post ejaculation, I pee, then I just ...

Birmingham, UK

#135 Jan 7, 2008
I'm a girl, however if there's any similarity between the sexes (there is a little I think), I'd also recommend drinking lots of water for a week. This will clear out the kidneys/urethra in case you have an infection (kidneys, cystitis, etc).
Both myself and my current and previous male partners have found that we can't orgasm/ejaculate with a full bladder, so we always pee before sex and haven't had a problem.
Also check your sexual health at a GUM clinic for things like thrush, etc, which can be caught by men and can cause burning/itching. The urine, if thrush is present, actually works to disinfect the genital area so it's always good too pee after sex, if you need to.
It also hurts when I wee if I've not been drinking enough water.(Perhaps there's not enough pressure coming through from the bladder.)
Abstinence is probably a good idea, then a gentle reutrn to sex and masturbation.
Being gentle in sex is also a good idea if you get too lost in the feeling - I know people that have caused damage, and girlfriends can be rough if they're not aware of their man's physiology.
If any of the area around the penis is grazed or inflamed then the acidity of urine will sting the skin. Perhaps the glans is more sensitive, due to blood flow, after sex, making this more noticeable? However maybe not if it's only after sex that it stings.

Harrison, NJ

#137 Jan 7, 2008

23 year old healthy male weight lifter. Sometimes after I have sex, I have this sensation that I have to keep peeing. I had to pee about 7 times last night. As someone put it, I was just having 1/2 oz shots of pee. The sex was unprotected, but my lady is disease free.

Please help. I want a better night sleep for next time. Cranberry juice? Any exercises to strengthen my bladder?

Wilmington, NC

#139 Jan 16, 2008
well i have to say, i've googled this many times and never came up with a clear answer. I have the same problem as above. After masturbation, and ONLY after masturbation (not sex) sometimes, not all the time, I'll get a strong urge to urinate though only a few drops come out at a time and can be pretty painful with a sharp burning sensation. I had this before I ever had sex or any sexual contact with a woman. All tests read negative for any STD's or infections. I don't know what it is, but I always make it a point to jump in the shower if I masturbate. For whatever reason, the symptoms never seem to intense as they do if I just sit on the toilet wondering what the f--- is wrong with me. I hope this helps some other poor guy who's losing his mind over this.

Fayetteville, AR

#140 Jan 22, 2008

Thank god that i found this forum. I have been having these problems for the last three months now. I am sexually active, but my girlfriend and i are about 2 hours away, so it is not more than once a week. Since I am in college, there is not usually lube in the vicinity, so i have to dry rub. This urination problem/ feeling seemed to have begun after I started MB'ing without any lotion/lube. I have gone to the doctor, been checked for STD's; I even got a prostate exam, which sucked because I am only 18. Anyways, everything came up clear. I have noticed that the less stress and the more sleep I get, it helped; over Christmas break, I did not seem to have this problem at all, but now that I am back to school it seems to be occuring again. Hopefully someone can find out something about this... Im going to try to simply stop MB'ing.Good Luck!

Islamabad, Pakistan

#141 Jan 23, 2008
hi i am Asad age 24

i have problem in my testicle back side its look like some stone in venis but after hot bath its become soft but after few mints its become same like stone i am confuse what is this problem and why happend slowly slowly

can u help me plz



#142 Jan 26, 2008
I am happy to know that I am not the only person out there with the same problem.(just the urge to pee really) I also googled this xD.
okay anyway i've read every single post all of them lol...and what i believe is ..
#1) not fully hard when ejactulating
#2) peeing should be done before mb/sex
#3) it might be because the semen is not comepletely out of the urethra
#4) i guess try not to jerk off right before u sleep.
Please to all those who have read/posted on this forum...if you have found a solution PLEASE HELP US!!!
thanks to all those

Blaxland, Australia

#143 Jan 27, 2008
hey im 13 i get the same problem my sex life is great and i need to pee after each ejaculation and i also get a slight burning feeling mmm i dunno yer i rekon retro is right cuz it does look like excess sperm just passing through well thats what i thought the whole time now i looked i should try cranberry juice

mm wel yer

hava gud one

Petey Pompa

Tampa, FL

#144 Jan 29, 2008
Wow I'm glad I finally googled this. Kudos to all you who have talked about our problem. I too have been experiencing this same problem for the past 5 years ever since I was 15.
In fact, I just had this burning issue start up now after I masturbated at 1:00 AM and here it is 1:45 AM and its finally going away. Thanks to this thread for taking my mind off the burning for the past 45 minutes! Anyways I thought I'd describe what happens to me to share my part in this whole mess as well.
Well like the others I thought it had to do with my not urinating before masturbation/sex so I changed things around and made sure to piss once before and this seemed to help slow it down, but didn't get rid of the problem for good much to my dismay. I like a few others have constantly sat on the toilet for 20-40 minutes waiting for the pain to go away and constantly urinating little stream jets over and over until the pain fades away. I also noticed that once in awhile this will make my bowels move while im on the toilet when before hand I didn't have to do that. This seems to be a very weird condition and I wish there was a simple solution for the many of us poor bastards who have to suffer from this.
I mean just today was my first time masturbating in 9 DAYS! I thought for sure if I spaced out my time it would help ease my pain, but nope I of course got it on my first masturbation in so long.
In the end I don't know what to do anymore. Spacing out my days before ejaculating isn't working. Not drinking before masturbation isn't either. I think I'll have ot continue my trips to sitting on the toilet for 30 minutes constantly streaming out urine off and on for the rest of my life at this rate! Argh!
Well I think I will do what a few people have suggested next time, taking a shower and/or then putting a cold beer or an ice pack on my crotch to see if that will help. I sure hope so!

United States

#145 Jan 31, 2008
well i am so glad i seen this it is a sigh of relif i am 16 and me and my girl friend have been sexualy active for about 6 monthes i have had alot of sex i would say at least 200 times over my whole life and not untill about the last 10 everytime rain or shine it hurts to pee after words and if i hold it it feels like i a fire hose like i have to go like REALLY BAD but i only go very little and its not just annoying but painful i not only feel pain in my penis but also in my side and i feel like i have to poop in a way but i know i dont and if i try the pee just trys to come out... i dont masterbate at all anymore but this has happened before hear and there but not very ofton it has only started to happen i dk what to do i want to know what it is and a cure it seems like i feel i have to pee everytime before sex no matter what and when i do it hurts and the reason i do is because a while back when i didnt it happened anyways i need to know what this is i am fit alchol and drug free smoke free i work out faithfully take vitaimns basically in the best shape i can be givin what i can do..... i dk if anyone kknows what this is from or how to cure it please tell me... sex is important to me as is any man please.... just help it does hurt and i know i dont have a std or a infection its just a weird thing please help thank you


#146 Jan 31, 2008
This is an easy problem to remedy. In the morning take a tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar w/mother and a tablespoon of raw honey ( organic is best)and mix them with 10 oz's of water. I plug my nose and chug it, it goes down easier that way. Do this for approximately a month and the problem should be gone for good if it returns do it again for longer. This is completely safe and very effective as long as you dont whine about the vinegar taste.
Also if sex is that inportant to you and you think that your problem is due to ejaculation without being fully erect drink orange juice (again organic is best). Oranges and their juice increase blood flow by up to 30% in relatively short amount of time. TRUST ME THIS WORKS!!!! Try it and prove it to yourself.
Fellow Victim

York, UK

#147 Feb 4, 2008
I've been suffering the same problems intermittently for about a year now. Most of the things said on this forum -- make sure you're hard, avoid alcohol before sex or MB -- seem like good advice. I suspect, however, that the problem is somehow related to having gas. Sometimes during the day, you feel that you have to pee urgently, but farting relieves the pressure. I believe a similar phenomenon is at play here. Intestinal gas may put pressure on the bladder, creating this insatiable need to pee (I'm not a bio student, so I can speak only in vague generalities). For some reason, masturbation -- at least for some of us -- causes this gas to accumulate. If I make sure to release all gas before sex or MB -- and this is an annoying process -- I generally don't experience the problem. I bet the problem has a psychological basis, also; perhaps anxiety causes the muscles to contract and trap these horrible gas bubbles?

Recommendations:-make sure you're hard and focus on sex/MB
-clear gas beforehand (or afterward -- it does relieve the unpleasantness)
-don't masturbate in a (computer) chair (it seems to increase the pressure and pain)
-abstain (from MB) whenever bodily possible

Also, has anyone noticed variability in ejaculatory volume? I wonder if it's a related issue. Good luck, troopers. Hopefully someone with genuine medical knowledge will address this problem soon.

Murrysville, PA

#148 Feb 4, 2008
Holy hell I thought I was dying. I've been having this problem every once in a while for years. It now makes a lot more sense.

Also, this tingling and burning sensation can occur for me if I pee too often (I'm one of those people that pees ALOT...and I mean a whole lot).

In the mornings if I drink too much caffeine it makes me have to pee more than normal. After a while I'll just experience the urge to pee, go to the bathroom, and nothing happens. I suppose this is sort of the same thing...over excited/used bladder that now can't relax.

Am I the only one that also occasionally feels like they have to poop as well, specifically after ejaculation from masturbation? I've only had this happen once after sex and interestingly it was the first time this ever happened to me. Since then it has always been from masturbation.

United States

#149 Feb 5, 2008
see... im so glad im not the only one with this problem. i was beggining to think i had some crazy disease. and for some reason it only happends when i drink. at least now i know a few ways to help maybe. cause it sucks when your laying next to you mate after sex and you just wanna go to bed and you cant cause it feels like you got an instant urinary tract infection...

Pinellas Park, FL

#150 Feb 5, 2008
I'm SO GLAD I found this post!

I masterbate about 3 times a day and I think that his been the issue. I get that tightning, itchy sensation in my urethra after ejaculating, and even notice less semen coming out. I was starting to think I had permanent retrograde ejaculation so I decided to go to a doctor to check it out.

To my surprise, I ejaculated fine when I was their and aside from a bit of a low sperm count, I had no pain nor semen showing in later urination. I went to a family doctor back home so I did not masterbate for the 3 days before seeing the doctor, so I think all the theories about a bruised urethrea are correct.

Weight is also an issue for the prostrate and other areas as an enlarged/inflammed prostrate will contribute to ejaculatory problems. The doctor advised me to lose some weight, take it easy on masterbating, and follow-up in six months. It sounded like this is normal to him but I guess we'll see in 6 months.

Oshawa, Canada

#152 Feb 10, 2008
so i've been all over these internets and haven't found a solution. this kinda sucks, though im glad to know im not doesn't help the problem right? is thereANYTHING to get rid of it besides towels and pain relieving drugs?

Karachi, Pakistan

#153 Feb 18, 2008
Hy there ppl, boy am i glad to know that i am not alone in my suffering n dismay n quest for an answer. What i gather is that whenever, i am not fully erect or if i have not rubbed it for a nice 5-10 mins long, it goes in this crazy mode of pee ozs n make is painful. What i do is i start drinking tons of water like 1-2 glasses for every oz of pee n pain. Hence it makes the painful feeling n the urge to pee go away a lot sooner then under normal circumstances. Plus if u pee once or twice n then just drink water n then sit down n hold the tip of ur dick between ur fingers, it make the feeling go away for a while, till u hold it, by then the water has done its job n u really need to pee n then this time ur amount of urine is normal not in ozs. hope this helps someone, it helps me at times.

Toronto, Canada

#154 Feb 18, 2008
At the end of this is the best way to feel better I've found.

Hey guys, well it's obvious we're all having this problem in some way or another. I'm sure each individual experience is slightly different. For me it's after ejaculation a feeling of having to pee or poo. I definently think it has to do with being to rough and the position of your body while you masterbate. I usually only get this problem with alchohol which makes sense since alchohol numbs your penis abit and would make you be a little more rough and maybe cause this.

I avoid sex or masterbation as often as possible if I've had alot to drink, but sometimes it only takes a little.

If you do find yourself feeling this sympton try having a really hot shower. And I mean really hot let the water run over your stomach and hey if you have to pee a little... try your in the shower anyway.

Hope this works for you!

Vancouver, WA

#155 Feb 20, 2008
Like most of you, I've had this problem for the past few years. Its extremely frustrating. I've actually been to a couple urologists and doctors and have not gotten any answers, they just tell me they're is nothing wrong with me. It is nice to know others are going through this, but why doesn't somebody do something about it? It seems like urologists would be interested in fixing this, because I (and others, I assume) would be willing to pay well to fix this problem. I also have chunky semen at times, I wonder if this is related? Anybody else have that as well? Showers help, but no remedy really prevents it, just helps relieve the pain. I think hydration might be an issue, but sometimes too much water makes it even worse. It seemes to only happen at night, I wonder why that is? thanks for all the posts, keeping pressuring doctors, maybe they'll find a solution.

Elmhurst, IL

#156 Feb 23, 2008
Ive had this same problem that some of you are talking about for a long time. After Drinking alcohol and having sex I have a strong burning sensation and feel like I have to pee continuously. From what I have figured out it seems to have somthing to do with muscles not relaxing. There are sites tell you how to do a phisical theripy kinda thing that I guess works but what I do {although kinda inconveniant} is take a hot shower or bath for about 15 minuts. The warm water stops the pain and it subsides. Im pretty sure it relaxes the muscels. Hope this helps.
1 clear mind

London, UK

#157 Feb 28, 2008
As i sit here clutching at my crutch wishing the pain would go away, stressing on what it could be and nipping out to the loo every 10mins sqeezing out a painful drop, i find this place!! Its great to hear some of you have this and have been checked out! i have been stressing over how im gonna drop it to my gf and reading this has taken the world off my shoulders, to be honest i now no longer see it an issue, only a hinderence,and iam over the moon it is nuthing more then that, havin reading everywherelse its a std. thanks alot to all that have posted

one clear mind sighning out;)

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