Pain in left testicle


#83 Mar 22, 2009
I have a problem with my left testicle aswel similar alot of you have posted here. My left testicle seems to get enlarged at times the shape of my scrotum dont look right. I seem to get a dull ache and it spreads to my leg leg aswel.

I have a wierd sort of pipe thing on top of my left testicle.

I went to the doctors last week and my testicles were examined.
I told her i do kickboxing so could that be the reason why my groin area is acheing aswel.
Doc said could be but on the back of my head these symptoms look like chlamydia!!

They took a urine sample and im just waiting for my results.. Really annoyed with all this!!!


#84 Mar 23, 2009
got my urine results and they came clear no sign of STD or anything so im quite glad.
Still dont understand this problem i have with my left testicle.
At times it goes fairly big and my right one looks really small. Going to give it a few more days otherwise will pop down the docs again!

Anderson, SC

#85 Mar 26, 2009
I have pain and swelling on left side for 37th day. The pain is slowly decreasing, but gets worse at times, better at times, but always there. No significant improvement in swelling either. Ultrasound found nothing.

No pain killer helps. No anti-inflammation helps. Took Dixocycline for 1 week and Levaquin for three weeks. Can't tell that they helped. Two urologists were no help.

An online Dr./researcher said surgery is a cure, but I've read online that the success rate is just 70 percent at best.

I'm afraid we are on our own other than prayer.


#86 Mar 26, 2009
my problem is on the left aswel and i really dont understand. I on week two now.. But i could see improvments.. My testicle doesnt get that much swolen and i dont feel the ache that often. Im on atibios so im thinking they are working..
I think my problem could be due to my kickboxing i do!! I dont know but will see just hope it goes aways because its hell annoying me and my balls!!:-D

Anderson, SC

#87 Mar 27, 2009
Human Papillomavirus Infection (HPV) of the Epididymis. Study published in 2003. (2003)127%3C1471:HPIOTE%3E2.0. CO%3B2&request=get-documen t

Anderson, SC

#88 Mar 27, 2009
Human Papillomavirus Infection of the Epididymis and Ductus Deferens: An Evaluation by Nested Polymerase Chain Reaction

Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine: Vol. 127, No. 11, pp. 1471–1474.

Alexandr Švec, MD; Iva Mikyšková, Dr; Ondej Hes, MD, PhD; Ruth Tachezy, PhD

Context.—Human papillomaviruses (HPVs) play an important role in the etiology of squamous cell carcinoma of the uterine cervix. The possible role of the male urogenital tract as a reservoir of HPV infection is not fully understood. We inferred from our previous observation of HPV-31 in epididymal tissue in a case of chronic epididymitis that HPV might be commonly present in cases of epididymitis caused by sexually transmitted pathogens.

Objective.—To assess the presence of HPV in the epididymis and ductus deferens in nontuberculous epididymitis.

Design.—Epididymal samples obtained from 17 patients and epididymal and ductus deferens samples from 5 patients surgically treated for nontuberculous epididymitis were analyzed by nested polymerase chain reaction for the presence of HPV DNA. In positive samples, the HPV type was determined by DNA sequencing.

Setting.—Tertiary-care academic hospital and national reference laboratory for papillomaviruses.

Results.—Low-risk HPV type 6 and high-risk HPV types 16, 33, 35, 55, and 73 were detected in 7 patients (31%). Neither koilocytes nor dysplastic changes were found in the epididymis and ductus deferens.

Conclusion.—Low-risk and high-risk HPV types were detected in the epididymis and ductus deferens of patients with nontuberculous epididymitis. The infection was not accompanied by koilocytic atypia or dysplasia. Our findings support the hypothesis that the male urogenital tract serves as a reservoir of HPV infection.

Brisbane, Australia

#89 Mar 31, 2009
Sore Lefty wrote:
Hello everybody. Sounds like there's several other sore lefties and a few righties out there. For me, this shitty part of my life began only a few days ago. I was beating it to some solid porn (judge not,for you wack it too), and I kept holding the cum back by tightening the old pc muscle, building up to an explosion, and then BAM, I likely blew the largest load of my life, but it felt like at the same time my left nut shot up into my bladder and I felt a piercing pain. Panicking, I tried to push my left nut back into the sack, but soon realized it was still just hanging low, right where it was supposed to be. After only a few seconds the piercing pain was over, however, for the last few days my left nut has felt like it has pressure built up in it and is somewhat sore.The only place within the left side of my ball sack that seems to be-sore to the touch- is actually not even part of my left nut, but some other type of smaller sack or something that seems to be attached to the top part of my left nut and the lower part of my shaft.
Anyway, I know the ideal thing to do would be to "see a uroligist," but I don't have any insurance(perhaps nothing needs universal health care more than my left nut...hurry up Obama, before my left nut possibly dies :D). So, if anyone has any knowledgeable advice, it would be much appreciated both by me and many others who have posted here who have similar problems.
And, everyone, rest assure that if I do somehow pay for the urologist's consultation, and an ultra sound, if needed, isn't prohibitively expensive in itself, I'll come back to this site and let you know whats up. But, in the meantime, please drop whatever knowledge you have on this blog, please. Thanks.
Sincerely and Empathetically,
Sore Lefty
hey mate i've got the same problem. this chick was giving me a handie and wen i came it hurt a bit and anyways yeah exact same symptoms as you. did you see a doctor yet? did it get better on its own or get worse?

Brisbane, Australia

#90 Apr 1, 2009
I contacted a online urologist with the following question:

Dear Dr.,
I’m a 20y/o and three days ago I was masturbating pretty hard and at
the moment of ejaculation I think (I’m not 100% sure I wasn’t paying
attention) my right testicle was sitting out of the sack, up on the top right of
the base of my shaft if you know what I mean. When I ejaculated I felt a
shooting pain from that area, and I instinctively pushed the testicle back
down into the scrotum. After a couple of seconds the pain passed but over
the last few days I’ve experienced mild to moderate pain in the sac attached
to the top/back of the right testicle and noticed this part of the testicle is
swollen, as is the tube that leads from that sac into my pubic region. This is
where the pain really is. Today I noticed that the area (to the top-right,
around the base of my penis) was slightly swollen compared to the other
side. Also you should probably know I’ve had unprotected sex in the last
week, but have no burning during urination or any seepage or any other more
common STD symptoms, and I have no pain during ejaculation except
pressure on my swollen right testicle when I’m aroused because my scrotum

Thank you very much for your help!

His reply:

It's very rare and unusual to cause any harm to the testicle from masturbation. However, it sounds like you may have either an injury or an infection as you're now having swelling and pain. Consult a urologist for the best advice at this point. Meanwhile, try ice and ibuprofen.

New Hyde Park, NY

#91 Jun 4, 2009
I had an ache in my left testicle for a while too and like some people have posted I noticed it during masturbation. At times the ache in my left testicle would increase drastically for a few moments and then decrease. At first I thought I might have squeezed my testicles a little too hard and decided that if in 2 weeks the pain did not go away I would go to the doctors. Well about a week and a half later I did not notice any pain at all. I think I might have had an infection and apparently I fought it off. I'm not saying that you should wait like I did but maybe the pain will go away after a while.
frustrated j

Rock Hill, SC

#92 Jul 13, 2009
I've had left testicle pain for over two years now. The dull pain that only goes away with break from ejaculation. Been to four different urologist's. the first gave me the usual antibiotic/ibuprofen treatment, said i have Epididymitis. Further blood and ultrasound tests revealed nothing. The last doctor diagnosted it as chronic pelvic pain disorder, he just sent me packing and told me to stop smoking, eat right, drink lots of water, reduce stress and take ibuprofen. No pain killer or anti-inflamatory works. I'm 34 and in decent shape as my job requires a lot of hiking/walking. I've tried all of these doctor's treatments/sugestions w/no success. I really feal like i've been mis-diagnosed every time. When you have pain almost every day for two years YOUR BODY IS TELLING YOU SOMETHING IS WRONG! If anyone has any answers or sugestions, i'm all ears.

yours truly

on the way to the chopping block:)

A Sad Lefty

Baton Rouge, LA

#93 Aug 4, 2009
A re-post from elsewhere...

Hey all, great forum. I have been having some slight pain, more like discomfort, for about 3 months or so now. It is only on my left testicle, and is very mild, never sharp. I don't feel any bumps, but do feel some tightness from behind the testicle. If I suck in my abdomen, I can feel the ball raise on some of the cords and veins. The left one is definitely riding much higher than it used to. But again, no severe pain, no swelling, no discharge or change in color to my sack. Just this discomfort and high-riding lefty. Any one got any ideas? I mean, besides a jock-strap.

United States

#94 Aug 5, 2009
it could be a varicocele which is like a lil water cyst i had it roughly over a year ago and it got better but recently it has come back. the pain is awkward and i fear it might stop me from having kids. ive seen drs and specialists even went to the er which was a bad idea cause they check for g/c with the "qtip thingy" and boy was that a worse pain. if anyone can help me figure out how to get rid of it please answer....

Liverpool, UK

#95 Aug 13, 2009
I've read that a common cause of pain in the testicles can be the pendulous swing of the testis when wearing loose fitting boxers. I can be prevented by wearing more supportive undies. Although I imagine there can be many alternative reasons to this.

Johnstone, UK

#96 Aug 18, 2009
hi, i would appreciate any words of wisdom. I'm 23, went to the docs a couple months ago with a mild dull ache with the odd pain in my right testicle. after examination he said everything was fine and put it down to epididymitis.

i believe that it had something to do with wearing loose boxers for a few days. Anyway, after a couple of months of wearing more supportive underwear and having no complaints, i made the schoolboy error of wearing loose boxers a couple times.

now, i don't have a dull ache etc. but when i masturbate i get a mild pain in my left spermatic cord. no problems with the balls. i would normally masturbate 2 or 3 times a week (too much??)

Anybody else felt this?

United States

#97 Aug 31, 2009
I have had this pain since last week. I went to the ER 3 days ago because I was worried that it was a testicular torsion. After the doctor examining my testicle, he couldn't find the reason what caused it. He said it wasn't cancer or torsion. I'm going to see my doctor in an hour.

Perry, FL

#98 Sep 5, 2009
I get a pain in my left testicle just before and during ejaculation also. Never had it before and I am 26 years old, this is very alarming to me, I am worried, because noone has really given an answer or possibility really for this. Please help, do you think it is serious

Hermitage, TN

#99 Sep 17, 2009
I think its shame for all of the Doctors out there. I have read articles and forum from people that have similar problam with left and right testicles. I haven't seen any good results or reply from any Doctors. Why are we paying them????
Most people see Doctors; however, they are still having PAIN.
I have same problem with my left Testicle and I have to lay down and sleep I am like, I will either die or wake up another day to live. I've been urologist but no success. They're saying nothing is wrong. I 've done ultrasound, cad and many other test nothing is found.

Hope everyone feels better and get well without any treat or doctor or medications.....thank you all and May God heals all that have pain.

Tucson, AZ

#100 Sep 24, 2009
Hey guys, Im a 27 yr old guy and Im married. free of any std and cancer. Ive noticed a dull ache in my left testical which Ive contributed to me being a lefty when i fly solo. During my life ive had a number of partners. Some like it rough and some like it soft. Ive even noticed blood in my sperm as i use the tried and true pull out method. My advice is to stop being so rough and be carefull, lay off of sex for a week ( includes manual love ). take some asprin if your gf or wife is craving some. Just be careful. If it continues to bother you pray <-- like thats goinng to work... You being a guy know when its soooo painfull you cant take it anymore.

Woodside, NY

#101 Oct 17, 2009
I have had the pain up in behind left testical for 2 years. When I first noticed the pain and swelling I went to doc and got ultrasound. Found nothing in ultrasound. Gave me antibiotics. Now 2 years later I still have same pain a little worse than before but have been to doc again now waiting on another set of ultrasounds I hope they dont find nothig but really hope to get rid of pain. If someone finds out this cause please let me know. My job requires a lot of lifting so this makes it worse. I am very tired of this pain.

Williams Lake, Canada

#102 Oct 18, 2009
Pain in my left testicle started sharply about 5 years ago. Abdominal pain was sever when I put pressure on the left testicle or when I pushed my left abdominal muscle near the pubic bone. I was examined for testicular torsion and none was found. I was diagnosed with Epididymitis and treated with antibiotics. Pain persisted after treatment for a year or so. I saw a urologist who noticed a left Varicocele.

I underwent an embolization of the varicocele (a procedure that requires only a local anaesthetic). The dull, aching pain continued for another year. I often feel a dull, aching pain running down my left leg toward my left knee as well.

The urologist noticed the varicocele was still there. I was put on a wait-list for about 8 month for a Varicocelectomy (a procedure that requires a general anaesthetic). It's been over two years since the Varicocelectomy and the dull, aching pain in my left testicle continues to this day whenever I sit for a long time, ride my bicycle or my motorcycle.

The urologist claims that the Varicocele is gone. However, when my body is very warm and my testicles are hanging low, I am convinced that the Varicocele is still there. It's never been easy to show the doctor though, since I never seem to be relaxed enough at the doctor's office and my scrotum tightens up. When the scrotum is tight, it's nearly impossible to see the Varicocele.

I checked this board to see if anyone had cured this pain and am disappointed to find no good answers. I plan on seeing my doctor again, but after seeing two urologists and having two surgeries, my hopes are not high that there is any cure for this pain.

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