post ejaculation, I pee, then I just ...

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#206 Aug 3, 2008
Hi 31 year old male here. I've suffered from these exact symptions after I masturbate for TWO YEARS! For me, the resolution of the problem stems from a combination of enlarged prostate and constipation. I'm sure of it! Apparently, the constipation (i.e., poop in my pooper) puts even more pressure on my, already enlarged, prostate.

My urologist diagnosed me with a chronically enlarged prostate (which, he says, is nothing to be concerned about -- at least in my case).

But, that is only half the cause. Constipation, for me, arises when I don't drink enough water. I drink a lot of coffee (and drink alcohol a couple times a week) which makes it VERY difficult to stay hydrated.

When I am able to stay hydrated and avoid constipation I completly avoid the post-masterbation difficulties I was experiencing. When I'm constapated (usually from drinking too much coffee/alcohol), I feel the post-ejaculating burning during urination.

Simple solution. Please try it. See if it works for you. It has helped me sleep 100% better.

Harrisonburg, VA

#207 Aug 16, 2008
sufferer wrote:
I am 18, std free. Usually I would masturbate before I go to sleep and in the morning I would have this insane urge to pee, I would go to pee and only a little would come out but after 15min the annoying urge would go away...
couple of months later it stopped going easy on me and it WOULD NOT go away at all. For about 4 months now I have this urge all day 24/7. The urge varies and sometimes it is ignorable but sometimes especially when I'm trying to sleep it pisses me off so bad that I feel like cutting my dick off and shoving a pipe in there to scratch the spot.
I went to several urologists and they gave me x-rays and prostate exams and everything was fine. They also prescribed me every single kind of antibiotic including Cipro and none of them helped me.
They only left telling me that it may be some sort of prostitis, however I doubt it is because I DON'T have any other symptom of prostitis except that urge to pee, the sensation feels like the feeling you get right before you orgasm, but it is non-stop!
I'm going to try to chill on masturbating for a month or so and see if it gets better. I also noticed that when I get more sleep and drink less alcohol the pain seems to be less heavy.
Hope I find a solution.
Man I am struggling. I have never really had a problem down there but 7 weeks ago I was having sex and afterward got the worst burning i have ever felt. I have seen 3 urologist since then because the urge to urinate is constant. Most of the time it feels that it is right in my urethra and combines with tickling and or tightening. I also was told it is prostatitis but damn its almost been two months with very little recovery. Its driving me crazy. Could I have nerve damage? I had a cystoscopy done and a ultrasound. There are still alot of tests out there so hopefully I will figure it out soon. Please let me know what you think

Kingston, Jamaica

#208 Aug 18, 2008
i don't masturbate but i still pee very regularly why is this? with drips coming out.
Got the same prob


#209 Aug 20, 2008
Wow I really am glad I googled this! I seriously just had this issue occur five minutes ago! does anybody else feel a little bit like a loser? its wierd, it happens to me after beatin off and after sex. It has happened more for me since I started jerkin off in the shower more. I thought I might have been passing a kidney stone or something. It has passed since I googled this. I feel bad for the guys that have had it impair there sleep cycles. For a second I thought my wife might have been cheating on me and I caught something! I almost killed her in her sleep! Boy would I have been embarassed!lol Thank god for the internet. One thing that we all might want to consider is prostate disease. Maybe I am just a hyper-chondriac. Bless you all in your pissing adventures and I hope it clears up for you.

Pahrump, NV

#210 Aug 31, 2008
seriously i thought i was diseased... im so glad i googled this.. ty to all u guys
it just happened to me after masturbating and some of the other sites tht popped up when googled said shit like kidney stones and infections and stds so I started getting worried.. but 187 people with same problem.

again thanks guys i can sleep easy :D
One of Many

Philadelphia, PA

#211 Sep 2, 2008
This thread is incredible!

187 people and still very recent updates.

I (24 male) got this tonight after drinking a triple Expresso early in the evening (6:00pm) and MBing at 12:30am at night.

Basically, I was super hard, ejaculated with what seemed like very little sensation, had the feeling that I still had "more left in me", beat it a bit more, decided I was done, pissed while half-hard, and here I am an hour and a half later still feeling like I've gotta urinate.

I've never had this before.

I tried doing some crunches, took Melatonin to put me to sleep, Ibuprofen to relax me further, sat with a warm/cold rag on balls, and I'm still feeling like I've gotta pee. It's not as bad as earlier...but still a very strange feeling.

Whats crazy is that very few doctors or professionals have commented on this. I may ask my doctor about it and see what he has to say.

Here's hoping it goes away soon, I've got classes tomorrow.
Joe Schmo

Pearl River, NY

#212 Sep 4, 2008
You guys have no idea how relieved I am to hear that this problem is not altogether uncommon for men who masturbate. Like most men on this board, I too masturbate (sometimes quite often, many times during a single week) and I have often worried about the strange urge to urinate after I let off my load. I began to worry that it may be something serious like prostate cancer or some sort of bladder damage, but I never got it checked out and for years it has always been a mystery. I only recently began browsing the internet for information to my problems, checking on a lot of different sites to see what the consensus was on this strange "reflex" and if there was a way it could be fixed. Now, I'm finally happy to say I can put my fears to rest, seeing as how I am not alone in my discomfort. Master Debater, I think, pretty clearly sums up what the problem is (at least, he sounded convincing enough to me)with the bladder muscle and how it often tenses up (much like "Tennis Elbow")after frequent bouts of masturbation, causing the irritating urge to urinate. The solutions many people put on this board seem legit to me, and I plan on testing out each of them to see how well they work and I'll get back to you guys on that. It is mostly a matter of relieving the tension and tightening of the pelvic region muscles and slowly draining the urine out as the muscles relax. A warm towel looks like it could work, as well a bath or maybe a cup of cranberry juice.But I think the general overall solution to our problems is to decrease the frequency of our "exercises" and limit the amount of our "activities" for each week. I think I'm gonna start cutting down on my sexual activity per week and see what difference it makes. But I'm pretty confident that relaxation and abstinence is the solution here. I think this sentence best sums it up: "Nature did not intend humans to have sex too often"...take it easy, guys, for the sake of your bladders.
another like you

Hilton Head Island, SC

#213 Sep 7, 2008
hey fellas! ive noticed the same things. but i also get the same exact feeling sometimes just during the day after peeing 20 seconds later feel i have to pee again. ive also noticed when im well more hydrated and have had drank less sugars and more water it doesnt happen! stay hydrated!

Oromocto, Canada

#214 Sep 10, 2008
Yup, happens all the time boys. From wankin it while its not erect. Cure? none, grab a cup and sit around for 30 minutes... middle of the day at work? you have a problem.
cant sleep

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#215 Sep 13, 2008
Does anyone get the feeling they have to piss over and over after ejaculation?

Your body shows zero warnings of this, and yet you suffer for atleast 20 minutes?

so cranberry juice should cure this??
yay i think

West Palm Beach, FL

#216 Sep 18, 2008
well after i masterbate, and i pee it feels like little things coming out and i think it's sperm that like dried or somthing. sound about right?
I've never had sex before btw.
im only 14
yay i think

West Palm Beach, FL

#217 Sep 18, 2008
ok well, yes this has happened to me.
actually tonight =./ hurt pretty bad.
and i think it's because your semen stays in your track. so i drank a few big cups of water.
and i know it's scary but when you have to really go because of the water do it. it's scary cuz you think it's gonna hurt again
but it flushes everything out.
so i think..

Denver, CO

#218 Sep 19, 2008
Hey Mike, I am a 30 year old mail and this exact same thing happens to me. I squirt pee shot and painfully sit there feeling I have to pee every second yet sometimes nothing comes out. I feel your pain
Mike S wrote:
I'm a healthy hetero man with clean STD results, age 36.
I noticed that if I urinate shortly after ejaculation, I get this tingling/slight burning sensation in my penis and feel like I have to urinate again. It usually passes in 15-20 minutes and all is well.
It has happened 6 or 7 times after masturbation or sex over the years. Easily fixed, as I adjusted my routine taking note to not pee immediately after cumming, or peeing before sex or masturbation.
Now I'm with a new woman. Sexually the best I've ever experienced and we usually have sex for extended periods of time. And not unusually after a night of drinking (read:full bladder). Which inevitably leads to me having to pee afterward. Not wanting to go to sleep with a full bladder I take a whizz and return to bed. Only to rise again with an overwhelming deisre to pee and go sit on the toilet for 20 minutes occasionally squirting out 1/2 oz shots off pee until the tingling urination urge passes.
I'm assuming it's my plumbing not switching form "ejaculate mode" back to "urine mode" fast enough.
Any comments/advice/facts are welcome.

Baltimore, MD

#221 Sep 29, 2008
wow....lot of response to this and they all seem to say bascially the same thing. Gues I'l add to that -- I'm 28 yo male have this same problem once every other week or so after mb-ing. My suspiscion is that it has to do with longer drawn out sessions. It also seems to only happen late at night. So for the time being I am limiting my time to 5-10 minutes after midnight. Will see how that goes.

One way I've dealt with this is by keeping a plastic cup nearby so I don't have to get up to pee. It sounds weird, but it kind of relaxes my muscles so I'm not so uptight about the fact that I'm peeing again.

New Baltimore, MI

#222 Oct 3, 2008
Good to know this is normal. I never take a piss before I beat off or have sex and it rarely happens to me now. Only once in a great while I'll get the burning after peeing, the only solution I've found is to sit on the toilet for 10 minutes or as long as it takes and piss out a few drops every so often and the burning pain and the urge to urinate go away.

Wilmington, NC

#223 Oct 10, 2008
this happens to me from time to time, however tonight is the first time i ever looked it up, only because i ate a whole can of almonds not drinking much at all, with no breakfast, a small lunch, and no dinner.. when i got home from work, i had sex with my gf in the shower and right after began to have VERY bad stomic pains. i was on the pooper for about 3 hours and it felt like i was crapin out razor blades.... this of course from the almonds.... after the long sickly dump and a hurting anus i felt the urge to pee again... doing some reading i realized... the large amounts of almonds swells the area, then from the sex and using the bathroom soon after caused the worse feeling in the world " allot like a ETA"

fix- drink water / try not to have sex on a full bladder, keep the swelling down.... its much like working out to hard... its a muscle too and it needs some rest :D

sorry bout the spellin, just tryin to get a point across dont care bout the grammer.
Joe the Plamer

Ladera Ranch, CA

#225 Oct 16, 2008
I saw a doctor the other day and he asked me:
- So are you sexually active?
- I'm married, and we do it about 10 times.
- A month?
- No, a week.
- Ok, anything else?
- I have a mistress, I do her about 3 times a week.
- Well that is your problem, you are very active.
- Good!! I thought it was because I masturbate every day.

Honolulu, HI

#226 Nov 1, 2008
My problem is different, I only get the sensation of having to urinate after masturbating after 4 or more alcoholic drinks. never after sex (ever!) drunk or sober. And never during sober masturbation

Midland, TX

#227 Nov 4, 2008
Hey peeps.. its fine you have no STDS or nothing.. or maybe u do but its caused by urine going into the wrong track... it usaually happends to me when i drink booze and masterbate and or have sex.. its a feeling of like i need to pee... so i do.. a bit... but its just a bit of liquid plus sometimes its like pre cum so dont worry peeeps its common.. I find that if I have a warm shower and rub around it goes away... if it NEVER goes away get tested for an STD haha

London, UK

#228 Nov 10, 2008
I have found that slowing down on yourself seems to help too, dont spank the monkey too much lads, just please the wife if you need to get it out of your system :)

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