Pain in left testicle
regular guy

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#208 Jul 8, 2012
if u are an excessive/regular masturbator check out the link below. I live in africa and i can't get the natural oils prescribed for treatment, if u decide to try the treatment please reply so that we can work out a means for me to get them as well. I haven't tried the treatments but i am really optimistic about them. Wish us all good health.....

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#209 Jul 9, 2012
Sore Lefty wrote:
Hello everybody. Sounds like there's several other sore lefties and a few righties out there. For me, this shitty part of my life began only a few days ago. I was beating it to some solid porn (judge not,for you wack it too), and I kept holding the cum back by tightening the old pc muscle, building up to an explosion, and then BAM, I likely blew the largest load of my life, but it felt like at the same time my left nut shot up into my bladder and I felt a piercing pain. Panicking, I tried to push my left nut back into the sack, but soon realized it was still just hanging low, right where it was supposed to be. After only a few seconds the piercing pain was over, however, for the last few days my left nut has felt like it has pressure built up in it and is somewhat sore.The only place within the left side of my ball sack that seems to be-sore to the touch- is actually not even part of my left nut, but some other type of smaller sack or something that seems to be attached to the top part of my left nut and the lower part of my shaft.
Anyway, I know the ideal thing to do would be to "see a uroligist," but I don't have any insurance(perhaps nothing needs universal health care more than my left nut...hurry up Obama, before my left nut possibly dies :D). So, if anyone has any knowledgeable advice, it would be much appreciated both by me and many others who have posted here who have similar problems.
And, everyone, rest assure that if I do somehow pay for the urologist's consultation, and an ultra sound, if needed, isn't prohibitively expensive in itself, I'll come back to this site and let you know whats up. But, in the meantime, please drop whatever knowledge you have on this blog, please. Thanks.
Sincerely and Empathetically,
Sore Lefty

Dumb ass universal health care isn't free. Universal health care is a farse and will destroy medicine as we know it. With only 3 rd world doctors in odumbo care.

Coupeville, WA

#210 Jul 24, 2012
hi im 14 and hav pain in my left testicle after masturbation to im not that scared because it dull but want to know whats wrong and how to get rid of it so plz help

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#211 Jul 25, 2012
mark wrote:
hi im 14 and hav pain in my left testicle after masturbation to im not that scared because it dull but want to know whats wrong and how to get rid of it so plz help
do you have both testicles and are they the same size or is the left one tiny like a pea like mine is?

Elk Grove, CA

#212 Jul 25, 2012
About 3 weeks ago my husband started having pain in both testicles. 6 months ago he had the same problem, but when they did the ultrasound they did see some inflammation and prescribed antibiotics. 6 months ago the antibiotics did work. This time they didn't. Last time it was just one testicle that was having pain. This time it's both and his left testicle is sucked way up inside. 2 cat scans and 1 ultrasound have come up with NO answers.

I'm going to look into taking him in for deep tissue massage that was recommended here and possibly a chiropractic visit and acupuncture too. But in the mean time I was wondering if anyone has had the symptom of having the testicle sucked up inside for a long period of time. Tomorrow it will be 3 weeks!

New Delhi, India

#213 Oct 1, 2012
even i am having same pain i dont know why but i am gonaa die it is so shameful for mei even cant go to a doctor what i will say to him man god damn!!!!!

Miami, FL

#214 Oct 19, 2012
My left nut is more pulled in to my body and it hurts constantly, I've had this problem for about a year now. I don't feel as much pain when my girlfriend is doing me and not even after I cum, but there's always an uncomfortable sharp pain all the time.

United States

#215 Oct 19, 2012
Had another follow up visit with the urologist. Said my left testicle is severely atrophied and much smaller than the right with severe calcification and the right one has moderate calcification. If I ejaculate on a somewhat regular basis I dont have pain but often times I can't ejaculate often and my left testicle is really sore.

Charlotte, NC

#216 Nov 5, 2012
you idiots it testicular cancer i learned in high school i had it in so do yo there i just put it out there dont wait to long trust me it gets worse as the years go on
Common problem

Texarkana, TX

#217 Nov 19, 2012
I had pain in my right testicle off and on for years. I finally went to a urologist that diagnosed the problem as Epididymitis. He gave me some very powerful antibiotics, and anti inflammatory drugs. It cured it for a while, but the problem would reoccur from time to time.

Finally another Doctor convinced me to have my epididymis removed from the right testicle, it hurt like the devil for several weeks, but then the pain slowly started to go away. I still have pain occasionally but not like I was before I had the operation.

I was able to keep my testicle. This might not be for everyone, but it seemed to help me in the long run.

Also my testosterone levels have remained normal.

Here is a wiki link that explains it better.

Lancaster, UK

#218 Nov 23, 2012
I have the same problem, I go to the gym, but I experience no pain in the gym. Most of the time is when I wear tight trousers, specially jeans. But then the pain just come and goes, sometimes I question myself if the pain was real. It comes in waves and is difficult to say if the pain is in the testicle or the lower left abdomen.
Reading your stories I dont think I will bother going to the doc, to go trough all that and have no diagnoses.
I think I will try the trick with the hot bath, the only difference is that it won't be me rubbing my balls ...:-)))
I hope it works..


#219 Dec 2, 2012
Hi all,
I have same like you guys , I'm 26 male just married , while ejaculating my right testicles hurts also worse pain below my stomach nearly for 1 hours it hurst , also somewhat uncomfortable with my right testicle plz anyone help me what it is?

Ashburn, VA

#220 Dec 28, 2012
i have pain inleft testes after masturbation and this pain carried upto more than 24 hours. Is it any defect.

Coimbatore, India

#221 Jan 28, 2013
I'm also having the same problem my left testicle is paining...please somebody help me to cure this Friends...:(

United States

#222 Jan 29, 2013
Mine just started today it woke me up out of my sleep on the left ball..and it feels as tho someone is thumping my left ball.also I find it strange I woke up with a hard on..but I had sex with my wife the nite before

Coimbatore, India

#223 Jan 29, 2013
Still my left testicle is hurting me(more than 24hrs)...and it is little bigger than Right ter any other way to cure this problem....

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#224 Jan 31, 2013
My left testicle will hurt for 3 or 4 days after taking a vitamin. When I tell this to my regular doctor. Or. a urologist. They just a look at me like I'm crazy. The pain will wake me up in the middle of night. I've tried different vitamins like Centrum , Centrum silver. And 1 today and they all seem to create the same problem. alll a urologist wants to do it is to send you in for an operation to take a sample of your prostrate. Which will not solve your problem. Has anybody found a vitamin that works for them?6289


#225 Feb 7, 2013
hi boyfriend had the same problem like most of started when I accidentally hit his left ball (specific)...he got fever for 3 days, it got swollen and painful...tolerable pain...he took med for fever then after a few days the fever and swelling disappeared...but weeks later he felt a tiny lump on the left ball and the dull pain...we tried hot compress and putting his legs up/elevate legs..but pain we went to a urologist and had the ultrasound but it showed unsure result about the lump...during the dr's manual exam (he touched his)..he touched the tiny lump and told us to be sure and have the surgery to remove his left testicle because there's no examination (safe) to know if the lump is cancerous(malignant)...the urine analysis said he had UTI...after leaving the dr., my 26 y.o bf disagreed about his judgement... then we treated his UTI with antibiotic... months later I noticed that he stopped complaining about pain or discomfort about it. the lump disappeared but the most shocking thing is that, the left ball seemed to be missing as well...but no swelling or anything...
it is almost one yr since the incident...he does not complain about anything but i constantly observing problem with ejaculation or problem with erection...
i am praying...always...


#226 Feb 7, 2013
try to rest...don't masturbate, dont run, or lift heavy objects or anything that could put pressure on your testis... elevate legs, don't lie on your compress(relieve the pain) but be careful not to burn your ball...have ur urine check then treat it...drink lots of water then urinate often...
if none of it works

.... tell someone and go to a urologist...

Copperas Cove, TX

#227 Mar 21, 2013
In pain wrote:
i have this dull pain in my left testicle which go's down all the way to my foot! i dont feel it that much when i am wearing pajamas but when i wear my briefs and sit down it really begins to hurt! i am really worried about it and would appreciate some advice! it is something serious? i am workout with heavy weights 4 days a week and am wondering if its somehow realted to it?
i have the same pain i don;t know what the hell it is!

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