post ejaculation, I pee, then I just ...

León, Mexico

#158 Mar 4, 2008
Hey people, im really glad i've found this forum. I've had this problem for about same 7 to 8 years and also believed it to be quite normal. All of your answers ound pretty logical, so i'll give it all a try. Seems quite absurd to think it isnt a pathology at all, cuz i've observed the same... well... capability... to mantain an erection for long time. This pain is really annoying, and my problem is that the urge doesnt always allows me to wait the whole half hour. Anyway, you just saved me a visit o the Doc. Thanks guys...!=)

Hudson, OH

#160 Mar 13, 2008
I have had this for years mainly after drinking some alcohol (not too much but more than a glass). Have sex/MB less frequently, do not MB in a sitting position and urinate before sex, these things help. It is good to know that it is probably "normal", but hell it is annoying. I am so sleepy but I just can't sleep yet.

Ballwin, MO

#161 Mar 15, 2008
theres a simple fix to this situation guys

I experienced this situation off and on all last year, but haven't experienced it once this year, and if I have, it's been extremely minor.

All you have you to is slow down. Stop going so fast.... You can't rush the ejaculation by going so fast.

Ever since I've slowed down a lot I haven't experienced this burning sensation.

You gotta remember that you're doing it to feel good, not to beatr yourself up. If you are violently masturbating you make yourself soar, you guys need to slow down and enjoy the ride.

Also, make sure you are using lotion or some kind of lube. Seemed to happen often when doing it dry, don't ask. Probably all goes along with the going to fast thing and beating yourself up thing. but otherwise I know for a fact that it's some kind of swelling, which is why you stay half erect and experience a burning sensation.

Ibprofen helps a lot..... by the time it wear off the sensation is long gone.

Hope that helps, good luck

United States

#162 Mar 16, 2008
this is natural. the pH of ejaculate is different from the pH of urine, and the shock of the dramatic change in pH of fluid passing through the urethra causes a burning sensation.
piss in the shower

Hilo, HI

#163 Mar 20, 2008
Try taking a hot shower after sex or masturbating. Getting out a good after ejaculate piss in the shower under hot water seems to lessen the discomfort and you don't get that "full tip gotta pee more feeling".
needs apee


#165 Mar 28, 2008
I have just had an attack of these symptoms about half an hour ago, lasting for 30 minutes. I had gone for a pee about 5 minutes before masturbating. About 5 mins after cumming, I felt this tingling sensation in my urethra. I went and stood at the toilet, and nothing. I pressed on my abdomen and could feel that my bladder was empty, however my urethra felt like it was full of pee. I strained to get a few drops out, and as I did this, the tingling turned to burning. I also felt like I needed to pass faeces. So I spent the last half hour sitting on the toilet with nothing coming out except a few miserable drops.

The sensation subsided after 30 minutes, as I knew it would, as I have had this problem since I started masturbating 9 years ago, but it hasn't happened for about 3 years now....until tonight. It seems it only happens if I pee immidiately before or after masturbation. I'ts so uncomfartable, and I usually get a hot water bottle and place it on my abdomen, which helps to some degree.

Anyway, glad to hear Im no the only one this happens to. Some cases I've read about on here are identical to mine.

Honolulu, HI

#167 Apr 13, 2008
yeah try and keep urinating seperated from sex as far as possible. and if you get stuck with it, dont force it!!! infact hold it in the best you can. just let your body work it out. the more you try to get it out the more its gonna stick around-just try and wait through the irritation until you REALLY gotta go. drink lots of liquids, mabye pop an ibuprofen/take a bong rip, and just do your best to pretend its not there and listen to when your body wants to cooperate. also a hot shower/ any warm water always seems to help me best if i have time. and yeah keep your hand out your pants! i like to get off at least once a day, but its definetly worth it to stay disciplined if this shit starts up on you.

Scarborough, Canada

#168 Apr 18, 2008
Is it normal to always take a piss after ejaculation? Honestly, every single time (no exagerration) I ejaculate I'd have to go take a piss right away, but there's no burning sensation or anything.

And its not like a couple drops of piss, it's a full amount of urine from a regular piss. I think even if I piss mins before ejaculation, I'd still have to pee a full amount right after.

I don't have any patterns or pay attention to any patterns or anything, it just happens naturally. Sometimes I'll take the piss right after ejaculation, sometimes I'll be busy doing something and not take the piss until a while later.

Please tell me this is normal

Norwich, UK

#170 Apr 20, 2008
Same here, had this since l was about 13. Seems to happen more frequently now (lm 32) and is definitely more likely after drinking alcohol. Also its almost always a night time thing, whereas any MB/sex in the morning is always OK.

I doubt its anything to do with lube etc..lm euro, still have my foreskin and l get it even when plumbing the depths of the wet n willing.

I do however absolutely agree that you wanna be hard as hell. If you slow MB for ages and have a proper drooling angry cannon before ejaculation, you are good to go, no issues after.

I am interested to know if anyone with this problem does PC muscle exercises. I'll stick my neck out and say l bet not. I think PC muscle exercises will help it appears to get worse as you get older/drink alcohol which would point to a lack of tone or muscle tightness in the general genital area (PC et al).

Duluth, MN

#171 Apr 21, 2008
ChumWad might be on to something with the PC exercises. I have the same problem, and I think it's usually when I drink a lot of fluids before sex, but not always. A cure that I've found for myself is doing lower abdomen exercises when I get the feeling. It's like the muscles that hold back your piss relax after you orgasm and forget to tighten back up. If I do a little lower ab work(which is tough with that feeling going on), it goes away rather quickly. I never got this feeling when I was into bodybuilding and my abs were very strong, so maybe consider the PC exercises like CW said. That's my theory and hopefully it helps some of you.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

#172 Apr 25, 2008
Joe wrote:
I am 29 years old and i have the same problem. i think my problem started when i found a new technique to increase the time of my erection before ejaculation. This technique involves interrupting your orgasm fraction of a second before ejaculation, resulting in reaching orgasm without actually ejaculating (as if you have ejaculated inside). This could lengthen the time of having sex for an extra 30 minutes! It’s actually the same thing you do when you try to hold your pee or stop peeing after you have already started peeing. I believe this has damaged something or affected my testicle and resulted in getting this irritating symptom!
from my personal experience i found out that the best way to reduce the feeling of irritation is by
A) Cooling down your testicles and penis by either placing some ice or just use a cold can of beer/coke and place directly on your testicles and penis.
B) Gently massaging below the testicles.
Also, as mentioned before, in order to reduce the frequency of getting these symptoms, try the following:
A) Reduce the frequency of masturbation/Sex (reduce the pressure on your prostate!)
B) Try to pee at least 30 minutes before commencing MB/Sex
D) Avoid wearing tight pants/underwear especially during sleep
Did the pains eventually go away?

Frederick, MD

#174 May 13, 2008
I too suffer from this malady (right now actually). I'm a neurobiologist, not a urologist, so I can't really speculate as to the causes, but for me it happens EXCLUSIVELY when I've had a drink or two - 100% of the time if I'm rubbing one out but only about 5% of the time if it's sex.
I'll have to try the warm shower/towel thing, but I've noticed as others have that:

1)Ibuprofen, Naproxen (Aleve), Acetaminophen/Paracetamol (Tylenol), etc., do wonders alleviating the discomfort for me, so presumably it's got something to do with inflammation.

2)If I sit on the toilet, squeezing out little spurts of piss, that makes it way worse! Remember, you don't actually have to pee, you just feel like you do, so the more you can relax the less it will bother you. Hold out as long as you can before another toilet run, and you'll notice the symptoms slowly fading.

So, the instant you feel the sensation come on, pop some over-the-counter pain meds and just chill! It'll go away pretty soon.


#175 May 16, 2008
Lots a beer does it to me all the time... or water, basically when i had a lot to drink before.

Its normal, basically your body gets confused... it is miss communication between ejaculatory and urinary processes. Try not to drink a lot before u get it on

Leatherhead, UK

#176 May 21, 2008
I have the exact opposite from all of you lol,
After i ejaculate, I usually go to the bathroom to clean up after and then pee afterwards so any cum left inside is cleaned out.. only when I pee after ejaculation it feels amazing almost as good as ejaculating itself.. lucky me then lol?
Stu Pidass

Norman, OK

#177 May 22, 2008
I am glad I'm not the only one who has this problem. It has happened to me off and on for the last 25 years. The only relief for me is to masturbate again. Some times that works, but usually I just have to wait for about 45 minutes.

Narellan, Australia

#178 May 24, 2008
Arghhhhhhhhh. I've finally found people like me. I'm 42 and have been having this problem for years now. My pain seems to last for a day after ejaculating, kinda deep in the vicinity of the "gooch" area (between the nuts and freckle), I usually have to pee once every hour or so (maybe 3 times a night also) it eventualy improves after a day. To me, it feels like ejaculating is somehow stretching or tearing the urethra (stricture), and when you urinate afterwards, the urine leaks through the tear causing intense burning/pain/feeling of a need to urinate, which continues for some time until it settles down. Maybe it is related to not having the urethra properly "pre lubed" before ejaculating as mentioned. Anyway, that's my theory, now I've just got to fing a cure. I'm going to keep vsiting this thread until someone shares the elusive cure.

Laurel, MD

#179 May 25, 2008
MAN I'M GLAD I'M NOT ALLONE. I'm 15 and i just started having this problem. maybe i should stop masturbating and let it alone for a while. I always get this burning feeling in my whang after i masturbate. is it s a problem? Or do i just have to suck it up and deal with it?

Saskatoon, Canada

#180 May 28, 2008
It happenned to me before, Alcohol was one trigger, having an orgasm after drinking. It finally went away, but there are still times when I have to pee, that I get the same sensation as having an orgasm, which isn't as bad as the burning.

I haven't drank coffee in about 2 years now, but if i remember the Caffine was a triger too

Norwich, UK

#181 May 29, 2008
Try PC muscle exercises.

I did for a few days literally and rubbing one out when drunk gave me the feeling like it wanted to happen again but was held at bay by a general feeling of tone or tension in that area.

Cos l'm lazy l stopped doing it and so its come back lol.

Im still waiting for other people to do PCM execises and report back if its made a difference.

Newcastle, CA

#182 Jun 3, 2008
I am 14 years old and sometimes i just finish peeing n like in a bit i feel like i needa use the restroom pretty badly but when i go to the restroom the pee comes out only a little and i don't get whats wrong with my bladder or whatever i want to know the answer but im scare to know the answer to because the last time i went to the doctor was 6th grade and they say nothings wrong i don't get it,it disturb me alot at school and while sleeping or going to shopping it makes my sister mad at me.

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