frequent urination problem!!!!!!!! du...

frequent urination problem!!!!!!!! during kidney stone

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#1 Mar 7, 2007
Hi, this past Saturday, I got Diagnosed with having a kidney stone. My problem is that now, I have to frequently urinate a lot. After I stop one phase of urination, I feel the urge to quickly go back.Is this normal with having kindney stones? If so, in what time period wil it end? Will it slowly go away, or quickly, becuase this is Irritating!!!!! I have another question, while this is going on, what can I do to reduce the urges? Also, can anyone of you share your experiences with this problem? I feel as if I am alone!!!!!!!

Dhaka, Bangladesh

#2 Jul 3, 2007
You need to calrify your problems regarding kidney stones.
1) How it is diagnosed either by Sonogram of Kidney-Urinary Bladder region or by Plain X-ray Abdomen.
2) How many stones are there?
3) Single or both kidney involved?
4) Exact size and Position of the stones
5) Have you performed Excreatory Pyelography (IVU)?
6) What is biochemical conditions of Kideny & Urine (i.e., serum creatinine, BUN, urine R/M/E, & C/S)
If the stone size is less than 1 cm, preferably within 5 mm, it may excreate sponteneously. Take plney of water and skip 100 times both at morning & evening.
If the size remains between 1 to 2 cm in dm, ESWL (Extra Corporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy) is indicated).
If it is more than 2 cm in size, PCNL is required.
Very few cases may require open operations.
Thank you.

Mysore, India

#3 Jun 20, 2011
thanks for the comments. even i was suffering the same condition. i have a small stone and got diagnised by ultrasound scanning and the doctor said it is too small. but i get abdominal pain often and even i have the urge to urinate immediately after one visit.


#4 Feb 3, 2012
Hi there I just had kidney stones and have the same problem... It seems to be getting worse.. I just keep drinking and being active ... There is no discomfort just annoying..

Cincinnati, OH

#5 Apr 11, 2012
Hi, I'm going through this problem right now. It started 2 months ago. Doctor says I have sand in the right kidney. During this period I had four episods of kidney colics. But what bothers me the most is a frequent urination!! I feel like I need to pee right after I got up of the toilet!! I'm tired of this. I don't know how long it goint to last.....

Since: Apr 12

Saint Louis, MO

#6 Apr 27, 2012
You always feel like you have to go for the same reason the enlarged prostate guys have to go. The stone and the prostate tend to tighten up the ureter, the path from the bladder to the penis. The urge to go comes from the bladder, which isn't getting fully emptied, and therefore you still feel the need. Hint: as soon as you finish urinating, try to go again. This helps to empty the bladder. Just to feel secure you can always try these guys -

East Maitland, Australia

#7 Aug 25, 2012
Same problem. Been urinating every 30 min all night, and have a constant urge to go. I had lithotripsy 2 days ago and started passing fragments yesterday. I don't know if there's a blockage, infection or if it's completely normal. The nurse who discharged me at the hospital said I would pass them easily. No such luck. I've had renal colic non-stop for the past 24 hrs and just afraid the 2 stones I had are now 20 stones, all moving around and won't pass.
Happy joe

Gilbert, AZ

#8 Sep 12, 2012
I woke up with severe abdomen and stomach ache, it moved to my right side and to my back, had to pee constantly and i felt like it burned when i urinated, after lots of pain went to doctor he told me i had a kidney stone, he found blood 2plus, i went home drank lots of water and 4 hours later while urinating i felt a stoppage of flow and i heard a clink in the toilet, sure enough a stone had passed little thing i measured it 3.92mm less than a gram in weight most pain gone just some after affects of pain not bad.
Jackie mclatchie

Stogumber, UK

#9 Oct 29, 2012
I am posting on behalf of husband Ian
He had a bad time with kidney stone pain on Thursday night he has had 2 jabs of pain killers he know feels he has no energy left and a bit sickly is this quite normal

San Francisco, CA

#10 Nov 17, 2012
Ok guys I have gone through 2 kidney stone surgeries and my stones keep coming, at least once a year. I found a solution to the entire problem. It's sooo freakin simple. Squeeze 2 lemons into a cup add a little olive oil, and drink it straight up. The taste is not too bad. The lemon juice will end up hitting your stones. The pure lemon juice will eat away at the stones. The olive oil will grease them up so they dont hurt as much coming down. I was in extreme pain earlier this year, and I heard about this solution. When your in this much pain and you have blood in your urine it sucks. I did not freak out because I have been through it in the past and I know what the pain feels like. Usually starts as a back pain, then moves to a side ache/deep stomach ache as it moves down. Anyways...I had to pee all night during the painful episode. So I took my cocktail, plopped myself on the couch, put a bag around my penis so I could pee without making a mess or having to get up every 10 min. I was dead tired, so I fell asleep, pee'd a few times into the bag.. Four hours later the pain was gone, and I passed the stone a few days later. I now drink straight lemon juice once a week, and the stones are not coming back. No doctor EVER mentioned drinking lemon juice to get rid of it. They just want to make money with their fancy surgeries.





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San Francisco, CA

#11 Nov 17, 2012
Check out other remedies at
Love this site!


#12 Nov 21, 2012
Thank you very much for this info. I m also gng thru the same problem, now I ll start taking lemon and skipping.

Omaha, NE

#13 Dec 14, 2012
I have the same problem as the first posting. I am past the pain part for almost 2 weeks now but I haven't passed the stone and have the urge to urinate constantly. This part has been going on for a week now. It's annoying!! Any thoughts on how much longer this will last? How long has this taken for others? I need to know the end to this process is near... It's driving me nuts!

United States

#14 Dec 23, 2012
Having the same urge to urinate frequently, sometimes a lot and sometimes a trickle. Did ultrasond and doc said is bilateral renal calculi 4mm one on each side. No pain to complain about the bathroom visits driving me nuts. Doc said to drink lots of coconut water.

Denver, CO

#15 Dec 26, 2012
I was diagnosed with a kidney stone the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and haven't passed my stone. The urgency problem has bren going on for two weeks and its to the point I cry because it feels like I have to go when I dont. I went to the store and got AZO its a uti pain reliever. Although I dont have a uti it gets rid of that urgency problem! I strongly recomend it. Hope that helps everyone!

Minneapolis, MN

#16 Jan 28, 2013
I have a kidney stone. It is 4mm and I am on week 4 trying to pass it. I have been to the ER twice with unmanagable pain (oxicodon didn't relieve the pain at all). I have insurance but the bill is still about 2000.00. My question is: how long does the pain usually last during these episodes. Can I just tough it out? By the way, thanks for all the great comments. I don't feel quite so alone!





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Coronation, Canada

#17 Feb 21, 2013
I have a 3 mm stone in my kidney, I'm not have horrible pain just dull aches once in a while, but the urge to pee is driving me crazy it's been going on for 4 weeks, is this normal to go that long?

Latrobe, PA

#18 Apr 24, 2013
I am on week 3 trying to pass my Kidney Stone. 4mm but the pain killers work great. The first two weeks were the worst but now it's like I always need to pee. I was told to blend 6oz of asparagus then follow that up with 6 cans of coke to flush the kidney. I guess that worked somewhat cause I don't feel the pain anymore but now it's like I always need to "go". I'm taking a "flow max" med so hoping that has something to do with it. I guess it's now time to drink lots of beer and give myself a good reason to go to the bathroom.
Shirly P

San Jose, CA

#19 May 6, 2013
A patient may experience frequent urination or the persistent urge to pass urine especially when the stone is passing from the ureter into the bladder. I certainly hope your kidney problem has already been remedied though. If you may ever want to look up more on similar problems, I found some good reads at what-is-transvaginal-mesh-and- what-is-it-used-for/

Melbourne, Australia

#20 May 13, 2013
I have a 6mm stone and I'm about 6 days in. 2 doctors have told me I should pass naturally and 2 doctors have said I should have it removed. Today I must have gone to the toilet 25 times to urinate, this is the first day this has happened.

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