I absolutely agree that High PAC content in cranberry Juice and cranberry supplants is a must for success. My problem with the review of this study is that it does not define the required PAC content for success. It is even more curious because the minimum required amount of PAC for prevention of UTIS was defined in 2002 by Ocean Spray. From 2004 to 2008 AFSSA (French food and drug safety agencies) validated the bacterial anti-adhesion effect of 36 mg cranberry PAC. Beyond that the efficacious dose of 36 mg PAC/day has to be measured exclusively by the BL-DMAC method. So the standard has been established. If juice and supplement studies would follow this proven standard the outcomes would be excellent. One proof is a recent study that applied this standards and had great results; “Cranberry syrup vs. trimethoprim in the prophylaxis of recurrent urinary tract infections among children – 2012.” Google it and you will find this study. This is an example of the clinical work that has been preformed to date with 36mg PAC BL-DMAC. Please look for supplements or juice that can deliver 36mg PAC BL-DMAC. If you use them, they will work. I just wished more studies would apply this simple standard.