Is it dangerous to hold your urine in...

Is it dangerous to hold your urine in too long?

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Mountain View, CA

#1 Jan 28, 2007
i was in a situation i could not get out of one morning. i had to urinate bad. had to hold it for about 2 hours. the last hour was pretty bad.the last half hour extremely bad. im sure this is not healthy, but what negative things could happen as a result of this? this is the only time i have had to hold my urine for that long.

please advise.





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Rome, GA

#2 Sep 22, 2007
I know someone who enjoys the feeling of holding their pee for as long as they can, is there a reason for that?





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Far Rockaway, NY

#3 Dec 5, 2007
I don't think you did any damage. I remember a long time ago when I was in grade school I didn't have to go at 10:30 when we all went as a class, but by 11 I did have to go and the nun would not let me. She would not let me go all day. In Catholic school we went as a class at 10:30 and not again for the rest of the day. They told us it builds character to control ourselves.

Anyway, I had to go so bad during lunch that I tried to sneak into the cafeteria bathroom, but I was told to sit down. In class in the afternoon I was squirming, so she told me to sit in front by her desk and turn my desk to face the class. It really traumatized me because I could not sit still. She then made me stand up next to my desk and I could remember shifting my weight from leg to leg, almost doubling over. She told me to stand with my feet 6 inches apart and to stand still. I held it in with shear will and was afraid that I was doing permanent damage to my insides, I was in 8th grade, about 14 years old.

She allowed me to sit after about 10 minutes. I would not put my skirt under my bottom the way we were always taught to sit in school because I was afraid I would leak any minute onto my skirt. I did feel a few drops squirt out and pleaded with the nun to let me go. It was 2pm and dismissal wasn't till 3. She would not let me go. I am ashamed to say that I resorted to sticking my hand down the waist band of my skirt and pulling up hard on my underwear to help me hold it back. I was literally shaking.

When we lined up to go home I thought I was going to lose it right there in front of everyone. Standing up made the pressure unbearable. Walking down the stairs I squirted a few drops down my legs. I was in tears. I had a 4 block walk home and walked doubled over in order to hold the rest till I got home.

So, with the exception of a few drops that came out in school and walking down the steps, I held it for about 4 1/2 hours and I really had to go very badly for most of that time.





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Los Angeles, CA

#4 Jan 16, 2008
If you are scared, contact your doctor or go to a walk-in clinic if you do not have a primary doctor. They will probably ask you for a urine sample and see if they detect any germs (bacteria) or blood in it. Also research for things on the internet about this. I looked at this one site where a doctor had responded.

Just make sure not to do this anymore, you're life is in your hands and should be important enough over anything else right??

Barnsley, UK

#5 Apr 4, 2008
She doesn't have done that. Anything could have happened. You could have been diabetic or anything and you would have needed to urinate when you wanted.

I think that that is disgusting. However, I don't see the problem with the holding your urine because what about when you're in bed? If you need the toilet in bed and you're asleep, you'd be holding it for 8 hours+ and that's natural?

United States

#6 Apr 15, 2008
ItsJustMe wrote:
I know someone who enjoys the feeling of holding their pee for as long as they can, is there a reason for that?
I have heard of people who play with that. IANADNDIPOOTN (Doctor), so I will not say you should or you should not--while it's fun, if it's fun (??). But, as soon as it gets painful, that's a pretty good sign the time has come to go. Usually when it hurts to do something, that means you're hurting yourself.

Most people who start wetting themselves when they are older do not enjoy it much. Something to think about, when thinking on how to treat one's bladder & plumbing. If you break something in real life, there might NOT be a way to fix it. RKBA! Best regards.
09 May 2008

South Africa

#7 May 9, 2008
Sorry I don't realy think its fun. I've been in the similar situation where I had to hold it just for 1.5 hr, but i can tell u that the pain I had there lasted for more than a week and I've learnt from that.


Since: Apr 08

Westport, MA

#8 May 15, 2008
No, it's not "dangerous", but it can lead to urinary tract infections, which includes your kidneys and bladder. These can be VERY painful and in some cases, require hospitalization for IV antibiotics.

We can hold it for 8 hours while sleeping, but if you REALLY have to go, it will wake you in the middle of the night, usually, and you will have to get up and go.

Our bodies give us cues when we need something. Just listen to them! Go if you gotta go!

San Diego, CA

#9 Jun 14, 2008
I would have kick the living SH*T out that nun bitch.

Las Vegas, NV

#10 Jun 14, 2008
It is not healthy to hold your urine for long periods. You can stretch out the bladder, which if done repeatedly, can adversely affect its function in the long-term. Urine holding for long periods does increase the risk of UTIs, as well as kidney and bladder stones. Chronic urine holding can injure your kidneys, due to the pressure transmitted up the ureters.

Brian Golden, MD

Stratford, CT

#11 Jul 31, 2008
Darian wrote:
I would have kick the living SH*T out that nun bitch.
Back then, those nuns got their kicks out of humiliating and abusing children. If they ever did even 1/1000th of what they did then in today's world, they would be locked up.

Yeah, they were a bunch of frustrated abusive beetches.


#12 Aug 15, 2008
I had to hold it in for about 2 hours on Tuesday (now it's Friday), and straight after I was finally able to go I felt really uncomfortable, like I needed to go when I didn't, and this persisted for the whole day, as well as pain when ending a pee.
The next day was better, the constant feeling of needing to go had subsided a bit, but the pain when peeing remained. I thought it was resolving itself.
However, last night after peeing the really uncomfortable, feeling like needing to pee all the time returned, and has lasted until now, and it's actually quite painful.

Is it possible to have obtained a UTI just from holding it in once?

Sussex, WI

#14 Oct 4, 2008
i was 6 and i was in t-ball. the game got cancelled cause of rain and the coach called to say it was still on. we were in a rush so i didnt have time to pee before we left. i got there and couldnt use the portapoty. i knew i could hold it for a while cuz i didnt have to go bad at all. but it was drizzling and the grass was wet and i drank too much water and then i started to fidgette and squirm.. i was bouncing up and down the whole game and the coach askd me if i had to go to the bathroom. i said yes but i could hold it so we continued the game. i couldnt stay still when i sat down on the bench when our team was batting it got easier to hold, but every time i stood up, it got unbelivably bad. i had my hands between my legs and i was crossing my legs and then some pee leaked out. i thought if i didnt think about it and i told myself i could hold it id b fine, until a little more dripped out. i finally shouted to the coach i have to go to the bathroom really bad. he asked if it was an emergency. i screamed YES. he asked me if i could hold it. i sain NO. he said try the game will b over in 5 minuted u can gothen. i made it, but my dad asked me if i could hold it till home, and i said maybe.. the second he started the car, it all came gushing out, through my shorts, down my legs, and all over the car seat. i felt bad for peeing my pants in the car, but it felt so good to let that go i didnt care... i had to use the bathroom during a soccer game alot 2. but there was one time when i was absolutly busting for a pee in the middle of the game. its a goods thing i was goalie cuz i could barely stand without wetting, let alone run around the field. i had my hands in my crotch and i was bouncing and peedancing and i was soo desperate. i asked the coach if i could go. it was an advanced soccer team, and the coach was mean. he said :your ten your old enough to hold it." i got back out there and i thought i could make it. during a timeout i said " coach i have to use the bathroom! its an absolute emergency!! ive had to go since i got here before the game and im about to explode. i cant hold it for much longer and im serious. i dont care what you say i cant hold it i have to go soo bad." he said "u cant hold it much longer? come to me when u cant hold it, ANY longer." he benched me andi sat down squirming with my legs crossed. The minute he put me back in i stood up and it got much worse. i was about to tell him i HAD to go NOW, but he told me to get out there. i went out there, walking with my hands between my legs, i couldnt stay that way for the rest of the game so when no1 was looking i yanked my pants up so high so that could hold it instead of my hands. after the game we had a "team meeting" and i shouted i cant hold it any longer if you dont let me go now im gonna pee in my pants!! he was going to tell me to stay but b4 he could i ran off into the bathroom and the whole was to the bthroom i was dripping. by the time io got there there was a wetspot that was visible on my pants, but i made it. i didnt completely burst.. im still fine, no imfections or anything.
chronic pee holder

Merritt, Canada

#15 Oct 28, 2008
ok this is so random. but i have come to the realization from friends, lovers and myself that i never pee when i have to pee. i am terrible. the worst is in the morning. a fullbladder will wake me up but i will just try and forget about and go back to sleep. my bladder is usually so huge but it doesnt hurt so bad, so i try and forget it. like right now i have to pee. i have been holding it for like thirty mins or so, working on school assignments and facebooking and stuff, and trying to ignore the fact that i have to pee. please this is a terrible habit of mine. and i am 28 now, and certainly dont want to be rocking depends when im 60. tell me the truth of holding urine. i need to know.
chronic pee holder

Merritt, Canada

#16 Oct 28, 2008
is there anyone else out there that does the same thing?? so curious

United States

#17 Oct 31, 2008
chronic pee holder, it sounds like you're playing with fire. Will it work for you, later in life, if whenever you feel the urge it means you have just a couple of minutes to HERE It COMES? No, that wasn't anything but a question. So far I've known 2 ladies who were living it. I don't know if they'd played at holding it till they couldn't or something else happened. I just know when they had to pee--it meant find someplace, or where you are will BE the place.

For one of them, it was sort of sexualized but she wasn't at peace with herself about it. For the other one, it was one more way to expose herself and she loved it (but she might or might not consider it a bad thing to be arrested with wet pants or while squatting beside a parked car). So it seriously worked for her, but things came with that. She might not have been able to quit that but she didn't want to. That first one couldn't quit and wished she could quit, more often than not.

Those would be just 2 examples and I'm NOT a Doctor. I think you should probably find a Doctor you're comfortable asking about what you do. You might be playing with more serious consequences than wetting yourself and maybe your bottom enjoying it too much to quit. RKBA! Best regards.

Since: Nov 08

London, UK

#18 Nov 2, 2008
It's not fun to have to hold on that long, but sometimes you have little choice. I was once on a coach stuck in a motorway traffic jam on the way home from the office, and there was no toilet on board. I'd had a couple of beers beforehand, and had gone to the toilet before leaving the pub. The journey normally took just over an hour, which I knew I could manage with minimal discomfort, but it took four hours on this day because of a crash. After being on the coach for about 2 hours I was so full I couldn't keep still. I managed to force it back, but it really hurt, and I was making a real spectacle of myself. After another hour I really did think I'd wet myself, and i pulled my skirt out from under my bum just in case. The coach still wasn't moving, and I didn't know what to do. I thought about getting off and peeing by the side of the road like some of the men had done, but there was no cover - just the concrete wall of the side of the motorway. Luckily, just as I thought I was going to disgrace myself, another woman came up to me and asked if I needed the loo, because she too was caught short and was going to go by the side of the road. I didn't fancy doing it in public, with everyone watching, but with me, her and another woman going together it was a whole lot more bearable.
baby boomer woman

United States

#19 Nov 4, 2008
Speaking as someone who grew up being expected to hold it in until appropriate times by both parents and teachers, I can't say that I suffered any harm from it. It was unpleasant, of course, but unless the holding is carried to extreme or used as a form of punishment, I can't buy the belief of some people that reasonable personal discipline is harmful.

I'm thankful that I didn't go to the Catholic school that another comment mentioned, he he, but it was normal in the schools that I attended to forbid bathroom use during class except for medically necessary exceptions. Hey, it wasn't fun, and I had my share of bad days, but I lived through it and learned to avoid the consequences of drinking too much water or neglecting to go at lunch or during recess. It's not abuse, it's just learning to plan yourself and discipline yourself like an adult.

There were no special stops for us kids on road trips. If our destination was a person's house, we were told that it was impolite to head right to the host's bathroom. Our parents required us to quietly wait for about an hour after arrival, and then we could politely ask the host to use the bathroom.

Was it fun? No, but I lived through it and didn't come to any harm.

Lincoln, NE

#20 Nov 6, 2008
your all dumb"axx"es!!!!!!!
smarter than you think


#21 Nov 18, 2008
coming from the person that says dumb "axx"es.
wow seems like your the dumbass man

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