post ejaculation, I pee, then I just ...

Colombo, Sri Lanka

#849 Nov 18, 2012
Thank God

i though I was alone in this world :D

glad to find that its not a big deal,was damn worried

Oslo, Norway

#850 Nov 23, 2012
Mike S wrote:
I'm a healthy hetero man with clean STD results, age 36.
I noticed that if I urinate shortly after ejaculation, I get this tingling/slight burning sensation in my penis and feel like I have to urinate again. It usually passes in 15-20 minutes and all is well.
It has happened 6 or 7 times after masturbation or sex over the years. Easily fixed, as I adjusted my routine taking note to not pee immediately after cumming, or peeing before sex or masturbation.
Now I'm with a new woman. Sexually the best I've ever experienced and we usually have sex for extended periods of time. And not unusually after a night of drinking (read:full bladder). Which inevitably leads to me having to pee afterward. Not wanting to go to sleep with a full bladder I take a whizz and return to bed. Only to rise again with an overwhelming deisre to pee and go sit on the toilet for 20 minutes occasionally squirting out 1/2 oz shots off pee until the tingling urination urge passes.
I'm assuming it's my plumbing not switching form "ejaculate mode" back to "urine mode" fast enough.
Any comments/advice/facts are welcome.
Google is your friend!(at least for me as this post ended up as the first link)

You described it well and I've been thinking in the same tracks but now at least I've got more of a confirmation on it after 7 years (doesn't happen too often but still it kind of sticks with you and you do adjust the routine with peeing and ejaculating)

Nice post!

Granada Hills, CA

#851 Nov 25, 2012
Yea I've been having the same problem, with the burning sensation. What I've realised is that it could be the muscles being tense or (in simple terms) the ejaculation pipe interfering with the urine track. I usually get these feelings when i masturbate not too long after I have eaten a full meal also I've noticed that when I masturbate in the shower, the sensation has never happened. What I suggest is drink enough water throughout the day and don't try to masturbate just because it's a routine. Feel like you want to and lay off it awhile to get the urge and drive to do it a little more excited. This is just my opinion, I'm no doctor but it has helped me significantly, I rather do I naturally than take pills which my body isn't really meant for
Common Sense

Lucenec, Slovakia

#852 Nov 27, 2012
Master Debater wrote:
Nature did not intend humans to have sex too often, but because of condoms we can cheat nature. Also, the increasing pornography just makes us guys too horny too often. This is also not natural.
False.(I know I'm replying to an old post but I cannot ignore it.)
Men in the ancient times or in the stone age did not live a life like us, population growth was crucial for survival, there were no cars, no phones, no video games, nothing.. Just what you see and what you make. Men of the past had the ability of having sex over 15 times a day! they were much stronger (endurance), and female gave birth to many children with no agony and drama. Evolution/adaptation just made us inferior to those before us. Not natural to have sex many times?? if you had the ability to do so, then it is COMPLETELY NATURAL !!!

Alexandria, VA

#853 Nov 28, 2012
does this happen to any other girls after sex. i have the worst burning feeling the next day after i pee and goes on for a couple of days ah. someone help.

United States

#854 Nov 29, 2012
I get the same feeling too, and sometimes even after I pee a few mins later I feel like I have to go again, I need to stop masturbating as much. Anybody have ideas on how to stop?

New Haven, KY

#855 Dec 9, 2012
What happens is you don't fully ejaculate and it just sits in there and you just have to pee it out eventually
joel puzzini

Vantaa, Finland

#857 Dec 16, 2012
I find it weird how he have several medical people here and each and everyone have different explanation.

It is not dry rubbing of uretha that is for sure. It is not directly related to the hardness or extent of the activity or lubrication.

Hydration seems to be the key. My theory: too little water or alcohol and you have flushed your body out of water (and minerals?) and you get this sensation. But you can get it from drinking a lot of water too.

I think it is related to some mineral or vitamin balance as I didn't have any episodes for months while I was living more healthy, eating my vitamins and on a better diet. Now writing as it happened last night.

As other mostly it has happened after (even modest) alcohol consumption and after masturbation, but has also happened after sex.

I have not related it to peeing before sex but will pay attention that.

My advise - don't drink exeessive amounts of water but make sure you get some during the day. Eat vitamins and vegetables. Life healthy.

Auckland, New Zealand

#858 Dec 16, 2012
I have been siting on the toilet for 4 hours f**k my life
Read For Cure

Burton, MI

#859 Dec 19, 2012
The fix for this problem is the IF rating of your diet. You can eat whatever you want, just as long as you are eating more anti-inflammatory foods than inflammatory foods.
This is why running hot water on a towel and placing it on your genitals helps so much, because it has an immediate local anti-inflammatory effect. Who wants to sit on the toilet for 15 minutes waiting for it to calm?
Google this "Foods with the highest IF Rating".
The best for me has been garlic powder. Eating raw garlic can help too, but you would have to eat a lot of cloves to get the same IF rating of a teaspoon of powder,(and smell like garlic) so why bother? Take the powder with some water before bedtime. You'll have the best pee you had in weeks when you wake up. Totally soothing without the "I need to pee again" burn feeling. I usually take half a spoonful per day.
Alcohol is very inflammatory, which is why even a small amount is a quick trigger for the symptoms. However, in theory, you could still drink alcohol just as long as you counter the inflammatory effects with a larger amount of anti-inflammatory effects.(which means increasing the dosage of anti-inflammatory foods such as garlic powder to outweigh the inflammatory foods such as alcohol or meat) I don't drink cranberry juice, it's too acidic. This is not a UTI folks.
I haven't had this burning problem for over 10 months.
Read For Cure

Burton, MI

#860 Dec 19, 2012
Collin wrote:
I have been siting on the toilet for 4 hours f**k my life
I know what its like. Increase foods with a high IF rating (anti-inflammatory properties) and don't drink liquids that are too acidic. Alcohol is acidic and HIGHLY inflammatory, while cranberry juice is anti-inflammatory BUT ALSO acidic.

The "cure" is garlic powder. It's alkaline AND highly anti-inflammatory. Do not confuse this advice with the pH diet scam, you can't change the pH of your body. You can, however, change the pH of your urine.

Take half a spoonful of garlic powder, per day, for a week straight. Either before bedtime, or split up the dosage throughout the day. You won't encounter this problem again and surely won't be sitting on the toilet for 4hrs...

See my post above for more details.
Read For Cure

Burton, MI

#861 Dec 19, 2012
ramdom person wrote:
i went for a piss 20 mins ago. And felt like i needed to piss again and every time i tryed ther was pain and pressure on my bladder... And came online to find the problem and i found it... And by the time i finish reading everyones comments the pain has gone... Next time this happens ill take a nice hot bath. Because its ment to do the trick.. Plus drink lots of cranberry :)
The discomfort is due to the inflammation, just like in joint pain. Cranberry juice has helped some people, because of the anti-inflammatory properties. The negative is... Cranberry juice, just like alcohol, is acidic, and will aggravate the symptoms if the IF factor is not in proper ratio.

Waiting 20 minutes to pee after having sex, putting a hot towel under your genitals... These things are band-aids, but do not get down to the source of the problem. The problem is the IF factor of your diet and the pH of your urine.(not to be confused with the pH blood scam)

Lanett, AL

#862 Dec 20, 2012
Just keep squirting it out little by little!!!! Don't stop just keep doin it as much as you can....that's what I do and it is starting to stop after about 10 minutes of constant pushing pee out drop by drop by drop by drop ! The pain does relive It self a lot , but you can still feel it in side if your penis and so my advice to you is PUSSSH IT OUT

Mansfield, TX

#864 Dec 26, 2012
Been on the toilet for 10 mins now and its my 4th time im a minor never had sex never drank alcohol today all i have done is lay in bed because i have strep throat so I've just been watching family guy, but people say this happens after exercising but is it something i need to see a doctor over?

Lanham, MD

#865 Dec 30, 2012
You people are all doomed! This is a common disease disclosed by the government called uralhopliss it starts with a burning sensation in the penis after ejaculation that lasts about 15 min or so especially after you urinate after ejaculate. After about five year your penis will no longer be able to get an erection an starts to shrink as the erectile tissue starts to deteriorate and slowly but surely death will follow. So what can a say. Sucks to be you guys.

New York, NY

#867 Jan 1, 2013
What should I do??? I have the same problem.

Orlando, FL

#868 Jan 2, 2013
I masturbate one to three times per day. If I have to stop, I will go absolutely nuts!(Pardon the expression.) When I can't masturbate, I think about sex 100% of the time. It's a curse. Sometimes I think puberty is a curse! LOL. Fortunately, I haven't had the exact problems described here but I do have BPH. When I have to lay off sex for 3 days before the PSA test, it is absolute hell. Recently, I developed low T and have had to go on Androgel. This has made my desire worse. However, it doesn't seem to have made the prostate enlargement worse (yet). Since going on the Androgel, I end up rubbing my penis half the night!!! I need relief!

United States

#869 Jan 3, 2013
Happens to me after I drink as well

Stockholm, Sweden

#870 Jan 5, 2013
Im 13 It takes me 3 to 4 seconds to pee is that normal please awnser im little bit worry
11 Year Old


#871 Jan 9, 2013
When I was masturbating in bed, the sperm is ready to ejaculate, but then I was like tired and dint complete my masturbation. In the morning, when I was about to pee, only little comes out, then I pee everytime like 5 minutes or 10. But little pee comes out help!! Its already 2 days!!

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