post ejaculation, I pee, then I just ...

Kettering, UK

#23 Apr 13, 2007
message for levi william w - dude, sick!

Vancouver, Canada

#24 Apr 17, 2007

Washington, DC

#25 Apr 17, 2007
I have had this problem, however there is a simple fix. If the sensation arises go take a hot shower and during the shower change the temperature of the water to cold. As we all know cold water makes the penis shrink, the combination of hot and cold seems to stimulate what ever causes the feeling, and it goes away

Sai Kung, Hong Kong

#26 Apr 18, 2007
no burning sensations but;
about a year ago i'd suddenly need to pee several times an hour especially sitting in a low seat with knees high

my wife was diagnosed with a uti but i didnt get mine treated until a few months ago

i drank cranberry juice by the gallon and took uti meds for 5 days

it did help but the symptoms came back

the frequent urge to pee always comes after i masturbate

it got this bad because after my wife got pregnant, i got no more sex so I masturbated 4-10 times a week ....

if i get a fix i'll post here

already tried the hot shower- then cold water thing... didnt work

what does work for me is pulling the foreskin all the way back (if u have one) as this immediately stops the urge to pee
Brian in Montreal

Montréal, Canada

#27 Apr 19, 2007
monk wrote:
This same problem has been eating the life away from me. I have never had a complete 8-hour sleep the last 3 years because I always have to get up at night and have the urge to pee. In worst cases this happens 5 times a night after masturbation. But when I abstain from masturbation (say a week, which is very hard), I can sleep for 5 hours without having the urge to pee. Ive been to doctors, did lots of tests including cystoscopy but they found nothing. Im completely healthy. But in fact I feel like i'm dying because I wake up in the morning feeling more exhausted than when I went to bed.
Late Comment (19 April 2007): Your primary problem of feeling as though you have not had a good night's sleep may not be related to your urinary tract. You may have a respiratory problem called sleep apnea. Please Google the term or use another search engine for full details. Essentially, sleep apnea means lack of breathing during sleep because your throat constricts. I have it so I know what I'm talking about. It is normal to want to pee when you wake up during the night but it is not normal to wake often or not to feel rested after a good night's sleep. Snoring is a sign that you might have sleep apnea. Young people do not often suffer from it but it is possible for them to have it. It should not be left untreated as it can cause high blood pressure while you are sleeping and you may fall asleep during the day when you should be alert and have an accident. Relief is obtained by using a Constant Positive Applied Pressure (CPAP) machine a small device which pushes low-pressure air into you windpipe all night long via a mask. Your evaluation will be done in a sleep lab at a hospital. E-mail me at [email protected] if you wish.Good luck, Brian

Sai Kung, Hong Kong

#28 Apr 23, 2007
i havent ejaculated since the 18th and the problem is much better

i still get the urge to pee but its slight

lets see what happens when i resume....


#29 Apr 24, 2007
I am 29 years old and i have the same problem. i think my problem started when i found a new technique to increase the time of my erection before ejaculation. This technique involves interrupting your orgasm fraction of a second before ejaculation, resulting in reaching orgasm without actually ejaculating (as if you have ejaculated inside). This could lengthen the time of having sex for an extra 30 minutes! It’s actually the same thing you do when you try to hold your pee or stop peeing after you have already started peeing. I believe this has damaged something or affected my testicle and resulted in getting this irritating symptom!
from my personal experience i found out that the best way to reduce the feeling of irritation is by
A) Cooling down your testicles and penis by either placing some ice or just use a cold can of beer/coke and place directly on your testicles and penis.
B) Gently massaging below the testicles.
Also, as mentioned before, in order to reduce the frequency of getting these symptoms, try the following:
A) Reduce the frequency of masturbation/Sex (reduce the pressure on your prostate!)
B) Try to pee at least 30 minutes before commencing MB/Sex
D) Avoid wearing tight pants/underwear especially during sleep
Another guy 24yrsold

Miami Beach, FL

#32 May 3, 2007
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Another guy 24yrsold

Miami Beach, FL

#33 May 3, 2007
Levi William W wrote:
As I had sex with my boy friend I started to feel a tingle. He asked me what was wrong and I said that I felt a little wierd down below. But he just told me to keep going. When I pulled out and was ready to cum all over his face instead of jiz I ejaculated urine, I was so embarassed. And lately I noticed that my love whistle is smaller than usual it has now shrunk down to 3 inches is there a connection. And now my boyfriend Tom E. won't talk to talk to me. This has really put a strain on our love life. Can anybody help me.
Dude, apart from a doctor, im guessing some time off any kind of ejaculating for a long while may give ur body a chance to repair itself. Harsh, but just think how good ur orgasm will be if u can hold out for a month!!!

Elizabeth City, NC

#34 May 7, 2007
Yeah, I've had this, I was wondering if it was just peeing too soon before jerking off, or if there was actually a UTI or something.

Sounds like its just minmum 30 minute wait between peeing and jerking off. I've never had the problem after sex.

Laketon, IN

#35 May 15, 2007
yeah ive had this for years too. i always thought it had to be that not all of the semen had came out at ejaculation and blocked the passage way.i am so glad i googled this i was going to see my doctor this week because of has only happened to me 6 or 7 times in the last 8 years or so. i have never had this happen after sex only masturbation.


#36 May 16, 2007
Yeah, I've had the urge to take a qiuck leak after ejaculating( about like 2 mins after) and it felt like a second orgasm during the urination, just feeling flushed after pressing the flush button

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

#37 May 17, 2007
Hmmm, it would seem that I have the same problem BUT there is a difference. I noticed maybe 5 years ago that if AND ONLY on a night of drinking, and I have been urinating frequently (alcohol releases water in my body very easily) and I basically urinate water often, if I were to masturbate or have sex, only after ejaculation, I get a burning sensation, and its not mild, i'm talking sitting on the toilet for a good 15 minutes in a LOT of pain like to double you over, and what some people above here say, the urge to urinate more because it feels like it alleviates it a bit. I don't know what to do about it, except for the last 5 years I just don't have sex or masturbate when I drink. Anybody??


#38 May 17, 2007
listen this, wen i started reading this article, i wanted to pee so badly,yeah the same problem tht everyone has here, nyway. n now wen im writing this, the problem is just gone,
dont take any medicine for this.
wen u feel like peeing after masturbating, just dont pee,yeah resist urself from peeing for 10 min, n the problem will be gone.
simple though tough.


#39 May 18, 2007
I've had this problem too recently, not for the first time. So the good news is, it comes and goes (most of the time it's gone).
What saurabh and others wrote seem to help sometimes:
1. DO NOT urinate 30 mins or more before beginning masturbating.
2. AFTER ejaculating, RESIST going to the bathroom for as long as you can, even if it burns. Then go (sometimes this just helps to reduce the pain time from 30-40 minutes to just 10-15).
3. When masturbating, don't sit down (as in front of the computer). Stand or lie down on the bed (on your back) when you do so.

Since I suspect this condition stems from some kind of infection, during the period I suffer from it I drink a lot of water and swallow one garlic tooth every day for a week or so. It can only help.

Leave a comment if any of this helped you.

Canberra, Australia

#40 May 24, 2007
y do i pee instead of see semen?

Canberra, Australia

#41 May 24, 2007
can any one help me?

Saint George, UT

#42 May 24, 2007
I'm 25, healthy, sexualy active and mastrubate regularily. I've been having this problem for years. I've found that if you pee right after ejaculation that I will suffer from a burning/tingling sensation followed by miniscule amounts of pee. What I've discovered is that allowing yourself to pee right after ejaculation while your penis has running water falling over it (like in the shower) that you can pee and that's it. Something about the shower or running water seems to eliminate this problem. As long as the pee hole has some running water going over it. Also, added bonus: If you thought it felt good to pee before, this is going to impress you. Trust me.

Since: May 07


#43 May 26, 2007
NERVES related to urination are mostly near the prostate, which is exactly at the junction in between the semen tubes and the urine tube, it is directly under the bladder.

if you put your finger in your bum, the-very gently-feel the complex of nerves and bulbs that form the prostate.

when I started massaging my prostate a few months ago for fun, a did it too vigorously, and I felt like urinating 4 times more often than normal for one month afterwards because I disturb the nerves of the prostate. a lot of sensations that seem to be in the penis also originate in the prostate.

Northampton, UK

#44 May 28, 2007
Percoset wrote:
What I've discovered is that allowing yourself to pee right after ejaculation while your penis has running water falling over it (like in the shower) that you can pee and that's it. Something about the shower or running water seems to eliminate this problem. As long as the pee hole has some running water going over it. Also, added bonus: If you thought it felt good to pee before, this is going to impress you. Trust me.
Dude, you shouldn't pee in the shower... do it in the sink like everyone else :P

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