Is it dangerous to hold your urine in...
Selena lover

Frisco, TX

#184 Jun 3, 2012
Samantha wrote:
<quoted text>. When I was in year 9 we had the end of year test and this day it went for the whole day. I kinda needed to pee at the start of the test in first period and I asked the teacher if I could go to the toilet and she said to wait till the end of the test. When that test almost finished I really had to pee. I asked if I could go to the bathroom again and she said that there was only 20minutes left. I told myself that I could hold it in. I didn't feel comfortable asking her a third time and I didn't want to start shaking in the chair. By the end of the test I was heading to the bathroom and when I was tucking in my chair when I saw there was blood on it. F***!! So I really needed to pee and I had my period. This was the worst day ever. I waited until everyone had gone out to recess and a few teachers were still there. The same teacher that I asked to go to the bathroom was walking towards me and I kept on saying to myself oh s***. I can't believe this, how embarrassing. She came up to me and asked if I was alright. I couldn't answer her. I was shaking and crying and I couldn't talk. Then she got another teacher to ask me if I was ok. I whispered in her ear if she could get someone in the office for me. When one of the office ladies came down she asked what was the matter and I asked her for a pad and another uniform that I could wear. I raced to the bathroom after she got them for me and I didn't come out for about 2 hours. From now on I will go to the bathroom when ever I can and I will ALWAYS bring an extra pad with me.
man u had ur period

Frisco, TX

#185 Jun 3, 2012
I had to hold my pee for 13 hours and I sat down at school at lunch is when I santd up there was blood I was f$cked I did not bring a pad

Woodbridge, VA

#186 Jun 6, 2012
i was 11 and i was in a car with my sister and aunt we were driving a freeway suddenly i was full of pee it hurt so bad my blader was going to explode the problem was that my family were in two seperate cars one was with my dad, mom, and grandmom another was with me , my sister , and my aunt we were all on the freeway my sister was following my dad so she was right behind him my aunt tried to call my mom serveral times but she nevered anwser it took us 2 and a 1/2 hours for her to finally anwser god the was soo painful and hopefully it never happens again

Auckland, New Zealand

#187 Jun 23, 2012
Ive actually started to develop this weird self control thing. Its like I hold my wee in for as long as I can until it feels really sore and I have to empty it. I get depressed sometimes and I feel that the pain helps me feel better.

Is that weird? has anyone else been like that before?
Robin Robyn Robbin

Sacramento, CA

#188 Jun 27, 2012
I love it when my girlfriend ties off my c*** and b*** with rubber bands, and then makes me suffer intense full bladder torture. I am always in my super glossy shiny polished black rubber catsuit, rubber open faced hood, and elbow length rubber gloves, along with my shiny 'Hunter' High Gloss knee high rubber rain wellies.(Rubber is perfect for kinky pee denial and sex!!!!!)She will have me tied up to our 'X'-shaped Bondage device, and will make me squirm, suffer, moan and beg for release.(Not just to pee..........but to c**!!!!!!!!She forces me to drink half a gallon of water, and then makes sure I cannot urinate.(The rubber bands arewrapped extremely tightly around the base of my latex condomed c***, and as well around the base of my b***.) She will masturbate and pee right in front of me,'oooohing' and 'ahhhhhing'.......adding only to my kinky sexual denial!!!! Robin Robyn Robbin.
meg leg

United States

#190 Jul 15, 2012

Wellington, New Zealand

#191 Jul 27, 2012
Everyone should try and hold it for at least 12 hours if you can hold it any longer then you are awesome :)

Ok the key and I dont think this is cheating. Go at 7am in the morning that is your last and only time to go and you cannot go again until 7pm that night. The key to surviving this is to drink bugger all liquid all day. It works so well Ive done it a couple of times now.

Let me know how you go :)

Atlanta, GA

#192 Jul 31, 2012
Darian wrote:
I would have kick the living SH*T out that nun bitch.

I would too

United States

#193 Aug 23, 2012
Emma, I tried your challenge at home on a weekend. Knowing that I have a weak bladder, anxiety, and nervouseness, I should've listened to myself and not have done that. I definitely didn't last long. I lasted about an 1:30 min to 2:15 min and then I wet my pants. Yeah it was an EPIC fail!

Atlanta, GA

#194 Sep 15, 2012
It is very unhealthy to hold your pee, in doing so, it can cause urinary tract infection, kidney infection, bladder infection, and maybe other problems later on in life!!! NOT A GOOD THING TO DO!!!

Garden City, MI

#195 Sep 22, 2012
DrBrianGolden wrote:
It is not healthy to hold your urine for long periods. You can stretch out the bladder, which if done repeatedly, can adversely affect its function in the long-term. Urine holding for long periods does increase the risk of UTIs, as well as kidney and bladder stones. Chronic urine holding can injure your kidneys, due to the pressure transmitted up the ureters.
Brian Golden, MD
I am in marchingband performing on and off and we wernt allowed to go use the bathroom so I held it for about 5 1/2 hours and the next day (today) I couldn't hold my pee like as soon as I feel it coming I automaticly have to go. Like I couldn't hold it. I'm in highschool and I'm worried.
james kulp

Waynesboro, PA

#196 Sep 26, 2012
Yes holding your pee is very bad for you and I learned to not hold my pee in so long because I was at the mont alto carnival in mont alto, pennsylvania where I live at and I refussed to use the porta potties there and I peed in my pants and that is very embarrassing because I am a 27 year old white guy. Guys that old are not supposed to pee in their pants so after that any where I go in public I now wear adult diapers!
Xiongyi wee li mee

Singapore, Singapore

#197 Dec 20, 2012
Ollie wrote:
She doesn't have done that. Anything could have happened. You could have been diabetic or anything and you would have needed to urinate when you wanted.
I think that that is disgusting. However, I don't see the problem with the holding your urine because what about when you're in bed? If you need the toilet in bed and you're asleep, you'd be holding it for 8 hours+ and that's natural?
In bed , you're sleeping ,your brain is resting , so you have no sighns of urine?
Xiongyi wee li mee

Singapore, Singapore

#198 Dec 20, 2012
but you are sleeping and your brain is resting so you do not have signs of urine? holding too long- result in peeing in bed ,wet pants.
Xiongyi wee li mee

Singapore, Singapore

#199 Dec 20, 2012
Is holding urine good?

Mesa, AZ

#200 Jan 4, 2013
kdog wrote:
<quoted text>
I am in marchingband performing on and off and we wernt allowed to go use the bathroom so I held it for about 5 1/2 hours and the next day (today) I couldn't hold my pee like as soon as I feel it coming I automaticly have to go. Like I couldn't hold it. I'm in highschool and I'm worried.
I'm in my school marching band too and when we preform we don't have breaks at all. Our shows are really long and by the first half hour of the show I have to pee really bad but can't take a break to go. I'm like you are when i feel like I have to pee I can't hold it in. But as our season goes on I learned to hold it but not gonna lie some leaked out as we performed

Charlotte, NC

#201 Jan 11, 2013

Phoenix, AZ

#202 Jan 18, 2013
Refraining from urinating whenever you feel the urge, and doing it frequently may render you susceptible to developing a bladder or urinary tract infection. It's best you practice healthy habits including drinking more water and peeing when the urge comes to minimize your risk of a UTI. For added information problems about bladder problems, could be a great reference for you.

San Jose, CA

#203 Jan 20, 2013
It could be dangerous especially when it has become a habit. Holding your urine frequently may lead to infections to the bladder or urinary tract. I suggest you relieve yourself whenever you feel the urge to reduce your risk of a UTI. More information about bladder problems and remedies may also be found at

Antioch, TN

#204 Feb 23, 2013
use toilet always bad for health because it cause rare deadly illness,your bladder to burst,your urinary system to shutdown and increase your risk of have kidney failure so you need to stop use toilet.

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