Is it dangerous to hold your urine in...

Hagerstown, MD

#42 Jan 17, 2010
who gives a flying shit about not peeing when u get to your hosts house... thats the dumbest thing ive EVER EVER EVER heard.... your parents must have alot of time on their hands

Hagerstown, MD

#43 Jan 17, 2010
oh your from UK that explains it.. sorry im american we dont have much etiquette????

United States

#44 Jan 17, 2010
It probably isn't the best to hold it too long, but some situations do not allow you to use a toilet when you have to. I'm on the phone much of the time at work doing csr (customer service) and many times need to wait a few hours before I can get a restroom break. It can be very frustrating to be talking with a customer and at the same time remain calm and try not to fidget too much and let on that you need to go. It sure is a relief though to finally be able to get to a toilet and urinate.

Keilor, Australia

#45 Jan 19, 2010
09 May 2008 wrote:
Sorry I don't realy think its fun. I've been in the similar situation where I had to hold it just for 1.5 hr, but i can tell u that the pain I had there lasted for more than a week and I've learnt from that.
Hi, just read your post.
Was the pain that lasted a week in your whole bladder or just when you peed?

Guilsborough, UK

#46 Jan 21, 2010
Anon wrote:
If you are scared, contact your doctor or go to a walk-in clinic if you do not have a primary doctor. They will probably ask you for a urine sample and see if they detect any germs (bacteria) or blood in it. Also research for things on the internet about this. I looked at this one site where a doctor had responded.
Just make sure not to do this anymore, you're life is in your hands and should be important enough over anything else right??
I would have just ignored the nun and gone I would then have looked at any possible ways I could Prosecute for inhumane behavior

Monroe, MI

#47 Feb 7, 2010
chronic pee holder wrote:
ok this is so random. but i have come to the realization from friends, lovers and myself that i never pee when i have to pee. i am terrible. the worst is in the morning. a fullbladder will wake me up but i will just try and forget about and go back to sleep. my bladder is usually so huge but it doesnt hurt so bad, so i try and forget it. like right now i have to pee. i have been holding it for like thirty mins or so, working on school assignments and facebooking and stuff, and trying to ignore the fact that i have to pee. please this is a terrible habit of mine. and i am 28 now, and certainly dont want to be rocking depends when im 60. tell me the truth of holding urine. i need to know.
I completely understand this! I myself am torturing myself with not going to the bathroom - I believe the weight of one's bladder (if they are a female) presses down on their G-spot.

It's the feeling of torture - "You may go when you are allowing yourself to." and pressing past it. Each time I try to endure a bit more.

I have to say, it's helped for long car rides!:D

Sherwood Park, Canada

#48 Feb 26, 2010
sadlfkj wrote:
your all dumb"axx"es!!!!!!!
and you're an as*hole.

Cave Springs, AR

#49 Mar 9, 2010
I do not think that it's right at all for teachers (or coaches) to make a child hold it. Especially as long as a couple of posters have mentioned. Many people don't drink enough water per day. I think that getting enough water is more important than learning to wait until it's convenient for other people that you use the restroom.
I am studying to be a teacher and ever since I made that decisions, I have vowed that if the student seems sincere, I will let him/her use the restroom. I always hated when teachers wouldn't let me go. My parents explained to my teachers that I would probably have go to the bathroom during classes some days, so most teachers would let me.
One time, when I was maybe 6 years old, either my parents hadn't told the teacher or she just ignored them. She would not let me go to the bathroom and I had an accident right there in class. I don't think that not being able to hold your pee in all day long is a sign of not being disciplined. Just the other day, I was driving between college and my hometown and I had to stop about 30 minutes in pee on the side of the road because I could not hold it any longer. I don't think that means that I'm not disciplined.
I KNOW that an adult telling a student that they have to hold it until later is traumatizing.

Floréal, Mauritius

#50 Mar 26, 2010
well it's been a while since you guys posted your coments, but i'd still like to add mine cos i think it's important and u have to know. Holding urine is definitely not something that can do good to anyone. i am 26 and i've had urinary tract infections a couple of times in the space of 4years. each time i've had them, it was because i didnt pee when i should have. like many people i hate using public toilets, and i try to hold as long as i can. well to get to the point, after several hours of holding, and when i finally get to pee, it hurts cos my bladder's been holding for far too long (5-10hrs). the urine is always cloudy and dark when i get an infection, and there is also blood.

the first time, i didnt get treated that soon cos i didnt know what to do, and gosh, it hurt like hell every time i had to pee, and there was an excruciating pressure plus pain each time. sometimes there were just droplets of urine accompanied by blood, and it sure hurt like hell. then a relative of mine who had the same prob advised me the right medication to take and i got better after a day or two.

from experience guys, i'd advise u to go to the bathroom when u feel u need to go and not to wait until it's too late, cos the infection will affect not only the urinary tract but the kidneys as well.


#51 May 8, 2010
SO on an average 4 hour road trip, how often did parents stop? How long did you usually have to hold it? How far back was this?

Salt Lake City, UT

#52 May 11, 2010
DrBrianGolden wrote:
It is not healthy to hold your urine for long periods. You can stretch out the bladder, which if done repeatedly, can adversely affect its function in the long-term. Urine holding for long periods does increase the risk of UTIs, as well as kidney and bladder stones. Chronic urine holding can injure your kidneys, due to the pressure transmitted up the ureters.
Brian Golden, MD
hello im 15 years old and i hold my pee in for like 3 -4 hours at times in school.. now i have this feeling in my right side stomach its not a really bad pain but it buggs me what do u think it is? is it serious please help!

Bucharest, Romania

#53 May 12, 2010
Well it is harmful but not for everyone.

It is called UTI (urinary tract infection) It is just an bladder infection that most of the times it can be treated with Cranberry juice.

For example, I can hold it for one day long and nothing bad will happen. when your first sensation to pee appears you are only 1/6 full. When it is painfully and you just can't keep it anymore and you just give up it's 5/6. You can have a Uti if o do this regularly.

And yes, there are people who enjoy having a full bladder. It is called Omorashi and it's a japanese thingie. I am not sure why but i think it's because the bladder is pushing into the pelvis area.

Hope it helped!
Lolly Copter

Cincinnati, OH

#54 May 19, 2010
baby boomer woman wrote:
Speaking as someone who grew up being expected to hold it in until appropriate times by both parents and teachers, I can't say that I suffered any harm from it. It was unpleasant, of course, but unless the holding is carried to extreme or used as a form of punishment, I can't buy the belief of some people that reasonable personal discipline is harmful.
I'm thankful that I didn't go to the Catholic school that another comment mentioned, he he, but it was normal in the schools that I attended to forbid bathroom use during class except for medically necessary exceptions. Hey, it wasn't fun, and I had my share of bad days, but I lived through it and learned to avoid the consequences of drinking too much water or neglecting to go at lunch or during recess. It's not abuse, it's just learning to plan yourself and discipline yourself like an adult.
There were no special stops for us kids on road trips. If our destination was a person's house, we were told that it was impolite to head right to the host's bathroom. Our parents required us to quietly wait for about an hour after arrival, and then we could politely ask the host to use the bathroom.
Was it fun? No, but I lived through it and didn't come to any harm.
Oh yeah I know. Who cares what a child thinks/needs/wants if its going to make you 3 minutes late to your grandmas house!*GASP!* And who cares if the child wets himself on the couch at grandmas house because he had to wait? Just slap him, make him clean it up, then laugh at how WORTHLESS kids are.
Adultist IDIOT. Your supposed to want better for the next generation, they being the ones caring for you in the nursing home, and running the country you live in, you know, stuff they will be doing for you in the future that you dont seem to need considering how you treat them. What if the kid had a bladder condition?

Campton, NH

#55 Jun 6, 2010
I know many people had problems when they were kids like being forced to sit in class without going to the bathroom for hours. I was never forced to hold it by someone else, but I often forced myself to hold it because, no matter how bad it got, I couldn't take school bathrooms & was willing to stand hours of agony until I got home if it meant avoiding school bathrooms that were ALWAYS filled with girls that I didn't not want to meet. And in 6th, 7th, & 8th grades, when always stayed up doing homework until 3 or 4am, I forced myself to hold it for hours at my own house.(Because I was so terrified of walking up the (long) stairs to the bathroom through the pitch black hallway that I simply would not go until it was light out or other people were up.)
But I never had any problems, that I know of, from doing this. I heard a while ago that you can damage your kidneys by holding your pee in for too long, but I don't know how much "too long" is & I'm not sure how true that was.

Sheffield, UK

#56 Jun 16, 2010
When I was in year 6 in primary school I needed to go really bad and the teacher didn't ever let me go, it was twenty to ten when I first asked her and I knew I had to wait 55 mins til break and by then I was on the evrge of wetting myself, plus this was the very first time I had needed to go during class.

Also when I was in year 7 in high school I was so bursting to go and the teacher didn't ever let me go and I just simply couldn't concentrate on the French lesson.
It was nearly break and I was on the verge of wetting myself right in the middle of class infront of everyone, but the bell rang and she let me go and I flew down the stairwell and ran across the outside bit and just made it in time.

When I was in year 10 now this was very 1st period of the day and I had stupuidly drunk a whole 500ml bottle of dr pepper b4 school and during the lesson the teacher didn't let me go so I had no chocie but to just get up and leave the classroom and go cos I was about to wet myself, and the teacher was shouting come back here at once as I walked out the door and I got a detention for that

West Covina, CA

#57 Jul 16, 2010
Holding your urine is not healthy and can cuase alot of serious urinary and health problems.

Memphis, TN

#58 Jul 21, 2010
Well, I used to hold my pee for a long time everyday at school since I didn't think the toilets were clean, and I eventually got a urinary tract infection. I was on antibiotics for 2 weeks, so yes, I do think holding it for a long time will cause some problems eventually.
The Wee Momster

Lichfield, UK

#60 Aug 22, 2010

Carbondale, IL

#61 Sep 1, 2010
One more story for the topic--So I drank about 2 glasses of milk this morning and a black coffee as well for breakfast. That's all. I had class from 9 to 10 and went to the bathroom before class. Now I am going to Class from 10 to 11 and I think i went to the bathroom, but I hold it until break and I don't have to go until about 30 seconds before the end of break so I hold it. BAD MOVE! So I finally get out at 11 and I reallly got to go. I go (number 1). Now I got a heck of a class from 12:00 2:50. There is a break at 1:00 approx. I go then and not long after in class I get the burning desire to go. This is after I thought I emptied my bladder for sure this time. The whoollle time I am shaking at the legs and the hands and I want more than anything to get up and leave 4 the bathroom. There is a cool girl sitting next to me and I think she thinks I have a mental problem or something. I chose not to go. Finally the class ends and I head directly to the toliet. I have to do a dance to encourage the urine to flow because it is past the point of where it wants to come out.

My recommendation. If you have to go, DO NOT HOLD IT. Who gives a rip about whether or not it's polite. When you gotta go, you gotta go.

Cathedral City, CA

#62 Sep 7, 2010
In the morning I had a cup of milk.When I got to school and when played with my BFF,I didn't have to go,but when recess was over I really had to go.I tried to asked my teacher if could go to the bathroom,but she was busy.At lunch I tried to go,but the supervisor made me eat.After lunch I had to go really bad!I was working then a drip came down my leg I asked my teacher that I had to go to the bathroom really bad! My teacher asked if I could hold it.I said "Maybe".She told me to back to my seat.A couple of drips came down my lags when I went back to my seat.I was holding it and a girl told me if something is wrong,I told her that I had to go to the bathroom really bad! When I was working,I felt a few drops on my panties.I tried to ask my teacher but she wouldn't let me go.At dismissal while walking home from school, I felt a few drops down my legs. My eyes were watering.When the pee got there, I held it.A couple of drops got on my panties.i was dripping when I got home I was holding it.When I got home ,I ran to my bathroom and pulled down my skirt.There was a big wet spot on my panties.It started coming.I went in my toilet.When I was done I felt glad. I changed my panties.

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