.(also, my foreskin still can't retract that far over the head when I'm erect.)

United States

#10 Apr 2, 2008
Hehe, Miles and everybody i have a perfect solution for you guys. LISTEN CAREFULLY!!:
Ok so i've been exposed to this problem ever since i can remember. Yes, its possible to masturbate with the foreskin over the glans, but once you retract it, it hurts like hell to touch, right!? The solution is SIMPLE: GRADUAL DESENSITIZATION. Ok, so number one i suggest doing this in the shower, as the hot water should loosen up the skin a little bit. Slowly peel back the foreskin, and let water run there as long as tolerable (For the first few times its gonna hurt! But remember, OVER TIME it will slowly feel less sensitive.) Also, for the love of staying clean, PLEASE USE SOAP and wash under there!(Yeah, smegma aka DICK CHEESE is nasty as hell, especially when its been rotting there for god knows how long. Wash that nasty raunchy stuff off DAILY!:P). If you've never smelled it, its like a combination of a rancid whey-protein charged fart, morning breath, feces, dried up cum, and piss all rolled into one! Ok, back on topic, i read somewhere else about how to further desensitize your glans. The MAIN TRICK here is something called "ANBESOL" which is the MAJOR CATALYST in getting your head desensitized! Its a red-colored tooth anesthetic LOL! Here are the instructions to use:
1.) In the shower, peel back your foreskin so that glans are showing. Let hot water run over it.
2.) Pour a little Anbesol on your head, and use your fingers to gently spread it even.
3.) Give it a few seconds, and IT WILL STING AND BURN. Let the shower wash it off and your penis will instantly numb and have a cooling sensation (You guys think i'm joking but i am very serious. I have done this in the shower and have reduced my phimosis problem).
4.) While it is numb, use your fingers to mash, massage, and knead your head (at this point the pain should not be as bad as usual).
5.) repeat until you finish the bottle, i guess (its like a really small glass bottle).

Remember, Lisa is RIGHT! You don't have to be circumsized. Just try the above and it should work.

Oh yeah, and miles, props to you for going to the doctor. Man when i went and brought this up, it was awkward as hell. Thank god for the internet, lol.

Once you GRADUALLY desensitize your head, feel free to walk around with the foreskin pulled back. My phimosis problem is now 100% eradicated, but i still have a little bit of glans pain and sensitivity. Well, good luck to you all, post any other questions you may have for me! Glad to be of help.:)

United States

#11 Apr 2, 2008
Here is the excerpt i found on the net that has helped me:

">My doctor said that if it is successful, my glans would be really sensitive - maybe even painful, how can I minimize the pain ?
Oh yes, I do remember that. What I did was this: I got some "ambesol" (tooth ache liquid. the kind you put on your gums to numb it). I put a bit of it on my glans with a medicine dropper. BUT BE CAREFUL AT THIS POINT!!! It will burn. So what I did was kept a small cup full of *cold* water near me. After I put the ambesol on and it started to burn, I gently poured some water on it (just enough to stop the burning. Too much and you wash away the ambesol). Then I took a q-tip (you could use that, a wash cloth or anything else) and rubbed it firmly over my glans. I did this for about 15-20 minutes. I did this or 3 seperate times. That really helped decrease the pain. You also have to touch your glans a lot. Just rub it with your finger or something. In about a month or two it wont hurt anymore. Email me if you want. Good luck!
Nick "


#12 Apr 3, 2008
hi im well not gonna say my nam but im 13 and have at least a 7 inch penis i get what you say above about when you touch it and take your finger off again but my biggest worry at the minite is the fact that when my penis cock or w/e u want to call it that my fourskin will not go over m head/bellend or w/e you want to call that eather but because of the problem that Emthree and others below because of that im am affraid to youno play about and see what happens but i nee to know does my peis grow and do what its supposed to do ??? i no its alot of questions but pease help as much as you can add me on msn and help me how to sort it out plzzzzz [email protected]


#13 Apr 3, 2008
sorry correct email [email protected]

Stoney Creek, Canada

#14 Apr 12, 2008
I guess I had phimosis, and when I was younger I had it treated (an operation to cut a part of a penis that was attached to the foreskin preventing it to go all the way down. As I remember correctly, the problem went away at the time, but I wasn't washing it often enough and it grew back; now I still can't really pull it all the way down; a small portion of the foreskin is still attached to the thing. Right now I'm 17. I started washing it, and I can actually rub the head with soap with little discomfort, bare fingers + water hurt a little bit. In your opinion, should I try stretching it, and walking in boxers, or do I need to get it surgically deattached again?

I also noticed if you don't wash it for a few days, and it gets irritated (the head is red) it doesn't hurt at all to rub it under water.

Also, does phimosis affect penis size? Because I'm fairly small..

United States

#15 Apr 23, 2008
Haha, to Alex: i'm not sure if it affects penis size lol. Uhm, your best bet is to wash down there daily (you should be doing that anyways or else nasty smegma builds up). Also, i believe i read somewhere that statistically 80% of all phimosis problems can be treated by just slowly stretching it, so im pretty sure u dont have to undergo the operation again.

Jackson, MS

#16 May 4, 2008
HERES an idea, get circumcised, unless your extremely religious, and your teachings prohibit one, then why not?

Woodford Green, UK

#17 May 11, 2008
im pretty sure i have phimosis as i cant retract my foreskin back behind the head of my penis, i can barely pull it back at all. I really dont want to have to go and see my docter. i want to try and fix my problem at home and i have tried to stretching for some time now and i was wondering how long do i have to wait before i get results?

alot of the treatments i have found on the internet scare me as i dont want surgery to be an option.

my problem never used to bother me until just recently when i tried to have sex with my girlfriend for the first time and i couldnt even get it in because my foreskin wouldnt allow me to.

is it possible to have a normal, healthy sex life with phimosis or do i have to take action? surely there are men that have the problem and get through just fine., if someone could help me out that would be great.

Vancouver, Canada

#18 May 12, 2008
Is the anbesol procedure safe?

Fair Lawn, NJ

#20 Jun 2, 2008
Ok so I recently found out that I may have phimosis. I never went to the doctor or anything like was all research. I read about stretching and that masturbation helps stretch out the skin more. So finally I was able to pull back my skin behind the head of my penis for the first time. It hurt pretty bad since it was the first time and the skin that I never seen before was very sensitive. I also noticed that the new revealed skin was red and the foreskin surrounding the head was red as well. I showered and washed it but it was still very sensitive. I am going to continue washing and hopefully it will become less painful as time passes. Does anyone have any suggestions or answers onto why my skin is red?

Minneapolis, MN

#21 Jun 2, 2008
What happened to my post?

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