Where in the US can I get a HYDROCELE...

Budd Lake, NJ

#144 Nov 27, 2009
I self aspirated today and I dont think i touched my testicle at all as i held it the whole time. However now 8 hours later my testicle is a bit tender. Is this normal or should i be getting worried?

Budd Lake, NJ

#145 Nov 27, 2009
It also filled back up within the last 8 hours since I did the aspiration. It feels tougher and I cant really find my testicle anymore in it.(I dont think it went anywhere obviously... I mean that I cant feel around well through the hydrocele) I only ask because I didnt read anyone else having this problem.

Napa, CA

#146 Nov 27, 2009
John, no need to be worried if your testicle feels a bit tender. When I aspirated, I often had a bit of a dull pain and tenderness for up to a day after wards. I presume the fluid that you withdrew were yellow in color...looks just like urine! If you poked the testicle, you would have surely felt it and the fluid will be reddish. In my case, the hydrocele would fill up within a day and I could not feel the testicle as a separate entity either. But using a strong flashlight in a blacked out room will surely confirm that the little nugget is hiding somewhere in that water pocket!

Budd Lake, NJ

#147 Nov 28, 2009
Yea this morning it almost feels slightly bigger than it was before I did the aspiration just yesterday. You asked if there was any blood and I had to insert the needle twice. First time it was a yellow fluid second time it was cloudy with blood. I didnt think anything of it. The feact it filled up so quickly makes me wonder if its even worth trying again.

Macon, GA

#148 Nov 28, 2009
I feel your frustration. But, if I have to do it once a month. It is worth it to me since it is painless and inexpensive. I do not have insurance so that has a lot to do with my feelings on it. Mine was the size of a large egg. I am just happy to be able to not have that weight hanging.

Napa, CA

#149 Dec 1, 2009
Just thought it is appropriate to comment on my recovery from hydrocelectomy surgery after a week...for anyone contemplating this route, if the sclerotheraphy doesn't work.

The incision is starting to heal nicely, with some of the stitches already starting to dissolve. Very slight bleeding, but really not more than a couple of drops. I am wearing a sexy black jock strap and just have a 4x4 gauze to protect the skin and incision from the somewhat rougher material. I clean the incision daily with medical alcohol to prevent any infections.

The testicle started swelling the second day after the surgery, but I can report that the swelling is starting to recede. I am still aware of the surgery, but have not taken any pain killers for three days. Luckily I am so busy working on a proposal that needs to be submitted on thursday, that I only realize when I take a break to still take it a bit slower. Walking and driving is no problem.

I am pretty sure that I will be ready to start the swimming routine in a week again...but the urologist wants to see me first. I guess we wants to make sure I don't go swimming too soon!

And just for the French connection...some more casual stuff in the shower, and some more serious fun stuff in bed on Friday! Did they say you can only resume sexual activity after six weeks? That was after five days... ;-)


Napa, CA

#150 Dec 6, 2009
OK, tomorrow will be exactly two weeks after hydrocelectomy surgery.

All the sutures are gone and the incision is just about healed. The testicle is still swollen, but the swelling is definitely slowly starting to go down.

Due to the fact that the surgeon used a midline incision, I can already see that you wont even know or be able to see much of a scar within a couple of weeks...looks just like the midline raphe that is natural on the scrotum.

And i went swimming today for the first time! Was planning to take it slow and steady, but eventually ended up doing 1000m at a nice pace.

I will be seeing the Urologist this week for a post surgery check up.

Bordeaux, France

#151 Dec 7, 2009
Thanks for the feedback!

I've learned last week that hydrocelectomy was the only option here in France. Sclerotherapy isn't considered for reasons that really makes me angry now I've done some bibliographical research:

. very high rate of recurrence while almost no risk of recurrence with surgery
(absolute bullshit)

. surgery after a sclerotherapy is more complicated
(I haven't seen this point mentioned in what I read. Is the scrotum suppose to turn into concrete or steel?)

Anyway, I don't see myself buying a plane ticket to get the sclerotherapy... so you guys will have another testimony for hydrocelectomy!

Johnston, IA

#152 Dec 7, 2009
Does anyone have pain from a hydrocele? Mine is very tense and fairly large and I've been having some sharp pains off and on over the last couple months in my lower abdomen (seems like the hydrocele has gotten larger/tenser in the last few months). Don't think its an infection either....

Napa, CA

#153 Dec 29, 2009
Just a quick update and wishing all those owners and ex-owners of hydroceles a great 2010.
I am now four weeks after the surgery and the incision is just about completely healed. It is nearly impossible to see due to the midline incision and luckly the scrotum is not as smooth as normal skin! ;-)
The swelling has now receded and the testicle is nearly back to its original size. I am now not aware of it anymore and have no pain at all.
And just came back from three days of fantastic skiing...with a jockstrap beneath the ski pants for a bit of protection! At least felt a bit sexy.
So it looks like 2010 is at least back to normal...Happy New Year!

Houdain, France

#154 Dec 30, 2009
Jim: Sometimes I have some big discomfort but I wouldn't call it "sharp pain". My hydrocele also creates a tension in my lower abdomen (on the same side of course), and the doc told mme that was logical.

My hydrocelectomy will be in February: I'll report as jockstraped swimmer did :-)

Theodore, AL

#155 Dec 30, 2009
Thanks francois.....I have the same thing. I'll be having aspiration/sclerotherapy in January and I'll let everyone know how that goes.

Spring Valley, NY

#156 Dec 31, 2009
All these posts of doing this yourself are frightening. My husband developed these 12 years ago, the Dr. did surgery and drained them. We just came back from the Dr. today as we were told that there was no guarantee that they would come back. This Dr. worked with a specialist from Yale who was trained in England and taught him the draining process. He told me he started to drain them and found that it hurt like hell and you had to worry more about infection. I give all you "do it yourselfers" a lot of credit. As for my husband, I'm glad we have insurance and are able to have the surgery.

Macon, GA

#157 Dec 31, 2009
Well infection is my only concern. Other than that. I wish I didn't have to deal w/ it. But it don't hurt. And w/ no insurance, I am just glad there is a way to deal with it from time to time.

Gilbertsville, KY

#158 Jan 1, 2010
thanks so very much for all of the helpful information i've read in this forum.i read everyone of these from all of you guys and the couple of girls that posted. i was looking for a simpler way of dealing with the problem, never imagined this type of procedure was in my future. short story, showering one morning and discovered i had an enlarged testicle, left side, later realised it wasn't the testicle exactly. yes i take a shower every morning but not once did i ever notice it swelling to this size, about a tennis ball sized. now i pay a whole lot closer attention to things. got to looking in some books, did a little internet searching and decided i had a hydrocele, went to the doctor and got an ultrasound just to verify myself. wasted time, i was right, the doctor hadn't ever heard about the flashlight thing shinning through. kinda makes you wonder about the doctors out there. even offered to go get my flashlight out of the car and show him since he couldn't find his, he declined the offer. posed the question to google about where to find a doctor to aspirate it for me and arrived here with all you knowledgeable men. thank you, thank you, figured if you all could do it so could i. a tad nervous at first but after weighing scary surgeries and the expense of it all i was less nervous and more intrigued with the possible results. did it for the first time the week before thanksgiving, it went smooth. did it again the other day, bout six weeks later and i'm so pleased with the outcome. once every six weeks, wish it was longer between times but oh well, i can live with that. feels good to be more in control of my life and well being. cudos to all of you pioneers and i'll keep checking in for more updates and such. again thanks a bunch for all the help.

Mount Martha, Australia

#159 Feb 1, 2010
Hey guys... I just found this forum :/
I hope you are mostly still active on here.

I'm 17 and have had a hydrocele in my left testicle for a few years now...
now I'm kinda irritated at it.
I have abnormally large testes anyway and this just makes the "bulge" kinda silly. It's not tennis ball sized yet... but counting the testicle with it it's getting close.

I'm kinda embarrassed to go to the doctor, can someone give me an account of what a doctor actually does with it (haha).

I'm wondering about sclerosing, aspirating, or hydrocelectomy...

Talence, France

#160 Feb 2, 2010

Some people here aspirate the fluid themselves. I tried it by myself, twice, but it came back in less than one week: doing it every week wasn't a serious choice.

Some people have it back in something like 2 months, still makes a lot of self-aspirations at the end of your life, but somehow it's more manageable.

Now the cures:

Aspiration then injection of sclerosing fluid: doctors seem not knowing shit about it. From what I've read (scientific studies, or even scientific summaries from serveral scientific studies):
*should be the first thing done (less invasive, less complications)
*give at t least 3 tries before saying it doesn't work: pretty high risk of recurrence after only one try (~60-70%), same risk as for surgery after 3 tries (~90%)
*the choice of the sclerosing fluid is important
*a normal doctor can do it
*it's around 10 times cheaper than surgery

*well: much more invasive for sure, as the doctor opens your scrotum then cuts the vaginal tissue and sews the scrotum back
*quite efficient for the first try ~90% BUT come one! if you're in the 10% you'll be pissed off!
*a surgery doctor has to do it (of course), the operation takes around 20min

I hope you've now got all you need.

United States

#161 Feb 2, 2010
There is a urologist in Chicago that has written a paper on aspiration/sclerotherapy of hydroceles and it was quoted by several other papers. Great guy, very smart (I went to him). Turns out I had a hematocele and he drained it (still a little left though). I had 2 ultrasounds but they showed up fine (hydrocele). However my scrotum wouldn't illuminate when I shined a light on it. I recommend finding a doctor that has dealt with this stuff. Any doctor that knows anything about hydroceles will not recommend having surgery first. Just an FYI.

Essendon, Australia

#162 Feb 2, 2010
well thanks for the help... now all I need to do is find a needle and work up the courage to jab myself in the balls hahahaha
(the hydrocele of course)
Some people here are saying use a torch to find the edge of the ball... that doesn't work because the whole teste lights up.

I'm not confident with syringes, so anyone got any tips for doing it?

I have yr 12 (the major highschool year in AUS) this year, so I won't be going to the doctor this year because I don't want it to be an issue at the moment.

Random question, how big are your testes? Because mine are quite large without the hydrocele.

Essendon, Australia

#163 Feb 2, 2010
F*** DP.
This site didn't load properly so I refreshed tons... and it posted twice :/

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