post ejaculation, I pee, then I just ...
Mr Z

Sutherland, Australia

#45 May 29, 2007
I've this problem for a number of years now. It only happens when I've had alcohol in my system (usually after at least 2 beers or so) and I ejaculate. If I'm sober there's never a problem. I always assumed it had something to do with the alcohol in the blood.
I try to abstain but it's hard not to get frisky after a few drinks!

Londonderry, NH

#46 Jun 3, 2007
Ive had similar problems. It burns also when i just have an erection. One forum I read two other people had acid indigestion problems and so do I. Im wondering if its related. Also I went to the urologist and he told me I had testicular torsion.


#47 Jun 3, 2007
so the little burn right before you pee after you masterbated is normal?

Scranton, AR

#48 Jun 5, 2007
your diabetic!!!!
Brian in Montreal wrote:
<quoted text>
Late Comment (19 April 2007): Your primary problem of feeling as though you have not had a good night's sleep may not be related to your urinary tract. You may have a respiratory problem called sleep apnea. Please Google the term or use another search engine for full details. Essentially, sleep apnea means lack of breathing during sleep because your throat constricts. I have it so I know what I'm talking about. It is normal to want to pee when you wake up during the night but it is not normal to wake often or not to feel rested after a good night's sleep. Snoring is a sign that you might have sleep apnea. Young people do not often suffer from it but it is possible for them to have it. It should not be left untreated as it can cause high blood pressure while you are sleeping and you may fall asleep during the day when you should be alert and have an accident. Relief is obtained by using a Constant Positive Applied Pressure (CPAP) machine a small device which pushes low-pressure air into you windpipe all night long via a mask. Your evaluation will be done in a sleep lab at a hospital. E-mail me at [email protected] if you wish.Good luck, Brian
another anonymous

Mclean, VA

#49 Jun 5, 2007
I have gotten the same burning and constant having to pee symptoms after ejaculation. I am just wondering if this sort of thing is any different to circumcised guys?

Ottawa, Canada

#50 Jun 5, 2007
What a relief that others experience this!
It's the worst. Right after having sex, after ejaculating, I get this constant urge to pee... It's so uncomfortable! There is this mild burning at the tip, in the urethra, a really annoying feeling, feels like you have to pee but your bladder is empty. It goes away after 30mins-1hour, but it sucks!
Is this an STD or something?
I need info!


#51 Jun 5, 2007
Im a homosxual also levi william w but you neeed to stop seeing that boy becaues he wants u for sex only so leave him find a new boy make sure u get testd and he gets tested before u have sex and then try for the sex part its so compicated
yayee its not just me

Boothbay, ME

#52 Jun 6, 2007
I also have this problem, I've noticed it almost always happens when I've been drinking either alcohol or coffee, those two make me have to pee the most. So something to do with having to urinate when mb/having sex, or having a full bladder.

I've recently changed my diet (to a healthier one) and drink a lot more fluids (water, juice) than I used to. I have noticed it happening quite a bit more frequently since this change in drinking fluids.

Still this could be caused by having a full bladder or quickly filling one when I mb/have sex.

I've always just sat on the pot and did my time with a book, but I'll have to try some of these ideas. It is comforting to know I am not the only one, but it doesn't surprise me, I never felt this was an std, just really annoying.

Good luck to all in finding the best way to deal with this.

San Francisco, CA

#55 Jun 14, 2007
I had this same problem and studied bio for a while. It's called urithritis. What happens is if you masturbate or have sex for too long of a period, or too rough, your urethra (the tube from which urine comes out) becomes irritated from the constant rubbing and rough handling. A solution would be to reduce the time you are having sex or masturbating and drink lots of water. Lube should also help too, it helped me. Good luck!

San Francisco, CA

#56 Jun 14, 2007
Wow what happened real nice comment there, how bout you grow up buddy and worry about yourself, you are one rude teabag!

Apex, NC

#57 Jun 14, 2007
I am 22 years old and just experienced this event after masterbation for the first time. It was horrible. During the past few days i have been drinking a LOT of alcohol. Alcohol dehydrates you and has a lot of yeast in it. I am wondering if this could be where the problem stems from? I know I am dehydrated but I'm hoping its not a uti.

Lake Worth, FL

#59 Jun 16, 2007
Oh man, am I glad I googled this problem. I've had it since i was 15. Now it's worse, but lately I've been masturbating a lot more. Mainly as a result of a free porn site ( ). I'll try to abstain and see what happens. I'm also peeing much more often, and the string is weak. Hopefully a little abstinance will help.

Mississauga, Canada

#60 Jun 19, 2007
Hi, I'm a 16 year old male, I recently started to masturbation, right after I cum, if I keep stroking my hand for like a second I immediately start to pee. What the hell, thats gross, and also every morning I wake up with cuts on my scrotum about 1 inch long in alternating sides, in between my leg and scrotum, i'm really afraid to go to my doctor about it because it embarrassing what should l do?

Philadelphia, PA

#61 Jun 19, 2007
Just so everyone knows, that white fluid is prostatic fluid from your prostate. Nothing major, it happens though. Don't worry about it.

Singapore, Singapore

#62 Jun 19, 2007
I also developed this symptom recently - I'm 37 this year. Sometimes I get it, sometimes I don't. I've found that taking bee pollen helped a lot. Just make sure you're not allergic to it before taking it. Hope this helps.
doctor j

Washington, DC

#63 Jun 20, 2007
do you all use lubricant?

Mississauga, Canada

#64 Jun 21, 2007
Irish guy

Dublin, Ireland

#65 Jun 25, 2007
yo,iv had this for 10yrs now have read alot of medical conditions and have yet to find a diagnosis or solution.only happens to me after alcohol(i like my drink) but can see how it happens to others who have not drunk.everyone seems to have the same symtoms in some form or the other, this to me is unusual and could me a simple problem in the waterworks which we all have.its not an sti or infection,iv done way too much reading to know this. its something pysical that is brought on by alcohol,caffine or diet!if we are to find a solution i think we need to get a uroligist to give us some possible reason and i think this will solve it for most of my humble opinion retrograde ejaculation is what i feel its likely to be, but would like to know if this is the problem, why does alcohol trigger it?if we put our haeds together and get some expert help hopefully we can beat this curse

Cork, Ireland

#66 Jun 29, 2007
To resolve this problem just pee before you masterbate. Trust me it works.
Irish guy


#67 Jul 3, 2007
Thanks for yhe comment Master, yes I agree, that can work sometimes but not all the time. depends on how much you drink and what type.e.g vodka works best for me beer is worse. What i need to find out is why this happens in the first place then i will be able to find a solution. In the mean time il just do what iv being doing and not have sex after drink.easier said then done! someone must know what causes this right? will live in hope

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